18 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies Under 1 (Gifts under $30!)

18 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies Under 1 (Gifts under $30!)

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What do you get a baby for Christmas? Check out this #giftguide for 20 Christmas gift ideas for babies under age 1! #stockingstuffers #Christmasgiftideas #babysfirstchristmas

* Updated for 2019! * Ah, baby’s first Christmas! Still new and sweet…but oblivious to the joy of the season. What on earth do you get a baby that only sleeps, eats, and poops?

Don’t worry, my friend! I’ve got you covered with the best gift ideas for babies under 1 year old. Just click on the picture to learn more or make a purchase!

(Bonus! These items are affordable, too! Amazon prices change frequently, but as of this writing, all the items below are under $30!)

Stocking stuffers and gift ideas for babies under 1:

1. Sophie La Girafe Teething Toy

How cute is this?! I love this toy for so many reasons. This toy is completely non-toxic. Unlike other teething toys, it is completely free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. It’s made of 100% pure natural rubber. (And it squeaks, which baby loves!)

2. Baby paper

This was one of my daughter’s favorite things when she was a baby. It actually kept her occupied!! She loved the crinkle sound! It comes in various colors and patterns, too.

3. Tub toys

When searching for a tub toy, you’ll want to make sure that you get one that is phthalate free and hermetically sealed so that it doesn’t grow mold and become toxic to baby. 

4. Stacking boats

Speaking of tub toys, these boats are fun for in or out of the tub! (Also non-toxic!)

5. Banana toothbrush

This toothbrush is great for cleaning babies gums. PLUS babies love holding and chewing on it. Perfect for sore gums and sensory input. (Also non-toxic!)

Mostly this banana toothbrush makes the list of gift ideas for babies under 1 because my daughter was obsessed with hers.

6. Organic drool bandana

Most babies drool…a lot. So they might as well look stylish while doing it! These bib-bandanas are available in multiple colors and patterns.

7. Black and white book

This is an awesome book to help stimulate baby’s visual development. It also has a little “mirror” at the end, so your baby will love looking at himself.

8. Stroller/car seat toy

These adorable stroller/car seat carrier toys come in a variety of animals to choose from: wolf, bunny, panda, and fox (pictured above). They are organic and hypoallergenic!

9. Sensory ball

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This ball is so colorful and has so many textures for sensory stimulation. It’s also safe! It’s made of 100% pure natural rubber and certified non-toxic.

10. Crib mobile

I love this mobile for its high contrast images to promote visual development. You can also change out the cards to give baby a variety.

11. Amber teething necklace

A must-have for any baby, you can start using these as young as three months or whenever teething symptoms start. I trust Hazel-Aid as the most reliable brand.

12. Rattle

I love this rattle because it’s a rattle and teething toy in one. Win-win!

13. Lolipop teething toy

How cute is this little lollipop? Baby will love munching on this and you’ll love that it’s completely non-toxic.

14. Christmas jammies

A baby won’t groan about receiving clothes as a gift like an older kid. Take advantage of this! (Haha!) One important note: When you shop for pajamas for your baby, be sure to get the kind that say “snug fitting”. This will ensure the clothing hasn’t been treated with nasty flame retardants. These organic burt’s bees jammies are safe (and super-cute)!

15. Links

You can use links for endless things. (And babies love them!) This brand is BPA free.

16. Wooden bead maze

Great for babies six months and up, this maze will be tons of fun and promote hand-eye coordination.

17. Teach my baby kit

I started using this kit when my baby was about five months old. She learned so much at an early age. Her favorite is the touch-and-feel animal cards.

18. Baby’s first Christmas ornament

Every baby needs a keepsake ornament for their very first Christmas! Don’t forget to include one in your baby’s stocking.


What gift idea would you add to this list? Be sure to pin this so you can refer to it later!

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18 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies Under 1 (Gifts under $30!)

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