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53 Best Baby Names That Mean Sky For Boys And Girls

53 Best Baby Names That Mean Sky For Boys And Girls

When naming their baby, there are many parents who gravitate towards names that mean sky, sea, etc., because of their connection to nature.

Names that mean sky are popular both with parents of baby boys and baby girls since the sky represents infinity, heaven, and eternal life.

You might also relate to the freedom that a bird flying in the sky represents.

Of course, the meanings can differ slightly from culture to culture.

In certain countries, especially Japan, China, and Korea, parents add various meanings into the specific parts of their kids’ names.

In Korean names, for instance, the name is split into multiple parts where each one has a different meaning. They are the traits that parents believe their child will inherit.

Other cultures could worship a specific phenomenon or being that’s connected to the sky which gives an additional layer to the meaning of the name.

Some people may just like the name because it sounds nice and that’s also a legitimate reason to give it to your baby. Not everything needs to have a deeper meaning.

Sky-inspired names tend to be more popular with parents who are eco-conscious and like giving their children names inspired by plants and nature in general.

Read on to discover some of the best sky-related names out there. Maybe you’ll end up taking a liking to one of them and you’ll include it on your list of potential baby names!

Girl Names That Mean Sky

1. Amberley

Cute little smiling girl in chamomile field

An Indian variation on the girls’ name Amberly, though with a vastly different meaning. It refers to the “sky” rather than being a combination of two names like its inspiration.

Think of it as a fancier variant, one that can set your child apart from the crowd and that will stand out as quite the unique name for that reason.

2. Tsisana

Now here’s a name that you’ve probably never heard, though it’s rather gorgeous. It’s yet another nature name, hails from Georgia (the country, not the state), and refers to “the sky”.

The name also refers to the forget-me-not flowers with their sky blue hue that we all know and love. We usually give them to the people that we’ll always hold dearly in our memory.

It’s a beautiful name to give to your little girl for that very reason, to remind her that she’ll always be in your thoughts and that you’ll always be there for your darling daughter.

3. Araceli

A girls’ name of Spanish and Latin American origin, one that refers to an “altar of the sky”. It also has a spelling variant in “Araseli”, if you like that version better.

Latin American tribes of history were known to worship the sky and all its phenomena, that’s where the significance of this name comes from.

4. Amaterasu

Amaterasu is a name from Japanese culture intended for girls. It translates to the “heavens and the sky” or someone who “shines from the sky”.

The reason for these meanings lies behind an ancient Japanese myth where Amaterasu was the goddess (Kami) and ruler of the sun which is why she was worshipped alongside the other Kami, to honor the elements they represented.

5. Celeste

 beautiful little girl sitting on a rocky beach

A name originating from a mix of two cultures, French and Spanish. It doesn’t refer to just the sky, but the entire celestial population.

It either describes something or someone “heavenly” or “celestial”, or it refers to a “heavenly body”.

It was a very popular name given to women in fiction who were the main characters of a romance plot or known for their immense beauty.

6. Ciela

An elegant name for girls coming from the Esperanto language. It translates to a “heavenly body” or describes someone or something coming “from the sky”.

While the symbolism is mostly similar to a lot of the others on this list given the topic, the name Ciela carries a note of innocence when you say it out loud, a perfect candidate for a name for your baby daughter.

7. Dangira

A Lithuanian name that’s not very common outside of its home country. Nevertheless, the name holds the meaning of “sky”, as you may have guessed.

It may appear to be somewhat uncommon, but it certainly is a rather lovely-sounding one despite the slight resemblance to the English word “danger”.

Choose it if you’d like to grace your daughter with a very rare name that’s sure to garner some positive attention, though keep her out of “danger”!

8. Aethra

A cheerful Greek name translating to “bright sky”.

The name also has a variation in the form of “Aithra”, if you fancy that one over the former.

It’s a beautiful name to give to girls, especially those who love the wonders of the sea since the name Aethra also belongs to a species of crab.

9. Miku

A Japanese name that starts with M and will likely be the favorite of many a momma who’s expecting a baby daughter as the name means “beautiful sky”, a meaning that anyone would be happy to have in their name.

It’s quite popular in its country of origin, but I’m sure no one will mind if you use it outside of its borders and give it to a really beautiful baby girl.

