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127 Wonderful Female Alien Names That Are Out Of This World

127 Wonderful Female Alien Names That Are Out Of This World

Sci-fi names for babies are becoming very popular lately. If you’re searching for cute female alien names, you’re going to love this post!

I have gathered a collection of the best female alien names for fierce little girls who will reach for the stars and accomplish great success.

Most of these names come from Greek or Roman mythologies, but it’s not uncommon to see some biblical names as well.

Many science fiction fans who are parents love myths, too, so it’s no surprise those monikers are categorized as female alien names.

Now, here’s a treat for all science fiction fans – a list of the best female alien names for your little girls!

Cool Female Alien Names

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1. Adhara – An Arabic moniker that translates to “virgins” or “maidens”. This is also the expression that describes the brightest star in the sky.

2. Aeryn – A Hebrew baby girl name that translates to “mountain of strength”.
Aeryn is also known as a female character from Farscape, a sci-fi TV show.

3. Aizza – This female alien moniker also comes from the Arabic language. It’s used as an expression for “crocus” or “saffron”.

4. Alcyone – An unusual name for little girls that comes from Greek mythology. She’s the child of Aeolus, king of Magnesia, and her name translates to “kingfisher”.

Alcyone is the female deity of the sea, although her moniker also symbolizes the moon and tranquility.

It’s also the name of the brightest star in the Pleiades and the third largest star of the Taurus constellation.

5. Alisz – An old German female moniker that describes a noble young girl who’s always honest.

6. Aliz – Alternative form of the name Alisz which translates to “honest” in old German. Aliz has an additional meaning in Hungarian, meaning “sweet” and “graceful”.

7. Alexa – Another beautiful name that originates from the Greek language and translates as “the defender of man”. This is the name of the character from Fox’s sci-fi series Next that was canceled after the first season.

8. Alpha – This five-letter name for girls comes from the Greek language. It stands for the first letter of the alphabet and for the largest star of every constellation.

Alphas is also the name of a superhero TV series that ran on Syfy for 2 seasons (2011 and 2012).

9. Alula – A name with two origins, Latin and Arabic. In Latin, this name means “winged” and in Arabic, it stands for the “firstborn”.

According to an announcement on Steam, Alula is going to be a gardening video game set somewhere in the universe.

10. Alya – This girl name is very interesting because it has multiple origins, including Arabic, Slavic, Hebrew, Russian, Ancient Greek, Turkish, etc.

It’s used to describe a young girl with heavenly beauty. This name can also be defined as a moniker that means sky. Alya is also a name variant of Alia, an alien character from the Dune universe.

11. Amalthea – This Greek moniker for girls represents a tender female deity. It’s also the name of the science fiction novel written by Neal Stephenson (also known as Seveneves).

12. Amelia – A Latin name for a baby girl that translates as “work”. Many will remember Amelia “Amy” Pond, who was the female partner of the Eleventh Doctor Who.

13. Andromeda – This is one of the most popular female alien names that originates from the Greek language and it translates to “the ruler of man”.

Andromeda represents the galaxy of Galactic Prime, home of the Galactic Republic from Star Wars.

14. Aquarius – Although Aquarius is a zodiac sign, it can also be an interesting name for a young girl. Aquarius is a Greek moniker that translates as the “water bearer”.

15. Ariel – This is a biblical moniker for girls that translates as “God’s lion”.
It’s also the name of Alexander Beliaev’s sci-fi novel that was published in 1941.

16. Astra – One of the most beautiful Latin names that means “star”. It’s an intergalactic moniker that became popular after the appearance of Princess Astra in the sci-fi series Doctor Who.

17. Astrid – A girl name with an incredible meaning of “divinely beautiful”. This name has roots in Old Norse, but most science fiction fans know about this name from the TV series Fringe.

18. Aurora – A beautiful name that comes from the Latin language. It translates to “dawn”, but it also stands for “Aurora Polaris”, the natural phenomenon also known as the polar lights, which is typically visible in the North and South pole.

