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Personality Traits And Characteristics Of A Pisces Child

Personality Traits And Characteristics Of A Pisces Child

Sensitive and caring, a Pisces child can often seem wise beyond their years since they’re happier playing alone in their bedroom than rolling around in the mud with their friends.

Born between February 19th and March 20th, Pisceans are the last sign of the zodiac and are ruled by the planet Neptune. Symbolized by the fish, this sign has strong intuition and tends to make decisions based on their gut feelings.

During childhood, Pisces is creative and prone to daydreaming, and a little introverted. That being said, they’re very sweet and always willing to help a friend in need, making them great siblings.

You don’t have to worry about them running off and getting injured in wild adventures, as a Pisces prefers to hang back and engage in imaginative play.

Pisces Zodiac Sign – Key Things To Know

Personality Traits And Characteristics Of A Pisces Child

Ruled by the last planet in our solar system, Neptune, the sign of Pisces envelops everyone born between February 19th and March 20th. As a Water sign, it’s represented by the fish. These fish are moving in opposite directions which is an illustration of the Pisces’ struggle between the real and the fantasy world.

Even the casual horoscope reader can probably tell you one of the most defining characteristics of Pisceans – they’re sensitive. Their emotional responses are strong but they are also blessed with a strong intuition that helps them gauge the character or intentions of other people way ahead of other Sun signs.

But, members of this sign aren’t only sensitive psychics; they are extremely intelligent people, too – famous Pisceans include Albert Einstein and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, so you’re in pretty good company as a Pisces.

Born with a wild imagination, it’s common to find a Pisces lost in their daydreams. That’s why they’re rarely lonely even when they’re alone. That being said, they must also learn how to stay grounded in the real world. Sure, daydreaming is a great way to process emotions but Pisceans need to find a way to rein themselves back in once this habit turns into escapism.

When it comes to friendships and socializing, a Pisces prefers smaller gatherings to big parties. They’re not exactly social butterflies but make for caring and generous friends.

If you ever have a problem for which you need advice, a Pisces will happily listen to you all night and offer you their point of view. And because they’re so intuitive, you should probably listen to them! They’re not the type to judge others and they’ll hear you out without making you feel bad about your life choices.

But, when it’s time to emotionally open up to others, things get tricky for the Fish. Because they tend to get wrapped up in their own emotional storms, it’s easy for them to believe that no one could understand them or that their problems are unsolvable.

Of course, this is not true. Learning to let others in is a major life lesson for Pisces, in addition to understanding that it’s okay to put yourself first from time to time.

Sometimes they prefer to just swim away from their problems in the hopes that they will resolve themselves. Obviously, this only causes their issues to snowball until they can no longer be ignored, making it necessary for Pisces to learn how to face all the curveballs life throws at them.

Once you really get to know them, you’ll see that they have a great sense of humor and a playful personality which makes them great parents and caregivers. Pisces also loves spending time in nature and connecting with the outside world.

Pisces Child Personality Traits

adorable little girl in yellow shirt having lunch

A Pisces baby is just as sensitive and emotional as the grown-up Fish. They feel everything deeply and easily pick up on your emotions, so if you’re upset, you can bet that they will be, too. But, if you’re worried that this will translate into terrible temper tantrums for your 2-year-old, worry not!

Thanks to their compassion, the Piscean child is not really interested in ruining your day by screaming at the top of their lungs when you’re at the supermarket.

From an early age, Pisces kids experience strong gut feelings and they aren’t afraid to rely on what their intuition is telling them in a particular situation.

Apart from needing lots of cuddles, your little one will need plenty of art supplies, too. This child is incredibly creative and will often get lost in their own world for hours at a time. Don’t be shocked if your little Pisces ends up introducing you to many of their imaginary friends – they are just the type to develop an entire universe in their head.

When it comes to playing with siblings and friends, kids born under this star sign are happy to share their toys as they’re quite selfless. They want to help everyone who’s down on their luck, which sadly leaves them open to being taken advantage of.

In adulthood, Pisceans tend to shut off their emotions and this is a personality trait that’s also present in childhood, especially if their openness caused them heartbreak. They’ll hide behind a facade, with their true feelings bubbling underneath.

But, unlike a Gemini child who thrives off the excitement and playing with large groups of kids, your little one won’t mind being on their own. In fact, this helps them recharge for when they do need to socialize.

The energy and fearlessness that you might find in an Aries child simply aren’t there with a Pisces – roughhousing with other kids just isn’t their idea of a good time.

It’s not uncommon for a parent of a Pisces to say that their child has an old soul – they can often seem wise and mature beyond their years, even when faced with new situations for the first time. Pisces babies are very affectionate and love when their parents shower them with devotion.

In their teenage years, a Pisces can be moody – then again, what teenager isn’t? Just make sure not to mention this to their face. They might retreat to their room when they need to be alone but overall, Piscean teenagers are trustworthy and dependable.

What To Expect From Pisces Girls And Pisces Boys

Little girl playing a water hose while washing a car with her brother at home

So intuitive that you might think she’s psychic, a Pisces girl is no stranger to letting her emotions lead the way.

Playtime is easy and she’ll turn any boring object into a toy. As she gets older, you’ll discover that she doesn’t need strict schedules and routines to thrive.

Blessed with a rich imagination, a Pisces boy will always stand up for anyone that’s being mistreated.

Seeing injustice affects him deeply and he might retreat to a fantasy world or try to find other ways to escape real life which usually can’t measure up to the universe he has created in his mind.

How To Parent A Pisces Child

father playing with his two kids

In short, parenting a Pisces child doesn’t have many difficult moments since they’re so attuned to how you feel. It doesn’t take much to discipline a Pisces and they’ll be quick to notice your disapproving gaze.

