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23 Best Christmas Gifts For 5 Year Old Girls In 2022

23 Best Christmas Gifts For 5 Year Old Girls In 2022

Christmas is around the corner and if you’re here that means you’re in a need of a gift guide.

Christmas gifts for 5 year old girls are fun to search for because five year olds are one of the best age groups when it comes to shopping.

They are big enough to understand a lot, both socially and emotionally, and they are physically equipped to independently perform a lot of tasks, which opens up a lot of opportunities.

Since they have already developed interests, gifts can be based on what they like or something purely educational yet fun. There’s also a lot of ways to prepare the kids for kindergarten and teach them new skills, without them even realizing it.

Is your 5 year old an avid Disney princess fan, budding artist, or future scientist? She can be all of these and your thoughtful gifts can help her boost her cognitive skills, imagination, and motor skills.

Here is a list of best toys to buy as Christmas presents for your favorite five year old girl!

1. Princess Tent

Is there a kid who’s never wanted to build a fortress or castle? I don’t think so.
This princess play tent has everything your kid needs.

It brings magic to your indoor or outdoor spaces. With star lights hanging from the tent ceiling, it looks like something from a fairytale.

It can be used for imaginative play or simply to relax or even nap. It’s big enough to fit a few of her friends too. This princess tent is a safe place for your girl to spend time in and make any task or game that much more special.

This tent is built of sheer curtains and three poles that secure it. The forty star lights are powered by AA batteries, which you’ll need to get separately.

What a great, simple way to make a lot of things special with such little effort, and bonus points for making your girl feel like a true little princess. It’s suitable for 3 year old to 7 year old girls.

What’s great about it?

• It looks very girly and pretty

• There are extra parts in case of damage

• It can be used for various things: a place to nap, pretend play, etc.

What else should you consider?

• It takes time to assemble

• It can get hot inside, depending on the temperature outdoors

• Batteries are needed if you want to use the lights

2. Color Poppin’ Poppy

We all know trolls are adorable and kids just love them. Why is this Color Poppin’ Poppy special?

It comes with 5 modes for interactive play. In Paint mode, your girl can touch Poppy’s hair to change it to funky different colors of the rainbow.

Dance mode plays the popular “Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun” from the animated movie, so your kid can jam out.

In Music and DJ modes, your little girl can touch Poppy’s head and flower crown to activate musical notes and create fun tracks with Poppy’s voice, percussion, and guitar!

But that’s not all. The hair also acts as a memory game. The goal is to repeat the sequence of colors that display in Poppy’s hair. Every time you get a sequence right, the challenge mounts as her hair lights up a little faster.

What’s great about it?

• Kids will automatically love it because it’s a troll

• 5 modes of play for hours of interactive fun

• Cool interactions with hair

What else should you consider?

• A child may outgrow the toy relatively fast

• The three included AAA batteries will need to be periodically replaced

3. Learning Coding: Critters Scamper & Sneaker

This activity set is a great introduction to STEM learning, especially coding. Coding can sound complex for adults who don’t know what it is, but in reality, it’s just learning how to enter instructions for a program to follow.

A five-year-old can start learning the basics with this toy, which only proves that preschoolers are not too young to start with learning these kinds of things. In fact, they won’t even notice they’re ”learning” something because it’s so much fun.

This set comes with 22 pieces and a storybook with an introduction and explanations on how to complete challenges. It also brings the Critters character closer to kids.

STEM toys are a great choice as Christmas gifts for 5 year old girls because they are building blocks to an easier understanding of critical thinking, problem-solving, and other skills needed for development.

What’s great about it?

• It’s a great and fun introduction to STEM

• It will entertain your child for a long time

• Interaction with a pet in play mode

What else should you consider?

• Needs 3 AAA batteries, which aren’t included in the set

4. FurReal Friends Ricky, the Trick-Lovin’ Interactive Plush Pet Toy

A super cool and cute pet dog with many fun options that offer a realistic pet experience for your young’n.

Ricky is no ordinary plush toy with merely treats and a bone. He has activation points on his head and back that allows him to move in a natural way when his head is scratched.

