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Top 130 Unique And Short Middle Names For Girls With Meanings

Top 130 Unique And Short Middle Names For Girls With Meanings

For some parents, choosing a great middle name is as important as choosing the first name for their little one.

If you’re one of them and you’ve been blessed with a baby girl, keep reading because I’ve compiled a list of beautiful and unique short middle names for girls.

You want your little girl to stand out from the crowd and be special and unique, right? Well, you can give her a head start in that direction by choosing a middle name that is rare and stunning.

How do you pick a middle name for a girl? Some people say that middle names are used to honor someone you love, a family member or a friend, or your heritage.

Some also say that you should use the family name of the spouse.

That’s why most parents really think about their intentions before they choose the right middle name for their little kiddo.

I say, choose the one you like. Choose the one with a special and beautiful meaning. Choose the one your heart says is the perfect name for your little princess.

The Ultimate List Of Unique Short Middle Names For Girls

cute little girl with french hat sitting outdoor

If you are looking for some cool, trendy, and unusual middle names, you should definitely check this list of middle names for girls that could give you some ideas.

1. Ada

This German one-syllable name means “noble” or “nobility”. It may also have roots in Hebrew, some claim that it’s another variant of the name Adah, which means “adornment”.

2. Adele

Adele is just another variant of the German name Ada above. Of course, it has the same meaning – “noble”.

3. Alice

It’s very similar to both previous girl names. Alice is a name of German origin. It comes from another name, Adalheidis, and its meaning is “noble”, “of the nobility” and “truthful”.

4. Alina

The origin of this name is debatable. However, its meaning is super sweet: “light”, “bright” or “beautiful”.

5. Alma

This four-letter name for girls is of Latin origin and has many meanings such as “kind”, “fostering”, “nurturing”, “soul” or “nourishing”.

6. Amelia

A name of German origin with very strong meanings – “brave”, “diligent” or “work”.

7. Amy

Amy is a name of French/ Latin origin with a very simple yet romantic meaning, “beloved”.

8. Anais

We can track this name to the French girl name Ana, or the Hebrew name Hanna. The meaning in both cases is so lovely – “grace”.

9. Anika

This is the Scandinavian form of the name above. The meaning is “grace” or “favor”.

10. Anna

This sweet name is the Latin form of the Hebrew name Hanna. It has the same meaning as the previous two names, “grace”.

11. Aria

This short name also doesn’t have a clear origin. In Italian, the meaning is “air” or “song”. In Hebrew, it means “lion of God” or “lioness”.

12. Aster

Aster is a sweet Greek name with an even sweeter meaning – “star”.

13. Ava

This short name of Latin origin has several very powerful meanings such as “life”, “like a bird”, “water” or “island”.

14. Avery

A very common unisex name. It’s of Old English origin and means “counselor” or “wise”.

15. Ayla

This unique name is of Turkish/ Hebrew origin. Its meanings are several – “halo of light around the moon”, “light”, “earth”, “noble”, or “born of knowledge”.

beautiful baby girl looking at distance

16. Beatrice

This is the Italian form of the Latin name Beatrix. You have to admit it’s more gentle, too. It means “bringer of joy”, “she who brings joy” or “blessings”. It has a shortened version that is even more beautiful, Bea.

17. Belle/ Bella

It can be traced to the Italian word for beauty, so you already know the meaning – “beautiful”, of course.

18. Beth

A short form of the biblical girl name Elizabeth. This beautiful name means “God is abundance”, “God is my oath” and “God has sworn”.

19. Blair

Blair is a name of Scottish/ Gaelic origin. The meaning is quite unusual but still powerful – “battlefield”, “plain” or “dweller on the plain”.

20. Blue

This popular English name refers to the color blue.

21. Bree

Bree is quite an unusual name but it’s super cute. The meaning of this Irish name is “strong” or “full of virtue”.

22. Brooke

This very common name of English origin which means “small stream” or “a gentle stream”.

23. Cali

Either it’s a diminutive for the Greek name Callista, meaning “most beautiful”, or it’s from a Latin word for a cup.

