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115 Vintage Girl Names That Stand The Test Of Time

115 Vintage Girl Names That Stand The Test Of Time

If you have just found out that you’re expecting a baby girl and are already searching for a name, your search is over. You’re sure to find the perfect name for your little angel in this list of timeless vintage girl names.

Retro girls’ names are really special and even though some of them were forgotten for some time, they’re making a comeback. 

When it comes to choosing a name for your little one, it’s always hard to find one that both parents will be pleased with. 

The most important thing to do when you’re choosing a name for your little one is to not think too much about it. Trust me, when you find the one, you’ll immediately know that it’s the perfect fit for your baby. 

Also, another thing you should pay attention to is that it should have a beautiful and unique meaning.

On this list of top vintage girl names, you’ll definitely find one that will not only sound beautiful, but have a meaning to match. 

Unique Vintage Girl Names 

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1. ADELAIDE – Sweet and charming retro name. It’s of German origin. The meaning is noble, nobility, of noble kin. The capital of South Australia also has the same name: Adelaide.  

2. ADELINE – This vintage name has French origins and is a diminutive for Adele. The meaning of the name is noble, nobility.

3. AGNES – A pretty meaning among baby names, since its original Greek meaning is pure, holy.

4. AMELIA – An English adopted version of German name Amala, which originally means work.

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5. ANNETTE – Of French origin, with an elegant meaning: grace, favored. It is considered to be a variant form of the name Anne. 

6. AUGUSTA – From the male variant Augustus, the meaning is exalted, venerable. It has Latin origins and has been popularized in Britain since the 18th century. 

7. BEATRICE – A name popular in English but also Italian. It has roots in Latin, deriving from the name Beatrix, meaning she who makes happy or she who brings happiness. 

8. BEATRIX – This one is really old, a common name among early Christians, and even though not as popular as then anymore, its meaning is still beautiful: blessed or happy.

9. BERNADETTE – Of French origin, deriving from the male version of the name, Bernard. The meaning is definitely something that will grab your attention: brave as a bear.

10. BERTHA – A German name, which was popular and forgotten in English speaking countries multiple times. Bertha means bright, and its latest revival was in the 19th century till the present day. 

11. BESSIE – Originated as a diminutive for Elizabeth or Bethany, but soon began to be used as a name on its own. It means oath.

12. BEULAH – Its origins lie in biblical times, mentioned as a reference to the land of Israel. Beulah is a symbolic name of the heavenly Zion. The actual Hebrew translation is: married, claimed as someone’s wife, or as a verb, to marry. 

13. BIRDIE – This cute name is most often a diminutive of the name Bernice (from Greek, meaning bringer of victory) or it can simply mean little bird.

14. BONNIE – A word that literally means beautiful or cheerful, which people in Scotland regularly use, so as you could guess, the name has Scottish origins.

15. CALLIOPE – As much as it sounds Spanish, this name has its origin in Greek mythology; Calliope was the goddess of epic poetry and eloquence. The literal meaning of the name is beautiful voice.

16. CAROL – Is a shortened variant of the name Caroline, meaning a joyful song. It could also be a feminine variant of Charles, meaning free man. 

17. CASSIE – Derived as a pet form of the names Cassandra or Catherine, later to be used as a given name. Of Greek origin, meaning to excel or to shine.

18. CECILY – A variant of Latin name Cecilia, meaning blind to one’s own beauty or lily of heaven.

19. CHARITY – From the English word charity, meaning just that: generous love.

20. CHARLOTTE – A feminine diminutive, this one originates from the French male name Charles and means full-grown. 

21. CHRISTIANA – An old fashioned name that is simply timeless. It has a religious meaning and is very common among Christians. Of Greek origin, the meaning is very straightforward: Christian, follower of Jesus Christ. 

22. CONSTANCE – As the name says itself, the English version means constancy. Also, if you’re into history, then you would probably like to name your baby after Roman emperor Constans I, son of Constantine the Great. 

23. DELIA –  Greek-originated name, with the meaning born on the island of Delos.

24. DINAH – Hebrew name, meaning judged. She is the daughter of Jacob and Leah in the Old Testament. 

25. DISNEY – This name is of English origin and is derived from the French surname D’Isigny. The meaning is from Isigny (a town in Normandy). 

