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150 Wonderful Middle Names For Emma You Will Love

150 Wonderful Middle Names For Emma You Will Love

I’m sure you’re utterly thrilled that you’ve finally found the perfect baby name with Emma, but I’m also sorry to inform you that you still need a middle name.

There’s no need to fear though, because I have prepared a list of awesome names for your little girl I’m sure you’ll love!

There are a bunch of adorable middle names for Emma that’ll put a big smile on your face and take a great burden off your shoulders.

This name has been carried by royal family members throughout history, but it’s not an uncommon moniker in Hollywood either.

A lot of people think of this name as modern, even though it dates back before the 11th century.

Even though it’s a beautiful name for girls, I’m sure it’ll be even more wonderful with a good middle name.

Here are the best middle names for your little girl!

Emma – Name Meaning And Origin

Happy little girl outdoors

The name Emma has been a popular moniker throughout history, but it’s still as charming and beautiful as it was hundreds of years ago.

It’s an English name with Latin and German origin that is an alternative form of the Germanic expression “ermen”.

Although some people claim Emma is a Biblical name for girls, that’s not actually the case. However, the alternative form “Gemma” is a traditional Biblical girl’s name.

The meaning of this adorable name is “whole” or “universal”, which is elegant and timeless.

There have been a great number of royal Emmas throughout history. (Not referring to Emma from “Royal Pains”, just to be clear).

One of the most famous royals was Emma of Normandy, who married several English kings and became one of the most important people of the 11th century.

However, this name was popularized in the 18th century when Jane Austen used it for the female protagonist of her novel named “Emma”.

Nowadays, it’s a popular name in English-speaking countries, but it’s also common in European countries such as Denmark, Spain, France, Finland, and Germany.

According to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) list of popular baby names, this moniker has been one of the most popular baby girl names for the last 20 years.

Emma has been in the top 3 since 2003, and held the title of the most popular name for little girls from 2014 to 2018, after which it dropped down to the second spot.

The majority of baby names represent a certain month of the year, but as it translates to “universal”, it would be unfair to limit this name to one month only.

But, according to astrology, Emma is a perfect name for an Aries baby.

Your little girl might be a fiery warrior, but she has a great heart. She’ll never let you down, but you’ll have to let her do things on her own.

Also, be prepared for a bunch of scribbles on the walls, because you’ve got a little artist in the house. An Aries child is very imaginative and fiery about everything she does.

She’s also a natural leader, so don’t be surprised if she acts as a ruler in kindergarten or at school.

Popular Middle Names For Emma

little girl holding beautiful wreath with bouquet of wildflowers

There are plenty of sweet middle names that go well with your little girl’s name.

The name Emma fits perfectly with all kinds of monikers, from short one-syllable middle names to long ones with three or four syllables.

Middle names are a great way to give your child an additional name option for the future, in case she wants to go by a different name.

There are plenty of people who decide to do this, so it’s important to go for a name that’s not too out there.

If you’re not sure which middle name would be the best option in this case, play it safe and use one of the best middle names for Emma from this list:

1. Emma Josephine

2. Emma Rose

3. Emma Pearl

4. Emma Elizabeth

5. Emma Grace

6. Emma Jane

7. Emma Jean

8. Emma Kate

9. Emma Lynn

10. Emma Violet

Perfect Middle Names For Emma

adorable little girl sits barefoot on the grass in the park

A perfect middle name for your little girl doesn’t always have to be the most common or trendy name.

The most important thing to keep in mind during the process of choosing the perfect middle name for your little one is that both you and your partner like a particular choice, even if others think it’s an unusual name.

