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30 Simple Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That Are Easy To Pull Off

30 Simple Pregnancy Announcement Ideas That Are Easy To Pull Off

When it comes to pregnancy announcements, everybody wants to do something fun and cute that’s never been done before. That immediately yields tons of pressure for all expectant moms out there.

From the moment you take that pregnancy test and see the positive result, all you want to do is shout it from the rooftops, right?

But you know that your imminent bundle of joy has a long way to go, so it’s best to wait a bit before resorting to pregnancy announcements to share your big news!

After some necessary time has passed and you’re a bit closer to your due date, you finally have the green light to let everyone know about the new baby!

Luckily, there are tons of creative ways to do just that!

But since I’m sure you don’t have all the time in the world for a big fanfare, I thought of some really creative pregnancy announcements that you’ll love!

We all know how important it is for expectant moms to do the birth announcement right. Especially if this is your first time being preggo!

Having your first baby is all kinds of exciting, scary, and amazing, so you want to find the perfect way to share the exciting news with your family members and friends!

It’s perfectly okay to want your pregnancy news and gender reveal to be simple (yet special) without doing a big, lavish baby announcement that will cost you both money and patience.

There are so many cute ways to do it without making a big fuss. And after the first trimester is finally over, you’re free to announce it to the world!

Here, you’ll find some truly amazing and fun pregnancy announcement ideas that won’t take a lot of effort and are beyond cute!

Get ready to discover fun ways to announce your new bundle of joy to the world!

And if you’re still undecided on the name for your little one, make sure to check out our suggestions:

Simple And Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Here, I’ll share with you some really cute pregnancy announcement ideas that are so easy to pull off!

With these unique ideas, you’ll be able to do a really cool pregnancy reveal that your loved ones will melt over.

Baby cloth with 4d ultrasound baby

Pick the ones that are most appealing to you and just have fun with it!

1. Sonogram pregnancy announcement

Sometimes, you just need to go back to basics. If you’re looking for a cute pregnancy announcement that’s also really simple, this is your winner.

What’s more adorable than two happy parents-to-be holding up a sonogram of their impending bundle of joy?

This is a great pregnancy announcement for a chill, simple pregnancy reveal.

couple watching sonogram of their baby

2. Chalkboard pregnancy announcement

Looking for a laid-back, low-maintenance pregnancy reveal? A chalkboard sign is one way to go. It’s cute, magical, and effortless.

You can use a variety of colors, as well as include a little inside joke your loved ones will be able to crack.

This is the ultimate DIY pregnancy reveal that’ll take just a few minutes of your busy day!

pregnant woman holding coming soon chalkboard sign

3. Future big brother/big sister

If you’re already a parent, this is a cool way to include your older kid into the baby announcement.

People do it all the time!

Just post a cute photo of your child, along with a sign that says future big brother/big sister, and upload it onto your social media accounts!

Including the proud sibling-to-be is a very thoughtful announcement idea.

Girl holding Future Big Sister Sign

4. Starbucks pregnancy announcement

This pregnancy announcement is for Starbucks-loving parents. Why not include your favorite beverage into your cute new baby announcement?

It’s definitely cool and fresh, as well as on-brand (just kidding).

Bonus points, you get a third cup of coffee, which is an ideal excuse to go over your daily limit (you’re welcome).

When you take this adorable photo, upload it to your social media and watch the comments section go wild!

Starbucks cups pregnancy announcement

5. Pregnancy announcement card

Pregnancy announcement cards are one of the most simple announcement ideas out there.

Visit Amazon and I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with this beyond cute pregnancy announcement card!

It’s innovative, beautifully designed, and leaves room for a personal note for your loved ones.

You can also include a pregnancy announcement photo with the card, just to double the cuteness.

6. Baby shoes pregnancy announcement

This is among the most adorable pregnancy announcement ideas.

If you’ve already bought a pair of tiny baby shoes for your new bundle of joy, simply place them next to yours and your partners.

You can include a little message on this pregnancy announcement photo, saying ”Coming soon…” Can you imagine the faces of your family members and friends?

Their jaws will be on the floor.

two pairs of adult shoes and pink baby shoes

7. Bun in the oven pregnancy announcement

Talk about a simple pregnancy announcement, right?

“Bun in the oven” is the phrase most commonly used when talking about pregnancies, so this is a very fitting idea.

Put your baby bump on display next to an actual oven and kiss your partner as you’re both on each side of the oven.

I’m sure everyone will get the picture.

