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Pregnancy Announcement To Parents – 70 Ways To Share The Big News

Pregnancy Announcement To Parents – 70 Ways To Share The Big News

One of the first things every couple wants to do when they discover there’s a bun in the oven is share the news with everyone they love!

A pregnancy announcement to parents, or better to say grandparents, is a super exciting event which is why some couples take it up a notch and announce the big news in a fun way.

It’s crazy how life takes sudden twists and turns, bringing new things (like a new baby) into your life.

Yesterday you were just your mom and dad’s child, and today you’re becoming the parent yourself.

No matter how exciting this news is for future parents, grandparents definitely experience their own special level of excitement.

I still remember how my mom told me that she loved me the most until I gave birth to my children.

The easiest way to announce your wonderful news would be to just stand in front of everyone and shout: “I’m pregnant!” But future grandparents deserve better.

If you’re searching for inspiration for a cute or funny pregnancy announcement, you’ve come to the right place.

This momma here has made a list with ideas for the best pregnancy announcement to your parents that will melt their hearts.

Cute Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. A letter full of love

pregnant woman writing to her diary on table

A hand-written letter is one of the simplest yet most beautiful ways to announce pregnancy to your loved ones.

You can choose a glittery card with cute drawings, a greeting card with a cute baby on the cover, or just a plain piece of paper that will be filled with words of love.

I personally love writing letters because I can pour my heart into them.

You can send the letter by mail if you’re far away, but it’s always better to hand-deliver if you can.

2. Mugs for grandma and grandpa

Do your parents or in-laws love to drink coffee or tea?

Well, they’ll definitely need something to drink when they read the adorable printed “Grandpa” and “Grandma” signs on their new coffee mugs!

It’s a really cute keepsake for grandparents from a very special moment, especially if they’re becoming grandparents for the first time.

3. Grandpa T-shirt

T-shirts are one of the cutest ways to announce a pregnancy, especially to you or your partner’s father.

It’s special because once they put it on, they never take it off! Trust me, I know from experience.

Can you imagine the look on his face when he realizes what his T-shirt says?

4. Custom baby onesie

Grandpa-to-be already has a T-shirt, but you’ll melt your mother’s heart if you bring her a personalized baby onesie with a cute message on it!

I always prefer personalized messages rather than random quotes from social media, but if you don’t have any inspiration, you can always find some relatable grandparents quotes!

5. Let’s play Scrabble!

If you have a tradition of organizing game nights with your family or in-laws, this game will be the perfect way to share your news!

You can rig the Scrabble game to get those letters needed for a family pregnancy announcement!

It’ll be really fun to watch them trying to decipher the words and the surprise on their faces when they finally get it!

You could also create some pregnancy announcement riddles to spark their curiosity.

6. Bottle with pregnancy announcement

Organize a dinner with your parents and your in-laws, act as normal as you can, and open a fancy wine bottle with sparkling juice inside (so you can drink it as well).

When they all make faces thinking how bad that sparkling wine is, show them the wine label with pregnancy news!

7. Big sister or big brother photoshoot

One of the most adorable ideas for a second pregnancy is taking a shot of your first child wearing a big sister or big brother shirt or holding a sonogram of their new sibling.

You can just casually show the picture to your parents and let them look at it until they notice what is really going on!

This could be a very cute and emotional pregnancy announcement to parents and other family members, as well!

8. Happy family photo

happy pregnant woman and husband holding sonogram in hand

There is nothing more precious for your parents than seeing you with a big smile on your face, sitting next to the person who makes you happy.

They’ll probably get emotional even before they realize that you’re holding an ultrasound picture of their grandbaby!

Make sure to prepare enough tissues because there are sure to be a lot of happy tears!

9. Princess announces a sidekick

If you already have a daughter, this pregnancy announcement can be done in two ways – as a photoshoot or in person (if it’s possible).

Dress your little girl up as a princess and give her a chalkboard with a cute pregnancy announcement message to parents like “I’m getting a sidekick on (due date)!”

Their granddaughter will make them go “awww” but when they read the message on the chalkboard, they’ll be in seventh heaven for sure!

10. Baby shoes

Is there anything cuter than tiny baby shoes? I don’t think so!

You can just buy a few pairs of the cutest baby shoes you can find, wrap them up as gifts and give them to your parents.

They’ll be confused at first, but some moms might even know what’s going on before they open up their present!