10. Celine

happy smiling little girl with flowers

A well-known name thanks to the famous Canadian singer, Celine Dion. It’s a French-inspired name, and it refers to “heaven”. It really became iconic during the singer’s rise to fame.

While not as popular nowadays, it’s still a beautiful name to consider giving to your own darling daughter. Who knows, maybe she too grows up to be the voice of a generation.

11. Inanna

A name buried deep in Sumerian mythology. It belonged to the goddess of war, love, and fertility whose name meant “lady of the heavens”.

It’s definitely one of the more unique and quite rare baby girl names out there. You can even shorten it to just Ina if you feel as though the full title might be a bit too much.

12. Sema

A Turkish name that refers to the “sky”. It’s not just common in Turkey, but in a few Balkan countries as well as in Thailand as a reference to boundary stones for Buddhist temples.

It’s a short and sweet 4-letter name for girls that’s absolutely perfect to give to your little one.

13. Rakia

A name hailing from Hebrew culture that refers to “the heavens” and “the sky”, but in a less religious sense which might make it a bit more favorable to those who don’t follow any specific religion.

A fun fact is that the name “Rakia” also refers to a type of fruit brandy often made in many Balkan countries.

You could potentially make it a tradition to take a sip of this brandy to celebrate your child’s birthday with the other adults as a way to honor the day of her birth.

14. Ahana

A lovely Japanese name that means “sky flower”. It rolls off the tongue so well thanks to so many repetitions of the same vowel and the name itself feels like it belongs to a beautiful geisha.

It’d be an ideal one to give to your darling daughter when you finally deliver her to this world.

15. Talia

little girl wearing blue dress at park

A name from the Hebrew language that refers to “dew from the heavens”.

For those of you who are comic book fans, it’s also the name of the mother of Batman’s child Damian, Talia Al-Ghul.

16. Seline

A Latin name, one that means “heavenly moon”. With a beautiful meaning like that, there’s no way you can’t consider how well it would fit your future child.

There’s also Selune if you’re looking for a similar variant, which is a name given to the goddess of the moon in Dungeons & Dragons lore.

17. Arundhati

A name hailing from Hindi culture, one that refers to the “goddess of the sky and stars”.

Depending on where you live, this baby girl name might be considered unusual but it’s a really popular choice with people of Indian origin.

18. Kailani

A Hawaiian name that starts with K and connects two different elements, the “ocean” and the “sea” with the “heaven” and the “sky”.

It’s a beautiful name to give to your future daughter. If you aren’t really a fan of this iteration of it, you can always go for one of these two variants, “Lani” or “Kalani”.

19. Azure

A name with quite the storied history behind it. While its current form hails from old English and refers to the color “sky blue”, the way it came to be is said to be a mistranslation of the word “lazuli” when the French translated it to “l’azure” which means “the blue”.

This accident was what later gave the name to the gem, lapis lazuli, which is beautiful in its own right.

With that in mind, Azure would be a great name for girls born with strikingly blue eyes.

20. Celestine

adorable little girl outdoors

Unlike Celeste, this name comes from old English instead of the Spanish and French mix of the former similar sounding name.

It means “of the sky” and is an alternate name for the mineral celestite.

It can be a wonderful variant to the name Celeste if you prefer something that sounds a bit fancier.

21. Leilana

A name of Hawaiian origin that refers to a “flower that grows in the heavens” which is similar to many of the other names on this list.

In any case, it’s a rather beautiful, faux-French sounding name that has a note of elegance to it. It’s a perfect candidate to consider and one that has earned its spot as one of the best sky-related names on this list.

22. Indra

A name hailing from Sanskrit culture, one that belonged to the ancient warrior god of sky and rain in Hindu mythology, a great one to consider for your daughter-to-be.

23. Alya

A name of Arabic origin, one that describes someone who is “heavenly”.

Certainly a great attribute to give to a child if you’re going by Korean naming conventions. Though, even with that put aside, the name simply rolls off the tongue and has a note of fresh air to it.

Names That Mean Sky For Boys

1. Bhanu

A boy with a wooden airplane

An Indian name for boys that’s perfect if you have some roots hailing from the Indian subcontinent.

It’s a wonderful name that means “the sky” in Sanskrit and is one of the more popular names in this region. It’s not as common in the US, but don’t let that stop you if you think it might fit your little man.

