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18 Best Christmas Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls In 2022

18 Best Christmas Gifts For 1 Year Old Girls In 2022

So it’s been a year since your little princess came into your world and you’re wondering what are some safe Christmas gifts for 1 year old girls to receive?

Well, luckily Christmas gifts for 1 year old girls aren’t too complex. Your little one has grown up quite a lot, but she’s still exploring the world around her, trying to get a feel for it and move about it, so getting something that would assist in that would be amazing.

Your adorable little girl is also starting to develop her problem solving and both her gross motor skills and fine motor skills, so some of the best gifts that you can get her are ones that help facilitate that and improve on her hand eye coordination.

But educational toys need not be the only option. After all, all your precious one year old child wants to do is to have some fun while exploring the world around her, so the perfect gift is something she can get attached to.

Something like a stuffed plush toy animal that’s vividly colored, perhaps one that answers back when pressed, can help her forge a bond with it and encourage a bit of pretend play.

Naturally, imaginative play is all well and good in certain amounts, and maybe your child isn’t one of the little people who are intrigued with roleplaying but is more of a practical person. Nobody knows but you.

In order to get the perfect gift for your darling daughter, I’ve compiled this handy gift guide to some of the best gifts on Amazon that tick all the right boxes and will help you find the perfect present for your 1 year old.

18 Gift Ideas For 1 Year Old Girls

1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Pretty Learning Purse

What’s a better gift idea for a little girl than one that is both a stylish accessory and a learning toy all packed into one.

The bag is lightweight and fits well around a tot’s shoulders for easy carrying. And the happy face printed on the front is sure to evoke a few smiles from your precious baby girl.

The best part though is that the toy is battery powered and has 3 modes of play: It entertains through the music mode, helps stimulate the brain through imagination mode, or educates through its learning mode.

The bag helps teach your child the basics of manners and proper greetings, as well as the primary colors and the alphabet through the ABC song.

It also comes equipped with a few baby toys like a plastic phone, a keyring with large sets of plastic keys, a mirror for entertainment and learning object permanence, and a rubber wristband to promote sensory play.

Overall well worth its price and a decent addition to your baby girl’s collection.

2. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

If you’re one of those parents who believes more is better and just wants to get the most out of the money that you’re paying for, then one of the best Christmas gifts for 1 year old girls that you can get is a VTech baby walker.

Why this one specifically? Because it’s jam-packed with all sorts of bells and whistles to make for an amazingly fun and educational time for your child, and it’s not exclusive to being a girl-only toy, as there are various color options to choose from.

So, if you ever end up having a son, the toy is adequate for 1 year old boys too.

The main feature is clearly that of a walker, helping your tot out with her first steps while producing a musical tone as the wheels turn.

Not only that, but it also has a toddler play panel to help develop fine motor skills – one that is removable if you feel like your child doesn’t particularly need it.

Then there are the features that help teach gross motor skills, like the 3 different shape sorters, the three light-up buttons that flash in bright colors, and the 2 spinning rollers.

The set even allows your child to start learning music early with 5 out of 8 notes of the major scale presented in large and colorful piano keys that play all sorts of music.

And, should your little girl enjoy pretending like she’s an older child, there is a fake phone attached on the front as well for her to pretend like she’s mommy.

The whole set comes with all sorts of sounds and songs, enough to keep your child’s playtime enriching and entertaining for years to come, and keeping her interest when she’s a 2 year old or even 3 year old.

Truly a great gift given the potential longevity of its novelty.

3. Step2 Whisper Ride II Push Car | Pink Toddler Ride On Toy

Of course, if your little girl is into copying what mom does, then what better way to emulate that than by getting her a car of her own?

Okay, not an actual gas powered machine. I mean a simple ride on, push car, with cup holders to boot.
Well, Step2 offers your darling little one year old a set of wheels of her own.

Apart from the cupholders, the car also features a car horn that your child can operate much like a real one, as well as a safety belt to keep her strapped in for any nasty twists and turns, and learn her about road safety at an early age.

There’s also the handle that you as the parent keep hold of and guide your baby girl around in case she needs some extra thrust of horsepower, and it too has a cup holder for your own needs, especially on those hot summer days.

The handle folds in properly so the car doesn’t hog the “parking space” all too much when it’s not in use.

And finally, as any good automobile out there, the car features a trunk where your baby girl can store all of her important travel toys and stuffed friends as she embarks on yet another journey to the next play date.

4. Melissa & Doug Jungle Activity Table

There hasn’t been an article where I haven’t praised Melissa & Doug’s playsets for kids – from the 4 year old’s and 5 year old’s, all the way down to 2 and 1 year old’s now, and I doubt I’m going to stop anytime soon.

