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57 Best 5 Letter Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

57 Best 5 Letter Girl Names With Beautiful Meanings

Finding baby girl names that you like is no easy task, but finding 5 letter girl names is even harder.

The question is, why 5 specifically?

As far as 5 letter girl names are concerned, the number 5 is a number that symbolizes love and healthy marriage or that your guardian angel is watching over you, at least according to numerology.

You might call this a superstition, but many people are guided by these beliefs and it’s worth respecting them as it allows for a lot more optimism when looking to the future.

The bright side is that there’s no shortage of 5 letter baby girl names out there!

Plenty of the most beautiful and perfect names for your little girl have 5 letters.

Sure, there may be some slight limitations, but that doesn’t mean that there are 0 options.

In fact, I’ve assembled a sizable list of them here that’ll help you discover some of the best ones and hopefully, you’ll fall in love with one that you’ll use for your own baby girl.

5 Letter Girl Names With Meanings


beautiful little girl standing with bike outdoor

1. Alani

A name with a unique origin. This Hawaiian name translates to a simple ‘orange tree’.

Alani sounds so very exotic and would be the perfect name for a girl who you’re wishing good luck in both love and marriage in the future.

2. Ariel

I’m sure you’ve seen this name on a Disney princess already, but Ariel is a surprisingly unisex name.

It translates into the ‘Lion of God’ and is Hebrew in origin.

In the Bible, Ariel was a messenger of Ezra, but in more modern times it’s linked to a female character in the Little Mermaid story.

3. Alina

A Slavic name and the first of its kind on this list, it describes someone who is ‘kind’ and ‘noble’.

These are two delightful attributes to grace your darling child with and a rather lovely, European name to boot which doesn’t see much use in the US.

4. Amaya

A name tied more to nature, Amaya comes from the Arabic language and it translates into ‘night rain’.

This is a beautiful and romantic sight for people who are relaxing at home and watching it from their window.

5. Alaia

A name of rather unusual origins for one of these lists, this Basque name refers to someone who is ‘joyous’ and ‘happy’.

Considering how unique this name is and its rather wonderful meanings, it’s an ideal name to give to a girl being born into a happy and loving household.

Beautiful little girl with a painted fingers posing

6. Avery

A name that’s taken on a more fantastical meaning in modern times. It originates from Old English and translates to ‘Elf king’.

While originally masculine, Avery has become a unisex name as of recent years, being used as both a baby girl and a baby boy name so don’t be reserved and think that this elf king can’t be an elf queen instead.

It’s one of the more unique names on this list and it’s definitely worth considering if you’re a fantasy name lover.

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7. Alice

Some of you may be surprised to learn that Alice is actually a unisex name meaning it’s given to baby boys and baby girls alike.

The origin of the name is from Old English and it was used to describe someone of ‘nobility’.

One of the most famous uses of the name was in Lewis Carrol’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

8. Amara

A name of Indian origin that describes someone who is ‘eternal’.

It is one of the most unique 5 letter names for girls on this list and should be taken into consideration given its ties to spirituality.

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9. Alana

This all-American name translates into ‘Little Rock’ and is not gender-neutral.

It’s the feminine version of the name Alan and its rise to fame can be attributed to the actress Alana Hamilton Stewart.

10. Alexa

While we all know Alexa thanks to Amazon, the actual name has a very patriotic meaning in the American English language which is ‘defender of the people’.

Very iconic, if only that were true of the actual Alexa, it’d give us even more of a reason to get one.

11. Adria

Adria is a name used for both boys and girls alike.

Originating from Italy, it has more of a place name feel as it referred to someone who was from the region of Hadria in Northern Italy.

The name has seen a good bit of popularity and should be put on your list of baby names for girls.


happy twin sisters with flower headband hugging in the field

1. Blake

A unisex name of English origin commonly given to babies who were born with either a ‘darker skin’ or ‘pale blonde hair’.

A contrast to be sure, but that was the custom back then.

It was more common as a girls’ name but has seen a rise in popularity in more modern times as a boys’ name too.

2. Bella

Bella stems from the Italian language where it represents someone who is ‘beautiful’ and claims that ‘God is my oath’.

It’s one of the better 5 letter girl names, especially if you’re looking to go for a more religious angle.


1. Clara

A girl’s name of Latin origin that represents someone who is ‘clear’ or ‘illustrious’.