19. Ayala – This name is very interesting because although it’s a classic female name in Hebrew, in Star Trek, the legendary TV series, Ayala is a male lieutenant.

This only confirms that fantasy girl names can be popularized as sci-fi boy names and vice versa.

20. Aza – This three-letter name for girls stands for a powerful and elegant young girl according to the Arabic language. This intergalactic baby name can be used for boys and girls.

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21. Azhar – An Arabic moniker that translates as “shining”, “radiant”, or “flowers”.

This is a very unique name for little girls that sounds quite extraterrestrial.

22. Azzurra – A beautiful Spanish name for girls that translates as “sky blue”. Although it has Spanish roots, it’s a very popular name in Italy.

This name was also used for an illustrated science fiction novel for kids, Stella Azzurra by Mario Lodi.

23. Bazeelle – An unusual Greek moniker for girls that represents a member of royalty or a noble person. This futuristic moniker is perfect for parents of little girls who are big fans of astronomy and science fiction.

24. Belinda – Some people claim this name comes from an unknown origin, while others say it has Spanish and German roots. Either way, it translates as “beautiful”.

This name is not as uncommon as other futuristic monikers, and it’s the name of a Uranus moon (inner satellite).

25. Bellatrix – A very interesting name for girls that translates from Latin as “the female warrior”. This name reached worldwide popularity because it’s the name of a villain in “Harry Potter”.

Bellatrix is also the name of a star from the Orion constellation.

26. Bianca – A sweet Italian name that translates as “pure”, “white”, or “innocent”. This female name is also known as one of the smaller Uranus moons.

27. Bozi – An unusual four-letter name for baby girls that translates to “devoted to the Lord” in Hebrew.

28. Calypso – A Greek female name that translates as “to hide” or “cover”. She’s known as the female deity of unusual beauty and power in Greek mythology, but also as a nymph who imprisoned the king of Ithaca, Odysseus.

29. Canopa – This name is truly unique and translates as “the brightest star” from the Greek expression “Kanopos” (Canopus), which is known as a bright star from the Argo constellation.

30. Capella – An amazing name of multiple origins including Arabic and Latin. She’s the eleventh brightest star in the sky, but also a goat who nursed Jupiter, according to Roman mythology.

31. Cassiopeia – Known as the mother of Andromeda in Greek mythology, Cassiopeia was the queen of vanity who later turned into a constellation together with her daughter because they deeply offended Poseidon, the god of the sea.

32. Celeste – This astronomical name for girls translates to “celestial” or “heavenly” in Latin. It’s also the name of a fantasy video game that was released in 2018.

33. Chandra – This is a great alien name that stems from the Sanskrit language, translated as “the moon”.

Chandra is also the name of the Hindu goddess of the moon.

34. Charon – This is a well-known name from Greek mythology that translates to “of keen gaze”.

In astronomy, Charon represents Pluto’s moon.

35. Chetanzi – A unique name that means “yellow hawk” in Native American tradition. Although this name has deep roots in the history of Native American people, it’s considered quite futuristic among younger generations.

36. Cinzia – An alternative form of Cynthia which translates as “from Mount Kynthos”. This Greek name is considered to be one of the monikers of Artemis, the female deity of the moon and hunt.

37. Cordelia – A beautiful Celtic name that has Latin origin as well. It symbolizes the “daughter of the sea” and represents another one of Uranus’s moons.

38. Corona – A name that translates to “crown” in Spanish and stands for an aura that can be seen around the moon or sun.

39. Cosima – A beautiful and unique name for girls that comes from the Greek language and translates to “order”. This name became quite popular after it appeared as a character name in Orphan Black, a Canadian sci-fi TV series.

40. Cressida – This female name comes from the Greek language and translates as “gold”.

Cressida is also the name of a moon close to Uranus that was discovered by the Voyager 2 space probe in 1986.

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41. Cybele – According to Greek mythology, she was the mother of “all deities” and is the goddess of fertility, health, and nature.

