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50 Heartwarming First Grandchild Announcement Ideas

50 Heartwarming First Grandchild Announcement Ideas

Want to share the exciting news with your parents in a special way, but don’t have any ideas for how to do it?

I got your back with an amazing list of 50 first grandchild announcement ideas your parents will love!

From cards to t-shirts, these announcement ideas can also be used for baby showers, gender reveals, and even for birthdays!

Baby announcements were very different during our parents’ time, without any gifts or special goodies for grandparents and babies.

However, the Internet and adorable social media baby reveals have influenced people to find or think of more creative pregnancy announcements that are cute and funny as well.

If you’d like to surprise your parents in a more creative way, you’re in the right spot.

Here is the list of the 50 first grandchild announcement ideas that you’ll love.

Creative First Grandchild Announcement Ideas

1. Scratch-off for a surprise

It’s a common belief that grandparents love scratch-off lottery tickets and even if they don’t, they’ll definitely love the ones you bring with a special announcement.

This pregnancy announcement idea is perfect for any mom and dad who likes to play the lottery and can’t wait to see what they have won on their scratch off cards.

2. The cookie crumbled in the cutest way

Fortune cookies are a great form of entertainment at family dinners and gatherings.

Even though people don’t usually trust them, customized fortune cookies will reveal a surprising and true statement.

A cute personalized message will bring tears to your eyes as well, especially when you see your parents’ faces!

3. “We’re having a baby…”

“… And it’s a (gender)!”

Some parents decide to do pregnancy announcements and gender reveals all in one!

If you’re patient enough to wait until you find out the gender, you can make a grand revelation!

Your mom will probably be a bit mad that you didn’t tell her sooner, but she’ll be super excited about the news!

4. The best Christmas gift ever

Is there a better Christmas gift than a pregnancy reveal?

Family members will remember this Christmas for a long time and you’ll have a beautiful Christmas ornament as memorabilia for your parents.

Get them a “Grandma & Grandpa” Christmas ornament and put the due date on the bottom – they’ll surely keep this for the rest of their lives.

5. Yummy news

Sweets are sweet, but can’t be sweeter than your first baby girl/baby boy and their tiny little fingers and toes!

However, you can use sweets such as cupcakes or cookies for decoration to announce your pregnancy – your parents will probably need some sugar after the news anyway!

There are a ton of cute props on online shopping sites like Amazon or Etsy, but you can make your own versions if you like as well!

6. A blast from the past

Girl looking through stereoscopic Viewfinder toy

This will be such an adorable walk down memory lane for you and your parents!

You can get a personalized viewfinder toy on Etsy so you can put your own photos in there.

You can start with a few photos from your childhood and end up with a sonogram.

The perfect circle of life.

7. A keepsake for a lifetime

First-time parents and grandparents are obsessed with everything related to the little one even before she comes into this world!

That’s completely understandable as everyone gets excited about a new baby arrival!

A beautiful picture frame with a heartwarming message and an ultrasound picture of your parent’s first grandbaby is a really cute way of announcing a new baby in the family.

8. Grandma’s book

“The Grandmother Book” is one of the cutest ways to announce the big news to your mom.

By gifting her a journal book, you’re already establishing the bond between her and her grandchild that will only be strengthened when your mama starts reading her life stories to your little one!

This book will melt her heart and remain one of the best memories of this special moment.

9. New fishing buddy coming soon

Fishing is a favorite hobby of many dads and a way to relax after a long week.

Your dad will be extremely happy to hear that he’s going to have a grandkid in a few months and a fishing buddy in a few years.

You can share the exciting news with him by gifting him a personalized fishing lure with an adorable message.

10. Countdown to the best time of our lives

Let’s be creative! You can buy any type of block calendar and make a personalized baby countdown calendar.

This will be an adorable gift for grandparents-to-be and a great surprise for everyone, especially if you haven’t talked about having a baby before!

11. Grandparent goodies box

This grandparent pregnancy announcement gift will instantly sweep them off their feet as it’ll be a matter of seconds before they realize what’s going on.

Buy your parents’ favorite things like sweets, drinks, or similar, add some grandma/grandpa label goodies and get ready to make your parents the happiest people in the world!

Cute First Grandchild Announcement Ideas

1. Prepare for babysitting!

Grandmother and granddaughter looking at old photos at photo album.

