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151 Wonderful And Sweet Hippie Girl Names For Your Flower Child

151 Wonderful And Sweet Hippie Girl Names For Your Flower Child

If you haven’t been able to think of any sweet boho names for your little girl, then you’ve come to the right place!

There are so many beautiful hippie girl names with deep and positive meanings.

Most hippie names are related to the outdoors, emotions, and artistic expression.

These names are unique, open-minded, but most importantly, promoters of love and peace, the main symbols of hippie culture.

Hippie names can be of Irish, Scottish, Latin, French, English, Hebrew, Italian, or any other origin.

They’re not limited by language, borders, or any other traditional rule.

However, even though most names are traditionally divided into names for either boys and girls, I dare say most of these names can be gender-neutral.

Therefore, if you like a boy’s name for your baby girl, you should feel free to use it!

Without further ado, here is a list of the sweetest hippie names for girls you’ll be sure to love:

The Best Hippie Girl Names

Happy little girl on the field of yellow flowers in summer

1. Aria

The Italian word for melody or song. However, this name also has origins in other languages, including Persian, Sanskrit, and Greek origins.

2. Arlo

A beautiful name for girls that translates to “rock hill” or “known throughout the country”. The origin of this name is from the Old English language.

3. Celeste

A French, Spanish, and Portuguese name that can be translated as “heavenly” or “celestial”.

4. Dream

If your little one made your dreams come true, this would be a great name for her.

The primary meaning of this name is crystal clear, but there’s an additional meaning as well. This American name also translates to “joyous music”. Hippie, right?

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5. Echo

This four-letter name for girls will echo in everyone’s minds long after they meet your little girl.

Echo has interesting origins – it was the name of a Greek mythology nymph who slowly disappeared as a result of her love for Narcissus, a hunter who was so beautiful that he fell in love with himself, until her voice was all she had left.

Echo translates to “sound”, but it can also be explained as “the sound waves returning to the listener”.

6. Feather

Girls are generally considered to be more delicate and soft than boys.

Therefore, this name would perfectly fit a baby girl who’s light as a feather and sweet as a peach.

Feather is an English expression and it means the “hair that covers the bird”.

7. Jade

cute little girl in a red dress running in sunlight on the grass

One of the most precious names on this list, literally. Jade is a beautiful green gemstone that’s believed to have special powers in treating babies that have cramps and colic.

8. Radiance

Your baby girl is probably the greatest light of your life, so why wouldn’t you give her a name that means just that?

This hippie Greek name will surely turn heads in a positive way.

9. Rebel

This Old French and Germanic name typically represents someone who doesn’t have respect for authority.

However, I’d rather say it’s a person who has a great sense of respect towards herself and the beliefs she proudly stands for.

Hopefully, your little one will become a strong and proud woman as well.

10. Robin

Although some would argue this is a classic boy name, I’d beg to differ, at least when it comes to hippie names.

Robin is an English feminine name that translates to “bright fame” and has been used as a name for girls for centuries.

It’s also the name of a beautiful bird who soars high and goes wherever its heart desires, so don’t be surprised if your little girl is a free spirit as well.

11. Shine

Your little one reflects the light that you shine upon her, so make sure you always provide her with positive energy.

Shine can be used as a name for both baby girls and baby boys, although it’s more of a feminine than a unisex name.

12. Sierra

A beautiful Spanish name for a boho baby, which stands for a mountain range or a saw. It’s a perfect name for strong baby girls with a free spirit!

13. Venus

Venus was the goddess of beauty in Roman mythology. However, Venus also stands for the planet that shines the brightest light during the night.

Hippie Girl Names Related To Personality Traits And Virtues

beautiful little girl holding a lavender

1. Gracious

Our daughters are our biggest blessings and we’re thankful for them every day. Naming your little one Gracious will always remind her every day of how much you appreciate her existence.

2. Gratitude

A beautiful name that shows just how thankful you are for having a daughter in your life.

3. Harmony

This is a moniker of English origin that stands for “perfect unity” and “peacefulness”.