Cybele is also the name of the biggest asteroid in the solar system.

42. Damaya – An Indian feminine name that describes a person who’s able to take control over herself in every situation.

It’s also the name of a young girl from the fantasy novel The Fifth Season.

43. Danica – This is a cute Slavic name that stands for a “morning star”.

44. Delphine – This popular name is a Francophone moniker and a name variant of Delphina (Latin).

Delphine was also the love interest of Cosima in the show Orphan Black.

45. Despina – In Greek, this name symbolizes a young lady. It originates from the mythological girl known as the daughter of Poseidon and Demeter, the female deity of grain, fertility, and harvest.

Despina is the name of Neptune’s moon as well.

46. Dione – A royal name that stands for a divine queen. In Greek mythology, the name of Aphrodite’s mother was Dione.

Scientists have named the moon close to Saturn Dione, as well.

47. Ditza – A feminine name that translates to “happiness” in Hebrew. This five-letter intergalactic moniker will be perfect for little adventurers and sci-fi lovers.

48. Elara – This female Greek name represents mother’s love in Greek mythology. Elara is also the moon of Jupiter.

49. Electra – Another Greek name that translates as “bright” or “shining”.

Electra is the name of a large star in the Taurus constellation. The alternative form, Elektra, was used as the name of a fictional female character in Daredevil, a series of comic books published by Marvel Comics.

50. Eleven – The meaning is quite obvious, but I’d like to mention that this number comes from the Old English expression that stands for the “one left”.

A girl named Eleven stole the hearts of almost everyone who watched the popular TV show Stranger Things.

51. Ellysa – A biblical female name of Hebrew origin that translates as “The Lord is my oath”.

Ellysa Rose is an actress and author who starred in the science fiction horror movie Space.

52. Eris – A Greek moniker for girls that translates to “strife”. It was the name of the female deity of discord in ancient Greece.

Astronomy lovers will already know that Eris became the name of a recently discovered dwarf planet.

53. Eudoxia – An interesting Greek female moniker that describes a person who’s a good judge of character. This name is quite unique and futuristic.

54. Exavyera – Many would agree that this name sounds like an alien species name from Star Wars, but it’s actually from Spain and it translates as “splendid” or “new house”.

55. Faye – This four-letter name for girls comes from the English language and has one of the sweetest meanings, “fairy”.

Although it’s commonly a given name, it became popular as a surname, after Herve Faye, a famous astronomer.

56. Flora – Flora has Scottish roots and translates as “flowers”. However, this time it’s not about plants, but an asteroid that orbits the sun.

57. FreyaStargate fans will immediately recognize this name as the moniker of the human host of Tok’ra’s Anise.

This name is used to describe a “noblewoman” in Nordic tradition. Freya was also the female deity of beauty and love in Norse mythology.

58. Galatea – A Greek moniker for girls that translates to “she who is milk-white”. Galatea is the name of the ivory sculpture created by Pygmalion, a sculptor who fell in love with his work so much that Aphrodite, goddess of love, turned Galatea into a woman and gave her this name.

59. Galaxy – An American name for boys and girls that represents a large star system.

60. Gamora – This is a fictional name for girls which means “sheaf”. It was popularized by Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

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61. Garaitz – A Spanish intergalactic name for a young girl who’s ready for victories.

62. Gemini – A Latin name for twins which also happens to be a zodiac sign.

63. Genesis – A Greek feminine moniker that translates as “origin”. It’s also known as the first book of The Bible, the Book of Genesis (Old Testament).

64. Hazel – A feminine moniker of English origin that stands for the hazelnut tree. It appears in Robert A. Heinlein’s science fiction novels and Offworld comic books.

65. Helene – A French name that describes someone who shines like a star wherever they go.

Saturn’s moon, discovered in 1980, carries this beautiful name for girls as well.

66. Hephzia – A Hebrew moniker for girls that translates as “my delight is in her”. This name belongs to the modern, futuristic group of female alien names.