Bun in the oven pregnancy announcement

8. ABC blocks pregnancy announcement

Amazon offers these really cute ABC blocks for kids that you can purchase a little early and make good use of them!

You’re definitely going to need them at some point, so why not get them now and use them for a simple pregnancy announcement that will take all of two minutes?

Place the blocks next to your baby bump and in a way that lets people guess what’s going on. (You can write “Incoming” or something along these lines.)

9. Due date pregnancy announcement

Clearly, you’re seeking a simple pregnancy announcement because lavish extravaganzas aren’t your cup of tea.

And I totally feel that. This is why you’re going to love this announcement idea.

Simply mark your due date on the calendar and take a photo of it. You can upload it to your social media account or just send it to your nearest and dearest.

It’s simple, cute, and it will most certainly do the trick.

Selected due date in the calendar and detail of baby shoes

10. Ice ice baby pregnancy announcement

If you’re going for a simple, yet funny pregnancy announcement, go with this one.

All you need is two bags of ice and the sonogram of your new baby! Place them next to each other and make a whole photoshoot of it. 

It’s fun because it pays homage to this classic jam, as well as being a really funny pregnancy announcement that people will have stuck in their brains for a long time.

Ice ice baby pregnancy announcement

11. Cravings pregnancy announcement

One of the major benefits of being prego is all the food you get to eat since now you’re eating for two!

Incorporate all the crazy food you’ve been craving throughout your first trimester and take a photo.

People will surely be able to tell you’re eating for more than just yourself.

woman with a lot of food on the table

12. Your dog holding a sonogram pregnancy announcement

Anyone who has a dog knows how important, loving, and irreplaceable they become to their family!

So this is a really fun and simple pregnancy announcement that includes your furkid! Have your doggo hold the sonogram and do a whole photoshoot!

The photos will be priceless and definitely up the cuteness factor.

Dog holding a sonogram

Image via

13. Bump ahead pregnancy announcement

Lucky for you, Amazon sells ”bump ahead” signs so you won’t have to go to the trouble of finding one in stores.

This is truly a funny pregnancy announcement that will crack people up. It’s simple, yet awesome in its unique originality!

Pose next to the sign and have a blast. This will be a photoshoot for the ages.

14. Scrabble pregnancy announcement

Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of Scrabble?

To take it up a notch, use it as a witty and funny pregnancy announcement!

Think about what you want it to say and give it a go. When it comes to pregnancy announcement ideas, there’s no way to go wrong.

It’s all about finding something that fits best with you and your partner’s unique style!

Baby with scrabble titles

15. Mommy T-shirt pregnancy announcement

Get this cute pregnancy top on Amazon that is adorable, soft, comfy, and a creative way to do a pregnancy reveal!

Share your big news by literally wearing the news! Along with this, you can take a photo of a cute baby onesie next to your baby bump.

It’s a fun way to break the news to your loved ones. And talk about melting everybody’s hearts!

16. Superhero pregnancy announcement

Every superhero needs a good sidekick, right? Let that be the perfect way to introduce your new baby to the world.

Get this fantastic kids’ T-shirt that says Every Superhero Needs A Sidekick on Amazon, and dress your first baby in it!

Plus, get him/her to hold the sonogram while smiling proudly for the photo.

That’s a great way to share the exciting news while including your child in it as well.

17. Pumpkin pregnancy announcement

This is ideal for a fall season pregnancy announcement.

Pumpkins are a fun way to let the people in your life know of your big news! Also, you don’t have to carve them.

For example, you can write down the birthdays of every member of your family on each pumpkin along with the due date of your upcoming arrival. That’ll get them thinking.

Pumpkin Pregnancy Announcement

18. Grandparents pregnancy announcement

If you want to break the news to your parents first, this is for you!

Get them a cute and fun pregnancy announcement card that will let them know of their future role!

And you can find these awesome mugs on Amazon to let your folks know they’ve been promoted from doggie grandparents to human grandparents!

19. Wine label pregnancy announcement

Among the most innovative pregnancy announcement ideas, getting a wine bottle with a pregnancy reveal label is surely among the best.

Let all of the family members know you’re prego with a specially made wine label. Also, you’ll help them to celebrate with a nice bottle of vino.

Two birds with one stone with the help of this creative pregnancy announcement!

20. Human baby arriving pregnancy announcement

For all families with a loving doggo, this is the best way to let people know of another, human arrival into your little family.

Get all of the members ready for a photoshoot and let your dog be the star of the show.

Get a chalkboard and write down something like “My parents are having a human baby! Can’t wait to be a big brother!”