Grandma & grandpa, one little baby is coming soon so be prepared for babysitting!

One of the greatest gifts that will benefit both you and your parents is a custom appointment book with the due date and some random babysitting appointments (just for fun).

This will make everyone laugh, but it’ll also serve as an ice breaker for conversations about babysitting.

2. Grandbaby’s first picture!

A traditional gift for grandparents-to-be is the first picture of their grandbaby, a sonogram.

A cute frame for future grandparents with a sonogram inside will be everything your parents need!

This gift will melt their hearts and they’ll probably show this picture to anyone who comes to their house.

3. Congratulations on your promotion, Mom & Dad!

Who says our parents are too old for promotions?

Your parents are about to find out they got promoted to the best job they’ve ever had: grandparenting!

You can share the news with cute gifts or personalized messages, such as booties in a gift box with a message “You’re being promoted to grandparents!”

4. Grandchildren nameplates

This is one of the cutest baby announcement gifts you have made by an artist on Etsy or Amazon.

If your parents already have grandchildren from your siblings, you can order them customized nameplates and include the word “baby” or your unborn baby’s name (if you’ve already picked one).

Wait until they realize there’s an additional name, the look on their faces when they finally understand it’s your child will be priceless!

5. The sweetest blessing

Children are considered to be one of the biggest blessings in the world for parents and grandparents.

Some people admit they love their grandchildren more than their children, which will probably happen to you as well, but who could love anything more than the cute smile of a baby angel?

So, the best way to announce your blessing is to get a cute onesie as a gift for your parents, I’m sure they’ll love it!

6. A knitting surprise

If your mom likes knitting, the perfect gift for her would be a box full of knitting supplies and a pattern for baby shoes.

Wrap it all up and then wait as she unpacks and her face completely changes from confusion to excitement!

7. Adorable card for grandparents-to-be

Being able to do a baby reveal in person is one of the most amazing things for future parents and their parents, as well.

Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t have this opportunity because of distance or other reasons.

If you’re one of them, you could send a heartwarming Hallmark card and a cute gift to a family member who can give your parents the surprise gift and film their reaction, or get you on a live video call!

8. Grandfather’s journal for future generations

Every grandfather likes to share stories from his younger days and a lot of those stories end up being a loving memory retold to future generations.

Getting this grandpa journal will help you keep your dad’s stories safe and maybe you’ll get to share them with your grandchildren as well, just like he’s going to share them with his grandbaby!

You can leave some heartwarming quotes about grandparents or an ultrasound picture he can keep for the rest of his life.

This will probably be a very emotional baby announcement, but don’t be ashamed to shed a few tears with your dad.

9. Jewelry for grandma

Jewelry is a classic gift for every occasion, especially for a grandma-to-be who is about to find out about her new life role!

These infinity circles represent the unconditional love between mothers, their children, and grandchildren.

This can be a great gift idea for Mother’s Day as well!

10. Grandchildren always welcome!

This is a very creative and fun way to announce your pregnancy to parents and make everyone laugh.

Even though it’s considered to be a joke, I’d say it does slowly turn into a reality.

If your mama loves taking care of her garden, this will be one of the funniest pregnancy announcement gifts that she could get.

Plus, it makes for lovely garden decor.

11. Coming soon…

It’s really difficult to keep a secret, especially when you know it will make your parents extremely happy.

However, the first trimester is known to carry a big risk of baby loss, which is why it’s recommended to stay away from any stress or even excitement during the first three months.

This pregnancy announcement onesie is the cutest thing I’ve seen and it will do all the work for you – wrap it in a cute gift box and you’ll have the perfect present for your mama or future grandma!

12. Best birthday gift ever

If you find out about your pregnancy a few weeks before your parent’s birthday, announcing the news to them will be the best gift you could ever give to them.

Sharing the exciting news with your loved ones is even more special if you have a chance to do it on their birthdays.

This grandma gift will be the best gift your mom has ever received for her birthday.

Just make sure to have tissues nearby because it’ll get really emotional.

13. World’s greatest grandpa parking slot

There are a lot of creative ways to announce the arrival of the baby, but one of the best ways to reveal such news is on special holidays such as Mother’s or Father’s Day!

