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Uppababy Cruz Vs Vista – Which Stroller Is Better For Your Baby?

Uppababy Cruz Vs Vista – Which Stroller Is Better For Your Baby?

After a lot of research, you’ve narrowed your options down to UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista. At first glance, these two models are almost the same.

But, as you look at things in detail, it becomes harder for you to make up your mind.

Your mind is possibly spinning with questions: What do they have in common? Which one offers more versatility? Which one offers better seating options? What are their differences? What about the advantages and disadvantages?

No doubt you’re stuck wondering which is the better option, UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista?

Well, stop worrying because I’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about the UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista battle.

UppaBaby Cruz V2 Stroller

Full size product dimensions: 37.5″L x 22.8″W x 40″H


The thing Cruz strollers never compromise on is compactness. It’s been like that since the first generation of these strollers.

They’re also incredibly lightweight, being made out of aluminum and magnesium. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that every new mom can fold this item with only one hand, which is an important feature, trust me!

Once these strollers are folded, they can stand by themselves which is super nifty.

And, the fact that it’s so easily foldable means that these strollers don’t take up much room. You won’t have to give up valuable storage space and it will easily fit into the boot of your car when you’re going on adventures with your little one!

Their travel system is compatible with MESA Infant car seats – you don’t need to buy any additional adapters. Instead, you just directly attach the car seat.

These strollers come with a sunshade, bug protection, and a rain shield. The sun cover is a pop-out design that has a 50+ protective factor, so you don’t have to worry about hazardous UV rays. You’ll be able to take your little munchkin out without any concerns of them getting sunburnt.

Another area that parents typically focus on when buying a stroller is their child’s weight and height, thinking their own height is irrelevant. However, according to reviewers, this stroller is the best option for parents with long legs.

One problem that tall parents encounter in general with strollers is that their legs tend to touch the break when pushing their child around.
Luckily, if you’re tall, Cruz has got you covered.

These models don’t have the usual break bar. Instead, there are two brake bars on either side of these strollers and the central break can’t be accidentally reached by your feet.

Another handy feature for tall parents is the handlebar which is telescopic. That means that you can adjust it according to your own preferences and you don’t have to worry about your lower back hurting.

It’s not just the height of the strollers that’s easily adjustable; as your little one grows – the canopy is too.

Great news for all busy moms out there (and aren’t we all busy?), all the replacement parts are available online. So, you don’t have to go around, searching for that extra part you need – everything is one mouse click away.

It has a standing fold and a reversible seat, with increased back height, leg rest, and deeper footrest with a bumper bar that is made out of leather.

Even though you might not be aware of this, wheels are a feature you must pay special attention to when getting a new stroller.
When making this product, this manufacturer made the best possible decision when it comes to the stroller’s wheels.

They didn’t choose between air-filled or foam-filled tires as other manufacturers do. Instead, they decided to use both options, which was, without a doubt, the right choice!

The wheels are filled with foam which makes the entire construction much safer. This way, it’s practically impossible for the tires to pop out.
On the other hand, the tires on the back are filled with air.

This way, you won’t have trouble pushing the stroller, no matter what surface you’re on. The wheels can also be locked or unlocked, depending on your needs.

This combination of foam-filled and air tires, as well as the leather bumper bar mentioned earlier, offers an extremely comfortable riding experience for your baby.

But, there’s more! Probably the best thing about this product is the versatile baby seats. You have three choices when adjusting them: a forward-facing, a backward-facing, or an upright position.

The wheels are not the only thing you can lock. The seats also have a locking mechanism, which is on the side of the strollers and is incredibly easy to use.

Keeping all this in mind, it’s clear that there is absolutely no need to worry about your child’s safety if you decide to buy the UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller.

The entire product is made of durable materials which makes the stroller incredibly sturdy and of high-quality.


The design is both modern and chic with a variety of models to choose from.

The first one is Alice which comes in a combination of three colors. The sun shield and fabric is dusty pink, the handle is of brownish saddle leather while the frame is grey.

At first, you might think this model is for girls only but once you see it in person, you’ll realize that this is anything but a typical pink color.

The Bryce model’s sun-shield and fabric are white marl (which is much more elegant than the usual white color). The handles are again made of leather, but now in chestnut while the frame is standard silver.

The Emmett model has a combination of silver frame, saddle leather for the handles, and green melange for the fabric – a gender-neutral solution for all urban moms out there.

The Finn model is mostly reserved for boys, but it will work just as well for a baby girl. In this case, the silver frame and the chestnut leather handles are followed by a deep-sea blue sun-shield and fabric.

Next up is Gregory; the design of these strollers are in bluish tones. The saddle leather and silver frame remain, while the rest is in a blue melange.