24. Celine

Celine is truly a beautiful name for your little girl. The origin is French and it has a wonderful meaning – “heavenly”.

25. Cerise

An unusual English/ French name meaning “cherry”.

26. Chaya

I’m sure that most people have never heard this girl’s name. It’s of Hebrew origin with a very simple meaning – “life”.

27. Chloe

Chloe is a Greek name. It has few very sweet meanings, “blooming”, “verdant” or “fertility”.

28. Clara/ Klara

A Latin name that was derived from the male name Clarus. You’ll fall in love with its meaning, “clear”, “bright”, “famous”.

29. Cora

Cora is the Latin form of the Greek name Korē. This unusual girl name has two meanings, “maiden” or “daughter”.

30. Daisy

This is probably one of the most common names for girls. Still, this English/ American name has a beautiful meaning – “day’s eye” or “beautiful amazing women”.

smiling baby girl wearing a dress and hat

31. Danna

This is a feminine variant of the male name Daniel. It’s of English origin and it has a very powerful meaning – “God is my judge”.

32. Dawn

Dawn is a very special and rare name. The meaning of this name of Old English origin is simply amazing, “the first appearance of light”, “daybreak” or “as bright as the morning rays”.

33. Demi

The origin of this name is quite debatable. It’s probably of Greek origin but some also mention French, English, and Latin origins. Whatever the origin is, the meaning is more important and its meaning is “half”.

34. Dior

We’ve all probably heard of the famous Dior fashion house, but I’m not sure whether you knew it can also be used as a wonderful name for a baby girl. It derived from a French family name D’Or, and its meaning is “golden”.

35. Elena

Elena is a variant of the Greek name Helena. It’s a very trendy girl name meaning “torch”, “bright” and “shining light”.

36. Eliza

There are many variants of this name: Elisa, Elissa, Elza, Elizabeth, Lisa, Liza, Aliza. The meaning of this sweet name is “pledged to God” or “my God is an oath” and it’s of Hebrew origin.

37. Ella

This is a unique, short middle name for a girl. It’s of Hebrew/ Spanish origin and has an amazing meaning – “beautiful”, “fairy maiden”, “Goddess”.

38. Ellie

Ellie is a very popular short name of Hebrew origin. It has a religious meaning, “God is my light” or “God is my candle”.

39. Elsie

A Scottish/ Hebrew name with several meanings – “pledged to God”, “oath of God”, “God is satisfaction” or “God has sworn”.

40. Emery

Even though most people think this is a masculine name, it’s actually unisex.

It derives from the Old German name, Emmerike and has several strong meanings such as “brave,”, “industrious”, “powerful” or “ruler”.

41. Emma

The name Emma is a German/Latin name meaning “whole” or “universal”.

42. Esme

This name of French origin is derived from the word “esmé” which means “loved”, “beloved” or “emerald”.

43. Eva

This traditional Hebrew name means “life” or “to live”.

44. Evie

Evie is a Latin name that was derived from the previously mentioned girl name, Eva. The meaning is the same – “life”.

45. Faith

The name Faith comes from the English word faith and it has several wonderful meanings such as “confidence”, “trust”, “belief” or “to trust”.

cute baby girl with curly hair smiling

46. Fawn

This unusual name of Old French origin has a very gentle and cute meaning, “a young deer”.

47. Fay/Faye

A perfect name for your little magical fairy. It’s of English origin meaning “confidence”, “loyalty”, “trust”, “belief” or “fairy”.

48. Fern

An English name which derives from the flowerless plant called fern.

49. Freya

This name has its roots in Scandinavian, actually, in Norse mythology.

Their goddess of love, beauty, fertility, sex, and war was named Freya. It has a few similar and pretty meanings, “lady”, “mistress” and “noblewoman.”

50. Gia

This rare name of Greek/Italian origin means “God is gracious” or “God’s gracious gift”.

51. Grace

This name is of Latin origin. It is derived from the Latin word gratia (thank you). The meaning is “God’s favor” or “love towards mankind”.