He can perform tricks with the bone and even sing! (In dog language, of course.) It’s a very fun toy with a few realistic elements that can satisfy kids’ needs for a pet – save you from the mess and chore of having a real-life pup.

A perfect gift for little animal lovers.

What’s great about it?

• It’s a great way to prepare a child for a future pet

• It has enough options to keep kids entertained for a long time

• It’s extremely adorable!

What else should you consider?

• Needs batteries to perform tricks

5. LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Mini-Doll’s House

A LEGO is a classic staple in every kids’ room, that’s why it always makes it a great gift idea. This particular set is perfect for little girls and includes so many amazing details.

Once assembled, the building set will turn into a beautiful dollhouse, full of interesting features, complete with an outdoor swing, a mini garden, and the little house, of course.

Lego dolls include Stephanie, her mom and dad, and a little pet bunny.

LEGOs are one of those games children can play with for hours. There’s a lot of fun in the process of building, as well as playing with the dollhouse afterward.

What’s great about it?

• A building kit is great for developing fine motor skills

• It will keep children occupied during build and pretend play

What else should you consider?

• It has a lot of small parts, so it’s not recommended for children below the age of 5

6. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations

Who doesn’t like Play-Doh? It’s one of the most preoccupying and useful games children can play.
This set comes with a cookie tower where your little one can stack her creations.

The tower is full of different shapes and molds that can be used to shape the most creative cookies, which, in my eyes, makes this kit one of the best Christmas gifts for 5 year old girls.

Available for purchase on Amazon or at Walmart, this set includes over 15 different molds and 5 Play-Doh colors for limitless combinations and hours of fun.

What’s great about it?

• It’s great for developing fine motor skills

• It’s safe, non-toxic, and non-allergenic

What else should you consider?

• There’s no downside to good ol’ trusty Play-Doh!

7. Crayola Trolls World Tour Light Up Tracing Pad

Let your girl have her moment and fascinate everyone with her drawing skills. Crayola Trolls World Tour light up tracing pad is an amazing way for a kid to combine creativity and her interests.

It comes with 10 tracing sheets with all kinds of characters and poses so she can draw like a pro. Thin tablets and LED lights make it easy to trace.

And when she gets bored with the images they have in the set, you can always download loads more.

What’s great about it?

• It’s a safe, time-consuming, and creative activity

What else should you consider?

• Needs two AA batteries

8. Skyrocket Blume Secret Surprise Garden Playset

This playset is a jumbo flower with a lot of hidden treasures and your child’s very own Blume doll. The surprise part is that she doesn’t know which Blume doll it is.

The first thing that needs to be done is to water the top part of the flower to reveal the Blume doll. After that, there’s a whole lot of things to reveal inside the flower pot: a little house with accessories and stickers, and much more.

What’s great about it?

• Blume doll can be rebloomed

• It can spark creative play

What else should you consider?

• There’s a lot of small parts, which could be hazardous in the hands of younger toddlers.

9. Crayola Inspiration Art Case Coloring Set

The Crayola art case is another classic every little kid should own. Colored pencils, washable markers, and crayons, all neatly positioned in their places – what a great way to encourage creativity and get your child familiar with different art mediums.

Without a doubt, one of the best Christmas gifts for 5 year old girls, but it’s just as suitable for 10 year olds too.

What’s great about it?

• It’s a classic that all kids love

• It’s non-toxic

What else should you consider?

• It comes with only 15 sheets of paper, so you’ll need to supplement with extras once they’re all “arted” up.

10. Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library Kit

This craft kit comes with everything you need to DIY. With over a thousand pieces, a kid can create so many different crafty things. Everything comes in a sturdy box where supplies can be neatly stored.

Everything from wooden pieces and pom poms, to beads and googly eyes, There’s plenty to ensure your little girl has all she needs in her projects. It also comes with scissors, glue, needles, and of course, instructions.

It’s suitable for 5 year old to 9 year old girls.

What’s great about it?

• Possibilities are countless

• An engaging activity that sparks creativity

What else should you consider?

• Children need to be supervised when using scissors and needles

11. Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends

Kindi Kids dolls are the cutest. They are the perfect company for preschoolers and fun to have around.

This dolly’s name is Summer Peaches and she’s a sweetie with sparkly eyes, bright hair, and a head that bobbles as if she were alive.

