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61 Adorable 3 Letter Girl Names And Their Meanings

61 Adorable 3 Letter Girl Names And Their Meanings

As the old adage goes: big things come in small packages, and this is especially true when it comes to our kids!

Even short names can be super cute, so you can be sure there are plenty of beautiful 3 letter girl names to choose from.

Many parents think their child needs to have an elaborate and complicated name, but short, 3 letter girl names have just as much meaning to them as some of the more out-there baby girl names do, if not more.

There’s also the fact that shorter baby names sound infinitely cuter.

They can even serve as an inbuilt nickname and they’re much easier to remember than whatever foreign 9 letter name is in fashion.

Plus, writing down signatures and such will be a lot less hassle for your little girl when she grows up.

In fact, 3 letter girl names have slowly been rising in popularity because parents like keeping it simple nowadays.

They can even serve as good middle names for your baby girl.

If you’re already spoiled for choice and don’t quite know which name to pick for your child, I’ve gone through the trouble of making a list of these wonderful short form, but no less unique names.

Hopefully some of them catch your attention.

Top 61 3 Letter Girl Names


little girl dressed up as a princess blowing soap bubbles

1. Ava

The name Ava is of Latin origin and describes someone who feels free, much ‘like a bird’.

It is a great three letter name to start this list off.

2. Abi

An abbreviation of the name Abigail, this name has roots in Hebrew culture and translates into ‘joy of the father’.

3. Ash

Ash is a unisex name that works for both baby boys and girls.

Its roots are a bit more familiar as they come from old English and the abbreviated name Ashley, which describes something ‘from the ash tree’

4. Amy

A name with deep roots in the Latin language which was used to describe someone ‘beloved’ by the masses.

It’s one of the go-to Irish three letter baby names and the moniker of the late singer Amy Winehouse.

5. Aya

Aya is a name of Hebrew origin which describes the carefree spirit of a ‘bird’ in a similar, but simpler, manner as Ava.

6. Ann

An abbreviation of the 4 letter baby name, Anna, with roots in the Latin language.

It describes someone who is ‘merciful’ or ‘gracious’.

7. Ana

Ana is another derivation of the longer Anna, albeit one with a Spanish origin.

It has the same meaning: a person who is ‘gracious’ and ‘merciful’.

8. Aja

Another unisex name, meaning it’s great as both a baby girl and baby boy name.

It has a unique, Indian origin but a meaning which isn’t all that glamourous.

It describes the need ‘to drive’ someone further or ‘to propel’ them toward greater things.

Surprised pretty young girl in tulle skirt with crown

9. Ari

Another 3 letter name that fits both girls and boys alike. It comes from the Hebrew language and compares someone’s traits to that of a ‘lion’.

10. Ani

We have a rather unusual name for girls of Slavic origin this time around.

Its meaning describes someone who is ‘very beautiful’ making it a very lovely and unique choice for a girl name.

11. Ali

This is a name with a strong Arabic origin. It’s a unisex name that describes someone who is ‘exalted’ among his peers or a ‘noble’ person.

12. Ada

A name of German descent which describes a ‘happy’ or ‘noble’ person, much like Ali in the Arabic language did.


1. Bea

An abbreviation of Beatrice or Beatrix, Bea is the first name of American origin on this list.

It graces someone with the attribute of being ‘blessed’, something that your child will certainly feel once she gets older and discovers the meaning of her name.

2. Bay

Another gender neutral name, as many three letter ones tend to be, this time with an old English origin describing a sea inlet.

There’s an alternate meaning in the Dutch language too, which describes someone with chestnut hair.


1. Dea

This is a very powerful Latin name which literally means ‘goddess’.

Due to its meaning, it’s one of the 3 letter girl names rising up the name charts the fastest.


Sweet little girl outdoors with curly hair in the wind

1. Esi

A name of African origin and a rather rare one to boot.

This name refers to someone who is’ born on Sunday’ so you might want to leave this one in the bank until the due date arrives.

Who knows, maybe you can use it if your little girl does end up being born on a Sunday.

2. Eve

A name of Hebrew origin best known to people in a religious context as the name of the first woman, Eve.