Harmony is a common term in music, but it can also refer to peace in general.

4. Honest

There’s no better way to make your child honest about everything than to name her that way, right?

This English name describes a sincere and truthful person who is also very courageous and brilliant in every way.

This hippie name will be perfect for all parents who think of honesty as the top priority when it comes to personality traits.

5. Honor

Having a child is a great honor for many people, which is why they decide to give this name to their little one and remind everyone of how important her presence is.

This is an Old French name that comes from the Latin language and translates to “honour”.

An interesting fact is that this moniker was one of the Puritans’ favorite names for girls.

6. Hope

Your daughter’s presence will always give you hope and lift your spirits when you feel completely broken.

In order to remind yourself of all the joy she brings, you can name her Hope.

Hope as a name comes from the Old English expression “hopian”, which stands for a positive outcome.

7. Liberty

adorable smiling little girl standing in the sunflower field and posing

Liberty stands for freedom.

If you want your little one to be as free as a bird, then this is the perfect name to inspire her.

8. Love

Love is one of the most beautiful emotions and one that comes in many different forms.

It is pure and true, which is why this is a perfect name for your little one!

9. Patience

Patience is a virtue that is highly valued, but it’s also very rare.

This name comes from the English language and describes a girl who is ready to wait for as long as it takes until she gets what she wants.

Of course, your little one can’t learn how to be patient without your help, so make sure to teach her the secrets of this wonderful virtue!

10. Peace

This name was favored by Puritans because they valued peace as an important virtue.

However, peace has a very important meaning in hippie culture too. It’s one of the main symbols, which is actually based on two letters, N and D meaning “nuclear disarmament”.

This sign has become one of the most representative symbols of hippie culture and is widely recognized even today.

11. Promise

I hope you’ll teach your little one not to make promises without making sure she’s able to keep them.

After all, she’s named that way!

12. Sage

Sage is an English and French name that stands for wisdom and calm.

Your little one will surely become a very wise girl, so why not name her that way?

13. Serenity

The one that brings peace and happiness to everyone she meets.

Well, you’ll probably have to wait at least a few years until you get that peace, but I digress.

This name comes from the Latin language and translates to “clear and calm”.

14. True

Being honest and true are two of the most valuable virtues.

I hope your little one will live up to her name and become a highly appreciated member of society.

Hippie Girl Names Related To Nature

charming hippie girl standing in the grass in nature

1. Autumn

Although the meaning of this name is already obvious, it’s important to mention that this moniker not only represents fall, but also evokes some nostalgic memories.

Autumn as an expression originates from the Latin language.

2. Azalea

This unique name for girls has quite an interesting meaning because it stands for flowers that come from the Rhododendron family.

Although Azalea is a delicate moniker for girls, it also represents a very determined person who is ready to take over the world and become a successful ruler.

This name became quite popular among little girls thanks to famous singers like Iggy Azalea.

3. Cloud

Hippie girl names are often closely related to nature, which is why it’s no surprise that Cloud is a popular name for girls who brighten up their parents’ day with a silver lining.

Clouds are usually connected to rain, which alludes to melancholy and depression.

However, rain can also be considered a gift of nature that enables life on Earth.

4. Cypress

Cypress is as beautiful a name as it is a tree. This name comes from the Greek language and translates as “muscular” and “strong”.

So watch out, because you might have a true little warrior in your house.

5. Dahlia

Dahlia is primarily used as a Biblical name for girls. It has multiple origins, including Arabic and Hebrew origin.

Dahlia is a charming and soft name for baby girls which means “bright” and “lovely”.

Your little girl will definitely be the most beautiful baby you’ve ever seen, which is why she deserves a name like this.

6. Daisy

This is a perfect name for cheerful girls who have parents that are nature enthusiasts and love to spend time in parks, forests, or near the river.

Daisy comes from an Old English expression that translates to “day’s eye”.

You can also make your baby a daisy crown and turn her into a real hippie princess.

