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50 Best Ways To Deliver A Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

50 Best Ways To Deliver A Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

We all know how exciting it is when our pregnancy test turns out positive. But sometimes, hubby isn’t around and you have to recreate the magic with him, so what’s the best way to deliver a pregnancy announcement to husband?

Well, there are plenty of ways to make the pregnancy announcement to husband. From shirts, mugs, onesies, scavenger hunts, t-shirts and the like, you’ll find all sorts of crazy things on Etsy and Amazon that do it in a fun and creative way.

Some of them you don’t even have to buy as there are plenty of DIY surprise pregnancy announcement ideas that only require some basic materials and a steady hand when handling scissors or glue.

Personally, the most fun pregnancy reveals are the ones you make for your second child and onward because you get to work with the older kids on a big surprise that you can all show to your hubby.

So, outside of just handing over a positive pregnancy test, what are the fun ways to deliver the big news about a new baby? Read on to find out.

Ideas For A Pregnancy Announcement To Husband

1. A scavenger hunt

There’s nothing better for a baby announcement than to play a little game with your husband. Something during family game night or a similar event or even just as a casual surprise with the promise of a gift at the end.

A scavenger hunt is ideal for that. Make him follow the clues until he finally reaches the prize, a positive pregnancy test and the news that he’s going to be a dad.

2. A surprise in a box

Something simple that you can do at home is grab any baby gear you have lying around and a note, shirt, or onesie that says “Hi, Daddy” to announce the new arrival to your husband. Put it all in a box and you’re good to go!

3. The key to his heart

Why not get a custom-engraved keychain to tell your husband that he’ll soon have a partner in crime for all his favorite pastimes.

4. Finally some good food

I’m sure that your husband proposed to you in some elaborate way. Why not pay him back by doing the same? Bake him some cupcakes with a note inside congratulating him on becoming a new dad.

5. A fine label

A good beer is always a nice way to relax, so why not give him a vintage label, one that comes straight from the heart, or in this case, your labor of love?

6. The Italian job

Italians are known for their devotion to family so you may as well use a pizza to deliver the news to your hubby that soon you’ll be mommy and daddy. Just make sure you have enough pepperoni to spell it out for him.

7. A chocolate celebration

If you want to approach the subject through your husband’s stomach, order some custom chocolate stickers and put it on a Hershey’s kiss to surprise him with two treats at once.

8. Big news in a small envelope

A really cute pregnancy announcement idea is to create a makeshift package or letter that contains a note with something like “We’re pregnant!” or a pregnancy announcement card.

Put it in your mailbox for your husband to find and enjoy watching his reaction.

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9. Message in a bottle

Another really creative pregnancy announcement is a message in a bottle with your sonogram or a simple message like “You’re getting a new first mate!”

10. Hot plate

If you’re looking for a really cute way of delivering your very first pregnancy announcement to husband, then cook up a meal and put it on a customized dinner plate.

Wait for your hubby to finish eating and reveal the message beneath. Go for something simple like a baby waving and saying “Hello daddy!”

11. School’s back in session

When in doubt and on a budget, this DIY pregnancy announcement gift is easy to do. Just write the news out on a chalkboard and watch his surprise when he sees it for the first time.

12. Knock your socks off

Baby shoes are very popular for pregnancy announcements alongside baby onesies, so grab a pair and set them alongside the others with a “reserved” sign and watch your husband flip out.

13. Sneaky shot

Request an impromptu family photoshoot and ask the photographer to make one of the letter boards the pregnancy announcement and then capture your husband’s surprise on camera.

14. It’s time to make a rhyme

If you have a knack for writing, you can go with something simple like coming up with a little rhyme as an announcement alongside the positive pregnancy test.

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15. Airmail!

Another simple, but cute way of announcing a pregnancy is to grab a helium-filled balloon.

Leave it at about eye level and attach a funny card announcement or some piece of light baby gear so your husband gets the memo.

16. Guilty pleasures

Another simple method is to buy some snacks that your husband likes, such as chocolate, ice cream, or chips, and put it in a neat gift box containing the message.

This one is also ideal for holidays like Valentine’s Day or Father’s Day.

17. Accessorize

Something that can end up being quite useful later while also serving as an announcement to your husband are these adorable baby bottle openers. Any dad would be proud to have one!

They also make for great baby shower gifts.

18. Business baby

If you have a hubby who’s always on business trips and rarely has time to sit around, just pack his briefcase with this daddy onesie and a note that says his new coworker will be arriving soon.

19. Co-hobbying

Finding a way to tie your partner’s hobbies into the husband pregnancy announcement plan is a great idea too.

Something as simple as getting him a baseball ‘signed’ with the message is a good example.

20. Medal of fatherhood

Soldiers get their honors, but in this case, it’s the father that will get a badge he can be proud of.

21. A thoughtful note

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to come up with this DIY announcement, just let your words spill out on the paper and write your husband a letter that tells him the baby’s coming soon.