26. DIXIE – Refers to a region of the USA known as the Old South, where a ten-dollar note, or in French dix, circulated. Therefore, the English or French meaning is tenth or from the South. 

27. DOLORES – A popular vintage name that has over 30 variants, including Lola, Lolita, and Didi. It is of Latin origin. It means pain or sorrow (In Latin, the word for pain is “dolores.”) 

28. DORIS – This retro name has its roots in Greek mythology. Oceanus (the oldest Titan) and Tethys (goddess of water) had a sea goddess daughter called Doris. That’s why the meaning of the name is symbolic: gift, gift of the ocean.

29. DOROTHEA – One of many variants of the Greek name Dorotheos. The meaning of this name is beautiful: gift of God. 

30. DOROTHY – Another variant of the name Dorothea. The meaning is the same: God’s gift. 

31. EDITH – A name of English origin with many variants, most common of which are Ditte and Edie. However, it’s commonly used in this form that is derived from two words, meaning riches or blessed and war. 

32. ELEANOR – Derived from the name Alienòr (the Old French form of Occitan). It means shining light. 

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33. ELIZABETH – The Greek form of the Hebrew name Elisheva, meaning God is my oath. It was more commonly used in Europe, tracing all the way back from the 12th century.

34. EMILIANA – The closest meaning of this name is rival, since Emiliana is feminine form of Emiliano, which is in turn a variant of the name Emil (from the Latin word “aemilius.”)

35. ESTHEL – Of Spanish origin, meaning star.

36. ESTHER – A famous Jewish queen was called Esther and that’s how this name became famous. Of Persian origin, meaning star.

37. EVELINA – This name is used in many languages, but in English speaking countries it means light. Also, it’s considered as one of the variants of the name Evelyn.

38. EVELYN – One variant of the name Evelina. The meaning is touching and unique: wished-for child.

39. EVERLY – This name is of English origin. The meaning is from the boar meadow or grazing meadow. It was originally actually a locational name from  a place in Wiltshire, Everleigh. 

40. FANNIE – Can be related to Fanny, which is considered to be vulgar slang since the 19th century, so the name is not as popular anymore. It’s a diminutive of either Frances, a French name meaning free one, or of Stephanie, meaning crown.  

41. FELICIA  – The female version of the name Felix, which has origins in Latin. Its meaning is lucky or successful, so it is a good choice for your newborn baby. 

42. GEORGIANA – This is a name of English origin that was at the peak of popularity in the 1880s. Its meaning is very simple: farmer.

43. GERTRUDE – Can be also spelled Gertrud. This name is of German origin, derived from two words, “ger” and “thrud,” meaning spear and strength respectively.

44. GLADYS – Even though we know it as Phoebe Buffay’s crazy artwork piece in Friends, Gladys has history way before that. The origin of this name is of Welsh origin and it means country. 

45. GOLDIE – A very simple one with an obvious English meaning, which is made of gold.

46. GRETCHEN – A name with German roots. In most languages, the meaning is the same, pearl, but the Persian meaning of this name is child of light.

47. GWYNETH – With Welsh origins, Gwyneth holds the meaning of white, fair, or blessed. 

48. HARRIET – Another name that has its origin in three other names, the main one of which is Henry, which means home ruler.

49. HATTIE – Diminutive of Harriet. It is of English origin and means home ruler or estate ruler. This is the right name for little baby bosses! 

50. HAZEL – During the 19th century, it was very common to name your daughter by a tree or plant, and that’s how this name came about  – from the Hazel tree. Also, there is a color by this name; it’s something between light brown or golden and green.

51. HELEN – A variant of the name Helene, meaning light, torch, corposant. 

52. HELENE – This name has its roots in Greek history. Helene (the daughter of Zeus) was the reason for the Trojan War. It’s said that she was so beautiful that her beauty was simply otherworldly. The meaning of the name is light, bright, torch.

53. HONOR – This name is derived from the Old English word honour. It was adopted in the 17th century by the Puritans. The meaning is (as you can guess) reputation, dignity.