11. Pregnancy announcement cake topper

Everyone loves a delicious dessert.

But, when you add a special topper that’s announcing pregnancy, your family members will probably forget about the dessert!

Organize a family dinner or bring this special dessert to one and announce your news in the most delicious way!

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12. Rubber duck surprise

This is one of my favorites! It’s a sneaky pregnancy announcement to parents that they won’t even notice.

Show them a picture of you and your partner posing near a river or a lake while holding a rubber toy duck.

You can help your parents a little bit by telling them to look for a special detail in the photo and then wait until you see a big smile on their faces!

13. Wall sign

The minute your parents find out you’re expecting, they’ll probably want to let everyone know!

Grandparents are so proud of their role in the baby’s life and this wall sign will make the perfect addition to their home decor, as well as being a great way to surprise them with the pregnancy news.

14. We’re eggspecting!

Eggs usually represent the essence of life.

The egg is a symbol of creation, fertility, new life, purity, and hope.

This is exactly why eggs are used as symbols of Easter, as a sign of rebirth and the cycle of life.

This announcement looks pretty simple, but it does require some skill to break the egg, clean it thoroughly and put it back together again the way it was (if you decide to go DIY).

However, you can just purchase one of these pre-made ones with a note inside that has the grandbaby announcement!

15. Our place of love

Pregnancy or gender reveal, this idea will perfectly fit almost any occasion in your joint life.

The place where you met, first fell in love, or had your first kiss will always hold a special place in your heart.

Therefore, there’s no better place to announce the arrival of your biggest joy and to begin the new stage in your life: parenthood.

Your family members probably know your love story, so they’ll cherish this special moment just as much as you.

16. Gender reveal

The first pregnancy is a very exciting period but a stressful one as well.

On one hand, many moms-to-be are eager to share the news, but on the other, they’re afraid of sharing anything too early, because of potential risks of miscarriage during the first trimester.

Of course, the first people you’re going to tell are your parents and if you wait long enough, you can make it a baby/gender reveal which will make them even happier!

You can prepare a gift box with a cute baby outfit and a sonogram photo and give it to your parents.

17. Tiny Miracle picture frame

Pregnancy announcements in general are very emotional for parents and the whole family.

However, couples who have had to wait for years and who lost all their hopes of having a child tell the most heartfelt stories about their little miracle babies!

This picture frame with the engraving “Tiny Miracle” is the perfect way to share the news if this pregnancy is something you’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

18. Engraved grandma/grandpa spoons

Make a delicious dessert, add an engraved pregnancy announcement spoon and you’ll totally surprise your mom and dad!

Creative Pregnancy Announcement To Parents

1. Baby on the way!

People usually say storks bring babies, but I guess you could have a more modern take on that saying.

All you need is a big map of the world, put a toy airplane in a random place and mark its trail to the final destination (where you live) that’s covered by the sonogram of your baby.

You can add other things as well, as the due date or other decorations, it’s all up to you.

Invite your parents over to see the next destination you’re planning to visit together and let them be surprised when they connect the dots!

2. Felt letter board photo

I suppose this is already an Instagram-style photo announcement, but I think it’s cute and it’s not overused.

Some people try to be original and unique which often ends up in fails that might harm you or your loved ones (I came across plenty of examples of explosions and fires especially during gender reveals).

A chalkboard with magnetic letters announcing the arrival of the new baby with flowery decorations and a sonogram or baby shoes will make the perfect baby announcement photo.

You can put it in a frame and give it to your parents or in-laws.

3. Vacation photo collage

A great number of people spend every holiday on vacations outside the country, discovering new places, cultures, and traditions.

However, pregnancy and parenthood are two lifelong journeys for the whole family during which you’ll have a chance to discover new things almost every day!

Make a collage of your vacation photos and insert one photo with tiny shoes next to yours.

This baby announcement will make everyone go “awww”!

4. Expecting Patronum

Some already know what this one’s about and yes, I’m talking about you, Harry Potter fans!

Your parents certainly already know how much you love Harry Potter, so it won’t be a surprise for them to find a cute water bottle with baby feet illustrations.

I recommend this surprise pregnancy announcement to parents only if they’re also Harry Potter fans (or at least know some references) so that the announcement doesn’t fly over their heads.

5. Newest member of the pack

This announcement requires a bit of creativity and knowledge about animals.

We usually hear about dog or cat people, but there are a lot of people who love wolves, as well.

