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10 Best Christmas Gifts For 4 Year Old Girls In 2022

10 Best Christmas Gifts For 4 Year Old Girls In 2022

Finding the right Christmas gifts for 4 year old girls can be a bit tricky in the grand scheme of things, but not as much as you think.

That’s because the most ideal Christmas gifts for 4 year old girls vary greatly from one four year old girl to the next and the best gift in their mind can simply be what their mind is set on at the time.

This is because at the ripe age of four, your little girl has started expanding her horizons and is exploring what the world has to offer her.

She’s meeting new friends at either kindergarten or preschool and they’re sharing their interests with her or showing her some of their best toys – toys which might catch her eye as well.

But, other 4 and 3 year old kids aren’t the only ones here who’ve come to show off. Your little preschooler is going to want to show them just what makes her unique as well.

And what better way to do that than coming off of winter break with a brand new item of interest.

And that’s usually something that allows her to showcase a skill that she has acquired to the best of her ability.

That, or something that she can include her friends in so they can all partake in said toy together.

little girl decorating small paper

But, what is the best toy, or rather best gift that you could get for your little one that she is bound to love?

Well, as tough as it is, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for when trying to determine exactly what the best gifts for 4 year old girls would be.

Look for something colorful and fun, something that maybe even makes a cute noise for your little princess to enjoy, something that allows for many creative choices that spark her intrigue and imagination to no end.

Replayability is key when considering a gift, so try and get something that will keep your little girl’s interest even when she’s an 8 year old.

And, as mentioned before, try finding something that can be used by multiple people at the same time – some sort of fun game for the whole family or at least your daughter’s friends.

Though, if you can, do try to find a gift that is both fun and helps develop some key aspects of every day life skills like hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem solving skills.

These educational toys usually fall under the category of STEM toys, so if you’re searching on Amazon by yourself, you know what to look for.

But, I wanted to save you the trouble of doing so and condensed some of the best potential Christmas gifts for 4 year old girls right here. So let’s get going down the list, shall we?

10 Great Gift Ideas For 4 Year Old Girls

1. Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope, Featuring Bindi Irwin

I wanted to start this list off with one of the aforementioned STEM toys that would be a wonderful addition to your darling daughter’s collection.

This talking microscope comes with 60 different images of our planet’s wildlife, packed with facts that are narrated by none other than Bindi Irwin, the daughter of wildlife legend Steve Irvin who’s following in her father’s footsteps in showing kids the beauty of nature.

If you see your child often roaming around the garden and inspecting various flowers and leaves, or if they show an interest in animals and insects, then this might be the ideal purchase to further develop her interest.

The microscope isn’t just there to spew facts like a glorified audio book though; that’s only one of its two modes.

The other is a quiz mode where your little girl gets to see how well she’s remembered her narrative GeoSafari journey.

Don’t be surprised if you see her running toward a biology book or looking to Google for the answer.

While sure, that might be cheating, she’s showing that she’s devoted to learning it. Besides, she’s only a 4 year old, so you can let it slide a few times, right?

The whole experience comes in German, Spanish, and French as well if you fancy helping your child expand her vocabulary in a different language.

And, the best part is that should the item come damaged from Amazon’s shipping or your child simply ends up not liking it, the microscope has a 30-day refund policy stapled to it so you can return it if you wish, but I guarantee that she’ll definitely be sticking to it for longer than that.

2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

If your 4 year old daughter is showing to be tech savvy already, then you may consider equipping her with a simpler version of a smartphone for her to have around – a Kidizoom smartwatch.

While the idea may frighten many parents at first, I guarantee you that it isn’t something that might have questionable apps, direct internet access, or the ability to make phone calls or compose messages.

No no, it’s a more bare-bones and kid-friendly version that fits around your child’s wrist.

One that only has the phone functions that your daughter would actually be interested in: the ability to take pictures, shoot videos, record funny voices, fiddle around with the calculator, or play a simple game.

Naturally, it’s still a watch, so it still has the features any digital watch would have like the ability to tell the time, a stopwatch, and an alarm.

And, should she be interested in saving any of these memories that she makes, the watch houses a micro-USB port for you to connect with your PC and transfer it over to immortalize them and free up space on their new watch for more shenanigans.

Do keep in mind though that despite being fancy and everything, the watch still isn’t fully waterproof.

A splash here or a dash through the rain there is fine, but leaving it submerged is a no-go, so take care where your kid takes it.

It’ll certainly make a great gift for your daughter, especially because she can use it to accessorize and match with her outfit due to the different colors that the watch comes in, as well as over 50 different clock faces to choose her favorite from on Amazon.

3. Blankie Tails | Mermaid Tail Blanket

Sometimes the perfect gift isn’t just the first toy your dear daughter can get her little hands on, but rather something that helps her fulfill a lifelong fantasy.