Here are some perfect middle name ideas for your baby girl:

1. Olivia

2. Audrey

3. Alexandra

4. Taylor

5. Arianna

6. Jocelyn

7. Astrid

8. Jade

9. Jasmine

10. Candice

11. Reid

12. Elena

13. Lucille

14. Brooke

15. Harley

16. Avery

17. Adeline

18. Aurora

19. Isabelle

20. Harper

21. Zoe

22. Willow

23. Ainsley

24. Rochelle

25. Tate

26. Elizabeth

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27. Whitney

28. Danielle

29. Skye

30. Brielle

31. Ava

32. Haley

33. Sophia

34. Natalie

35. Ashley

36. Vivian

37. Daphne

38. Justine

39. Paige

40. Lilac

41. Felicity

42. Renee

43. Florence

44. June

45. Madison

46. Heidi

47. Aubrey

48. Victoria

49. Simone

50. Arabella

Traditional Middle Names For Emma

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Classy names are always in style, and the name Emma is a perfect example of this.

Although this name has been popular for a very long time, it’s still seen as a modern and trendy name for little girls.

Most people associate the word ‘traditional’ with outdated and old fashioned concepts, but this doesn’t mean traditional names

aren’t beautiful.

Classic names such as Bethany or Eleanor will never go out of style, just like many other beautiful middle names from this list:

1. Ruth

2. Odette

3. Constance

4. Daisy

5. Kay

6. Fay

7. Claire

8. Cecile

9. Cassandra

10. Joy

11. Eloise

12. Rae

13. Mary

14. Joyce

15. Rosalie

16. Lenore

17. Faith

18. Hope

19. Bethany

20. Eleanor

21. Caroline

22. Dee

23. Belle

24. Charlotte

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25. Sue

26. Jo

27. Susanna

Unique Middle Names For Emma

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If you’re not a big fan of popular or traditional names, you can always choose something more unique and unusual.

There are a bunch of cool middle names for the brave little girls who are ready to face up to every challenge in front of them.

If you want your little one to stand out from the crowd, these beautiful and unique middle names for Emma will be sure to do

the trick:

1. Victorine

2. Ivette

3. Brooklyn

4. Auralie

5. Coraline

6. Evangeline

7. Lorelei

8. Roisin (pronounced Ro-sheen)

9. Hawke

10. Persephone

11. Seraphine

12. Adore

13. Hadley

14. Rain

15. Viveca

16. Sinclair

17. Antoinette

18. Indigo

19. Pernell

20. Ireland

21. Verity

22. Noor

23. Katriel

24. Alessandra

25. Antigone

26. Iphigenia

27. Cassidy

28. Winifred

29. Jillian

30. Leonie

31. Reese

32. Laine

33. Tatiana

Cute Middle Names For Emma

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You can never go wrong with a cute middle name – it can be either a classic or modern name for girls that goes great with your little one’s first name and enhances its beauty even more.

Every baby girl and baby boy deserves a cute middle name, which is why I gathered some of the cutest choices for your little girl:

1. Penelope

2. Margaret

3. Guadalupe

4. Vanessa

5. Juliette

6. Saoirse

7. Leilani

8. Rhiannon

9. Kimberly

10. Henriette

11. Alexandria

12. Ophelia

13. Katherine

14. Gabrielle

15. Bernadette

16. Delaney

17. Geraldine

18. Beatrice

19. Francesca

20. Melanie

21. Jacqueline

22. Cordelia

23. Wednesday

24. Genevieve

25. Esmeralda

26. Jennifer

27. Nicolette

28. Donatella

29. Octavia

30. Gwendolyn

Nicknames For Emma

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Although many people create nicknames simply by shortening a longer name, this doesn’t mean four-letter names can’t possess any pet names.

Nicknames are much more than a fun way to call someone – they can be a sign of love and affection shown by a relative, a friend, or someone else you’re close to.

It can also be a great source for good jokes, especially if the pet name is based on the name meaning or your little one’s personality.

Here are some of the cutest nicknames for your little Emma:

1. Emms

2. Emmi

3. Emer

4. Emmy

5. Em-Gem

6. Emmybug

7. Emmalee

8. Emmah

9. Em Universe

10. Emmaleigh

11. Emanem

12. Ema

13. Mae

14. Jelly-Ems

15. Mems

16. Emmette

Famous People Named Emma

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This four-letter name for girls is quite popular in Hollywood, which is obvious when you consider that some of the most famous actresses of modern times carry this beautiful name.