You can also get this adorable and customizable “Mom and dad are getting me a human” photo prop on Amazon.

Don’t forget to save this adorable sign for your baby shower, for the sole purpose of being so cute!

​21. Onesie pregnancy announcement

Get a onesie (if you already haven’t) and do a photoshoot with it.

Pose with your partner and make sure each one of you is holding the onesie from their side. You can make silly faces, or do whatever you feel appropriate and most like you.

If you’re going for a simple pregnancy announcement, this is your winner.

22. Pregnancy test announcement

For all the laid-back parents-to-be who don’t want to be bothered with huge announcements, go back to basics.

All you really need is your positive pregnancy test to share your big news.

It’s a great pregnancy announcement as it’s really obvious and beyond simple to pull off.

Coming soon words on black chalkboard with positive pregnancy test

23. Movie poster pregnancy announcement

If you’re looking for creative pregnancy announcement ideas, maybe this will tickle your fancy! It’s not that complicated.

If you’re on the creative side, get a huge empty sheet and draw your family along with the new baby in front and center.

Make it in a movie poster form, and make sure to think of a cool name for your family movie! If you’re not as creative, maybe a family member is up to the task?

Waiting for baby girl poster

24. Parking spot pregnancy announcement

This one’s on the fun side! Go and find an ”expectant mother” parking spot and do a photoshoot in the middle of it!

Isn’t it for all the moms-to-be to use it as a low-key yet creative pregnancy announcement idea?

Sure, it’s there for parking purposes as well. But we all know there is more than one correct way to use it.

parking space reserved for expectant mothers

25. Morning sickness pregnancy announcement

Let’s be honest. Dads-to-be really have it easy.

All they have to do is wait for the baby to come, while moms get all of the bad parts of a pregnancy.

So if you’re willing to use your morning sickness as a cute way to announce your big news, why not?

Get your partner to take a fun photo and let him commemorate all of the sides of pregnancy.

Honesty is not only the best policy, it’s also hilariously real.

woman have a morning sickness

26. Did it again pregnancy announcement

Get this beyond adorable I’m so cute, Mom & Dad did it again T-shirt on Amazon for your little one and let them show the world your exciting news!

Letting your kiddo do the talking is sometimes the cutest way to share the news and double the excitement!

27. Safety pins pregnancy announcement

This is an ideal announcement for parents who don’t feel like dressing up!

All you need is to get ahold of a few safety pins (all different in sizes) and let them do the trick.

Naturally, one pin has to be the smallest in order to signify your baby news.

What I love most about this simple pregnancy announcement is that it’s so innovative, yet so easy to pull off.

Pregnancy in a relationship depicted with safety pins

28. Eggcellent pregnancy announcement

If you’re lucky enough to experience the early days of your pregnancy through Easter, you can use a hatching egg as a way to pull off your big reveal to your nearest and dearest.

But honestly, even if it isn’t Easter, who cares? It’s still cute AF!

Eggs with symbols of genders and question mark

29. Pizza box pregnancy announcement

Are you a pizza lover? Then you’ll love this idea.

Gather your family members and friends under a disguise of simply wanting to hang out.

Order a gigantic pizza and inside the carton, stick a note revealing that you’re now eating for two!

The shock and happiness on their faces will be all you need to make your entire day. Plus, everyone gets to eat pizza. In my book, that’s a win!

Woman holding pizza box

30. Mocktails pregnancy announcement

Since you’ll be giving up alcohol for a substantial amount of time, it’s only fitting to use your big sacrifice (just kidding) as a cute and simple baby announcement!

Write down a little sign that says ”Mocktails only” and make sure to write the expiry date (aka your due date) as well.

Take a pic of it next to a mocktail and send it out to your loved ones.

They’ll get the gist and toast to your big news (hopefully with mocktails!)


Hopefully, you’ve been able to find one or two (or more!) pregnancy announcement ideas that resonate with you!

Don’t be afraid to keep it simple. Sometimes, simplicity is key.

What matters most is that your new bundle of joy is on its way and that you’re making sure to present them to the world in the cutest, most unique way!

And if it’s also super easy to pull off, even better! Surround your new baby with an abundance of love, care, and affection.

That’s all that matters.

These adorably simple pregnancy announcements are here to help you make the whole process run smoothly!

Good luck and take care of your baby bump!

Psst! Now that you’ve shared the big news, you’ve got baby shower to think about! No worries, we’re here to help you make your baby shower fun and exciting:

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