One such thing is the Blankie Tails mermaid tail blanket that lets your 4 year old girl play make believe and role play as Disney’s Ariel on a journey through the oceans, adventuring and exploring the deep.

It’s this sort of imaginative play and fun activity display shown through the use of a simple item that lets you know you’ve gotten the right Christmas or birthday gift for her.

And it’s even made from soft and comfortable, premium-quality fabric that provides that warm and fuzzy feeling when wrapping yourself up in a toasty blanket – the mermaid blankie being no exception to the rule.

That’s not all though, the mermaid blanket even comes with its very own matching mermaid sleeping mask too in case your daughter isn’t one to prefer nightlights or likes to pretend play as a very sleepy Atlantean resident.

The item is machine-washable, though you should set it into a separate wash cycle just in case some color bleed occurs.

And, if you or your child aren’t getting what you wanted with the blanket, the nice people over at Blankie Tails offer a 30 day full-refund policy, which is always a respectful feature that any Amazon-listed brand ought to have.

4. Melissa & Doug Jumbo Misty Unicorn Plush

Sometimes it’s not just about having the coolest gadget or the best learning tool. Sometimes all a girl ever wants is the biggest stuffed unicorn money can buy, or well, at a reasonable price.

There’s this stereotype that all young girls like ponies, and they’re mostly true. I myself was like that when I was younger and so were many of my friends – friends whose current kids show the exact same trait.

This mostly comes from us liking to pretend that Prince Charming would arrive on his steed and sweep us off our feet, or simply to have the wind blowing in our hair as we ride out into the sunset.

Though, for me, I also liked pretending I was the knight rescuing the prince, for which the role fell to my poor brother most of the time.

Can’t say that he liked it, but at least he tried his best to make me happy and I’m forever grateful to him for it!

Back to the point: Things don’t always have to be complicated to be fun. Sometimes everything you need is a big plush horsie for your little one to snuggle with and have as a bedtime buddy.

The large plush toy is made out of high quality material and decorated in fine detail, a show of the excellent quality Melissa & Doug continuously keep producing with their toys.

Adding onto that, their toys tend to be quite affordable for the cost as well and have a 100% smile guarantee stapled onto them – if the child isn’t smiling, they guarantee to help make it better if you make it clear to them through a message on Amazon or similar.

They’ve been my favorite toy brand to deal with for both my 5 year old boy and my 7 year old girl and will always wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.

5. LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

Ah, LEGOs. One of the evergreen classics of kids everywhere, regardless if they’re 6 year old, a teen, or even a fully grown adult.

These tiny little building blocks manage to spark the youthful and creative soul of every individual who’s ever had any contact with them.

It’s surprising just how big of a thing small pieces of plastic became, but it was all for good reason.

That’s because they allowed people to express themselves in a creative and fun way with some people making some unbelievable builds which would later be appropriated to different building sets for some of us who weren’t as creative as them.

It’s because it’s a sort of DIY fun that has an endless amount of possibility and depth attached to it, only limited by one’s own mind.

LEGOs help tease and challenge young minds to create something more elaborate every time they sit down, turn their LEGO bucket over, and spread their pieces all over the mat to create whatever is on their mind at the time.

The one shown here is a rather classic 484 piece set together with different LEGO pieces to help form various vehicles or critters, and is guaranteed to provide your little girl with an endless amount of fun if she shows interest in creating and building things.

And, if she’s really into it, you won’t have to think too hard on what to get her for her next Christmas gift – just get her the newest LEGO playset to add to her ever-growing collection.

And you don’t have to go far to scour the desired set as there are a countless number of them in existence nowadays.

You aren’t limited to purchasing from local stores only and can instead rely on the accessibility that Amazon helps provide.

And, LEGO assembly is one of the best spring activities for kids on rainy days when they’re stuck at home and need something to take their mind off not being able to go outside.

6. Melissa & Doug Hi-Rise Dollhouse and Furniture Set

If there’s anything young girls tend to gravitate toward, it’s a nice and fancy doll house that they get to imitate their parents in, and is one of the default Christmas gifts for 4 year old girls because it’s such a safe pick.

Your little girl is likely to be no different in that desire and would probably like to have one to pretend play house with her favorite dolls.

When I was looking for one for my own darling daughter, I, again, found that Melissa & Doug’s had a rather perfect one in line for my daughter’s tastes right there on Amazon.

Granted, I gifted it to her on her birthday, but nothing is stopping it from being a great Christmas gift either.

But what makes it so great?

Well, its simplicity is what tends to attract kids. It’s a more open model than many traditional houses who strive for great detail, and it’s painted with lovely, vibrant colors that help your little girl differentiate the rooms from one another.