Not only is their “happiness guaranteed” always in effect with any and all products that they dish out – meaning if your child isn’t enjoying their toys, they help you out by replacing it – but they also make sure all their toys are as high quality as they can be.

That’s why I have such a large amount of trust in all of their products, since they have yet to fail me. And this activity table is no exception.

Styled like a neat playground akin to a jungle, this play table is made mostly out of wood and has eight activities that promote hands-on play and help develop your growing child’s hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The wood is sturdy and high quality, able to take the punishment of even the most excitable of children, meaning you’re due for a long-lasting product.

The jungle theme itself is eye-catching, replicating multitudes of the sort of exotic animals one might find in a jungle – from playful primates and prancing parrots, to the coiling snakes, swirling elephants and the one large butterfly, all painted in bright and vivid colors that your child is sure to love.

The fun factor lies in the fact that almost any and all pieces on the large activity table are movable in some manner. Watch as your little one explores all the ways in which these pieces shift, spin and turn, and see her face glow when she finds the right way to do so with her capable little hands.

What makes this truly a gift for the ages is the fact that the Melissa & Doug brand has been flagged under the “Golden Standard in Childhood Play,” meaning that they’re certified to be one of the best toy-makers in the business.

This way, you don’t have to simply trust me on my word as there’s actual proof of their greatness in running a business and expert care for a child’s most essential needs: fun and learning.

5. LeapFrog 100 Animals Book (Frustration Free Packaging)

Speaking of great toys, here’s one of Amazon’s #1 best selling brands, Leapfrog, with an entertaining and interactive book for your child to learn all about the animal kingdom.

The book is more of a pop-up radio board book with flippable pages that each feature a number of animals from each of the 12 different ecological biomes. You little girl can learn to pronounce their names shown with the corresponding pictures in both English and Spanish.

That’s right, the book is fully voiced in both languages and is a good starting point if you want your child to start learning another language on the side, or at the very least build a bit of a foundation for it in her early years so she can get more into it when she’s a 4 year old or older.

But it’s not just the names that are announced, there are also a few interesting facts tied to each animal that help teach your child about what each animal does and how they live.

A great Christmas gift for 1 year old girls, that’s for sure, but it can also be presented as your child’s first birthday gift just as well, seeing as it’s not a merely seasonal toy.

While batteries do come with the toy, they’re meant to have a short life span and should be replaced. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you in time when you hear your child fussing over how her toy isn’t talking anymore!)

6. Country Critters Wooden Activity Cube by Hape | Wooden Learning Puzzle Toy for Toddlers

If the activity table seemed a bit too cumbersome for your liking, maybe you’d like to give Hape’s activity cube a try?

A bit smaller than the table and painted in brighter colors, this toy is sure to attract your little girl’s attention – if anything to try something new and flashy.

The activity cube entertains kids in ways that are simple and intuitive, but satisfying once they manage to master it.

Featuring activities on 5 sides, the toy is sure to provide an endless amount of fun for your child – from the honeycomb that rotates with the colorful bees on one end, the shape sorter on another with a bit of rope in the middle to help pull the shapes out, the mini maze on yet another end that guides different animal faces to their designated colors, and more.

My personal favorite is the one where your child gets to use a hammer to tap three balls through their slots and watch them roll down the ramp.

Simple, yet entertaining nonetheless. And then there’s the small jungle gym on the top that sees a bunch of fishy friends travel along a line in crazy patterns and through two frog mouths.

The intended design of the activity cube is to help promote the early development of fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and gross motor skills. It also teaches kids how to persevere in the face of a more complex task, as well as develop their logic circuits.

And, much like the activity table from Melissa & Doug’s, Hape’s activity cube is another award winning product. Due to its high quality wood construction and non-toxic finish, Hape takes good care to always be child-safe.

This compact yet stimulating way of ensuring your child has fun and learns at the same time is exactly what makes the activity cube one of the best Christmas gifts for 1 year old baby girl.

7. Adora Playtime Baby Doll Cozy Snowflake, 13 inch Soft Doll

Let’s be honest, sometimes your baby girl just wants to have a little doll of her own to take care of and pretend like she’s the mom for once. So she’s more than likely to be over the moon once she sees that you’ve bought her a neat little baby of her very own.

And Adora Playtime Baby Doll has it all. At 13 inches with features that make her look and feel as real as a doll can get, considering the price, this is all your child could ask for and more.