67. Hesper – A beautiful feminine name that comes from the Greek language and translates as the “evening star”.

68. Hilda – A German name that translates to “battle woman”. This moniker is also the nickname of Brunhild(a), the Valkyrie from Norse mythology and tradition.

69. Hoshi – A very simple name for girls that means “star” in Japanese.

70. Hydra – An interesting female Greek name that translates to “water serpent”. This moniker became widely popular after appearing as the name of a criminal organization in Marvel Comics.

71. Ida – A sweet three-letter name for girls typically found in North America or Scandinavia. The meaning of this name is “industrious”.

“Ida” is also known as an asteroid and as a sci-fi novel written by Alison Evans.

72. Indu – This wonderful name for girls translates to “moon” in Hindi.

73. Ira – A three-letter name for girls and boys that means “watchful one” in Hebrew. Ira was the name of a male clone from Orphan Black.

74. Juliet – A sweet name for girls of multiple origins (French and English) that stands for “youthful”. One of the many Uranus moons is named Juliet.

75. Kamaria – A Swahili name for girls that has an equally beautiful meaning, “moonlight”.

76. Kaylee – An American modern name for girls that is translated as “crown”. Kaylee is most famous as the fictional character from the sci-fi series Firefly.

77. Kazia – A feminine Greek moniker that translates as “Acacia tree” and is commonly used as a futuristic name for girls.

78. Kira – An alternative form of the Irish feminine name Ciara meaning “dark-haired”. It appears in Orphan Black, Star Trek, and other popular shows and movies.

79. Kozue – A Japanese intergalactic moniker for girls that translates to “tree branches”.

80. Lacerta – A Greek moniker that means “lizard”. It’s also the name of a constellation.

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81. Larissa – A Russian name with Greek roots that translates to “citadel”. Larissa is also known as one of Neptune’s moons.

82. Leia – I believe this is one of the most famous sci-fi names for girls because of the Star Wars character, princess Leia.

This name can be translated as “weary” in Hebrew, “heaven’s child” in Hawaiian, “lioness” in Latin, or “mistress” in Assyrian.

83. Luna – An Italian girl’s name that was used for the female deity of the moon in Roman mythology.

84. Lyra – A Greek name for girls that means “lyre”. It’s the name of the constellation that’s home to the brightest star in the sky, Vega.

Lyra is also the name of a fictional character from the sci-fi book trilogy His Dark Materials.

85. Matxalen – A three-syllable girl’s name that comes from the Hebrew language and translates as “from the tower”.

86. Maxine – An English female moniker meaning “the greatest”. She’s one of the major characters in Stranger Things.

87. Navi – This name of Indian origin translates as “kind” and “noble”. However, it appears with a slightly different spelling, Na’vi, in the famous sci-fi movie Avatar as a humanoid alien race that lives on Pandora.

88. Nea – A cute girl’s name that comes from the Greek word “neos” meaning “flower”. It’s the female counterpart of the name Neo, popularized by the Matrix trilogy.

89. Nebula – A Latin moniker that translates to “mist”. Nebula is known as Gamora’s adopted sister in Guardians of the Galaxy.

She’s considered to be one of the most beautiful beings in outer space.

90. Neoma – A female Greek moniker meaning “new moon”.

91. Nova – This feminine name has Latin roots and translates as “new”. It’s also the name given to the phenomenon where a star beams with brightness just before it fades.

92. Octavia – The Latin expression for “eighth” and the name of a famous science fiction writer, Octavia E. Butler.

93. Otzarah – An unusual name with Hebrew roots that translates to “wealth”.

94. Ozara – An alternative form of the name Otzarah.

95. Paniz – A Persian name that translates to “candy”. It’s also the name of Paniz Zade, an actress who became popular after her roles in the TV shows Arrow and Handmaid’s Tale.