These are two very powerful meanings that would fit great attributes to your darling little girl when she’s finally born, your brilliant jewel.

2. Chloe

A wonderful nature-inspired name of Greek origin which depicts something that’s ‘blooming’ and ‘verdant’.

It originally came from their myths as it was one of the names by which the goddess Demeter was known.

She was responsible for the agriculture and fertility of the fields that the people of ancient Greece worked and her Spring avatar was that of Chloe.


sweet little girl with curly hair smiling and posing outdoor

1. Daisy

A more American name which translates to the flower of the same name, representing its gentleness.

It’s one of the more common 5 letter names for girls out there but is still beautiful in its own right.


1. Ember

Another unisex name, this time coming from the English language. It translates into something that’s ‘burning low’.

It’s a variation on the name Amber that has overtaken in popularity seeing as it’s a more modernized version of it with a similar meaning.

2. Eliza

A name coming from the English language, one that translates directly into ‘God is my Oath’.

It’s an abbreviation of the name Elizabeth and it has been attached to some very famous figures in history and fiction, namely Eliza Hamilton, the wife of one of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, as well as Eliza Doolittle from ‘My Fair Lady’.

3. Elena

A name originating in the Greek language, it doesn’t have a core meaning.

It is a variation on the name Helen that belonged to the famous figure of Greek myth, Helen of Troy, whose name represented ‘light’.

It’s a great name for any aspiring princesses and queens.

While the return of a monarchy is unlikely to happen during our lifetimes, I’m sure your little one will still be the queen of your heart.

4. Ellie

An English name with some roots coming from the Greek language, albeit of unknown origin.

The most commonly known and modern meaning refers to someone who is ‘bright and shining’.

It’s a rather cute-sounding name that has gained a bit of popularity in the last decade thanks to the protagonist of the game “The Last of Us”.

adorable little girl sitting on grass with bunny rabbit

5. Emily

An English name of Anglo-Saxon origin that depicts someone who wants ‘to excel’ above someone or to ‘rival’ someone.

It’s often tied to some of the most hardworking people who always give it their all when attempting a task and will never fail to rise to the challenge.

Give this to your girl if you think that being a hard worker is going to be one of her best traits.

6. Emery

A variation of the name Emily, Emery is a name of English origin which translates to the meaning of ‘work ruler’.

The name in question is a more unisex adaptation of Emily in an attempt to branch out into a more unique name.

Cute little girl on a family wedding with flowers

7. Elise

A name of French origin, it has religious ties, roughly translating into ‘God is my oath’ much like many other historic and religious ones tend to do.

It’s also a shorter version of the name Elizabeth and could be considered as a good nickname if you go for the latter name instead.

A variation of the name that can also be used is Elisa, which pulls its roots from the northern countries like Scandinavian and Germanic ones.


1. Faith

A name with a meaning that reflects itself, Faith is a rather lovely name without sounding too religious.

It originated in the English language and has been quite popular for a while.

It’s my personal favorite if I end up expanding my family and have another girl.

This mix of religion and the meaning of the number 5, as well as the sheer beauty of the name Faith, has won me over.

2. Freya

Now here’s a powerful religious name, one tied to the Norse goddess of beauty, love, and fertility, Freya.

It’s an interesting, albeit somewhat uncommon choice.

If you’re a fan of mythology and legend, then this is a pretty good option for your little goddess!


cute little girl eating a breakfast

1. Grace

This Latin name describes the virtues of someone with a lot of ‘charm’.

Two of the most famous bearers of this name, at least in the late 20th century, were Grace Adler from the sitcom Will & Grace and Hazel Grace from the book ‘The Fault In Our Stars’.

2. Gemma

An Italian name that describes a ‘precious stone’ or a ‘gem’ as the name would imply.

Use it if you consider your little one to be the jewel of your eye, one that you’ll always cherish and protect, no matter what.

3. Greta

A name of German origin that describes someone who is as beautiful and lustrous as a ‘pearl’.

Greta has gained some popularity thanks to the global activist, Greta Thunberg.

If you’re someone who wants to preserve our planet and respects the work that Greta does, maybe you can consider naming your child after her.


cute little girl dressed up as a princess with crown on head

1. Hazel

A name inspired by plants, nature, and everything in between, it comes from Old English and means ‘the Hazel tree’.