In addition to the above models, there are also three additional gender-neutral designs. The Hazel model has a predominantly olive-green color, with the usual silver frame and saddle leather for the handles.

The Jake model is quite an unusual design for strollers but that’s exactly what makes it so unique. Its predominant color is black: a carbon frame, black leather, and charcoal fabric.

Finally, the Jordan model is all about grey tones. The frame is silver, the leather is black while the rest of the fabric is, once again, charcoal melange.

Additional accessories:

The UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller comes with a storage basket underneath. It has enough storage space for you to carry your baby’s clothes, breastfeeding essentials, and other things.

The baby bassinet and car seat are sold separately. But if you purchase these items from the same manufacturer, they’re incredibly easy to attach.

UppaBaby Vista Stroller

Full size product dimensions: 36″L x 25.7″W x 39.5″H


The first advantage of the Vista is that it can be converted into a double stroller. So, if you’re a mom of twins or just have two children that still use strollers, this is the option for you.

In a finger snap, this single stroller becomes a double and you can use it for more kids, which is an amazing and unique feature.

In fact, it’s possible to expand the Vista strollers to accommodate up to three children. Isn’t that great? And the best part is that it’ll feel like you’re only pushing a single stroller.

The upper seat is known as the toddler seat, while the lower is the rumble seat. These two seats are different in size, weight capacity, and height limit.

When you buy Vista strollers, you get one seat only: the toddler seat. If you want to extend them and convert the Vista into a double stroller, you’ll have to buy the additional rumble seat.

Once you do that, the toddler seat can no longer go in a lower position. The two are not mutually interchangeable.

But, the good news is that both seats recline and can change directions. For example, one of your children can be parent facing while the other can be facing forwards at the same time.

When you use the Vista as a double stroller, you can’t use a bassinet and a rumble seat simultaneously. You can use two bassinets or have a combination of a toddler seat in an upper position and a bassinet in a lower position.

The third child doesn’t get a separate seat but rather a PiggyBack ride board. This is a great gadget for your toddler when they get too tired to walk.

The weight limit of the PiggyBack is 55lbs and can be attached and detached quite quickly, without much trouble. Most importantly: the baby strollers can be folded together with the ride board.

The PiggyBack’s surface, which is made entirely of wood, is safe and won’t allow your toddler to slip and fall.

But that’s not all. The Vista also allows for two car seats and two bassinets.

This product’s travel system is also compatible with MESA car seats. Just like the Cruz, you don’t need to buy any additional adapters since direct attachment is possible.

As mentioned earlier, the toddler seat is reversible which means you have more than two possibilities: forward, backward, upright, or reclined strolling – whatever suits your little ray of sunshine best.

The handle is telescopic, so you can adjust it according to your height. The handlebar is made entirely out of leather, which will give you extra comfort while pushing your child.

When your baby girl or boy starts to grow, they’ll still be able to use this product, thanks to the deeper foot-rest and higher backrest features. Also, you’ll have the sliding shoulder adjustment that provides comfort for your growing toddler.

The 2020 version comes with an extended bassinet canopy that provides complete sun protection for your little one. The pop-out UPF 50+ sun-shade protects your baby from all the dangerous UV rays.

The best part is that it can be unzipped at the back giving your baby some extra ventilation.

The entire stroller’s construction can be folded and unfolded with one hand and once folded, the strollers can stand alone.

The Vista has larger wheels which give the stroller smoother maneuverability. They all come with a shock-absorbing wheel suspension.

Thanks to the polyurethane front tires, no bumpy sidewalk can impact your child’s comfort while strolling.

The only thing about these strollers is that it gets pretty heavy when you use it for more than one child. Even though each of the accessories can be attached and detached with one hand, all of them combined make this product difficult to handle and carry around.


When you look at the UPPAbaby Vista v2 vs UPPAbaby Cruz v2, you might think that they have the same design options. However, the Vista has two additional design choices over and above the Alice, Bryce, Emmett, Finn, Gregory, Hazel, Jake, and Jordan models.

The first one is called Stella. It’s a combination of grey brushed melange, silver frame, and chestnut leather. Sierra is the second one and it has a silver frame, a black leather handle, and Dune knit with green and blue fabric.

The bassinet comes in 10 different designs: Alice (dusty pink), Bryce (white marl), Emmett (green melange), Finn (deep sea), Gregory (blue melange), Hazel (olive), Jake (charcoal), Jordan (charcoal melange), Sierra (Dune knit with blue and green) and Stella (grey).

Even though some of these colors might sound girly or boyish at first, trust me – they’re all suitable for all genders.