You can’t get a better Father’s Day gift for your dad than announcing the arrival of his first grandkid!

One of the cutest little presents for a future grandpa is a parking sign for the best grandpa in the world!

Ps. Warn others they might have problems with the little one if they park in grandpa’s spot.

14. A grandparent’s album

Nowadays, most of us take a lot more pictures of our children than our parents did and yet, there are fewer and fewer photo albums in every home.

Digital galleries in our smartphones are the new albums, but they’re not very safe as you might lose everything with a couple of clicks!

This gift will be priceless for your parents because it will be announcing the arrival of their first grandkid and keeping all the memories of her first years at her grandparents’ house in one special place!

15. Say “Cheese”

I’d say this one is a classic that never gets old.

It’s a simple announcement idea that won’t take much of your time and it will still be a big surprise for your parents!

Ask your partner “spontaneously” to take a picture of you with your parents, and instead of cheese, say: “I’m pregnant!”

Your parents will probably be confused and shocked at first, but it will turn into a feeling of happiness shortly after and the photo will be priceless!

Funny First Grandchild Announcement Ideas

1. Mischievous grandpa and his grandbaby

I completely agree with this one! Grandpas are always there to support their grandbabies in everything they do, even if it’s mischief.

Your father probably can’t wait to have a grandchild he can spoil and show all his tricks to!

After you give him this travel coffee mug, he’ll probably burst into tears of happiness!

Ps. The mug can be used for Irish coffee as well, just saying.

2. Too glam for a grandma

A glam-ma is a mama whose kids have their own kids, but she still can’t imagine herself as a grandmother.

You know your mom will love your munchkin and that she can’t wait to have a grandbaby, but she’s just terrified of being called a grandma.

To calm her down from the shock of her new title, pour her a glass of wine in the new tumbler you got her.

3. Choose your name wisely, papa

This is a great game for a future grandfather! Write all the grandpa nicknames you can think of on name tags and put them in a box.

Tell your dad to pick one and watch his face as he realizes he’s going to be a grandpa!

Then give him a big hug, he’ll need it.

4. Watch out, there’s a new Grandma in town

This T-shirt is perfect for all tough grandmas who know how to handle every situation.

Mamas are true superheroes – they can do everything for us, which is why we usually end up hoping to be good mamas like them one day.

If this is how you see your mom, then this will be the best pregnancy announcement gift you can get her!

5. Pass me to grandma

Your little one will be attached to you until she realizes that grandma will say yes to everything.

So, it’s no surprise that one of the most common lines you’ll hear are “Take me to grandma” or “Can I stay at grandma’s house?”

You’ll have to prepare your mom for such situations and the best way is to announce the big news with an adorable baby announcement onesie like this one!

6. Grand M&M

If you or your parents love M&Ms, this will be the perfect way to announce your pregnancy!

I had no idea until a few days ago that M&M makes personalized packaging as well!

Just go onto their website and place your order.

Choose your parents’ favorite colors and a “Grandma & Grandpa” print on the candy and wait until they finally notice it.

7. Grandma’s sippy cup

You can drink sparkling water and pour your mom some white wine into her new “sippy cup”.

She’ll probably be a bit confused until she realizes what’s going on and who is becoming a grandma.

This is one of the best ways to announce the baby news to your parents, plus, grandma gets a cute wine cup so it’s a win-win.

8. Say no to retirement

Most people consider their parents to be the best parents in the world, which is completely understandable.

Unfortunately, our parents also grow older which is why they usually root for a grandchild from the first day of retirement.

Although they’re no longer a part of the workforce, as these coffee mugs tell, their most important role is just about to begin, when you share the happy news!

9. Heart-shaped letterboard

A cute heart-shaped chalkboard will bring a big smile to your mom’s face.

You can use it as a pregnancy countdown to help your mama keep track of how many days are left until the due date.

Even though it’s a simple baby reveal idea, it serves the purpose and it might also become your mother’s favorite home decoration.

10. Announcement card

Pregnancy announcement cards are great fun for the whole family, especially for your parents who will scratch off their cards impatiently to confirm what they were already suspecting!

I prefer this type of DIY announcement card because you can personalize them a great deal.

11. Grammy’s kitchen is the best!

Grandmothers are known to make the best food in the world, and there’s no chef who can make any dish better than her.