She comes with her Peaches and Cream ice cream and a peach smoothie snack that moves within the cup. A perfect friend for our little girl, especially 5 year old and 6 year old preschoolers.

What’s great about it?

• An adorable doll with an interesting concept

What else should you consider?

• Your little girl will probably want all of the other dolls too!

12. Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe

What’s something practically all girls age 5 loves? Why, princesses, of course!

This Disney princess trunk features the outfit of four classic princesses: Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, and Belle. The trunk contains 21 dress-up pieces, enough to make your little girl feel like a fairy tale character and spend hours and hours playing make-believe.

These iconic outfits include headbands and jewelry boxes with necklaces, rings, and earrings.

What’s great about it?

• A whole trunk filled with favorite Disney princess attire

• Great for pretend play

What else should you consider?

• It doesn’t include all Disney princesses, like Jasmine and The Little Mermaid’s Ariel.

• The outfits are not machine-washable

13. 2-Wheel Folding Kick Scooter for Kids

Why does every kid need a scooter? Because scooting is beneficial in so many ways!

Of course, the first thing most parents think of is risk of injury, but with a little supervision and the right equipment, there’s nothing to worry about.

Scooting is good for learning a sense of balance and coordination. It’s fun, exciting, and a very active and engaging pastime for a kid. 5 year old boys will love this too!

What’s great about it?

• Health benefits

• Develops muscles, balance, and coordination

What else should you consider?

• It can be risky, so be sure to also get the necessary protective gear

14. Motown Magic Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Some girls like their dolls and Barbies, some love board games, and some love to sing their hearts out. And that’s why it’s always a good idea to have a karaoke microphone near.

Karaoke night is a great way to spend some family time together. It’s super fun for birthdays and holidays like Christmas!

What’s great about it?

• It’s a great way to boost a child’s confidence

What else should you consider?

• Needs to charge every 8 hours

15. Star Night Light Projector

There’s probably nothing more magical than falling asleep under the stars and this projector lets you experience just that. Your little girl will be thrilled about this magical night sky.

This projector lets you change the brightness levels and various colors with a remote controller, and has a built-in speaker so you can listen to the relaxing sounds of your choice.

It creates a soothing and ethereal atmosphere, perfect for falling asleep.
It’s safe to say it’s way more believable than old school glow in the dark stars we used to stick on the ceiling!

What’s great about it?

• It’s a great part of a child’s soothing nighttime routine

• It’s can double up as a great Christmas decoration

• It’s lightweight and has many projection options

What else should you consider?

• There’s no downside to this item in my books!

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16. Kidzlane Floor Piano Mat for Kids

It’s time to kick off the shoes and prepare for some skipping, jumping, and hopping to the music. This mat has 8 musical instrument tones and 10 classic songs built-in.

There are record, playback, demo, and volume buttons on top of the keyboard that allows kids to tailor their compositions.
The keyboard comes with 10 colored song cards that instruct your child to play a song by stepping on the right keys.

It’s a great holiday and birthday gift, not to mention a hit at kids’ parties.

What’s great about it?

• It’s a fun and active way to get rid of excess energy

• Great introduction to learning music

• Great for family gatherings and kiddies’ get-togethers

What else should you consider?

• It’s a relatively loud toy

17. Barbie Dreamtopia Unicorn

Now this is, in my opinion, one of the most out-of-the-box Christmas gifts for 5 year old girls. Every little girl dreams of having a magical unicorn, and now, you can make that dream come true!

Your little one will play with it for hours and will enjoy discovering all the surprises that this unicorn has.

She can brush unicorn’s hair or push the button on its body to activate magical lights and sounds with storytelling surprises.

This is a perfect gift for children who love magical creatures and fantasy stories. With this magical unicorn, your little one will be able to develop creativity and imagination by telling her own magical stories.

18. Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera

The VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera is a great way to spark the love for photography in your daughter.

Children love to play with technology and gadgets, and this is a perfect way to give them something that will hold their attention without having you worried.

It’s durable and made to withstand typical child-related knocks and drops, making it a good camera for your budding photographer to take anywhere. It also fits perfectly into 5 year old little hands.