Another great benefit that it has is the fact that it’s mostly a wooden construction, giving it a unique charm, but also a bit more sturdiness, unlike the plastic doll houses which tend to be flimsy.

And the same thing goes with this doll house as it does with all the other Melissa & Doug products where if your child isn’t satisfied, they’re there for you to help change things around to leave her and you 100% happy.

7. Playmags 3D Magnetic Blocks for Kids Set of 100

Despite STEM toys’ main goal being child education and development of essential skills, that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun.

Enter Playmags, one of the best toys for fine motor skill development and the perfect tool to practice creativity, shape recognition, problem solving, and the like in your little girls bright and developing mind.

Provided with a set of 100 differently colored magna-tiles, this product allows her to let her imagination roam free and build in any direction she chooses.

Sure, there will be some trial and error if she doesn’t quite grasp how magnets work yet, but it’s nothing you can’t fix with a small lesson.

Plus, they’re a steal on Amazon and you can truly never go wrong with a set of building blocks.

Someone’s bound to use them, if not your little girl, then her playmates or siblings – heck, you can buy them as a birthday gift for your daughter to take to one of her friends.

8. Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit By Kahootz

Some girls tend to gravitate toward fashion design at a young age and you can see their scribbles and doodles in pencil or crayon as they struggle to present their vision on paper.

Well, you might want to make their lives all the easier by getting the Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit on Amazon.

It’s a set of stencils that help keep your 4 year old girl coloring inside the lines, so her vision is more presentable and less of an abstract painting.

Imagine the pride and satisfaction as she looks upon her very own creation.

She may just end trying making it when she’s older and sewing becomes a safe option.

The whole thing comes with its own wooden coloring pencils, as well as a few crayons that all fit into a neat little carrying case that you may want to help your darling daughter decorate with stickers to help further personalize it.

9. Foxprint Princess Castle Pop-Up Play Tent With Glow In The Dark Stars

What’s a princess without her own castle? Luckily, you don’t have to spring mountains of money to get some overly complex construction going in your house; you can simply get one of these neat pop-up play tents straight from Amazon.

It’s easy enough to set up in mere seconds, and folds into a neat carrying case so it doesn’t take up much room – whether you are storing it inside after playtime is over or decide to take it along on an impromptu camping trip.

While it does seem deceptively simple, it allows your little princess to have a set piece castle she can call her own and use to pretend play with her friends and even have guests over (whether they’re of the real or stuffed variety).

10. Gili Pop Beads, Jewelry Making Kit for 4-7 Year Old Little Girls

Another thing that pretty much any girl loves to do is to accessorize.

And what better way to enable that then by getting your sweet little one her very own jewelry making kit?

This stylish pink box packed with roughly 500 pieces of different beads, knicknacks, stars, and pearls of various colors, shapes, and sizes will provide her with all the tools she needs to craft her own unique jewelry or headbands each and every day.

This is all thanks to the simple and easy snap-on and off design that allows her to interchange parts as needed until she reaches the perfect combination, which she can then proudly show off to either you or her friends.

It’s a playset that fosters your precious girl’s creative juices and helps to develop her fine motor skills and better her hand-eye coordination.

Do note that you should still supervise your child when she plays with these, just in case she ends up swallowing one of the brightly colored beads.

Yes, she isn’t 3 years old anymore, but those labels do have their exceptions, so don’t wave it off as nothing.

With the safety warnings out of the way, this is definitely a toy your child will be playing with for at least a year or two after purchase and she may even start appropriating it to more out-of-the box uses than simple jewelry design.

In Conclusion

cute girl smiling and holding her christmas present

Picking between the right Christmas gifts for 4 year old girls all comes down to listening to what your child talks about the most, then thinking it over and looking it up on Amazon.

It’s no rocket science, I’ll tell you that. Just stick to their preferences instead of trying to force your own in.

If they want that Flybar pogo jumper, explain the risks to them first and make sure to supervise them just in case if you’re worried about something, rather than ban it entirely.

If you need to have an input in something, it’s how many scoops of ice cream you’re going to treat your little girl to.

You’ve got to realize they’re no longer the cranky 1 year old that you could barely pull away from your breast or the clumsy 2 year old who was still trying to get accustomed to the great wide world she had suddenly discovered.

Also, you may find that you don’t really need to get toys for 4 year old girls exclusively.

Your daughter can also be just as satisfied by you devoting some of your free time to playing dress up with her or hanging out at her tea party in her neat little play tent.

And that’s really all there is to it. Take a step back, listen to your little princess, and you’ll be able to solve almost any dilemmas or questions you may have regarding their wishes.

It’s something that took me a while to learn, but I trust that you’re going to be better at it than I was.


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