The skin feels soft to the touch, which makes for nice hugs and cuddles, while the eyes carry a pleasing light blue color.

This softness and innocent look helps encourage an early nurturing instinct with your toddler and is more than likely to make the baby doll part of countless scenarios of imaginative play and an esteemed guest at your child’s tea parties.

But the doll, unlike many others, isn’t simply a showpiece. She has moving parts too! From eyes that open and close every so often to the ability to suck her own thumb and even drink from the pink baby bottle that she comes packaged with.

It’s as real as a doll could get under the conditions.

Plus, your little girl won’t have to deal with any spit-ups, so that’s an added bonus. And although the doll is still likely to get dirty, it’s fortunately completely machine washable and is BPA- and phthalate-free, meaning it isn’t likely to aggravate any potential allergies.

Arguably one of the most wonderful Christmas gifts for 1 year old girls, and it’s a steal considering the Amazon price tag.

8. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Stroll-Along Walker, Standard Packaging

Following up after the baby doll, what kind of “parent” would your child be if she didn’t have a baby stroller to put her new child in?

It’s almost an unspoken rule that one should always have everything needed to take care of a baby, even a fake one, as the dolly is something that your little girl is bound to form an attachment to, meaning she’ll be real to her – or at least her investment will be.

So it’s only natural that you should help facilitate the tools that your child will need to take her baby doll out for strolls herself with the Fisher-Price stroller.

And it’s a rather clever design as it’s both a stroller and a baby walker in one. It’s adorned with extra bits to make the ride every bit as exciting as the idea of being a pretend mom for your little one.

The most prominent feature is the music that plays as the stroller moves, something that’s sure to catch your girl’s attention, and she can activate it manually even when not behind the wheels of the stroller by pushing the belly of the little bear above the stroller.

Not only that, but the front of the stroller features a roller bar with noise makers inside, as well as two animal-shaped spinners for your child to entertain herself with.

It even comes with a mini-flipbook in the front as a novelty.

A perfect gift for a one year old baby that’s devoted to taking care of and “raising” her dolly just like her mamma does her, and it’s readily available on Amazon.

9. Fisher-Price Linkimals Cool Beats Penguin

All of these aside, I’m sure there are some girls who won’t find interest in emulating their mothers and will instead opt for a more fun toy that fits their liking – something that produces a lot of pleasing sounds and movements that keep her engrossed.

Well, it just so happens that this musical dancing penguin ticks all of those boxes at once.

This is one of the most eye-catching Christmas gifts for 1 year old girls.

10. Mud Pie My First Tea Party Plush Set

Though taking care of a baby isn’t the only thing that your precious little one year old child is going to want to copy from you, she’ll also want to pretend to be a good host by using her very own tea set and serving food to all of her “guests.”

That’s why it’s only fair that she has utensils of her own that are safe for her to use, is it not?

Thankfully, Mud Pie has put everything that a child is going to need to serve the best two-person tea party ever, and it’s all made out of plush and cotton!

A nifty little 10-piece set with each part carefully crafted to the point where the items look surprisingly realistic considering they’re not molded in plastic.

That comes with the added bonus that stepping on one won’t break it nor will it feel painful on bare feet, plus your baby girl is sure to enjoy handling a softer and comfier material. Who knows, she might even use the teapot as a bedtime buddy.

The whole set is rather delightful though, especially the woven picnic basket, which in itself is too cute for words.

If you’d like to promote your child’s pretend play and help boost her imagination, then this plush tea set might just be one of the best Christmas gifts for your 1 year old girl.

11. iPlay iLearn Baby Bath Toys

Now, your child is going to need to have access to fun stuff to do wherever she goes, and bath time should always be something to consider. After all, some of the best-selling Christmas gifts for 1 year old girls tend to be bath toys.

And remember, it doesn’t have to be elaborate, as long as it’s eye-catching and it represents something that your little one likes.

This set is filled with exciting toys that are sure to keep your little one in the bath.

12. Baby Bath Books Mega Set – Educational Waterproof Baby Bath Time Plastic Books

Now, toys don’t have to be the only things that go into the bath. Some educational toys can join in the mix as well, like these waterproof plastic picture books found on Amazon.

This extensive 13-book set helps present some of the most basic concepts of the world through bright and vibrant colors, happy and colorful characters, and a simple language that still manages to convey the messages to your tot.

And you don’t have to worry about these books ever getting lost under the bubbles as all of them float on the surface to make page-turning a breeze.

The picture books are completely safe for babies, made out of BPA- and phthalate-free materials that are both non-toxic and do not impede any kids suffering from asthma. In fact, they’re fully ASTM-certified for the US market, so you know it’s safe.