52. Greta

Greta is a very common German name. The meaning is simply wonderful, “pearl” or “precious jewel”.

53. Heidi

Another common German name. It has a very pretty meaning, “noble kind”, “noble type” or “noble-natured”.

54. Holly

This very cute name of Old English origin was probably derived from the name of the holly tree (little trees with red berries). The meaning is actually “the holly tree” or simply “holly”.

55. Hope

Hope is probably one of the most popular short middle names for girls. It’s of English origin meaning “someone with positive expectation”, “desire of fulfillment” or “the virtue of hope”.

56. Imani

A beautiful Arabic name with an even more beautiful and religious meaning, “belief” or “faith”.

57. Iris

A Greek name with a beautiful and unique meaning, “rainbow”. In Greek mythology, the goddess of the rainbow was also called Iris.

58. Isla

The meaning of this Spanish/ Scottish name is “dynamic”, “vibrant”, “brilliant”, and “bright as the sun”. It probably derives from an island in Scotland.

59. Ivy

A short but very cute name of English origin. It derives from a plant and has an amazing meaning, “faithfulness”.

60. Jade

Jade is a Spanish name which derives from the ornamental stone called jade. That’s why its meaning is “a precious green stone”.

baby girl lying on the belly

61. Jane

Who doesn’t know the character of the beautiful Jane in Tarzan? This name probably came from the French name Jehanne but it originated in England and is still mostly used in Great Britain. The meaning is religious, “God is gracious”.

62. Jo

The name Jo is one of the more popular short middle names for girls. It’s of Latin origin and is probably derived from the masculine name John, meaning “He will enlarge” or “God is gracious”.

63. Joelle

This French name is a feminine variant of the male name Joel. It has religious meaning, “Jehovah is God”.

64. Julia

Even though this girl’s name is mostly used as a first name, it can also be a very gentle middle name.

It’s of Latin origin and the meaning is very unusual, “of the Julius family”, “of the gens Julia”, “a descendant of Julus” and “dedicated to Jupiter”.

65. June

Giving your baby girl a middle name based on the month she was born is always an interesting idea.

If your little princess is born in June, this will be the perfect name for her. It’s of Latin origin meaning “born in June” or “young”.

66. Kaia

This unique and beautiful sounding name of Hawaiian/ Scandinavian/ Latin origin means “little but wise” or “the sea”.

67. Kate

Kate is a name of English origin and it derives from the Latin name Katharina. The meaning is “pure”, “clear” or “each of the two”.

68. Kayla

This is definitely my favorite. It’s the most beautiful name I’ve ever heard.

Its origins have been debated, but it’s probably of Arabic or Hebrew origin. The meaning is “keeper of the keys”, “pure”, “laurel” and “crown”.

69. Kiara

The origin of this name isn’t quite known but it most likely came from the Italian name Chiara or the Irish name Ciara.

The important thing is that the meaning is the same, “light”, “clear”, “cockatoo”, “first ray of sun”, “bright”, “famous” and “clear”.

70. Kora

This name of Greek origin came from the Greek word Korē which means “maiden”.

71. Kylie

There are many spelling variants of this name – Kiley, Kylee, Kyly. It’s of Irish origin and it means “graceful”.

Some say that it has Australian origins and they have a completely different meaning, “boomerang”. Regardless, if you’re a fan of Kylie Kardashian, you’ll probably like this one.

72. Lane

A name of English origin with an unusual meaning, “a small roadway or path”.

73. Lara

This is probably the most gentle baby girl name ever. This name of Greek/ Russian origin means “bright” or “famous”.

74. Layla/ Lyla

It’s of Arabic origin and probably derives from the name Leila which means “night”.

75. Leah

This amazing Hebrew name means “weary”.

cute little girl holding a basket in the garden

76. Leigh

This girl/ boy name of English origin has quite an unusual meaning – “wood”, “clearing” or “meadow”.

77. Lena

The origin of this name isn’t clear. It’s of English, Greek, or Russian origin. However, its meaning is simply wonderful, “light”, “moonlight”, “sunlight” or “palm tree”.