This also means that they might cry when you raise your voice – it really hurts their feelings!

Try not to be too harsh with your little Fish as they have a tendency to become aloof and hide their emotions when hurting.

What makes a Pisces very different from an Aquarius child, is the fact that they are super affectionate.

Depending on the kind of person you are, you might find it easy or hard to fulfill your child’s emotional needs both verbally and physically. Make sure to provide lots of cuddles and let them know you love them every chance you get.

You’ll enjoy seeing your little one interact kindly with their siblings and friends but be sure to teach them about the dangers that lurk when you misplace your trust. Not everyone has their best interests at heart, and it’s an important lesson for a young Pisces to learn.

You’ll need to offer your child plenty of opportunities to get creative.

Thankfully, they’ll find an old phone charger interesting to play with but you should still create an environment where their imagination can run loose, such as through painting, drawing, or even acting!

A downside of your child’s active imagination is their tendency to dress up the truth and tell a white lie or two when telling you a story. It’s not malicious, they just love to tell stories and might not understand that twisting the truth to make it sound more fun isn’t always good.

Grounding your child in the real world might be a challenge as they are prone to get lost in their fantasy world. Still, homework needs to be done, regardless of what they’d rather do! Expect it to be hard to create a steady routine with your little Fish.

Pisces kids are little helpers, too, and you can always rely on them to help you clean up the table or fold the laundry. On a day off, take them on a field trip in nature as they love spending time in the outdoors.

However, given their introverted nature, a Pisces kiddo isn’t likely to be a little daredevil and engage in energetic play with other kids. Some parents find this hard to accept, especially if they were the roughhousing type.

Still, it’s important for you to value what your child feels most comfortable with and not push them too far out of their comfort zone.

Pisces Child And Parent Compatibility

Happy mothers walking together with kids in strolles

Will you and your little Pisces be like two peas in a pod or will there be a couple of bumps in the road? Find out how well your star sign gets along with the Fish.

Aries parent

You’re a firecracker and your little one is a calm river flowing at a steady pace. See the difference? It’s important for you to switch gears and slow down when necessary, as Pisces values spending quality time with you in a space they’re comfortable with.

Learn how to read their carefully hidden emotions and needs, because your child won’t always share them openly.

Taurus parent

The two of you share a strong creative streak and you can bond over activities such as painting and reading. And when your Pisces drifts off into their fantasy world, you can always pull them back and give them an opportunity to learn how to be grounded. As a Taurus, you’re affectionate, too, and you’ll always show your love.

Gemini parent

Emotional support isn’t always your highest priority but young Pisces needs it to build a secure attachment to their parent. On the other hand, you’re one of the most creative signs, which means that Pisces’ artistic side will never be neglected!

Cancer parent

As a Cancer, you place a lot of stock in emotions and being sensitive to others. This allows you to build a strong and healthy connection with your child, who can always count on you in moments of need.

You have a way of knowing when Pisces is shutting you out to deal with their emotional turmoil on their own and know just the right thing to say for them to open up.

Leo parent

As a Leo, you’re protective and caring, making your little Fish feel secure and loved. And you are over the moon with the fact that your little one is so affectionate and isn’t afraid to show their feelings. Plus, you’re a great role model in assertiveness and leadership to the introverted Pisces.

Virgo parent

Virgos are known for being pragmatic and logical – they’re an Earth sign, after all. And let’s not forget the perfectionist side of your personality. You have trouble understanding your child’s daydreaming and that they have trouble following a schedule, but this is just who they are, and you’ll have to adjust.

Libra parent

You’re a Libra, so your creative and whimsical personality goes hand in hand with your artsy Pisces kiddo. Perhaps you’re not as sensitive as they are, but you’re happy to indulge their emotional needs. And since your little Fish is an introvert, you can slowly teach them to be more communicative and outgoing.

Scorpio parent

Your intuitive child is one of the few people who can easily read what’s going on behind those mysterious eyes, Scorpio. And you love them for it! But, you can also teach your Pisces to be more resilient and careful, which is an important lesson for them to learn.

Sagittarius parent

As a Sagittarius, you’re not so concerned with feelings and the inner workings of the mind, but rather your focus is on your next adventure. Remember that your child has different needs and that you’ll need to work to find some kind of balance to make this relationship a home run.

Capricorn parent

​You know all about providing security, Capricorn, if by security you mean a stable and organized home life. Emotions, however, aren’t always your strong suit. Still, you’re the perfect person to bring young Pisces back to Earth when they get lost exploring the galaxy in their mind.

Aquarius parent

Showing how you feel was never a talent of yours but you’ll need to figure out how to meet your child halfway so they don’t miss out on the affection they need. On the other hand, you love that they’re so creative and have a crazy imagination!

Pisces parent

The two of you are so similar but this is never an obstacle in your relationship, as neither has a penchant for stubbornness. In fact, your bond is sweet and stable. Remember that your child needs to come back to the real world once in a while, so don’t get too lost in your daydreams!

Final Thoughts

As a parent of a Pisces child, you’re in for a wonderful ride! Cuddly and affectionate, this baby will steal your heart from day one and you’ll always know just how much they love you. As they go through life, it will be a joy to watch their helpful and caring side develop, just make sure to teach them that not everyone has the best intentions at heart.

Whether they paint or make music, make sure to show an interest in their passions and encourage them by offering positive energy and praise. Sure, they might not always want to go outside and play with large groups of kids but they’ll never turn down a day in the outdoors with a select group of loved ones.

Even though watching their imagination at play is so much fun, don’t forget to bring them back down to Earth every once in a while – they’ll need it to become the best version of themselves!

As teenagers, Pisceans can get moody and broody but there’s no need to worry… They’ll still be your warm and trustworthy little Fish!

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Personality Traits And Characteristics Of A Pisces Child

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