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How to Set Up a Pumping Station for Expressing Milk at Home

How to Set Up a Pumping Station for Expressing Milk at Home

Mamas, let’s chat about pumping.

I love that it allows me the convenience of expressing all that liquid gold for my babies.

But it used to take me so much time to gather all my supplies and get ready to pump.

Our time is so valuable! And there never seems to be enough hours in the day.

One way that you can make sure to maximize your time is by having everything organized when it’s time to pump.

Having everything you need in one spot will prevent you from running around grabbing things (and where did I put my nipple cream?!) and worst of all? Also, a well-organized pumping schedule can save you from getting a headache as well. 

Getting everything hooked up, starting to pump, and then realizing that you left your water bottle in the next room. Ugh!

Sooo…that’s why I’m spilling all my secrets for creating a pumping station that has everything you need to start pumping.

Pumping Station Organization

A super-comfy chair

One of the most expensive things I purchased when I was pregnant with my son, was a NICE rocking chair for nursery.

I knew I’d be spending hours there rocking, snuggling, napping, and pumping. And lemme tell you, it was worth the investment.

Place your chair near an electrical outlet so you’ll have a place to plug in your pump. Be sure to include a side-table right next to your chair.

On the side table you’ll place your breast pump and the following other items:

A warm blanket

Pumping while freezing cold is virtually impossible.

For the milk to flow, you wanna be warm!

I often wrap myself up in a nice, warm blanket while pumping. I always keep one at my pumping station.

Cell phone charger and a pair of ear buds

hands with smartphone touching screen

Ya know what happens almost every time I pump?

I’m playing around on my phone and I get the dreaded low battery alert. (Noooo!!)

Now I keep a charger plugged in right next to my pump. Problem solved!

I also keep a pair of ear buds nearby for those times when I want to watch videos on my phone, but baby is sleeping nearby.

Your water bottle

Does pumping make you thirsty?

Staying hydrated is an important part of keeping your supply up. I love this glass bottle.

Not only is it super-cute, but it doesn’t have the harmful chemicals like plastic.

A heating pad

Warmth is really important for helping your milk come out.

I keep a heating pad right next to my pumping station for those times that my milk just isn’t flowing as fast as I’d like.

A small caddy

A decorative basket or a small caddy is a must in order to keep all of your small things organized.

What to include in your nursing caddy

Let’s keep our list going!

The next set of ideas I have for you are smaller items that I keep in my nursing caddy.

Small items can get lost easily, so having everything you need in your caddy will really reduce your stress level.


Healthy Snacks In Woman Hands

How many times have you sat down to pump and realized you are STARVING?!

Makin’ milk burns up a lot of calories. So I like to keep a few non-perishable snacks in my caddy.

My favorites are almonds and kind bars.

I also love to snack on these DELICIOUS lactation cookie bars and brownies.

Extra membranes

Depending on what kind of pump you have, you want to make sure you have extra pump parts handy.

These little white membranes are so delicate. If you get even a hairline tear in one of them, your pump will not work as it should.

I keep a couple of extra membranes handy in case I need to switch one out.

An extra bottle

Have you ever been pumping and filled your bottle all the way to the top?

There have been so many times when my bottle overflowed because I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t have another one handy.

(Officially crying over spilled milk!)

A cloth for spills

Speaking of spills!

It’s always a good idea to keep a cloth diaper, burp cloth, or washcloth nearby to mop up the inevitable drips or spills.

Breast pads

Changing your breast pads frequently is a good way to minimize your risk of developing thrush.

I typically change mine out after pumping.

I love these because they’re reusable and I can just toss them in the wash.

Nipple cream

Pumping can be hard on sensitive skin.

I like to use Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter. It’s non-toxic and completely safe for babies.

A good book

Any other book lovers in the house?

Sometimes pumping is the only chance I get to read a good book.I like to keep one nearby in case I get the reading itch.

PS- This book might be one of my favorites ever.

There you have it! Pumping mamas, what do you keep at your pumping station?


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