7. Dawn

This is a beautiful baby girl name that stands for the beginning of the new day, daybreak.

Dawns and sunsets are the most beautiful parts of each day, and show us just how magnificent nature really is.

I feel privileged to enjoy all this beauty and I’m sure your little Dawn will be too!

8. Gardenia

beautiful red haired little girl posing outdoors

A beautiful girl deserves an equally beautiful name that evokes happiness and playfulness.

Gardenia is also the name of a wonderful white flower that grows in the form of a shrub.

9. Heather

Another flowery name of British origin that stands for a beautiful purple flower.

Heather is mostly found in Scotland, which is why some people claim this name originates from the Scottish language exclusively and stands for a heathland.

10. Ivy

Not every ivy is poisonous – sometimes an ivy wreath can stand for fidelity, like in Ancient Greek times.

This three-letter name is pretty and easy to spell, a perfect combination, I’d say.

11. Juniper

Juniper is a name with a lot of personality.

This hippie name comes from the Latin language and means “evergreen” or “youth”.

Here’s another fun fact: Juniper is a type of berry that’s used as the main flavor of gin.

12. Kai

This three-letter name for little girls means “sea” in the Hawaiian language, but that’s not its only origin.

In Japanese, this name translates to “shell”, while it stands for “earth” and “key keeper” in Welsh and Greek.

This is one of the simplest names with multiple origins that will make your little one stand out from the crowd.

13. Lavender

A beautiful flower name for a wonderful bohemian baby girl. If you like lavender, this name will be perfect for your little one.

14. Leaf

A leaf is an elementary part of nature that highlights the beauty of every flower and plant around us.

As a hippie baby name, Leaf means “beloved” or “dear” and it comes from the Old English feminine moniker Leofe.

15. Magnolia

One of the many wonderful floral names for a flower child. Magnolia is one of my favorite hippie girl names because it sounds as sweet as it looks.

16. Marley

beautiful little girl with blond hair and blond eyes looking up

This is a very popular hippie name for babies that translates as “pleasant wood” from an Old English last name.

Marley stands for serenity and peace, something you probably won’t have time to feel until your little one goes to college, ha.

The popularity of this name is mostly due to Bob Marley, the famous Jamaican musician.

17. Meadow

Another very beautiful moniker that is closely related to nature.

This name translates as “the field of grass” or “vegetation” and is considered an American name.

18. Moon

This is one of the most beautiful nature names for a baby girl, as it represents one of the most wonderful and romantic celestial objects.

The name comes from the Old English word “mona”. The alternative form of this name is Luna, which is also considered a sweet name for girls.

19. Moonbeam

A beautiful Indian name, (Somanshu means “moonbeam”) describes a girl who shines as a ray of light during the darkest moments and is always there to support and help in any way she can.

20. Ocean

This is a perfect name for a blue-eyed baby girl who is fearless and calm in every situation.

A girl named Ocean is very powerful, but may not have control over her emotions at certain times.

This name has multiple origins, including Greek and Aboriginal, although the meaning remains the same, “the sea”.

21. Olive

Olive is a name meaning “olive tree” that comes from Latin and is considered a hippie alternative of the name Olivia.

22. Petal

This is one of the sweetest hippie girl names I could find.

This expression originates from the Greek language and stands for “leaf of a flower”.

The Petal is a crucial part of every flower, just like your child is a crucial part of you.

23. Petunia

A wonderful flower name that reminds me of summer.

Petunia originates from French and is a name for a pink or white flower.

24. Poppy

little girl posing in a meadow with flowers

This red flower represents a very fiery, and yet feminine, name for girls who are passionate and determined.

The name is of Latin origin and stands for a beautiful red flower with black seeds.

25. Rain

Some people say they don’t like rain because it makes them feel sad. However, emotions depend on each person’s perspective.

While some connect rain with melancholy, others see it more as a blessing from above.

In any case, Rain is a lovely name for both boys and girls.

26. Rainbow

One of the most interesting and beautiful weather phenomena is a perfect name for a baby girl with a colorful personality.

