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145 Beautiful Middle Names For Charlotte In 2022

145 Beautiful Middle Names For Charlotte In 2022

Choosing the right name for your little bundle of joy, especially for a baby girl, can be a very stressful task.

Charlotte is a beautiful name, a true classic that has stood the test of time.

Today, it’s still quite popular among baby girl names.

As a result, many parents are looking for cute and unique middle names for Charlotte that will go well with their family name.

This name has actually become one of the most popular baby names in the last few years due to the birth of Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Her full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

It’s a name with a royal pedigree, being carried by different royal members, from consorts to queens.

If you want to name your little one Charlotte but also want her to stand out from other girls, here’s a list of the perfect middle names for your little princess!

Best Middle Names For Charlotte

Newborn baby girl posing in tutu skirt and flower head band

1. Charlotte Abigail

2. Charlotte Addison

3. Charlotte Adele

4. Charlotte Allison

5. Charlotte Amelia

6. Charlotte Amy

7. Charlotte Angelica

8. Charlotte Anna

9. Charlotte Annabelle

10. Charlotte Annie

11. Charlotte Aria

12. Charlotte Ariana

13. Charlotte Astrid

14. Charlotte Aubrey

15. Charlotte Audrey

16. Charlotte Aurora

17. Charlotte Autumn

18. Charlotte Ava

19. Charlotte Avery

20. Charlotte Beatrice

21. Charlotte Bella

22. Charlotte Blossom

23. Charlotte Brooklyn

24. Charlotte Bryony

25. Charlotte Camilla

adorable baby girl dressed up as a princess sitting on the couch

26. Charlotte Carolina

27. Charlotte Chloe

28. Charlotte Cicely

29. Charlotte Cora

30. Charlotte Dahlia

31. Charlotte Daisy

32. Charlotte Eleanor

33. Charlotte Elena

34. Charlotte Eliana

35. Charlotte Eliza

36. Charlotte Elizabeth

37. Charlotte Ella

38. Charlotte Ellie

39. Charlotte Evelyn

40. Charlotte Emilia

41. Charlotte Emily

42. Charlotte Emma

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43. Charlotte Elsa

44. Charlotte Everly

45. Charlotte Flora

46. Charlotte Grace

47. Charlotte Genesis

48. Charlotte Hannah

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49. Charlotte Harper

50. Charlotte Hazel

cute little baby princess on summer tropical beach

51. Charlotte Hebe

52. Charlotte Helena

53. Charlotte Honey

54. Charlotte Isabelle

55. Charlotte Isla

56. Charlotte Ivy

57. Charlotte Jemima

58. Charlotte Joanna

59. Charlotte Kennedy

60. Charlotte Layla

61. Charlotte Leah

62. Charlotte Lillah

63. Charlotte Lillian

64. Charlotte Lily

65. Charlotte Lobelia

66. Charlotte Louise

67. Charlotte Lucy

68. Charlotte Luna

69. Charlotte Madison

70. Charlotte Margaret

71. Charlotte Marguerite

72. Charlotte Marianne

73. Charlotte Marie

74. Charlotte Matilda

75. Charlotte May

Adorable little baby girl crawling on the floor wearing tutu skirt

76. Charlotte Mia

77. Charlotte Mila

78. Charlotte Miranda

79. Charlotte Morwenna

80. Charlotte Mya

81. Charlotte Naomi

82. Charlotte Natali

83. Charlotte Nicole

84. Charlotte Noah

85. Charlotte Noelle

86. Charlotte Nora

87. Charlotte Nova

88. Charlotte Olivia

89. Charlotte Paisley

90. Charlotte Phyllida

91. Charlotte Penelope

92. Charlotte Rebecca

93. Charlotte Ruby

94. Charlotte Sarah

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95. Charlotte Savannah

96. Charlotte Skylar

97. Charlotte Sophia

98. Charlotte Stella

99. Charlotte Sylvia

100. Charlotte Victoria

101. Charlotte Valentina

102. Charlotte Vivian

103. Charlotte Willow

104. Charlotte Zoey

105. Charlotte Zora

One-Syllable Middle Names For Charlotte

baby girl wearing hat with interesting bobbles on the bed

Some parents prefer short names and some think longer names are more sophisticated.

Essentially, it all comes down to personal preference and a compromise between the future parents.

If you and your partner can’t come to an agreement about the length of the name, you can offer a solution by finding short middle names for Charlotte.

If you don’t have any ideas for which short names could go well with Charlotte, I’ve got your back!

Here are some super cute and short girls’ middle names that go well with this moniker.

1. Charlotte Ann

2. Charlotte Anne

3. Charlotte Belle

4. Charlotte Blue

5. Charlotte Clare

6. Charlotte Eve

7. Charlotte Faye

8. Charlotte Grace

9. Charlotte Jane

10. Charlotte Joyce

11. Charlotte June

12. Charlotte Kate

baby girl wearing pink headband and skirt and lying on the tummy

13. Charlotte Kay

14. Charlotte Lynne

15. Charlotte Meg

16. Charlotte Paige

17. Charlotte Pam

18. Charlotte Pearl

19. Charlotte Quinn

20. Charlotte Rae

21. Charlotte Skye

22. Charlotte Ruth

23. Charlotte Rose

24. Charlotte Wren

French Middle Name Ideas For The Name Charlotte

little girl with curly hair and in a beret with bouquet of peonies

The name Charlotte is typically considered to be a classic English name.

However, it’s a name meaning “free man” that comes from old French.

It’s a French girls’ name that originates from the French version of the name used for boys, Charlot (Charles).