Some even identify their personality traits with wolf traits, as they’re considered highly intelligent and devoted to their families (packs).

If you’re a wolf fan and your due date is somewhere from January to March, you’re definitely expecting a baby wolf!

You can use your love for these beautiful animals as a way to announce pregnancy to your parents and the whole family with this onesie!

6. New blockbuster coming soon!

pregnant woman and husband lying on the couch and looking at laptop

I simply love this announcement! It’s so funny and creative, everyone’s going to love it!

One of the most original ways to announce a pregnancy is to turn your couple photo into a movie poster.

This is the perfect DIY project that will require you to spend some time designing the poster on your computer.

First, take a suitable photo with your partner, or pick one you already have.

Then, you’ll need to manipulate it to look like a movie poster.

Don’t forget to add the due date!

If you’re not Adobe Photoshop proficient, don’t worry, there are numerous free online tools that are easy to use.

Print it out as a poster and give it to your parents and other family members – I’m sure they’ll have a good laugh!

You can also keep one for yourself and frame it!

7. Blockbuster Part 2!

The first time you create a movie poster it can be about expecting the first baby and daddy can look confused.

After two kids, the fake movie poster could show daddy looking terrified with a pregnancy test in his hand and mischievous kids surrounding him.

Your parents will be so thrilled and amused for sure!

8. The force is strong with this one

There’s no generation gap when it comes to Star Wars movies, people from the ages of 7 to 77 love these epic movies!

Your parents probably love them just as much as you (or at least like them) and will be over the moon when they discover they’re going to be grandparents with this cute announcement.

You can take a picture with this shirt and send it to your parents or show it to them in person.

9. Fortune cookies for a pregnancy reveal

This is a totally unexpected and perfect way to announce the arrival of the new baby.

I’m sure that once they discover the message inside the fortune cookies, it will be one of the best fortune cookies your parents have ever had!

Funny Pregnancy Announcement To Parents

1. Mommy and Daddy T-shirts

Casual clothes never looked better! Many people don’t usually pay much attention to the captions on T-shirts.

Get to your parents’ house wearing pregnancy announcement shirts and wait until they finally realize what it says on the shirt.

It probably won’t take them too long, but it will be a lot of fun seeing their faces once they finally connect all the dots!

You can add your due date to the shirts as well to make it more personal!

2. “Soon to be Big Sister/Big Brother” Dog Bandana

This is a great baby announcement idea if you have a dog!

Simply tie the bandana around your dog’s neck and wait until your parents notice what it says!

When they notice the Big Sister or Big Brother sign, they’ll be over the moon.

3. “I thought I was the baby” Dog Bandana

Dogs are known as man’s best friend and they usually become a part of the family rather than just a pet.

Many dog owners consider their pets to be their little fur babies.

If you have a dog that means a lot to you and you want to share the big news, you can let your doggo do that for you!

A cute bandana that says, “I thought I was the baby” will have your parents looking confused for a moment until they figure out what it means!

4. Watch out, bumps ahead!

Find a “Bumps Ahead” road sign and take a picture with you and your partner next to the sign.

Trust me, you’ll all have a good laugh when you show the picture to your parents.

They might not get it immediately, but once they do, they won’t be able to stop laughing!

5. Beer bottle surprise

A beer a day keeps the problems away – this is my kind of saying, even though I could easily switch a glass of beer for a glass of wine!

How cute could it be to put a personalized label on a bottle of beer for future grandparents?

Most of them will probably just keep the bottle as memorabilia.

6. Player Three Loading

There are so many cute and funny variations of gamer announcements, but this one is one of my favorites!

If you’re a gamer couple, this pregnancy reveal is going to be very emotional and fun for both you and your parents, who know how much it all means to you.

It’ll work even better if your parents are fans of video games as well!

7. Funny pregnancy announcement card

There are tons of families who have a great sense of humor, and if yours is one of them, I’m sure they’ll prefer a funny pregnancy announcement card to a cheesy one.

You can write down some personalized jokes that you share with your loved ones or find something good on the Internet for the added touch.

8. No more beer, baby’s here!

Take a picture in front of the alcohol aisle with a cart full of baby stuff and you’ll make your parents laugh every time they see the photo.

It’s a hilarious and creative way to announce one of the biggest changes in your life to your loved ones!

9. Mom and Dad are getting me a human!

Here’s another idea for pet owners.