27. Saffron

I’ve got to admit that saffron is my favorite spice and I’m sure your little one will spice up your life from the moment she’s born!

This name means “yellow flower” in Arabic, a flower that is as beautiful as its name.

28. Skye

An Old Norse bohemian name for a girl that translates to “cloud” or “sky”. This name is well-known in Scottish culture as well.

29. Storm

A perfect name for a girl who has a great amount of strength and energy. Be prepared for a feisty girl who never backs down!

30. Summer

One of the most cheerful seasons of the year also represents a wonderful name for a baby girl, especially if she’s actually born during summer.

31. Sunny

It’s always sunny when your little one is around. This is a cute, short, and fun name for a baby girl.

32. Tulip

Tulip is a Persian name that means “turban”. However, most of us know it as a sweet flower that brings a big smile to everyone’s face.

33. Violet

The Latin name Violet stands for a beautiful flower, but it also translates to “purple”.

This name depicts the power, beauty, and grace of nature.

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34. Willow

A cute name for hippie girls that comes from the English language and basically stands for a willow tree.

Other Hippie Names For Girls To Consider

little hippie girl sitting on the road and holding a surf

1. Adele

2. Deja

3. Nala

4. Clover

5. Isla

6. Janis

7. Galena

8. Kezia

9. Alizeh

10. Dharma

11. Tabitha

12. Snow

13. Bluebell

14. Essence

15. Hazel

16. Loveday

17. Karma

18. Fairy

19. Fae

20. Everly

21. Lilou

22. Winter

23. Twilight

24. Dove

25. Delilah

26. Azure

27. Zinnia

28. Amaranth

29. Rae

30. Diamond

cute little girl smelling the roses in the garden

31. Ivory

32. Joni

33. Rainie

34. Talia

35. Edin

36. Coco

37. Blue

38. Citrine

39. Ruby

40. Nirvana

41. Evie

42. Chakra

43. Calliope

44. Lyra

45. Cadence

46. Zelda

47. Ember

48. Camellia

49. Calla

50. Opal

51. Avalon

52. Symphony

53. Ava

54. Lotus

55. Florence

56. Cayenne

57. Jasmine

58. Lennon

59. America

60. Myrtle

adorable little girl sitting in a meadow and smiling a lot

61. Story

62. Sandy

63. Uma

64. Alaska

65. Henna

66. Goldie

67. Lydia

68. Pearl

69. Naomie

70. Eartha

71. Pixie

72. Spirit

73. Auburn

74. Fawn

75. Gypsy

76. Misty

77. Nova

78. Clementine

79. Bijou

80. Sienna

81. Paisley

82. Coral

83. Estelle

84. Zella

85. Iris

86. Mirabelle

87. Indie

88. Ambrosia

89. Savannah

90. Bianca

Hippie Names For Boys

cute little boy holding a guitar on the bed

There are a lot of beautiful hippie names for boys that have deep meanings, just like the girl names I mentioned above.

However, this division between boys and girls is fading away, meaning that more and more monikers are becoming unisex names, like Basil or Aspen.

The names from the list below are still mainly used for boys, but there are many girls who carry them as well:

• Rowan

• Ziggy

• Zappa

• Wolf

• Indigo

• Phoenix

• Canyon

• Berg

• Sawyer

• Vale

Final Thoughts

I hope you have found at least two or three hippie names for girls from this list that you like for your little one.

Choosing a name is not an easy task, but you can make this process more entertaining by including your partner and your family in the process and asking them for suggestions.

Hippie baby names have beautiful and deep meanings that will guide your child throughout her life.

For example, if you name your little one Hope, she’ll always be reminded that there’s hope in every situation, even the most difficult one.

However, make sure to choose a name that your little one will be proud of. Even though something sounds good to you, it might be a source of teasing later on.

Also, when you finally agree on a name, don’t forget to get your little one some sweet personalized onesies from Amazon or Etsy.

I’m sure you’ll make the right choice!

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