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85 Adorable Nicknames For Emma That You’ll Fall In Love With

85 Adorable Nicknames For Emma That You’ll Fall In Love With

Having a nickname can be really fun, especially if it’s connected to your personality or interests.

Even though Emma is already quite a short name, there are lots of nicknames for Emma that’ll show your love, affection, and good humor!

Nicknames have been considered very informal for a long time, but nowadays things are changing and more and more people are being called by their nicknames, even in professional, business settings.

Nicknames are now considered friendly and acceptable to use among business partners, bosses, or even random people you meet.

Parents and other family members usually give nicknames to children as a way of showing their affection and establishing a special connection.

The name Emma has been used as a nickname or pet name for a long time, but it is also a common given name and is currently at the top of many lists of the most popular baby names.

Lots of people like the name Emma, but some are worried it has already been overused, so they add middle names or nicknames to make their little princesses more unique.

If you’re looking for some cute nicknames or fancy middle names for your little girl, read ahead to find all the information you could possibly need!

The Best Nicknames For Emma

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A good nickname can become a person’s trademark, a unique name that can actually bring them lots of success.

According to a LinkedIn article, most successful CEO names are either very short or shorter versions (nicknames) of full names.

Some nicknames sound warmer and more friendly than first or last names and can be a great way to break the ice when you meet someone for the first time.

Some parents give their children nicknames out of love and affection, creating a special bond between them.

Siblings do the same thing as well, although they can sometimes get very mean!

Here are some of the most common girl nicknames for Emma that come from their friends and family:

1. Emms

2. Emsy

3. Emmi

4. Irma

5. Em-Em

6. Emmalyn

7. Mema

8. Emmax

9. Emer

10. Amma

11. Em-Mem

12. Emmy

13. Emmylou

14. Emme

Adorable Nicknames For Emma

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Nicknames are a cute way to show love to your child, your spouse, or a close friend.

A nickname doesn’t have to be strictly connected to the name itself, it can be related to some situation, thing, or personality trait that person has.

For example, if the girl you know is kind and a real sweetheart, you may call her Emalicious, or if you think she’s precious, you could call her Emarald!

Here are some very cute nicknames for Emmas:

1. Emma Bear

2. Emulette

3. Em-Gem

4. Emmaphrodite

5. Emalicious

6. Emarald

7. Emmabelle

8. Emy Emu

9. Emmy Lamey

10. Emma Shmemma

11. Emmybug

12. Emmalicious

13. Mma-Mma

14. Emmybug

15. Emacakes

16. Emberley

17. Memma

Cool And Funny Nicknames For Emma

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You need a good sense of humor to carry a funny nickname with pride!

There are a lot of people who are unhappy about having a funny nickname, even if it sounds cool.

However, those who have nicknames like this are often cheerful and open-minded people who can take a joke and laugh at themselves.

Here are some cool nicknames for girls who are a blast at parties:

1. Emergetic

2. Em

3. Emy Emu

4. Emmaliya

5. Emma-Lee

6. Emmersun

7. Emmina

8. Emmah

9. Emmallion

10. Ermintrude

11. Emie

12. Emmagency

13. Emy-Love

14. Em-press

15. Em Universe

16. Emanem

cute baby girl painting on the table

17. Emmmie

18. Emoji-Emma

19. Ima

20. Emmazing

21. Emmaleigh

22. Ema

23. Emy

24. Emerence

25. Enigmma

26. Mae

27. Ema-Emo

28. Emita

29. Emmeline

30. Emmagination

31. Emmers

32. Em&M

33. Emanuelle

34. Emmariah

Creative And Cute Nicknames For Emma

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Nicknames can sometimes be really creative, especially if you have friends who love finding hundreds of things that rhyme with your name.

Some girls get nicknamed after their famous name sharers. For example, I’ve heard a few Emmas being called Slim Shady in reference to the famous rapper, Eminem.

Below are some really creative and cute nicknames for girls who have a good sense of humor!

1. SugarEms

2. Emi

3. Emmie

4. Emmayonnaise

5. Enama

6. Erman

7. Em Care-Bear

8. Miss Emmazing

9. Jelly-Ems

10. Emmette

11. Emmany

12. Emushka

13. Emeala

14. Emma-Wemma

15. Mems

16. Emzy

17. Emmeleia

18. Emma-Dilemma

19. Ahh-mma

20. Em-J

Name Meaning And Origin

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This name has been around for hundreds of years, but it has never lost its charm.

This old English name actually comes from German/Latin roots, the Germanic word “ermen” to be specific.

However, unlike many other names, Emma is not a Biblical female name.

It means “universal” or “whole”, which is why some people use nicknames like “Em Universe”.

There have been a lot of noble ladies and women of royal blood who have carried this simple and beautiful name.

One of the first known women with this name was Emma of Normandy, a Viking Queen who was married to several English kings.

Popularity Of The Name Emma

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This name was extremely popular during the first half of the 20th century, until 1942 when it dropped out of the top 100 U.S. names.

