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Baby Shower Jeopardy: Best Ways For Fun And Exciting Baby Shower

Baby Shower Jeopardy: Best Ways For Fun And Exciting Baby Shower

Looking for a fun game for your baby shower? Baby showers are fun and cozy occasions where loved ones meet to show all their love and support for a mother-to-be. As a mother, you’ll need all the support you can receive from your family and friends, and this is just the right occasion for it. Fun baby shower games will make everything more enjoyable.

Whether you’re hosting your baby shower (or throwing a virtual baby shower because you can’t get together with your family) or organizing one for a loved one, a baby shower jeopardy game is a must-have.

In this article, you’ll learn everything about it and know how to make sure that everyone is having a great time.

Baby Shower Jeopardy Games

You already announced your pregnancy, and everyone is excited to welcome this new and special guest.

All the family members and friends are ready to shower your baby with love every step of the way.

There’s nothing better than welcoming your new baby with a smile and an exceptional day that everyone will remember. And a cake, of course. Everyone loves a baby shower cake.

Use baby-related items like baby bottles as centerpieces, baby names that might appeal to the new mom or Google some cool ideas to set up the scene.

Next, it’s time to think about interesting activities for the mother and her guests.

There are lots of trivia games that might appeal to a mom-to-be. Word scramble or a baby bingo game is a popular choice.

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As a matter of fact, there are several games that are typically about baby food or other baby items.

However, if you’re looking for a new and unique baby shower idea, then you need to try baby shower jeopardy.

Baby Shower Jeopardy Games

Baby shower jeopardy games are extremely popular because they’re fun and informative.

Playing a jeopardy game won’t only be a chance for your loved ones to express how excited they are with your pregnancy but also a good chance to laugh and enjoy the occasion to the maximum.

Jeopardy games are extremely popular and if the mother is a fan of them, then it’s definitely double the fun.

It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require lots of preparation but will be a great time filler after, before, and during the time your guests are enjoying their delicious party snacks.

How to Set Up the Baby Shower Jeopardy Game

Most people are familiar with the original Jeopardy Game. However, even if they’re not, they’ll be able to catch up with the rules quickly.

They’re quite easy to explain and people can spend a long time playing the game without feeling bored.

There are 2 ways you can play a baby shower jeopardy game; the traditional and digital games.

The digital game is suitable if you, the host, are tech-savvy and have the tools necessary to make it work.

All you have to do is to create the baby jeopardy game on your laptop. Using slides, you’ll be able to switch categories so people can answer.

You can connect your laptop to the TV or a whiteboard screen and control the game from your laptop.

Using your laptop to customize the font and create a theme for the party is easy and straightforward. It doesn’t take much time before the game is ready.

Type the questions and answers, and print them out for later. You might find a free printable of suitable questions to include, and you don’t have to use a real jeopardy board.

The traditional version of baby jeopardy is less hassle-free and suitable for DIY enthusiasts.

If you’re fond of crafts, you can customize cards and use a font that matches the party theme.

This will take more time, but it will work if you like hand-made items that the mother can keep for memories.

In this case, you’ll need a posterboard or any other board that you can post the categories on. As the host, you’ll keep a list of all the questions.

Draw a grid on the board and write the categories on post-it notes.

If you’re writing directly on the whiteboard, use erasable markers that can be easily cleaned after the game is over.

Baby Shower Jeopardy

Make sure that there are whistles or any other fun toy that the participants can use when they want to answer, or you can simply ask them to raise their hands when they’re ready.

If you really want to make it more authentic, just Google “Classroom Lights & Sound Classroom Answer Game Buzzer Crazy Sound Party Game”.

You will have several inexpensive options to choose from.

Set up the board in the middle and arrange the seats so that everyone can have a clear view. Now you’re ready for the game.

How to Play Baby Shower Jeopardy

Jeopardy is a game show and has been popular since its debut in 1964.

In the show, the contestants stand behind a podium with their names and press a button whenever they’re ready to answer.

The categories are displayed on a screen with a value for every answer. The first contestant to press their button needs to come up with the right question to win.

During your baby shower, things will be less formal and probably much more fun.

Pregnant woman and friends at baby shower party

Here’s how to explain the game to someone who has never played it before.

  • Players can play on their own or in teams. It all depends on the number of guests and how difficult the questions are.
  • When it’s the contestant’s turn, they pick a number or value from the board. Each number or value on the board is an answer for which the contestant must supply the question for. For example, the answer which the contestant sees is “a set of clothes and accessories for a newborn”; the answer the contestant must give is “What is a layette?” The host can specify the category or let the contestants do that.
  • The host is the only one who has access to the questions and answers. The host reads the answers from the sheet that only they can see. The host will also have the proper questions in their answer key.
  • There should be someone to keep score as the host might get confused.
  • Contestants need to come up with the proper baby jeopardy questions. If the contestant says the wrong question, others can try to come up with the appropriate one.
  • During the final round, the host will have an envelope for the Final Jeopardy.

Unlike a regular jeopardy game, money might not be the right prize for this occasion. There are other suggestions that might appeal to your crowd.

Here are some cool ideas to use as gifts.

  • A massage session.
  • Paid dinner in a nice restaurant.
  • Paid yoga class.
  • Gift vouchers.

Baby Shower Jeopardy Categories

Here are some of the categories that you can include in your jeopardy questions.

  • Nursery Rhymes.
  • Pregnancy Facts.
  • Celebrity Moms.
  • Baby Facts.
  • Baby Items.
  • Baby Food.
  • Cartoon Characters.
  • Baby Entertainment.
  • Famous Babies.
  • Diaper Bag Items.

Once you’ve decided on the categories, you should come up with 4 or 5 jeopardy questions under each heading.

Most people are already familiar with the game and will enjoy playing it.

However, if they’re not you can easily explain it to them.

pregnant woman smiling and writing in the notebook

Baby Jeopardy Questions and Answers

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some baby shower jeopardy answers and their correct questions.

  1. The mouse ran up the clock. The question is: What is Hickory Dickory Dock?
  2. If that mockingbird don’t sing, mama’s gonna buy you a diamond ring. The question is: What is Hush Little Baby?
  3. Material for baby who is not yet potty trained. The question is: What is a diaper?
  4. Devices used to collect milk. The question is: What is a breast pump?
  5. A 1961 animated dog film which takes place in London. The question is: What is 101 Dalmatians?

pregnant woman writing down notes in a notebook

Why Should You Choose a Baby Shower Jeopardy Game for Your Next Party?

A Jeopardy game is popular because it’s fun and special.

The most unique factor about this game is the answers…which are actually questions.

In other words, to answer a question properly, you should say it like another question. Playing it in a baby shower will definitely make some people crack up.

In the baby shower version, the questions are all related to motherhood and womanhood, so women from all walks of life will be able to answer the questions correctly.

There are other game options that might involve food tasting or physical effort that might not be suitable for everyone.

However, this game is extremely fun, so you should definitely try it in the next baby shower event you’re hosting or organizing.

Baby Shower Jeopardy Game


A baby shower is an occasion to show love and support to a new mommy, and the baby shower games will bring in some needed good laughs.

This game can last for as much time as you need it to and everyone, even the ones who aren’t familiar with the original game, will definitely enjoy it.

Most women, whether they have babies or not, will be familiar with some of the categories so no one will feel left out. If they don’t know, it’s also a fun way to educate them a little.

Let the baby shower jeopardy be on your list the next time you’re hosting or organizing a party with a friend.

It’s easy to set up and extremely enjoyable.

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Baby Shower Jeopardy Games

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