78. Lexi

Even though its origin isn’t clear, the assumption is that it’s a shortened version of the Greek name Alexandra meaning “defender of mankind”. This is a short girl baby name that will definitely stand out.

79. Lily

The beautiful flower Lily… Yes, that’s right. This name of English/ Greek origin is derived from the lily.

80. Liv

This Nordic name is very rare and unusual and it means “shelter” or “protection”.

81. Lola

Lola is probably a shortened version of the Spanish name Dolores. It’s definitely unique. The meaning is “sorrows”.

82. Lucy

It’s of English/ Latin origin with a simple meaning, “light”. Other versions of this name are Luce, Lucie, Lucia, and Luci.

83. Luna

This is a very trendy girl baby name. It’s of Latin origin and it’s mostly used in Spain and Italy. Its meaning is “moon”.

84. Lydia

This girl’s name has probably derived from the German name Adelheid which means nobility. However, it has a few more meanings such as “from Lydia”, “noble one” or “beautiful one”.

85. Lynn

This cute Gaelic/ English name means “lake”, “waterfall”, “a pool beneath a waterfall” or “pool”.

86. Macie

This name was probably taken from an Old English name Macey. The meaning is very unusual, “weapon” or “hill”.

87. Mae/ May

Another girl’s name that is linked to the name of a month. Its meaning is “bitter” or “pearl” and it’s of English origin. In Portuguese, the meaning of this name is “mother” or “midwife”.

88. Maeve

The meaning of this Irish/ Gaelic name is “intoxicating” or “she who intoxicates”.

89. Maria

Here is one very traditional and common name. It’s a biblical name derived from the Latin name Mirjam.

The meaning of this traditional name is “sea of bitterness”, “drop of the sea”, “star of the sea”, “rebelliousness”.

90. Maya

This beautiful name of Hebrew/ Greek/ Spanish origin has several meanings, “illusion”, “water” or “magic”

little girl hugging her toy on the floor

91. Mia

The origin of this name is still debated. Some sources claim it’s of Slavic origin and it has derived from the word mila, which means “dear” or “darling”.

Others claim it has derived from the Latin name Maria meaning “sea of bitterness” or “rebelliousness”.

Some also claim it’s of Scandinavian origin and that it has several more meanings such as “wished for child”, “beloved”, “Ocean Goddess”, “mine” or “Queen”.

92. Mila

The name Mila has Slavic and Russian roots. The meaning is “gracious” or “dear”.

93. Milena

This Slavic name is very popular in Eastern Europe. It has roots in Slavic (derived from the word mila) and it means “gracious”, “pleasant”, or “dear”.

94. Molly

This is a diminutive of the Hebrew name Mary. It has two meanings, “bitter” or “star of the sea”.

95. Nia

This is a very rare name but that’s what makes it unique. It’s probably a shortened form of names that end in –nia. However, it has roots in African/ Gaelic and its meaning is “lustrous”, “goal”, “purpose”, “resolve”, or “brilliance”.

96. Nina

The origin of this name is debatable. It has roots in Spanish, Arabic, and Hebrew. In Spanish, the meaning is “little girl”, in Arabic it’s “graceful” and in Hebrew, it’s “God was gracious”.

97. Noel

If you’re a fan of the Kardashians, you’ll like this one because Kim Kardashian’s middle name is Noel.

It’s of Old French/ Latin origin and is derived from the French word for Christmas which comes from the Latin word for giving birth. It has a beautiful religious meaning, “Christmas” or “Christmas carol”.

98. Nova

This beautiful Latin girl’s name was probably derived from a star called Nova. The meaning is “new” or “young”.

99. Nyla

This unique Arabic name for girls has a very powerful meaning, “winner”.

100. Olive

This is a pretty common English female name. The meaning is simple, “olive tree”.

101. Owen

This is quite a popular gender-neutral name. It’s of Irish origin with several cute meanings, “young warrior”, “well-born” or “noble”.

Those who love football will definitely think about this name because a famous American football player was called Owen P. Evans.

102. Paige

This common Latin unisex name means “young helper”, “mate of young nobles”, and “page to a lord”.