It’s arguably one of the best names for a calm girl who loves the outdoors, or a popular go-to if your daughter is born with hazel eyes.


1. Julia

A name of Latin origin that describes someone who is ‘downy’ or ‘youthful’.

It originated as a religious name for girls that was used to depict women who were under the household of men named Julius, however, it has since evolved from such an archaic concept.

One of the most famous wielders of such a name is Julia Roberts, the famous American actress.

2. Josie

An all-American name, Josie translates into ‘God will add’.

While a popular name back in the 20th century, it has since fallen out of favor, but could potentially see a resurgence depending on how the tide shifts.

Its most notable inclusion was in the movie ‘Josie and the Pussycats’.

It’s also an abbreviation of the name Josephine, a rather lovely name on its own, but sadly more than 5 letters so it’s been excluded from this list.


cute little girl smiling on sofa

1. Kylie

This name has seen quite the rise in popularity thanks to the fame of the Kardashian sisters, most notably Kylie Jenner who is the bearer of this name.

You’d probably be surprised to find out that the name itself has a rather unique origin, an Aboriginal one that translates into ‘a boomerang’.

While the meaning itself is rather odd, the name is still lovely and trendy so if you like keeping up with the trends, choosing Kylie would be one of the better choices for girl names.

2. Khloe

This name is a variation on the name Chloe which in Greek depicts something ‘blooming’ and ‘verdant’ and was tied to the spring iteration of the Goddess Demeter.

Khloe was popularized by one of the Kardashian sisters in recent years allowing it a swift rise to the top 100 spots.

3. Kayla

Another American name, this one has religious ties as it refers to someone who is either ‘beloved’ or ‘like God’.

A relatively new name by most standards as it surfaced in the middle of the 20th century as a more modern version of the Gaelic MacCathail.

Despite its relative novelty, it was a hit and it’s a pretty decent choice as far as 5 letter girl names are concerned.


1. Lucia

An Italian name and an absolutely beautiful one, Lucia translates into ‘light’.

A name quite common in Italy with a rather interesting story to it as it was usually only given to children born at the break of dawn due to its meaning.

2. Layla

A different take on the name Leila, Layla is a name of Arabic origin, one that shares the mystique and intrigue of the ‘black of night’.

It was a name often given to the women in many Arabian literary works and I don’t see why that should exclude your lovely little girl.

cute little girl painting

3. Lydia

While not a name of any significant origin, Lydia is still a wonderful name in its own right simply due to how easy it is to pronounce.

It originated in Greece and was used to describe someone who was ‘from Lydia in Greece’.

4. Leila

A variation of the name Layla, Leila is also a name of Arabic origin with the same meaning, that of describing something ‘black’ or depicting the ‘night’ itself.

It’s a more Slavicized version of the name and more commonly found in Southeastern Europe, but it’s a good choice if you’re looking to go against the grain in your naming conventions.


1. Mabel

A name from the English language which describes someone who is ‘lovable’.

While not as popular during the 20th century, it has seen a great resurgence in the last decade thanks to the character Mabel from the cartoon ‘Gravity Falls’.

Cute little girl lying in bed at home

2. Maeve

A name of Irish origin which depicts someone who is rather ‘intoxicating’.

While the adjective may sound negative, this name is tied to Irish myth and the Queen of Connacht.

It’s also the name of one of the main characters in the recent hit series, ‘The Boys’, belonging to a strong female superhero.

3. Maria

If there was ever a religious name, this one is definitely it. It’s also one of the most iconic 5 letter girl names because of its biblical ties.

Its most documented origin comes from Latin where the name translates into someone or something ‘bitter’ or ‘of the sea’.

While the meanings themselves aren’t anything too special (unless your child develops an immense love of the seas and oceans) its more powerful ties come from the Good Book and the Virgin Mary, making it the perfect religious name for your bundle of joy.

Consider it if any of those two apply to your baby girl.

4. Molly

A diminutive version of the name Mary and Maria, Molly is an English name that carries the same meaning, that of describing someone who was born ‘of the sea’ or someone who is ‘bitter’.

Despite its meaning, it’s a rather cute baby name!


sweet little girl with flowers on her head sitting in meadow

1. Norah

An Irish version of ‘honor’, Norah is a name given to the noblest of souls who honors everything and everyone they have the chance to meet.