The camera can take both videos and photos, so it’s perfect to teach your girl about composition, angles, colors, etc.
Stickers and frames can be added to photos, and different effects can be added to the audio.

There’s also an option for parents to limit the time of play.

Be prepared to model quite a lot, because you’re probably going to be one of the first subjects of your new little photographer!
This camera’s storage capacity is256 MB and photos and videos can be conveniently downloaded via USB.

What’s great about it?

• Good and durable design

• Parental settings

What else should you consider?

• The image is not high quality

• Not rechargeable, but works on AA batteries

19. LANGXUN Trampoline for Kids

Every kid is excited to see the trampoline, but we can’t say the same for parents. Trampolines can often be dangerous, but luckily this one is as safe as it can get. Protection includes a 5-ft height-adjustable safety net and padded poles that hold the trampoline securely up.

The net is completely connected from every side so there’s no danger of hands and legs accidentally slipping through or getting pinched.

As if jumping wasn’t fun enough, there’s a mini basketball hoop included too. This adds extra fun and challenge for all b-ball lovers out there.

This trampoline is just the right size and made of weather-accommodating materials to place it in the backyard, or even indoors or in a garage if you have enough space.

Don’t forget that you need to construct the trampoline, which takes a little time and effort, but is totally worth it!
The trampoline is suitable for 5 year olds, but remember, it’s always a good idea to have somebody supervising!

One of the best gifts you can give to restless little ones.

What’s great about it?

• Great physical activity for kids

• Safe for kids

• High weight capacity at max. 220 pounds

What else should you consider?

• Needs some time to assemble

• Isn’t suited for adults

20. VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Physical play and standard educational toys aside, this smartwatch is a great and safe introduction to the world of technology, and is suitable for 5 year olds.

With a touchscreen, selfie camera, side camera, games, and other fun and useful options, it’s a great gift all kids will love.

One of the coolest features is the monster catcher activity where kids walk around and view their real surroundings on a watch screen, but at any moment an animated monster can appear, which your child needs to catch by tapping the screen.

What’s great about it?

• It has a lot of educational features

• It’s a safe introduction to technology

What else should you consider?

• Battery life is only about 3 hours

21. Unicorn Slime Kit

This is a perfect gift for all the slime lovers out there. This kit has everything your little one needs to make glittery, foamy, slimy creations.

It contains glue, borax, glitter, food coloring, clay, storage containers, and everything else your girl needs to make her perfect unicorn slime.

Creating slime is always fun and undoubtedly a great way to spend time with your kid (plus minimize her screen time!). Kids of all ages love to play with slime, from 5 year olds to 8 year olds (and even some adults! You know who you are…)

What’s great about it?

• This kit contains all your child needs to make her own slime and options are vast

What else should you consider?

• Supervision is advised

22. Minnie Mouse Table & Chair Set

A mini folding table and two padded chairs are a great addition to any little girl’s room, and can be easily transferred outdoors or wherever the set is needed.

What a way to turn a practical item into a fun toy – your little one will adore drawing, crafting, and hosting Minnie Mouse-themed tea parties on this set.

What’s great about it?

• Double safety lock mechanism makes for safe sitting

• Non-skid table and chair feet, meaning no scratches on your floors

What else should you consider?

• It has only two chairs

• Age recommendation is 3 to 6, so your child will eventually grow out of it

23. Melissa & Doug Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter

A 52-piece play set to create amazing sandwiches and spark imaginative play in your young one.

There’s everything your little cook will need, from fake meats, cheeses and buns, to oil bottles, sauce bottles – even play-money to teach your little girl about money and transactions.

The wooden counter is sturdy and practical, perfect for make-believe deli play.

What’s great about it?

• Fosters a love for food preparation (who knows, your girl might be the next Nigella!)

• Practical, fun way to learn basic economics and math

What else should you consider?

• No objections on this one!


Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when we can show how much we care for our loved ones in so many ways. That’s especially important for children.

Christmas gifts for 5 year old girls can be something they will remember for the rest of their life, so be mindful and considerate when choosing the perfect ones.

Good luck in your gift hunting and don’t forget to tell your little ones how much you love them!

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23 Best Christmas Gifts For 5 Year Old Girls In 2020

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