This sign makes for an adorable photo that you can share with the future grandparents and put a big smile on their faces.

10. Oops, we did it again!

Looking for a funny second pregnancy reveal idea?

Well, I think this one is just awesome!

I’m sure your parents have heard about Britney and her big hit from the beginning of the 2000s.

Even if they don’t, it will still be funny to everyone who sees it!

11. Grandpa’s sippy cup

If future grandpa likes to drink whiskey, a glass with “Grandpa’s sippy cup” in a gift box will be the best present for him!

He’ll probably need that whiskey too after he realizes you’re pregnant!

12. Coffee surprise, grandma!

If your mother (or mother-in-law) likes to drink tea or coffee, this cup will be the sweetest gift you could give to her!

Make her a cup of tea/coffee and wait until she finishes it.

If she doesn’t notice right away, tell her to look at the bottom of the cup.

It will be the cutest surprise, for sure!

Twin Pregnancy Announcement To Parents

1. Twin onesies

Twins are always a surprise for everyone, especially for future parents who are excited, but terrified when they hear the news!

Well, why don’t you share those feelings with your parents by giving them these funny onesies?

I’m sure they’ll look as surprised as you did when you found out!

2. Eating for three

People always say how pregnant women love to eat a lot.

I must admit I wasn’t picky when it came to food but I didn’t have crazy cravings either.

When it comes to tacos, however, I could eat them any time of the day!

And your parents will love this hilarious way to announce your pregnancy.

3. Double trouble sign

Invite your parents over for what they think is a regular dinner, hang up this sign, and wait until you see them connect the dots!

This sign could also work well for a pregnancy photo shoot.

4. Womb mates

Bibs are such an essential part of baby gear.

These hilarious bibs are a great way to announce to your parents that you’re expecting twins!

Announcing Pregnancy To Friends On Social Media

When you share the big news with your parents, you’ll surely want to share it with everyone else!

The easiest way to do so is by announcing the pregnancy on social media.

Here are some cute ideas for announcing your news to your friends and relatives!

1. Beach photoshoot

pregnant woman holding hands with her husband on the beach

If you want to surprise your friends on social media, you can do it with the help of a pregnancy announcement photo for social media.

Take a photo with your partner on the beach in front of a sign in the sand that says “Baby on board” or “We’re expecting”.

It’s simple and does the trick beautifully.

2. Photoshoot with a pregnancy chalkboard

Most baby announcements on social media are pictures from photoshoots and I must admit parents have brought it to the next level when it comes to creativity and I think it’s beautiful!

It doesn’t really take that much time or money to organize a nice setting.

You and your partner sitting next to a bassinet with a board that announces the big news is all you need to get a beautiful pregnancy announcement photo that you can share with your family and friends.

3. Furry friends

The Internet is filled with pictures of adorable cats and dogs, which is not a surprise as they’re always among the most popular search terms.

If you have dogs, let them announce your pregnancy as proud siblings!

You’ll brighten up the day for many people with a picture of your pets posing in front of an ultrasound picture or a chalkboard with the big news!

4. We have a winner!

A photo of this mug can be a fun way of announcing the pregnancy, but you have to be sure you have friends who have a really good sense of humor.

I’d say the “We have a winner” announcement is something most people will find funny, especially guys.

Other Pregnancy Announcement Ideas To Consider

1. Big brother promotion shirt

Grandparents are certainly not the only ones getting a promotion when the new baby arrives.

Your little boy will become an older brother and an example to his little bro.

2. Halloween pregnancy announcement shirt

One of the cutest announcements that’s not far from the truth is wearing a T-shirt that says you’re growing a pumpkin in your belly.

Actually, your baby announcement might become an awesome Halloween costume!

3. Scratch-off baby lottery tickets

Your parents don’t have the faintest idea that they’re about to win the greatest prize of all time!

These lottery tickets will put a huge smile on their faces and stay as cute memorabilia of this special moment.

4. Scratch-off pregnancy announcement cards

If your parents don’t like lottery tickets, you can always get them some mysterious cards with a hidden message.

They’ll probably already know or at least suspect what it could be, but it will be entertaining to see them scratching those cards off to read the most exciting news they’ve been waiting for!

5. Soon-to-be grandparent T-shirt

Announcements have never been more exciting and cuter!

It’s amazing how much joy an unborn tiny human being can bring to the whole family, especially grandparents who can’t wait to spoil your little bundle of joy!