It’s a name that symbolizes the will ‘to live’ and ‘to breathe’ and is a rather inspirational one, in my opinion.

3. Eva

In some religious texts Eve is described as Eva, which explains this name’s meaning in the Hebrew language, ‘the giver of life’.

While similar to Eve, it’s a lot more symbolic as it’s related to what Eve as a person represented.


1. Fay

Fay is a name with roots in the French language. It has a fantastical meaning as it describes either an ‘elf’ or a ‘fairy’.

This is arguably one of the best 3 letter girl names if you’re a fan of fantasy and think your little girl will be too.

You could even call her your little pixie if you decide to give her this lovely name.

2. Flo

The abbreviated form of Florence and a name of Latin origin, this name describes something that’s prosperous or flowering.

It’s also a name that eventually became the abbreviation for the Roman Goddess of these same traits, Flora.


1. Gia

A 3 letter girls’ name of Italian origin which translates into ‘God’s gracious gift’ or simply ‘God is gracious’.

It’s also the short form of Giovanna and Gianna, just in case those were on your name list.


cute little girl playing a princess role at home with crown on head

1. Ivy

A rather cute name with origins in old English, it carries the simple meaning of a ‘climbing vine plant’ as you might have already guessed.

It’s a synonym for someone who doesn’t give up and perseveres even under the harshest conditions.

The name can also be found in the form of ‘Iva’.

2. Ina

Ina is a unique name of primarily English origin which translates into ‘home’, but is also often used as a nickname for any name ending with -ina.

3. Ida

A German name that graces someone with the attributes of being ‘hardworking’, so is perfect if you come from a family known to be diligent, as it’s very likely that your little girl will be too!


1. Joy

A Latin name with a similar meaning to the English word we use today, which translates into ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’.

It’s a widely popular name due to the rise of the children’s cartoon, “Pokémon”, which stars a nurse named ‘Joy’!


Cute little girl playing in blossoming dahlia field

1. Kia

Another name of African origin, which is commonly known for the car brand of the same name.

It makes for a rather beautiful name for girls, though.

The meaning itself translates into ‘hill’, but it’s a pretty cute name regardless of its meaning.

2. Kya

A name of American origin that depicts the beauty of the ‘ocean’. It’s a rather lovely name derived from Kai.

3. Kay

A Grecian girls’ name that translates to ‘rejoice’. It’s a somewhat uncommon name, but its meaning alone makes it perfect to grace a happy little girl with.

4. Kai

The name Kya originated from. It’s of Hawaiian origin and adequate for boys and girls alike.

It carries the same meaning of the vast ‘ocean’ and all of its marvels, and is a beautiful name for all you nature enthusiasts out there.

5. Kim

An abbreviation of the name Kimberly that has its roots in old English and describes someone or something that’s ‘from the royal fortress’ or ‘the royal meadow’.

Both versions of the name are great in their own regard, but the shorter version feels snappier.


little blonde smiling girl with pot flowers of begonia at her back yard

1. Lia

Another beautiful Italian name, this one with a slightly less interesting meaning than some of the others on this list.

It describes someone who is ‘weary’.

2. Lee

A unisex name from old English that describes vast green ‘fields’, symbolizing prosperity.

It’s one of the staples of oriental culture too, and is almost as common for them as ‘John’ is for us.

Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s not great, after all, why would so many people use it if it wasn’t?

3. Lou

Lou is a very popular name of German origin that describes the idea of a ‘famous warrior’.

It’s also a unisex name so you’ll meet both boys and girls with it.

4. Lea

​A Hebrew name with the same meaning as the Italian variant, Lia, describing someone ‘weary’ and tired.

It’s a very common name in Slavic culture and simply rolls off the tongue.

5. Liv

A name of Nordic or Scandinavian descent that’s a perfect description of a future mother because it translates into ‘life’, ‘shield’ or ‘cover’, making it synonymous to a protector.

It’s also an abbreviation of Olivia, just in case that name is on your list too.

6. Lis

Another Scandinavian name, this one with a more religious connotation to it, meaning ‘God is my oath’.

It’s also the short form version of the name Elizabeth.