96. Paza – A unique and futuristic moniker that translates as “golden” in Hebrew.

97. Rey – A female name for a “king” in Spanish and the name of a human Jedi Master, Rey Skywalker, from Star Wars.

98. Rhea – This is the second-largest moon of Saturn and the mother of all deities in Greek mythology.

Rhea translates from Greek to English as “flowing stream”.

99. River – The name River sounds as beautiful as the sound of flowing water. This name is also quite popular in the sci-fi genre, as it appears in Firefly, Doctor Who, and other series and films.

100. Selena – A beautiful moniker with Latin roots that symbolizes the goddess of the moon.

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101. Seren – A Welsh moniker that translates to “star”.

102. Sidra – An Arabic name of Latin origin that can be translated as “like a star”. This name symbolizes the female deity of stars.

103. Skylar – An English name and the alternative form of the name “Skyler” meaning “noble scholar”.

104. Stella – A beautiful Italian moniker with Latin roots that translates as “star”.

105. Styx – Translated as “the river of the underworld”, this name comes from Greek mythology, as the name of the daughter of Pallas, the Titan god of warcraft.

106. Terra – It’s a Latin expression for “Earth” and is commonly used in the sci-fi genre.

107. Thalassa – A Greek feminine name that translates as “ocean” or “sea”. It’s also known as Neptune’s moon that was found by Voyager 2 in 1989.

108. Tiza – An unusual Spanish girl’s name that translates as “chalk”.

109. Trella – It’s a nickname for Estrella, but can be used as a given name as well. This Spanish name translates to “the child of stars”.

110. Trinity – This name has English roots and symbolizes the unity of the Holy Trinity in Christianity (Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit). It’s also the name of one of the main characters in the Matrix trilogy.

111. Venus – One of the most popular planet names for little girls and the Roman deity of beauty and love.

112. Xalbadora – A unique name for girls that translates as “savior” in Spanish.

113. Xanadu – This is the name of a Mongolian city and is of Asian origin. Older generations may remember the same-named fantasy movie from the 1980s starring Olivia Newton-John.

114. Xandy – An interesting girl name with Greek roots that translates as “the defender of mankind”.

115. Xantara – An American name for a fearless girl who’s ready to take over the world and protect the Earth in the event of an alien invasion.

116. Xarissa – Another American feminine name for an adorable girl who looks out of this world.

117. Xava – An American name for girls that translates to “new house”. It’s also known as the short form of the name Xavier.

118. Xena – A Greek expression for a “foreigner” or a “guest” that can be used as a feminine name. Most people remember Xena: Warrior Princess as soon as they meet a Xena.

119. Xeresa – This futuristic name translates as the “maid from Xeres” in Spanish.

120. Ynez – An interesting name for girls that’s used quite often among modern parents. It means “pure” or “chaste”.

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121. Yzobelle – A Hebrew name for girls that translates as “Lord’s promise”.

122. Zabrina – An alternative form of the name Sabrina that translates as “princess”. If you like supernatural stuff like the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but you want a more unique name than Sabrina, you’ll love Zabrina!

123. Zada – An Arabic name for a lucky and prosperous girl that sounds very futuristic and might become one of the most popular names for girls.

124. Zagiri – A feminine name with Armenian roots that translates as “flower”. This name is perfect for science fiction fans.

125. Zatanna – An American female name that represents the female deity of protection and safety.

Zatanna is also known as a fictional female superhero from DC Comics.

126. Zoe – This three-letter girl’s name appears in several famous sci-fi series and films, including Firefly, Doctor Who, and Caprica.

This name symbolizes “life” in Greek.

Final Thoughts

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These were the best female alien names I could find and I’m sure there are at least a few options that you really loved.

Some of these names may appear more unusual than others, but they all share one thing in common – a connection to space, fantasy, and outer space.

​If you can’t decide which name would best fit your little girl, you can consult with your husband, family, or friends – depending on who you trust most.

Just show them this list and let them help you find the perfect name for your baby.

Good luck mama, I’m sure you’ll make the best choice!

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