103. Paris

For those who like the city of love, Paris, this will be the perfect choice for their little girl’s middle name. In Latin, the meaning is “abductor of Helen” and in Greek, it means “from Paris, France”.

104. Pax

Even though many think this is a male name, it’s actually unisex. It has roots in Latin and the meaning is “peaceful” or “the one who brings peace”.

105. Pearl

This is one of the sweetest short middle names for girls. It’s of Latin/ English origin and it means “pearl” or “is gracious”.

cute baby girl posing

106. Raine

Did you know that Princess Diana’s stepmother’s name was Raine? This sweet girl’s name is derived from the French word reine which means “queen”.

107. Ray/Rae/Raye

This Hebrew name is a shortened version of the name Rachel and its meaning is so special, “bright like the sun’s rays” or “ewe”.

108. Reese

This gender-neutral name comes from the Welsh word for “enthusiasm” but can also mean “confident” or “ambitious”.

109. Reina

This is another version of the French name Reine mentioned above. It has the same meaning, of course, “queen”.

110. Remi

The name Remi is of French origin and its meaning is quite unusual, “oarsman” or “remedy”.

111. Rose

This name probably derives from the Latin word for a flower and it means exactly that, “rose” or “delicate and beautiful like the flower rose”.

112. Ruby

Ruby is a name of English/ Latin origin. It is derived from the stone Ruby and its meaning is “deep red precious stone”.

113. Rue

If you’re a botanist or into flowers and herbs, here is a name you’ll like. The meaning of this English/ Greek name is “herb” or “regret”.

114. Sadie

This name and its meaning are simply wonderful. You’ll probably like this one because of its meaning, “a princess”. It has roots in Hebrew.

115. Sage

This gentle name of Latin origin means “wise and knowing” or “prophet”.

116. Sara

This Hebrew name has a very special meaning, “princess”, “lady” and “noblewoman”. In India, it means “soul”.

117. Shea

The name Shea is of Irish/ Gaelic origin and it means “the stately, dauntless one” or “worth admiring”.

118. Skye/Sky

This beautiful trendy name was derived from an island in Scotland and it means “from the isle of Skye” or “taken from sky” or simply, “a cloud”.

119. Sofia/ Sophia

This sweet Greek name means “wisdom”.

120. Stella

The name Stella is of Latin/ Italian origin derived from the word for a star.

cute girl playing with bubbles

121. Talia

This beautiful, gentle girl’s name is of Hebrew/ Latin origin and it has several wonderful meanings such as “gentle dew from heaven; by the water” or “to blossom”.

122. Tate

A name of Anglo-Saxon origin with a very special meaning, “cheerful”, “pleasant” and “bright”.

123. Tiana

Another cute name for your little princess. It has roots in Russian/ Latin and it has a very beautiful meaning, “princess”.

124. Thea

This is probably a short variant of the names that end in –thea, like Althea, Mathea, and Dorothea. This Greek name means “goddess” and “godly”.

125. Willa

This is a very special and unique name for little girls. This German name has a very unusual but powerful meaning, “will-helmet” or “protection”.

126. Wren

This English name that derives from the word for a little bird is becoming a popular name nowadays. Its meaning is “small bird” or “ruler”.

127. Zara

This Arabic name is so gentle and beautiful. The meaning is “radiance”.

128. Zelda

It’s another variant of the name Selda. The meaning of this German name is “gray fighting maid”.

129. Zoey/ Zoe

This wonderful short name has roots in Greek and its meaning is “life”.

130. Zuri

This Swahili name is quite rare and unusual. However, it’s meaning is wonderful, “good” or “beautiful”.

In Conclusion

I hope you found some great options from this collection of sweet short middle names for girls.

I know choosing the right middle name is not an easy task, especially if you want to bypass some popular names and go with something unique.

Most of these names above are short, mostly one-syllable names and it makes them even more special and of course, easier to remember.

Whichever name you choose, you won’t make a mistake because this is a collection of the most beautiful and most unique middle names for baby girls and you’re bound to have found something for your little angel!

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