7. Luz

Luz is a name of Spanish origin with a very common meaning across many different names in different cultures, which is ‘light’.

It’s a name more common in Spanish culture than anywhere else, but nothing’s stopping you from using it for your own shining light of a child.


cute little girl with flower in her hair smiling and looking up

1. Mya

A girls’ name with American roots describing something that is ‘mine’, or yours in this case, but you get the idea!

While the meaning might be a bit selfish, it still makes for a beautiful name and can simply describe the great accomplishment that is your darling child.

2. Mae

A name of English origin that’s worth keeping in your pocket as it describes the ‘month of May’, and would be very symbolic if your child was born in May.

Of course, nothing is stopping you from using it for a child born outside the month of May, but all of that’s up to you.

3. Mia

A shortened version of the name Maria, and one with deep Scandinavian roots.

It describes someone who is ‘bitter’ or ‘of the sea’.

While the first meaning is a bit negative, the second is ideal if it turns out your daughter is an avid lover of the open waters.

4. Meg

A name with roots in old English that translates into ‘pearl’.


1. Nia

The first name of Welsh origin on this list, and a rather good one as it describes someone or something that is very ‘bright’.

Perfect for a smart little girl.

2. Nya

A name of African descent that’s usually given to people who are very ‘tenacious’.

It’s a rather elegant name to boot.

3. Noa

While we all know Noah, Noa is the female counterpart in the Hebrew language.

It describes a great ‘movement’ and is one of the loveliest short names with a religious significance.


cute little girl holding a paint brush and sitting by the table

1. Ora

A Spanish name with religious ties this time, which translates into ‘prayer’.


1. Pam

A name of old English origin that describes someone who is as sweet as ‘all honey’.

2. Pia

A religious Italian name that describes a ‘pious’ person.

Alternatively, it’s an abbreviation of ‘Olympia’ which would translate to someone ‘from Olympus’.


1. Rey

A unisex name of Spanish origin with a link to nobility, as it translates into ‘royal’ or ‘king’.

2. Rue

A nature-inspired name of English origin that belongs to a herb with the same name.

3. Ros

Another all-natural English name with an origin related to a flower this time around, a ‘rose’ to be more precise.

4. Ria

Ria is a diminutive form of Maria, which has its roots in the Spanish language and translates into someone ‘shapely’.


sweet little girl wearing a crown and a princess dress and smiling

1. Sky

Originally a Scandinavian name, this nature-inspired name means sky, as it does in our own language.


1. Tea

A Spanish name not to be confused with the hot drink! It has a more symbolic meaning, which is ‘gift of God’.

2. Tia

Another cute Spanish name.

This one translates into ‘aunt’, which might end up being true if your daughter has a sibling.


1. Uma

A name of Indian origin with a very powerful meaning: ‘nation’.

It’s also the moniker of famous actress Uma Thurman.


1. Val

A short form of the name Valentine, a unisex English name that describes someone who is ‘strong’ or ‘vigorous’.

2. Viv

A name originating from the Spanish word ‘vivo’, which describes someone who is very ‘lively’ and energetic.


1. Yen

A name with an origin that’s a first for this list: Vietnamese.

A beautiful name that describes a ‘calm’ and ‘peaceful’ person.


adorable little girl with short hair posing in front of white wall

1. Zoe

A Greek name that’s completely adorable.

Its meaning represents the very essence of ‘life’ and all its joys, which makes it an ideal name for a baby girl.

2. Zen

Another name of unique origin on this list, Japanese this time around.

It’s a unisex name that describes finding a balance in a ‘type of Buddhism’.

3. Zia

The final name on this list is a Hebrew one.

Its meaning translates to ‘radiant’.

Truly a perfect name for a young child as you’ll surely feel like she’s your everything in life.

In Conclusion

As you can see, 3 letter girl names can be really great when you find the right ones.

Most of them are abbreviations of longer, existing names already, but they all have a unique charm.

While they aren’t the most popular names out there, they are slowly climbing the ladder, and it would be a shame not to consider at least a few of them for your own future daughter.

I do hope that some of these have managed to catch your eye, or at least help you come to a decision about your child’s name.

Until next time, mammas.

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