22. Dad 101

If there’s anything that symbolizes being a dad, it’s all the dad jokes that everyone else rolls their eyes at.

So it’s only fitting that a new dad ought to get a dad joke manual as a proper announcement of your pregnancy.

23. Doody Duty

Hang an apron on your bedroom door that has a spare diaper, some latex gloves, and a mask in the pockets to symbolize that you’ve got to prepare to perform your duty out in the field.

You may want to pack your hubby a bandana too so he can look like a real Rambo when changing diapers.

24. Hidden treasure

A really clever pregnancy announcement to husband comes in the form of these neat mugs.

Get him some coffee or tea in the morning and watch as he notices the news at the bottom.

25. Winning big

Buy a few pregnancy announcement scratch-off cards and leave them on the table for your husband to use.

He’s sure to jump with joy because he’ll be winning this lottery.

26. The bait is set

If your partner is really into fishing, you can get him something practical that can deliver the news like this fishing lure.

I’m sure he’ll always cherish it.

27. A baby bouquet

Flowers are standard procedure for every grand occasion and achievement, so why not use them for this occasion too?

Make a nice floral arrangement with a message in the middle saying something like “Congratulations on becoming a dad!”

28. Just tell him

If you’re not big on surprises, the simplest way to drop the news is to just outright tell your husband that you’re pregnant.

Try doing it when he least expects it to really get a reaction out of him.

29. Framing the sonogram

A great keepsake idea that doubles as a surprise pregnancy announcement to husband can be getting your first sonogram framed and showing it to your hubby.

30. A man’s best friend

If you have a dog, you can attach the message to your little fur baby’s collar.

Have him greet your husband at the door and treat him to a big surprise.

31. Spoon-fed

When you make your husband some soup, make sure to include this fancy spoon to get the news across.

32. A little bit of humor

There’s nothing like making your husband laugh while announcing that he’s about to become a dad with a gift like this.

33. Time to learn

If you want daddy to get caught up with parenting, get him a parenting book that’s sure to get the message across.

34. The topper of the world

Bake a cake and put this cake topper on to spell the news out for your marriage partner.

35. A puzzling problem

If you want to get the cogs in your husband’s head turning, get him a simple puzzle that, when assembled, will give him the news he’s sure to receive with glee.

36. Wear it with pride

The simplest pregnancy announcement to husband is sometimes the best.

Get him a t-shirt that reveals the big news and I’m sure he won’t be getting out of it anytime soon.

37. Double trouble

When it turns out that it’s not just one baby, but two, you may want to get a different baby onesie to mark the occasion, or two in this case.

38. A sign from above

Just like you hang birthday decorations, you can hang this banner in the hallway to tell your husband that you’re expecting.

39. A mystery date

If you already know your due date, you can get a calendar and mark it down.

Tell your husband that you added something to the calendar but not what you added. You can give him hints if he’s struggling to figure it out!

40. A shot in the dark

Get one of these fine whiskey glasses to announce a pregnancy to your husband. He’ll need a stiff drink when the news knocks him off his feet.

41. Sports buddies

If your husband has a favorite sport, buy a jersey of his favorite team in a baby size.

Give it to him and tell him that he’s getting a new teammate.

42. In plain sight

You can be a bit sneaky about your message by hiding it in plain sight.

A good example is grabbing your coffee cup, writing “I’m pregnant” on the bottom and lifting it to take a sip every so often.

43. Sock it to ’em

A pair of socks can be just as surprising as any other announcement you write to him.

44. Laying an egg

A very creative way of announcing your pregnancy is to blow an egg out, make it hollow, and slip the note inside it.

Place it back in the fridge with the others. All you have to do then is wait for the shock when your husband goes to make breakfast.

45. Life is a multiplayer game

If your husband is an avid gamer, this onesie may be just what you need to deliver the big news.

46. Scrapbooking

Prepare the scrapbook you’ll use to store all of your child’s best moments and place it on the table for your husband to find. I’m sure it’ll stun him.

47. Get the other kids in on it

If this isn’t your first pregnancy, get big brother and/or big sister to yell out the news to their daddy.

There are no better messengers for the job.

48. Outfit surprise

If this is your second pregnancy or more, put a bandana or T-shirt on your child and wait until hubby notices that he’s becoming a new daddy.

49. Odd traditions

In some countries, they use quail eggs with messages in them to announce pregnancies. It might be a neat idea to try and adopt that yourself.

50. Tumbling around

Whenever you and your husband enjoy some wine, you can use these tumblers after announcing your pregnancy with them.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to deliver a pregnancy announcement to husband, you just have to pick which one you like best.

You can either go shopping for a solution or easily make one yourself, but what’s important is that it comes from the heart, the rest is just presentation.

I do hope that you end up catching him with a big surprise and smile on his face.

Until next time, mammas.

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