2. Myrsky

If you’re looking for more obscure origins of sky names, then look no further than Finland. This unique name for boys is sure to tick all the right boxes if you like unusual names or if you have some Finnish roots.

Keep in mind that the spelling and pronunciation of this name might be difficult for some people, so you might want to alter it to make your little boy’s life a little easier.

3. Moe

A neat, 3-letter name for boys of Burmese origin, one that means “rain” and “sky”. It’s quite a popular name in the US too, though part of that popularity came from The Simpsons TV show and its famous bartender carrying the same name.

Nevertheless, it’s a very short and concise name, but remember, even the seemingly simplest of things can contain a great number of layers.

4. Caelus

A Roman name, but you probably already guessed that given the structure of the name. It translates to both “sky” and “celestial”. It comes from the Latin word Caelum which refers to a similar set of meanings with the addition of “abode of the gods” or “the heavens”.

It’s a fantastic choice for anyone who enjoys Italian culture and Roman history as a way to pay homage to it.

5. Nathaniel

beautiful boy sits and thinks

A name that’s more tied to religion than nature, this Hebrew name refers to a “gift from the heavens”, “from the sky” or “from the Gods”, depending on the interpretation.

It’s quite a classic name that has remained popular throughout the ages and is seeing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

6. Gokcan

Gokcan is Turkish in origin with the name meaning “vast sky”. It’s one of the more popular baby boy names in Turkey and is widely known due to the folk dance festival that takes place in the country every year in the titular college.

7. Neven

A name that’s also a palindrome. It carries a few separate meanings and has two different origins. While the original refers to its Breton roots, where it refers to “sky”, Neven also has some of its roots dug deep into Slavic culture.

In this case, the name refers to a marigold. This gives it a strong connection to both the earth below and the sky above, a perfect means to bridge the gap and a great nature name for boys thanks to its dual meaning.

8. Zeus

A name that’s familiar to most people who know a little bit about Greek mythology. It belongs to the Greek god of the sky and the head of all the Greek gods, Zeus.

Its true meaning refers to the “sky” or the ability to “shine”, mostly referring to the flashes of lightning that the god was rumored to be throwing down to Earth during raging storms.

While the name might sound a bit odd given its connection to the Greek Pantheon, this 4-letter name for boys shouldn’t be disregarded. It’s unique in its own way and is a really neat name to give to a little boy who’s destined for great things.

9. Keyne

A Celtic name for boys meaning “man of the eastern sky”. It’s certainly a pretty uncommon one in this modern day and age, but I’m sure that it can find a spot as a potential candidate for a name for your precious bundle of joy.

10. Van

thoughtful boy sitting on the beach

A really simple 3 letter name of Chin-Burmese origin that simply means “sky”. Despite its lack of length, it’s a pretty cool-sounding name, perfect for a young boy that you’re sure is going to be a daredevil at heart.

11. Haneul

Haneul has its roots in Korean culture, describing the “sky”. It’s one of those names that suits both boys and girls. Though it’s primarily seen as a boys’ name, the other side shouldn’t be disregarded.

If you’re adamant to find very unique names that mean sky, this is guaranteed to be one of the more uncommon ones out there.

12. Akash

A Hindu name referring to an “open space” or the “sky” itself. While quite popular in Hindi culture, it isn’t exclusive to it and sees some use in the US.

In the religion of Hinduism, the “open space” refers to the place where it all began, where the first bit of matter sprouted, giving it not just religious, but mystical attributes too which might make it a bit more enticing.

13. Amphorn

One of the more popular Thai names that mean sky, Amphorn is popular in Thailand due to its connection to the royal places in the Dusit Palace of Bangkok.

One of them is called the Phra Thinang Amphorn Sathan – “royal seat in the sky”.

For those of you with some Thai branches in your family tree, this could make for an ideal name for your little guy.

14. Ekambar

An Indian boy’s name that means “sky”. It might be an unusual choice depending on where you live, but it’s still worth noting in case you’re looking for more unique names.

15. Falak

happy little boy outdoors

A boy’s name that’s usually synonymous with strength, but it also means “sky” in Indian culture which balances out the meaning and gives it a gentler tone.

It’s a great option for your baby boy that shows that even the strongest of men have a gentle side to them.