I personally consider it to be a name I’d give to a female knight, so if you feel like your little girl could’ve been a glorious knight in a previous life, keep this one up for consideration.

2. Naomi

A name of Hebrew origin that depicts someone who is either ‘gentle’ or ‘beautiful’, two traits commonly attributed to children, especially girls.

It’s a name that simply rolls off the tongue and one that graces two very famous people, Naomi Campbell and Naomi Watts. If it works for them, it’ll surely work for you and your future child.


1. Olive

If you’re a nature lover like myself, you might like the name Olive.

With roots in the English language, the name’s meaning remains the same as the olive fruit and the tree itself.

One of the most iconic characters with this name is Olive Oyl from Popeye.


1. Piper

A name of Old English origin that served as an occupational name.

Piper translates to what you’d expect, that of a ‘flute player’.

Its popularity rose somewhat when the Pied Piper children’s story was popular among kids as well as, in the late 20th century, when the series ‘Charmed’ aired as it belonged to one of the main characters.


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1. Quinn

Quinn is a name that can be given to girls and boys alike and it sounds good no matter who gets it.

This Irish name translates into a ‘descendant of Conn’.

It’s more frequently attributed to guys, but it has been somewhat popularized for women through a character with the same name in the League of Legends video game.


1. Riley

An Irish place name, a really old one too as it references a descendant of Roghallach. With its rich history, it’s a really adorable given name for a little girl or a little boy.

While it is mostly a feminine name, it has taken on a more unisex role in recent years and has become one of the more unique names in existence.

2. Rylee

Rylee is a name variation of the name Riley thus carrying the same meaning of ‘descendant of Roghallach’.

If you feel that Riley might be a bit too common and want a more unique take on it, feel free to use this version instead.

It’s a bit newer, but it’s just as lovely as the original.

3. Reese

A unisex name of Welsh origin, one that translates into ‘enthusiasm’.

While more common as a boys’ name, it has seen use as a girls’ name as well.

One of the most famous people with this name is the actress Reese Witherspoon who is responsible for its rise as a name for baby girls.

4. River

A wonderful unisex name derived from nature with its origins coming from the English language, River carries the same meaning as the word itself does today.

It became popular in the early 21st century when Doctor Who started airing again and the character River Song was introduced.

This name is more typically found in Britain, but it can be found on our end of the world too and I don’t see a reason why that should stop.


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1. Sofia

Sofia is a name of Spanish origin reflecting ‘wisdom’.

It’s a rather beautiful and spiritual name that was often attributed to some of the most striking women, most often tied to St. Sofia of Rome as well as Spanish and Russian royalty, though, for the latter, Sonya is a more common variation.

2. Sadie

A name of English origin, and, much like Alice, it serves to represent a member of the nobility, a ‘princess’ in this case as it’s one of the derivative names from Sarah which carries that same meaning.

That said, Sadie has evolved into her own name, one that shows off a more tomboyish version of a princess rather than a prim and proper one.

3. Sarah

A name of Hebrew origin, one that translates into ‘princess’ and which draws directly from the Old Testament as it belonged to Sarai, Isaac’s mother, who later had it changed to Sarah.

While this name is more common, it’s still a beautiful and religious name and shouldn’t be disregarded just because of its popularity

4. Siena

Another Italian name, this one is tied to color rather than religion or places as it describes something that’s ‘reddish brown’.

It is a great name to consider if your child is born with hazel eyes or brown/red hair.


two little girls in dresses spreading arms in nature

1. Tatum

A primarily English name that describes someone who is ‘full of spirit’ and ‘cheerful’.

Its most notable wearer is the actor Channing Tatum.

2. Talia

Another name of Hebrew origin, this one translates into ‘morning dew’ and it’s a somewhat popular name in its region of origin.

One of the most notable characters bearing the name is Talia al Ghul from DC Comics’ Batman series.

In Conclusion

5 letter girl names are plentiful.

While the decision to stick to 5 letters does narrow it down a bit, there are still plenty of different options to choose from with meanings rooted in religion, nature, pop culture, and various other places.

I do hope, however, that this list has helped you shorten your own rather than add more to it and that you’ve managed to come to a conclusion of what to name your darling little angel. Until next time, mammas.

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