7. A book about parenting

Of course, most grandparents won’t need this. After all, they raised you and your siblings quite successfully.

Still, it can be a great gift that will announce the arrival of your baby instead of you!

Also, some grandparents do admit they forgot a lot about raising children so this book might come in handy, after all.

8. A personalized grandma book

If your mother (or mother-in-law) is a book lover, this will be the best baby announcement gift for her!

It will be a very cute keepsake for the future, to remind her of one of the happiest moments in her life.

9. Framed sonogram for grandma

Simple, but one of the cutest gifts for grandparents – the first photo of their grandbaby.

10. Grandma & grandpa key chains

Key chains may seem like a simple gift, maybe even too simple for a grand occasion like this one, but they’re actually great presents that they can carry with them wherever they go.

11. Pacifiers in a gift box with a note from their grandbaby

Personalized presents and notes are emotional triggers, so if you choose this as a way of announcing the pregnancy, don’t be surprised to see tears in your parents’ eyes.

12. Cute home decor with baby announcement

A great way to announce the big news and a cute keepsake for your parents that will remind them of this beautiful day for a long time!

13. A poem for the future grandparents

There is no item in the world that can replace the words that come from the bottom of your heart.

There’s no better way to describe all your feelings towards your parents than to write a poem thanking them for everything they’ve done for you and announcing to them you’re becoming a parent as well!

14. A compilation of baby quotes in a card

Some people are not that good at poetry, rhymes, or meaningful quotes, but that’s why we have the Internet!

You can find a lot of beautiful and funny baby announcement quotes that you can print on a card.

They’ll probably start crying when they read each quote, so prepare lots of tissues!

15. Grandma necklace

This one might be a bit on the expensive side, but this piece of jewelry never goes out of fashion.

It will always be a beautiful gift, especially for this special occasion.

16. Baby booties in a box

Who doesn’t like tiny cute booties as a gift? Future grandparents certainly do!

However, they might be in shock at first, so let them process everything before hugs and kisses!

17. Cupcake toppers

They’re perfect for pregnancy announcements, gender reveal parties and baby showers!

These cupcake toppers will look very cute, but they’ll carry a very important message for future grandparents!

18. Newborn-size diaper in a gift box

How to say, “I’m pregnant!” without saying it?

I think there’s no better way than putting a newborn-size diaper in a gift box or a gift bag. It’s pretty self-explanatory.

19. Hide a bun in their oven!

This one is a classic, but it works every time!

Hide a bun in the oven at your parents’ house, call them to the kitchen and watch them helplessly wandering through the kitchen for a hidden treasure until they finally realize what’s going on!

20. Revealing pregnancy through charades!

family playing charades at home on christmas

Don’t forget to record this, because playing charades and revealing you’re pregnant will be hilarious, especially when you hear your parents’ guesses!

21. A positive pregnancy test in a gift box

One of the most direct ways to say you’re pregnant and a very cute one.

22. Oh Baby balloons

Who doesn’t like balloons!

They make everyone happy and will make your parents even happier when they read the message on them!

23. Grandparents’ house rules sign

Set the rules before she’s born!

These house rules will certainly be followed, but I’m not sure you’ll have any influence there, especially when it comes to desserts and bedtime!

Wrapping Up

Pregnancy reveals are one of the most exciting occasions for future parents who can’t wait to share the happiest news with their friends and family!

There are so many creative and cute ways to share the big news with everyone.

After announcing your pregnancy to your husband, the first people you should share your news with are certainly your parents and in-laws!

Nowadays, it’s very easy to find an idea for a creative and fun pregnancy announcement to parents and other family members – the only thing you need is Google.

Some people like to go over the top and make a grand reveal, while others prefer more intimate and simple baby announcements.

Turning pregnancy announcements into your little DIY project is wonderful and makes the whole occasion even more emotional.

However, it’s perfectly understandable that some people are just not very creative or have a great idea, but aren’t able to figure it out.

Fortunately, there are websites like Etsy and Amazon that can make every wish come true!

However, don’t go all out for it.

The main point is not how you’re going to say it, but what you’re planning to say.

Your parents are probably just waiting for you to enter their home and say, “Ta-da, I’m pregnant!”

Of course, don’t forget to record this special moment to show your little one when she grows up.

That video will probably be one of the most beautiful memories of her grandma and grandpa!

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