However, Emma made a great return in 1987 and has been popular ever since.

Remember Rachel and Ross’s baby from the TV show “Friends”?

With the rise of the sitcom Emma hit number 2 on the list of the most popular names, and in 2008 finally got to number 1 on the list!

Even though it slipped back a few places, it is still one of the most popular baby girl names.

A lot of Hollywood stars share this name, or a similar version of it, because it’s short, cute, and easy to remember, which is very important for famous people.

The name is shared by these celebrities:

1. Emma Goldman – Lithuanian writer and American anarchist and political activist. She advocated for the anarchist philosophy in politics in Europe and North America during the first half of the 20th century.

2. Emma Stone – Famous American actress best known for the “La La Land” musical, which brought her an Academy Award.

3. Emma Watson – English actress who will always be known to all Harry Potter fans as Hermione Granger.

4. Emma Bunton – British actress, singer, and songwriter who will always be best known as “Baby Spice” from Spice Girls.

5. Dame Emma Thompson – English comedian and actress. Thompson is also known for being an activist.

6. Emma Roberts – American actress and singer.

7. Emma Andersson – Swedish singer and TV personality.

8. Emma Chambers – British actress who played the role of Honey Thacker in the movie “Notting Hill”.

9. Emma Chamberlain – Youtube star and influencer.

10. Emma Donoghue – Irish writer, author of “Akin” and “Room”.

Middle Names For Emma

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For years, many people used Emma as a pet name derived from the name Emily.

However, after some time it gained prominence on its own.

Lots of parents consider it to be the perfect name for their little girls.

However, they add interesting middle names as well to make their little ones stand out from other Emmas.

Middle names are a great way to give your child a second name option in case she doesn’t like her first name.

However, there are several factors parents should take into consideration when they’re choosing the best middle name for their little bundles of joy.

Her middle name will probably become her nickname or at least a part of it. Some say that people with a good combination of names become more successful and get good jobs.

We all know what children can be like, especially at school or in the playground.

Avoid exposing your child to uncomfortable situations by choosing a name that’s cute, but not too unusual.

Here are some of my favorite middle names for Emma:

1. Anna-Maria

2. Sinclaire

3. Alexandra

4. Natalie

5. Reese

6. Elena

7. Sophia

8. Katherine

9. Marissa

10. Isabella

11. Whitney

12. Aurora

Cute little girl lying in bed at home

13. June

14. Olivia

15. Victoria

16. Arianna

17. Jocelyn

18. Penelope

19. Aubrey

20. Josephine

21. Felicity

22. Harper

23. Juliet

24. Coralie

25. Rose

26. Leonie

27. Rosalie

28. Charlotte

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29. Kate

30. Willow

31. Amelia

Names Similar To Emma

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Every name has at least a few variations because a lot of names share the same root.

Emma is usually considered to be a shorter version of the names Emily or Emilia, which might be an individual case, but generally it’s a name derived from the German/Latin word “ermen”.

Here are some other adorable names that contain Emma in them:

1. Emanuella

2. Everly

3. Emmalaya

4. Emily

5. Emilia

6. Emalia

7. Emmalina

8. Emerson

Emma In Foreign Languages

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This name is very popular throughout the entire world, with slight changes in writing and pronunciation depending on where you are.

USA, England, Scotland, and other English-speaking countries spell the name ‘Emma’, while eastern and southeast Europeans usually spell it with only one ‘m’.

The name Ema is popular in:

• The Czech Republic

• Slovenia

• Belarus

• Serbia

• Bulgaria

• Slovakia

• Portugal

• Croatia

Here are some other spellings of this name:

• Ima, Emke, Ems – Dutch

• Эmma – Russian

• Emna – Teutonic

The Bottom Line

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Nicknames have been used since the first names were given to people.

It’s a way of showing love and appreciation, or just a good way of having a laugh for people who look positively at them.

However, there are some negative sides to having nicknames as well.

The first one is that some people get so used to the nickname they forget the person’s actual name.

If you like your little girl’s name, you probably don’t want people to only call her by her nickname.

Also, some nicknames can be quite uncomfortable and even cruel.

The most important part here is to give your baby a first name that goes well with the last.

I understand, the name Emma is really cute, but if it doesn’t fit well with the last name it might be better to find a more appropriate replacement.

Middle names can also be a great source of nicknames!

However, the same rules from above apply to the middle moniker too.

Some parents avoid the name Emma, even though they like it, just because there are a lot of girls who have the same name.

However, I don’t see any problem with it as the name really is short and adorable.

Also, there are plenty of nicknames and middle names that can make this name more unique and beautiful!

I have gathered all the relevant info about this beautiful name so now it’s all up to you!

There is plenty of choice for cute and creative nicknames and I’m sure you’ll find at least one that fits your little girl!


• Steinberg, J. (2013, May 8. ) “Why You Should Let People Call You by a Nickname (Fortune 50 CEOs do).” LinkedIn website.

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