Who knows, your daughter might become the next star of the big screen as well!

Here are some of the most famous women who carry this sweet name with great pride:

• Emma Stone – A famous American Oscar-winning actress, who received two Academy Award nominations (“Birdman” and “The Favourite”) and won the award for the Best Actress (“La La Land”).

Stone is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world, earning more than 25 million dollars after “La La Land”.

• Emma Bunton – I don’t know about you, but this is a major throwback for me! My kids have no clue what’s going on as I’m singing: “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want”, but that’s okay.

I’m sure you’ve already guessed which girl group Bunton (a.k.a. Baby Spice) was a part of – the legendary “Spice Girls”.

Today, she is working as a TV and radio presenter.

• Emma Roberts – A popular American actress who became famous after starring in the Nickelodeon TV show “Unfabulous”.

Roberts has also starred in movies like “We’re The Millers”, “Nerve”, “Aquamarine”, etc.

• Emma Thompson – A famous English actress and activist.

Thompson has received numerous awards, including recognition for her services to drama by the British royal family, when she became a Dame in 2018.

• Emma Watson – One of the most famous English actresses of modern times. Watson was born in Paris and raised in Oxfordshire, England.

She became a Hollywood star when she was quite young after she got the role of Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” series.

Alternative Forms Of The Name Emma

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A great number of names have at least a few alternative forms, which can be a result of changes in a certain language or a nickname becoming accepted as a formal name.

Emma is mostly considered to be a short form of the girl names Emilia, Emery, or Emily, although Emma has its own origin and meaning, so I’d say this is more of an individual case.

This classic name for girls is beautiful on its own, but if you fear there might be too many Emmas in your circles, you could go for any of these cute variants:

• Emanuella

• Everly

• Emmalaya

• Emily

• Emilia

• Emalia

• Emmalina

• Emerson

Sibling Names For Emma

Cute siblings are playing in park

If you’re planning on having another child, I’d recommend you start looking for names immediately, because you’ll probably change your mind at least five times.

Here’s a short list of suitable names for your baby girl’s siblings to spare you from overthinking too many options:

Girl names

• Abigail

• Hannah

• Molly

• Sarah

• Sophie

• Lily

• Lauren

• Lucy

Boy names

• Emmet

• Henry

• Elijah

• Ryan

• Noah

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• Evan

• Ethan

• Jack

How To Choose The Perfect Middle Name?

cute little girl wearing red jacket

Choosing the perfect middle moniker for your child isn’t an easy task, especially because you’re essentially impacting her life and future with the names you choose.

Therefore, parents need to take several factors into consideration, from the popularity of the name to practicality.

Of course, unique name combinations are always welcome, but sometimes it’s better to play it safe with more common names that won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

This is why the best way to make a good name is to find a first and middle name that matches your family name.

You can use your maiden name or the name of someone you’re close to, be it a family member or a friend if you’d like to make the name personal.

A lot of people use names of different places that remind them of something special, such as their engagement, honeymoon, or place of birth.

Final Thoughts

girl sitting on plaid in park wearing blue dress

I hope you have found at least a few options you can share with your partner and family.

You can turn this process into a fun activity by making a list of your favorite middle names for your princess, giving your family some paper and letting them vote until you get the final result.

I’m sure your little one will appreciate the additional name you gave her, especially because she might end up liking it more than her first name.

Some people tend to avoid the name Emma because there are so many other girls with the same name.

Even though I don’t see any problem with this, if it bothers you, you can always choose an alternative form of this name like Emmaline or Emmanuelle.

Although it’s not the same name, it does have the same root and a similar meaning, and you still get the uniqueness you were looking for!

When you finally choose the perfect name combination for your baby girl, you can get a few cute personalized onesies from Etsy, Amazon, or other shopping sites (so you don’t have to walk – tired mom hack!)

Until next time, mammas!

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