16. Riyon

An Indian name depicting the “immense beauty of heaven” and is a rather beautiful choice to give to your little man.

Its pronunciation wouldn’t be too foreign to any English speakers either which gives it an advantage.

17. Asvin

A Hindu name that refers to the “first star in the sky” and its “light” as well as the other meaning of “horse owner”.

A rather curious name, but a great option for your darling son.

18. Gaganpreet

With the meaning “sky lover”, the name Gaganpreet is an ideal and unique name for any child with the dream to fly high up in the air one day.

19. Goku

A Japanese name that means “sky”, often given to boys. Its popularity increased thanks to the globally popular anime show “Dragon Ball” as the show’s main character was named Goku too.

20. Sepher

Smiling boy on a background of the sea

A name for boys that might be confused with sapphire, and it means “sky” in Persian.

It’s quite an elegant name and a decent candidate for one of the best names on this list.

21. Neil

An Irish name that loosely connects to the whole sky theme, referring more to a “cloud” or a “cloudy sky”.

It’s one that you’ve probably encountered in the US and for good reason, seeing how popular it is, ranking in the top 750 names on US baby name lists.

22. Cielo

The Spanish and male variant of the earlier name Ciela. Once again, it refers to the “sky” in its meaning and is a potential option that you could consider giving to your future son.

Gender-Neutral Sky Names

1. Zenith

little boy standing in water

A rather straightforward, unisex name that comes from the English language. It refers to the point in the sky directly above the observer’s spot.

While it might primarily sound like a name for boys, some girls have adopted this wonderful English name too given its very neutral nature, so you don’t have to exclude it off either baby name list.

2. Zerua

Zerua is a name with origins in Basque culture referring to both the “sky” and the “heavens”. It’s a neat name for both boys and girls, though it’s more prevalent as the latter rather than the former.

But, once again, don’t let something like that stop you as it’s very much unisex in nature.

For those of you more versed in tabletop games, it’s also the name of a company that manufactures a handful of these games.

Maybe that helps bump this name up a few points on your baby name list.

3. Skye

A name that appears simple in nature but is actually quite complex. This is the variation that comes from Scottish culture that just means sky. However, the original variant of the name was “Sky” from old Norse culture and it depicted a “cloud”.

That’s not where the trail stops as the variant that preceded it was “skuggi” which meant “shadow” and the one before that was “skuggwa” from old Gothic roots which meant “mirror”.

4. Cloud

A unisex name with the meaning that you’d expect it to have considering it comes from English.

That said, the name is quite popular thanks to Cloud Strife from the Final Fantasy series, but it also has ties in the real world with the famous Native American poet, Peter Blue Cloud.

5. Nuit

blonde little girl playing with the flowers

Coming all the way from ancient Egypt and tied to the “Book of Nuit”, this unisex name means “sky”.

The book itself was rumored to contain writing about all sorts of heavenly bodies like the Moon, the Sun, and the other planets.

It even had notes on various star cycles.

With all of these connections to space, it might be an ideal name to give to a future astronomer who will do the name proud.

6. Payne

Definitely one of the edgier names on this list due to its close resemblance to the word “pain”, though with an entirely different meaning. Payne is of Mapudungun origin and means “sky blue”.

Despite its rare roots, it’s a name (or rather surname) that used to be quite popular in the US before falling off the charts in the latter half of the 20th century. I think it’s time for it to come back!

7. Sunny

A more unisex name, one that’s of old English origin that refers to a “sunny sky”. It’s certainly more common than a lot of the other names on this list and a great one if you’re not looking to have your child stand out from the crowd too much.

8. Zeru

A name of Basque origin that refers to “sky”. It was quite popular back in the ’60s due to the hippie movement but quickly lost traction afterward.

It’s a great name that fits both girls and boys alike.

In Conclusion

Cute Asian child playing in the park

As you can see, there are plenty of names that mean sky to choose from. Each originates in various cultures and origins, from English, Welsh, and Scottish to Arabic, Basque, and Indonesian, each with their own unique beauty.

There’s so much choice that you might feel a bit overwhelmed. But I suggest you just stick with your top picks since it’ll already be enough of a struggle to pick out just one or two from the list.

I believe you’ll be able to do it though, mamma.

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