54. IMOGEN – This name has a very interesting origin since it came about as a result of a mistakenly printed character name in one of Shakespeare’s plays. It was supposed to be Innogen, which means maiden.

55. ISADORA – This vintage name is a variant of Isidora, from the Greek name Isidoros, meaning the gift of Isis, the Egyptian Goddess.

56. JEMIMA – A Hebrew name that was first used in the English language in the Puritan era. It means dove.

57. JOSEPHINE – As you can guess, this name derives from the male Hebrew name, Joseph, meaning he will add.  In the Middle Ages, Joseph was a Jewish name, less frequently used among Christians. 

58. KATHARINE – It has roots in Greek name Aikaterínē, which means pure. 

59. KETURAH – This name has roots in the Old Testament. After his first wife Sarah died, Abraham married Keturah. The meaning is fragrance, sacrifice.

60. KEZIAH – This name originates from the Hebrew word for a spice tree called cassia and it means sweet-scented spice or cinnamon.

61. LARISSA – Introduced as an English name only in the 20th century. There are two possibilities of its origin. One lies in Greek mythology (the daughter of Pelasgus was Larissa) and the second one is derived from a city in Greece. Either way, it has a really sweet meaning: cheerful, joyful.  

62. LAVINIA – Originating from the Roman period, it is hard to determine the exact meaning. However, in Spanish and Latin, the meaning is mother of the Romans.

63. LEONORA – One of the variants of the name Eleanor, most common in Italy. In German, the meaning is the other or foreign. The meaning of this name in Arabic is God is my light and in Greek, the meaning is compassionate, merciful. 

64. LILLIAN – It can be seen as a diminutive of Elizabeth, or as an elaborate form of the flower, lily. It is of Old English origin, first coming into use in the 16th century.  

65. LORETTA – A vintage name with many different variants. It’s of Latin origin; taken from the boy name version, Loretto. It means bay tree or laurel tree and it symbolizes honor and victory. Also, there is a town in Italy called Loreto, so the name may have derived from the town. 

66. LOTTIE – Diminutive for Charlotte. It is of French origin and means little and womanly. 

67. LUCINDA – Also Lucy or Lucia, it means beautiful light and is of Latin origin. 

68. LYDIA – Connected to an ancient kingdom in western Asia by the same name. It means beautiful one, noble one. 

69. MABEL – This lovely name has an equally lovely meaning: lovable. It originates from medieval times.  

70. MAMIE – Diminutive of Mary or Miriam. In Hebrew and Aramaic, the meaning is wished for child, rebellion, and bitter.. 

71. MARGARET – A very popular name in the 1920s up until the 1940s. It has a very sophisticated meaning: pearl. It originates from Latin margarita.

72. MELODY – This lovely sounding name with Greek origin has a lovely meaning as well. The meaning is, as you can assume, song. It is becoming one of the most popular names for baby girls lately. 

73. MILLICENT – Of German origin, the name Millicent has been around since the Middle Ages. Its meaning is strong in work.

74. MILLIE – Originated as a diminutive for Mildred, which means gentle strength.

75. MILDRED – This name is of Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning gentle strength. 

76. MINNIE – There are different opinions on the meaning of this name. Some believe it means sea of bitterness, while the others believe that its meaning is rebellion. This retro name also has Hebrew origin.   

77. MYRTLE – A name that was popular during the Victorian era, derived from the name of the flower Myrtus. 

78. NANNIE – Diminutive for Anne or Hannah, its usage in England began in the 13th century. Grace is the meaning of this very popular vintage name. 

79. NETTIE – Considered to be a diminutive for Anne, or Annette. It’s commonly used as a middle name or moniker. Possible meaning is favored or gracious.

80. OLIVIA – This name has Latin roots and is derived from an olive tree. In England, this name has been in use since the 13th century. Shakespeare can take credit for the popularization of the name in the 16th century. 

81. PEGGY – This name developed in England as a form of Margaret. Peggy means little pearl.

82. PENELOPE – This unique retro name is of Greek origin and has a pretty great meaning: faithful wife.  

83. ROSEMARY – A combination of two names, and it can also refer to a herb, meaning dew of the sea.

84. SADIE – A very popular name in the 1800s, and it was first a nickname for girls named Sarah, which is why these two names have a common meaning: princess. 