Your child will probably enjoy every meal at her grandparent’s house more than anything you make.

Therefore, this Grammy cutting board with a cute message will make your mom super happy!

12. Grandpa’s garage secrets!

“What happens in the garage, stays in the garage.”

This is one of the best grandparent quotes for granddads and baby boys. Sometimes they’ll make a huge mess, other times they might do things right, but they’ll surely have great fun doing so!

Your dad will be over the moon when he finds out that he’s going to get a new “garage buddy” in a few months!

13. Special delivery!

If you’re into DIY projects and you have a creative and funny streak, this will be the perfect task for you!

All you have to do is to prepare a card (a random card with anything that comes to mind) with the special delivery sign saying “Special delivery due (due date)”.

Your parents might be a bit confused at first but when they finally notice the sign, they’ll probably laugh and cry at the same time!

14. Let’s all eat for two!

This sentence has been thought or said at least once by almost every pregnant woman!

Of course, not every pregnant lady has the urge to eat anything and everything that’s put down in front of her, but food is surely a great way to announce the exciting news.

Get a big box of donuts and place a note with an ultrasound picture on the inside of the lid saying “Eat up, I can’t be the only one with a belly!”

15. Cool Grandpa – Funpa!

I love pregnancy announcement shirts because there are so many creative and funny designs that make it so hard to pick just one.

Your dad will surely love this T-shirt which says he’s cool and he’ll be even cooler as a grandpa.

For some reason, men always tend to be cool papas and grandpas, while moms and grandmas tend to be very protective and stricter from time to time.

It’ll be fun watching your parents in their new roles to see who’s going to be the strict one (although, to be honest, it’ll probably be neither of them, so it’ll be your duty).

Other First Grandchild Announcement Ideas To Consider

1. Cute coffee mug for grandma

Grandmas usually like to drink coffee or tea every day, and this mug will remind her every morning of the greatest happiness in her life.

2. “If grandpa can’t fix it…”

Grandmas are known for their kitchen skills and delicious meals, while grandpas love to fix all sorts of things around the house.

Your dad probably loves fixing stuff as well, so this mug will be a great gift to announce his new fixing assistant.

3. All grandchildren in one place!

If your parents already have grandchildren from your siblings, but none from you, you can make them the sweetest gift of all that will honor all their grandkids and announce yours!

All you need to do is create a collage of all the grandchildren with their names and add a sonogram with the baby name you chose (or just leave it blank).

4. Grandma & grandpa dessert

Dessert is always welcome, especially for exciting announcements!

Bake (or buy) a cake, write grandma & grandpa on it, and serve it as a baby announcement!

5. Bump in the road!

If you’re far away from your parents and can’t tell them about the pregnancy personally, you can always do a photoshoot with cute photo props!

Stand near a “bump ahead” sign, take a photo, and share it with them during a video call. It’ll be fun to see their faces when they realize they’re becoming grandparents.

6. Baby announcement puzzle

If you’re fans of game nights, this will be the perfect way to announce your pregnancy!

Let your parents assemble the puzzle and discover the exciting hidden message.

7. Old dog/new human grandparents!

This cute baby bodysuit reveals a tiny baby that will promote your parents from dog grandparents to human grandparents (of course, no one will forget about the doggos!).

8. Personalized wine bottle

Mama can’t drink wine for the next few years (if you decide to breastfeed) but that doesn’t mean new grandparents can’t make a toast with the wine that’s announcing the birth of their first grandchild!

9. Birth announcement for golf lovers

There are a lot of future grandpas who like to play golf and may share this love with their future grandkids!

​This pregnancy announcement gift will mean a lot to a fan of golf and he’ll surely teach his grandchild how to play it!

Wrapping Up

I’m sure you found at least a couple first grandchild announcement ideas you think your parents will love!

Remember, the message is the most important part, so don’t be too stressed about how you deliver it.

Your parents will be thrilled even if you just come over and tell them that you’re pregnant, without any special gifts or cards!

However, there is one thing you should not forget and that’s to share the exciting news with your grandparents, as well.

After all, they’re also being promoted to great grandparents!

Even if they’re not here, you can visit their place of eternal rest and tell them the happiest news of your life (this helped me a lot).

Congratulations and good luck, Mama & Papa!

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