Best of all, their colorful design will be as fun for your little girl as it’ll be educational, so you may end up having a calmer toddler come bath time and less water and soap absolutely everywhere. (Hey, we can dream, right?)

13. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn 3-in-1 Walker

It’s a rule of nature by this point that almost any girl is bound to find a role model in one of the famous Disney princesses because, undoubtedly, at least one has resonated with them on a deeper level and they’re bound to emulate that.

However, not every girl is interested in becoming a Disney princess, after all. Some girls find role models in successful businesswomen, great scientists, popular chefs, singers, actresses, etc.

This 3-in-1 camper, musical push-along walker, and activity center will introduce your little one to the world of camping, cooking, and other great adventures.

Who knows, your little one might become the next great adventurer who’ll travel all over the world and explore different cultures and traditions.

14. Rolimate Hammering Pounding Toys – Wooden Educational Toy Xylophone Shape Sorter

Back to more melodious routes, maybe your little girl has always enjoyed making joyful noises during her first year after coming to this world.

While that may sound rude, what I’m trying to say is that your child may find it interesting to figure out out how different things sound or simply what makes a fun sound when struck.

Who knows, you may have a budding musical virtuoso on your hands, so why not channel that interest into something that’s meant to produce fun sounds – like this musical instrument intended for a one year old girl – so you can put this theory to the test?

Meet Rolimate’s xylophone. But, that’s not all it is, the xylophone is but one of 4 features of this unique contraption.

There’s a shape sorter on the side, the hammer and balls on the top, and finally the shapes and colors on the blocks used in the shape sorter that will help inspire and stimulate young minds and their abundant creativity.

While it might seem like a simple toy on the outside, it’s actually one of the so-called Montessori toys intended for Montessori parenting, a method that encourages free play and exploration from the child with little to no input from the parents themselves.

One where children are treated as equals as much as they can be, and allowed to explore their own ways of solving presented problems.

This toy helps facilitate that by helping teach kids fine and gross motor skills through the ball pounding method, as well as logic and creativity through the shape sorter and shapes.

And finally, the xylophone itself is a tool that has no rules to begin with. It has no wrong answer because the answer is music, music that your child will choose how to approach and how to make in her own unique way.

This 4-in-1 educational toy is one of the most high-quality wooden toys you can find on Amazon and the broader market in general, made out of imported New Zealand pine wood that’s colored with non-toxic paint (in case your child decides to try out her new pearly whites on parts of the toy).

This toy, as with all other Rolimate toys, is made to be completely safe for kids (non-toxic; phthalate-, lead- and BPA-free), as well as adhere to all of the ASTM certification requirements.

And the best part? You get a 12 month warranty in case their claim of quality doesn’t hold up and you’re dissatisfied. They’ll be more than happy to replace it for you because they uphold the 100% satisfaction guarantee, like many of the other best toy brands on Amazon.

15. Mega Bloks Build ‘n Learn Table

Something that’s always fun and a great Christmas gift for 1 year old girls and boys is some form of stacking toy – preferably a set of building blocks akin to LEGOs but a bit bulkier so that they don’t end up being a choking hazard.

This is where Mega Bloks comes in as the premier replacement for the first three years of your little girl’s life.
This one in particular helps develop your daughter’s young mind while keeping the play space clean and providing one of its own.

The Mega Bloks folding table is easy enough to assemble and the top comes with a 4-piece table surface ready to take on any and all of the 30-odd pieces included in the set.

All you have to do is remove one of the sides to reveal the block storage and then put it back on after the contents have been emptied for your child to begin playing.

The blocks themselves have stickers on them that represent various buildings in a town or even a car – two of which come in the package, enough to make a small town with. Some of them also have stickers to help your child learn how to count and add things together quickly.

And, once your precious little girl is done playing with her blocks, you can put them away just as easily and can even carry the whole table around like a briefcase, as the top block cover won’t come loose that easily.

I can tell you that my hubby and I have given this at least once or twice to our friend’s kid’s on their birthday parties and they told us that the kids wouldn’t pull away from it for almost a week.

Seems like there’s a reason it’s on the Amazon’s Choice list to begin with.

16. Houwsbaby Happy Birthday Animated Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

When the blocks fall down and we go back to the fundamentals, there’s nothing kids like more than to have a stuffed animal friend to keep them company.

They chat to it, feed it, dress it up. Each of your girl’s plush toys is given a name and treasured for the joy and cuddles it brings.
So it should come as no surprise that I am suggesting yet another stuffed toy animal in yet another gift list.