Charles has also maintained its popularity throughout history and is still considered one of the most common boy names.

If you want your little girl to have a more unique middle name, here are some French middle names for Charlotte that will win your heart in no time!

1. Arielle

2. Bernadette

3. Celine

4. Danielle

5. Elise

6. Gabrielle

7. Jolie

8. Josephine

9. Juliet

10. Lourdes

11. Madelyn

12. Nathalie

13. Nicolette

14. Odette

15. Remi

16. Rosalie

Girl Names That Go Well With Middle Name Charlotte

adorable little girl sitting in a meadow and smiling a lot

Of course, Charlotte can be a beautiful middle name as well, not just a first name.

If you prefer your little girl to have Charlotte as a middle name, but you still haven’t thought of the first name, I have some adorable name ideas for little princesses!

• Anna

• Annalise

• Aurora

• Eleanor

• Eloise

• Evelyn

• Elizabeth

• Emily

• Grace

• Haley

• Jocelyn

• Juliet

• Lilian

• Madeline

• Maria

• Mary

• Olivia

• Scarlet

Nicknames For Charlotte

cute little girl smiling on sofa

Almost every name in this world has a nickname – whether it’s given by parents, siblings, friends, or anyone close to your family, a nickname becomes your child’s trademark.

Charlotte is truly a beautiful name, there’s no doubt about it, but you have to be prepared for lots of nicknames that she’ll get as she grows up and most of them won’t even be connected to her middle name.

Instead of her birth name, you’ll probably hear:

• Lottie

• Charlie

• Lola

• Charles

• Lotte

• Harlo

• Carley

• Carlotta

• Harlie

• Char

• Lotta, etc.

There will surely be even more combinations that aren’t connected to her name at all, but I guess that’s just part of life!

I have had all sorts of girls’ nicknames throughout the course of my life, usually Ivy or Vanna, and I actually preferred them more than my own name.

However, as I became older, I started to like my name more and I realized nicknames are usually just a phase in life that almost every child or teen goes through.

How Can I Choose The Best Middle Name?

baby girl with white hat lying on the floor with hand in mouth

First of all, the best name for your baby is the name you like the most.

Parents should always choose the first name for their baby, without others disapproving or confusing them with their suggestions (unless parents ask them to do so).

When it comes to the middle name, the best one is the name that goes well with the first and last name.

The best way to find a perfect middle name would be to write suggestions on a piece of paper and then read them out loud.

The one that sounds good to you will be the perfect middle name for your little girl.

You can also check how well those names go with your last name or by initials, it’s all based on the look and feel you want for your little princess’s name.

Sibling Names That Work Well With Charlotte

cute little girl caressing her pregnant mother's belly

If you already have a Charlotte at home and you’re giving birth to her sibling, here are some interesting boy and girl names that will go perfectly with her name!

Boy names

• Benjamin

• Edward

• Emerson

• Everett

• Henry

• Isaac

• James

• John

• Lucas

• Michael

• Owen

• Patrick

• Peter

• Samuel

• Wiliam

• Zachary

Girl names

baby girl swaddled in pink cloth with pacifier in mouth

• Anna

• Audrey

• Beatrice

• Bridget

• Camille

• Caroline

• Edith

• Elena

• Katie

• Lora

• Sarah

• Sylvia

• Vivian

Finding Inspiration For The Middle Name

smiling baby girl wearing a dress and hat

Parents sometimes decide easily on the first name for their child, and even though they want a middle name as well, they have no idea which middle name would best suit their little girl’s first name.

You can find inspiration almost anywhere, from your family to friends, celebrities, favorite people, or a favorite place.

Most people usually choose a middle name as a way to continue a family tradition.

Many families use the same middle name for generations or always choose a middle name that’s similar to the family name.

If you want to honor an older member of your family, you can do it by using their name as your baby’s middle name.

That’s a very simple and meaningful gift to someone you admire.

Lots of people admire famous scientists, athletes, singers, or actors, so they honor them by using their first name as their baby’s middle name.

Place names have also become very trendy as middle names these days.

If you have some special city or a place that means a lot to you and your partner, why not choose it for your little one’s middle name?

What To Consider When Choosing The Middle Name

adorable baby girl wearing a blue headband and lying on the belly

Adding a middle name to your child’s first name can be a lot of fun, but it shouldn’t be too wild or unique.

You have to take into consideration what other people will think of your child’s name and how your little one will be treated because of her name.

Unfortunately, some children might take advantage of your child’s middle name and come up with some unfortunate nickname to tease her at school or on the playground.

You should also think about the initials. Some middle names won’t work very well with the family name and the initials could spell some less desirable words.

Wrapping Up

newborn baby girl sleeping while photoshooting in studio

Finding the perfect name for your little one can be quite a challenging task, as you can see.

Most future parents think about a baby’s name long before the baby is even born, which is a great thing because it leaves plenty of time for discussion and agreement on the perfect name for a baby boy or a baby girl.

Some prefer modern names, others live for classics, but a lot of people do agree Charlotte is one of the most beautiful names for girls.

It’s known as one of the favorite names of the royal family, which adds to the worldwide popularity of this name.

Some parents opt for beautiful and unusual middle names for Charlotte and others add nicknames to make them stand out from other girls with the same name.

However, adding middle names is not as easy as it seems, as there are certain factors that should be considered, even though it won’t be used every day.

I hope this list of names helped you find the perfect middle name for your little princess. Personally, I love the names Nicole and Juliet.

Once you have chosen the perfect name for your baby, you can find some very cute onesies on Amazon and print her name on them for her first pictures!

I wish you and your little angel good luck, may she be the happiest little girl in the world!

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