85. SCARLETT – Traditionally a last name for someone who sells rich, bright fabrics, it means bright red.

86. SOPHIA – Definitely one of the most popular girl names in the US. It is of Greek origin and means wisdom. It is very popular worldwide, and almost every language has its own version of this name.  

87. SYLVIA – Very popular name during the 1930s up until the 50s. This name is of Latin origin and the meaning is unique: from the forest.

88. VICTORIA – Even though this name likely has Latin origins, as it’s probably derived from Latin word for victory, it may also have roots in Roman mythology. The goddess of victory was called Victoria. 

89. WINIFRED – Of Welsh and Old English origin, Winifred means holy, blessed reconciliation, or joy and peace.

Short Vintage Girl Names 

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In general, parents give their children short names when we talk about middle names and here are some great ones if you are also in a search for one.

Also, if you need a moniker or nickname for the new little lady in your life, these short vintage girl names are a great choice. 

90. ADA – A shortened variant of Adelaide. It’s a very common middle name. In German, the meaning is nobility, and in Hebrew the meaning is different, adornment. 

91. ALICE – A variant of the name Adelaide. The meaning is noble, exalted.

92. AVA – Considered of Germanic origin but also with roots in Latin and Hebrew, the meaning is life, to breathe or live.

93. BEA – A short variant of the name Beatrice, meaning blessed, bringer of happiness. 

94. BETTY – A diminutive of Elizabeth, with the same meaning: God is my oath. 

95. CLARA – This beautiful name is of Latin origin. It has other variants, like Clarina and Clarissa. The feminine variant of the name Clarus, meaning famous, bright, clear. 

96. CORA – An epithet of the Greek goddess Persephone, derived from the Greek name Κόρη (Kórē). It means maiden or heart.

97. DAWN – Even though this name is of Old English origin, sometimes it’s also used in reference to the Greek goddess of the dawn, Eos. The meaning is basically the translation of the word dawn: the first appearance of daylight, daybreak. 

98. DIANE – This vintage baby name is also of Latin origin. It means fertile, godly, divine. 

99. DORA – Shortened from Dorothy/Dorothea, the meaning is gift. 

100. EDNA – Of Hebrew origin, this short yet cute vintage name means gentleness, pleasure, youthfulness. 

101. ELSIE – A variant of Elizabeth, which stems from the Hebrew name Elisheba. The meaning is God is my oath, God is perfection, pledged to God. 

102. ETHEL – A diminutive of Etheldreda. The origin is of Old English and it means noble, strong. 

103. EULA – This name for little girls is of Greek origin (from the name Eulalia) and it means well-spoken, sweet-spoken. 

104. INES – A common Portuguese variant of the name Agnes. It means pure, kind, innocent, holy. 

105. IRIS – A beautiful name of Ancient Greek origin with a truly unique meaning; rainbow, colorful. 

106. JOAN – Of Hebrew origin and it has beautiful meaning: God is gracious. 

107. KITTY – Started out as a pet name for Katherine, but now has become a given name. It means pure.

108. LILY – A name of the flower; it also could be a diminutive of Lillian. 

109. LUCY – Variation of Lucinda. Other variations are Luce, Lucia, Luci, Lucie. The meaning is the same: born at dawn, shiny, as of light. 

110. MARY – Might have its origin from Hebrew names Miriam, which means beloved, or Maria, meaning bitterness or sea of sorrow. 

111. OPAL – This gemstone name came into use in the late Victorian times. It means jewelry in Sanskrit (“upala”).

112. RUBY – From the name of the precious stone. It was first started to be used as a given name in the 19th century, together with other gemstone names.

113. RUTH – A Hebrew name with a lovely meaning: companion, friend, vision of beauty. 

114. VERA – This is a name of Russian origin, very common among religious people because the meaning is faith. In Latin, it has similar meaning: true. 

115. WELSH – The name has German roots, deriving from the word “wealisc,” which means stranger, foreigner. 

Even if you have found several vintage girl names in this collection that you like, don’t worry about having to choose one of them before your baby girl is born.

Believe me, when you look into your baby’s eyes for the first time, you’ll immediately know what the right name for your little angel is.

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