Additional accessories

The Vista stroller comes with a spacious basket that you can use to store different baby essentials. It’s big enough for your diaper bag, your kid’s toys, and other essentials.

But the best part is that it comes with a huge bassinet.

The bassinet has a weight capacity of 20 lbs and you can add another bassinet if you have twins.

The canopy of the bassinet is extendable, with UPF 50+ protection, and can be unzipped without much trouble, if you think that the baby needs some more air. Another feature that’s included in the package is a bug shield.

It also comes with a breathable, long mattress that can be easily removed so you don’t have to worry about your child’s (or children’s) comfort. The mattress pad is also breathable and removable.

Actually, the entire bassinet can be attached and detached with only one hand. Basically, you don’t even have to put your baby down while performing this task.

If you decide to purchase a bassinet stand from the same manufacturer, you can use it separately for overnight sleeping.

UppaBaby Cruz Vs Vista Differences:

young mother pushing white baby stroller through the park

What do you get?

When you purchase one of the Cruz strollers, you’ll get the baby seat, the basket, a bumper bar, a frame, a sun-shield, and a bug shield.

If you decide to buy one of the Vista strollers, you’ll get the baby seat, a frame, a bumper bar, and a bassinet with a basket, a sun-shield, and a bug-shield.


At a first glance, you can’t help but notice the big difference in prices between UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista. The Cruz strollers are always less pricey so that might trick you into thinking it pays off more to purchase them.

However, the Vista is more expensive for a reason. Don’t forget that it comes with a bassinet. On the other hand, if you choose the Cruz model, you’ll have to buy the bassinet separately, which will possibly end up costing you more in the long run.

Also, not all models and designs of these strollers are the same price. For example, if you check out Amazon, you’ll see that Jake is the most expensive one since it’s the only model that has a black frame. The price depends on the fabrics and materials used in each specific product.


Possibly the most important UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista difference is the accessories that come with the stroller. As mentioned in the previous section, the Vista model comes with a bassinet included but the Cruz strollers, don’t.

If you do choose the Cruz stroller and want the bassinet, you’ll end up buying the exact same one that is included with the Vista model – since that’s the compatible one.

So, the question is: Do you need a bassinet at all? Well, if you’re buying these strollers for your newborn, the answer is definitely yes.

First and foremost, in a bassinet, your baby lies flat. This has proven to be the best infant lying position.

Besides, the bassinet provides much more airflow than a regular car seat. They’re not covered with the usual car seat foam for protection, so your little one will be sweating a lot less in it.

It has been proven that this manufacturer’s bassinet is suitable for your little one’s overnight sleep. I’m not saying that you will be using it instead of a crib but it certainly can come in handy when you’re traveling.

Weight and size:

The Cruz model’s wheels are a bit smaller than the Vista’s. That is where the difference in weight comes from.

Of course, I’m talking about single strollers here. If you decide to add another bassinet or a car seat, the Vista will be heavier.

When it comes to size, these two models have pretty similar dimensions. The Cruz is a little narrower but you probably won’t notice that right away.

Weight and height capacity:

The Cruz model has a recommended weight capacity of up to 50 pounds.

On the other hand, since the Vista has the option of adding a second seat, it also has two different weight capacities. The upper or the toddler seat has a capacity of up to 50 pounds and a height limit of 40’’. The Vista’s lower seat has a somewhat smaller weight capacity: up to 35 pounds and a height limit of 36’’.

It’s safe to put a 3-month old baby in each one of these strollers.

If you want to start using it earlier, there’s a neat little accessory called an Infant SnugSeat available from the same manufacturer. It provides your little one’s neck and head with extra comfort. You should use it from birth up to 3 months.

Just make sure that the infant seat is in a completely reclined position before using this handy accessory.

Car Seats Compatible With UPPABaby Strollers:

adorable baby boy sleeping in a car seat

UPPAbaby Mesa

Clek Liing


Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio

Cybex Cloud Q

Chicco Key Fit

Final Thoughts

Now that you have all the UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista differences, features, pros, and cons at your disposal, it’s easier for you to decide what’s your best pick. One thing I can tell you: you won’t make a mistake, whichever one you go with.

It all depends on your preferences and needs. If you have two or more children, Vista is the choice for you. Yes, it’s more expensive but it will help you kill two birds with one stone.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, Cruz is your best option. Besides, a bassinet isn’t necessary if you’re looking at strollers for a slightly older child.

A good alternative to the Uppababy Cruz is the Nuna Mixx stroller, so you might want to check it out if you’re still undecided.

For parents on a budget, I recommend looking into the comparison of the Uppababy and the Mockingbird brand.

So, mammas, the choice is up to you! Enjoy strolling with your new stroller.

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