That’s because your child’s mental health is important when growing up, and sometimes you’re not the one to give it. Sometimes you might be who your kid is upset with and she can’t vent to you.

That’s why one of the most perfect birthday or Christmas gifts for 1 year old girls is undoubtedly this animated stuffed animal bear from Houwsbaby.

Not only is it a high quality toy made of super soft and durable material, but it’s cute to boot and a special toy your child will undoubtedly adore having in her life.

Especially since this little guy right here is bound to dance and make her laugh.

And, as an added bonus, the bear can sing the “Happy Birthday” song to your child while moving his hips to the beat of the music, and the fake cupcake candle flickers.

If this bear isn’t to your liking though, there are plenty of other stuffed animals made by GUND that are of equal quality and may be exactly what you’re looking for to fit the right occasion.

17. Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain Kids Stacking Toy

Another simple, yet fun and educational toy from Amazon is this stacking toy by Fat Brain Toys.

​What sets this one apart from all the others is the fact that it has its own niche mechanical workings – a corkscrew pole for the 6 discs to slide onto.

While the default sort order would be to order the colors on the disks by gradient, nothing is stopping your kids from doing a bit of experimentation and stacking them any way they see fit.

You may think that it’d be hard to get them off, but it really isn’t. It just takes a simple tug of the corkscrew pole to dislodge it from the base, which then sends the disks spinning off one by one (much to the amusement of your little girl, no doubt!)

And thanks to this feature, the base itself can fit on either side of the pole, so less confusion for your young one.

Again, the default is with the flat side down, but you can always flip it over to the more curved one to give the stacked tower a bit of sway to captivate your child during her busy play time hours.

With all these features, the people at Fat Brain Toys aim to help teach kids about exploration and creativity, visual pattern recognition, hand eye coordination, and dexterity, as well as the basics of a cause and effect based system.

As for the toy’s durability given how all parts aren’t firmly connected to one another, it’s surprisingly sturdy.

This is all thanks to the ABS plastic that the entire structure is made out of. It’s tested to meet ASTM standards of safety for kids and is BPA- and phthalate-free.

If that still didn’t convince you that this ought to be in your kids list of toys, then you may want to take into account that this very toy is the holder of the 2016’s Parent’s Choice Silver Award.

Not gold, but silver is still miles better than a lot of other products put up against the judges regardless.

18. Ancaixin’s Baby Balance Bikes For 10-24 Month Children

You might be one of those parents who isn’t satisfied with the regular versions of things to get your child. No, you’re interested in the unique, one-of-a-kind experiences for your one year old daughter to experience throughout her childhood.

Then maybe you aren’t satisfied with a regular walker for your baby girl to learn how to walk, but want to take it a step further.
Introducing the Ancaixin’s balance bike for one year olds.

This little beauty is designed to give your child all the benefits that a baby walker would provide, while also facilitating your daughter’s first time behind the handlebars of the closest thing to a proper bicycle.

Made out of carbon steel, this balance bike is a sturdy piece of baby gear that won’t fold to the pressure of the strongest one year old child out there. It also has a restricted steering action so your girl won’t fall over to the side and hurt herself. (That’s the last thing I – and I’m sure the people at Ancaixin’s – would want.)

That said, your toddler can still maneuver her way around the house or garden with relative ease.
Every component of the balance bike is completely non-toxic and BPA-free as well, so your mamma-heart can rest easy.

The best part is that it comes in an array of color and character variations; just head over to their Amazon page and have a look yourself.

And, should there be anything wrong with the bike in question, the people over at Ancaixin offer a 30-day full refund policy that they enforce greatly.

If I had to choose, I’d probably put this one among the top two Christmas gifts for 1 year old girls as it’s definitely a novelty that will keep your child entertained in the long run.

In Conclusion

Finding the best Christmas gifts for 1 year old girls has turned out to be a rather simple task, at least once you get into it.
The key, as always, is to be attentive yourself.

This isn’t just a learning experience for your child, you’re here to learn too – to observe your darling girl and see what things she gravitates towards, and then gift her items that you believe would benefit her exploration the best.

You’d be surprised with exactly what your kid may find interesting. She may even lean more toward the intriguingly challenging educational toys over those that are intended for fun alone.

If you’re still in a dilemma, I’d suggest to take a start with the jungle activity table or activity cube, as they have the best of both worlds, and are practically a bargain with everything that comes attached to them.

In any case, I do hope that your Christmas is a joyous one this year, filled with love, toddler giggles, and festive cheer! Until next time, mammas.


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