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New Mom’s Guide: Everything Your Baby Nursery Needs

New Mom’s Guide: Everything Your Baby Nursery Needs

Setting up the perfect nursery is a dream for many parents. But, like all things, it takes planning and time to get it done!

A checklist is an absolute must – even if you can’t buy everything, you need to keep track and manage your finances accordingly to make your dream a reality.

Assuming you have the budget to buy everything essential for the nursery, there are only 16 crucial items that you’ll ever need (give or take a few).

Remember, you don’t need to go all out and get everything today.

As time passes, your baby’s needs will change and you can purchase items as the need arises.

Here’s the checklist for everything your dream baby nursery needs:

1. Crib

A crib should be the first and most important item on your checklist. It’s where your baby will spend most of her time for the first 18 months at least.

Whatever crib you buy, it should be cozy, comfortable, and safe for your little one.

For extra fun, you can add a crib mobile which is the toy that hangs on top of the crib.

2. Diaper Changing Table

Many moms avoid buying a changing table from the get-go simply because they think it’s unnecessary.

This shifts as soon as they start to feel the pain of changing diapers on a bed or the top of a dresser.

When you consider doing this 6-7 times a day, you can expect future back aches.

So, a changing table will save your back and also help you to keep everything related to diapers organized in a single space.

3. Feeding Chair or Glider

Let’s face it, you need a chair to sit and feed your baby. Just about any chair will do, but that might cause a lot of back pain.

A glider is a great solution. It’ll help you sit comfortably and also keep your baby calm through its relaxing front and back motion.

If you have space issues, consider a small space glider. You’ll definitely find one that’s less than 30” in width.

Whether you need a glider or not is a different topic and one you’ll want to do more research on before making a purchase.

4. Small Table

While feeding your baby on the glider or any chair, you’ll need extra space to keep your smartphone, water bottle, and other stuff.

During feeding, you can’t go over to the closet or another room every time you need something.

A small side table that you can reach easily might be a good investment and one that you can use later even when you don’t need to feed your baby anymore.

5. Baby Monitor

Generations of parents have done it without a baby monitor.

But, there’s no point in avoiding technology if it’s available and makes life easier. A baby monitor will alert you when your baby cries and in certain situations, this can be a lifesaver.

If you’re concerned about health issues, you can also get a low EMF baby monitor.

6. White Noise Machine

City life can be distracting and there are many things that can irritate a baby such as the noise from the TV, vacuum, or even people talking outside the nursery.

A white noise machine can be super effective in eliminating noise pollution.

It can even help babies fall asleep – a research study in the 90s found that 80% of babies fell asleep after 5 minutes of hearing white noise.

Even if you don’t buy a white noise machine, keep an iPod or an inexpensive smartphone to play white noise music.

7. Toy Baskets

Your baby is likely to have tons of toys as she grows up.

These toys can make the room cluttered and sometimes dangerous. So, get some pretty baskets to use as a storage space for toys.

Alternatively, you can also invest in a large toy trunk to keep everything organized in a single place.

8. Nightlight

You might want to keep the nursery as dark as possible for the baby to sleep without distractions.

However, some sort of light will still be necessary especially when you go for nighttime feedings.

Some babies struggle with fear of the dark and in that case, a night light can be a good solution without putting too much strain on their eyes.

9. Blackout Curtains

Windows can often become a frustration as a small amount of sunlight can still peak in from outside.

Blackout curtains will completely block out every single grain of light and your baby can sleep in peace.

You can find them online or in almost every store that sells upholstered fabric.

10. Diaper Disposal Accessory

Yes, you definitely need some kind of diaper disposal system in the nursery to ditch the used diapers.

Some moms use fabric bags to dispose of diapers. However, this can be unhygienic as the smell can linger in the room after some time.

We recommend getting a diaper pail which will keep the diapers enclosed inside and they also have antimicrobials to prevent the spread of germs.

11. Dresser

Like it or not, you’ll need a dresser or a closet inside the nursery.

This will help you store all the clothes and accessories for your baby in one place.

A standard dresser, also known as a horizontal dresser with 2-3 rows of drawers will be good enough.

If you’re living in the same room as your baby, you’ll need a double dresser.

12. Clothes Hamper

A clothing hamper or a laundry basket is an essential item for a baby nursery.

During the day, your baby can wet as many as 4-5 pieces of clothing.

And, you can’t keep running to the bathroom every time you have a wardrobe change.

You can ditch all the dirty clothes into the clothes hamper and wash them all together when the time is right.

13. Bookshelf

Although not essential, you might need one down the line. Storybooks, rhymes, and other stuff could accumulate and cause clutter.

A bookshelf will enrich the decor of the nursery and organize books.

You can also use it to store some of your own books and read them while you spend time in the nursery.

14. Humidifier

A humidifier for your baby should actually be one of the first items on this list.

Your child can do without a humidifier, but having one can be super beneficial.

A humidifier can soothe your baby’s nasal passages during the dry cold seasons.

Moreover, it’ll keep your baby’s skin moist and also help her sleep better!

15. Thermometers

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You should have at least two thermometers for the nursery – a body thermometer and a room one.

The first is to read your baby’s body temperature. Use it often to check if your baby has a fever.

The second is to check the temperature of the nursery. This will let you know when to turn on the AC or the heater.

Even if you don’t have an AC or a heater, you can take alternative steps based on the reading.

16. Baby Playmat

A playmat could be one of the first toys you buy for your baby. It’s a safe place to lie down, crawl, and play.

Apart from this, a playmat will also improve the baby’s vision, develop control in her legs, and refine her neck strength.

Whatever playmat you buy, make sure that it’s well padded.

Final Thoughts

Besides buying these essential things for the nursery, you can also invest in the decor of the room.

For example, you can look for wall decals that’ll bring the nursery to life.

The colors in the room and the positioning of the furniture is also important.

Ultimately, the atmosphere in your baby’s room is an essential part of keeping both mama and little one calm and happy.

If you think we missed something on this list, do let us know.

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