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Personality Traits And Characteristics Of An Aries Child

Personality Traits And Characteristics Of An Aries Child

​Competitive and energetic, an Aries child will have you running around the playground all day! But what else do you need to know about your little Ram?

Representing babies born between March 21st and April 19th, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is known for being high-energy, high-spirit, and honest to a fault.

They love to compete and win, and they are natural leaders who never have any trouble making friends. In fact, you’ll probably find your Aries on the playground, leading a group of kids to execute an idea that he or she had come up with.

Eager to walk and talk, you can expect your baby to say mama early on – they are just so excited to get out into the world! Once they get up onto their own two feet, they’ll never want to sit down again, so be prepared for a thrilling ride.

Aries Zodiac Sign – Key Things To Know

Personality Traits And Characteristics Of An Aries Child

As the first sign of the zodiac, people under this star sign were born between March 21st and April 19th. Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries is a fire sign represented by the Ram.

Aries are known for their strong competitive streak that motivates them to go above and beyond when they’re competing with others – they are not the type to get easily intimidated and tend to win often, too. Of course, this is a result of determination and full commitment to whatever they are doing that prevents them from ever doing a mediocre job.

Life with an Aries can be very intense at times because they like to be in “go” mode, working on a dozen tasks at once. And while other signs might not be able to keep up with this tempo, Aries’ passionate character enables them to pursue different avenues without batting an eye.

Aries’ passion also manifests itself in their short-tempered nature, which can be a big detriment in their personal life.

When they get angry, everyone will know it, and they might forget all about thinking before speaking. On the flip side, you can be certain that Aries will rarely pretend like a problem doesn’t exist.

They are prone to being impulsive and pay little attention to calculating the potential risks of a particular decision, but this can play well into their ambition, especially if they’re working towards an important goal.

One of the key aspects of an Aries personality is honesty and this sun sign will tell you like it is, whether you like it or not. Sometimes their inability to be diplomatic (or tell a white lie) can seem tactless but to Aries, honesty is the best policy. They can dish it out, but they can take it, too, so don’t be afraid to tell a Ram exactly what’s on your mind. They’ll appreciate it!

A natural leader, Aries must learn to consider the opinions of others when making decisions, and this can prove to be a source of problems in their personal relationships. On the other hand, they have an open personality and usually have very diverse groups of friends.

Rams know how to enjoy their own company and they take pleasure in being alone with their thoughts, although they’re great fun at social gatherings as well.

Aries Child Personality Traits

little baby girl playing with toy

​With their high energy levels, Aries kids always seem to be looking for the next adventure and can be a real handful. Teaching them to be patient and not so restless can seem like mission impossible, leading to frequent temper tantrums.

Their passionate and impulsive nature, one of the biggest Aries child traits, makes it difficult for them to get a grip on their emotions and they’re very likely to throw themselves on the floor of the supermarket when you refuse to buy them that new toy. Luckily, little Aries lets go of anger quickly and doesn’t hold on to any resentment.

When it comes to milestones such as potty training, you can expect your little Ram to do things their own way and in their own time, as learning to go potty might just be a little boring for them. On the other hand, they’ll be walking and talking in no time!

Since they are always on the go, entertaining them with toys and fun games is a must. But as Aries kids are prone to getting into drawers and cupboards they should stay out of, make sure to keep an eye out on them when they’re playing and stay two steps ahead when it comes to baby-proofing.

An Aries child will show their stubbornness from an early age and don’t be surprised if your 3-year-old Aries absolutely refuses to eat the delicious soup you made for dinner – they can be stubborn to a fault! And because they want to be leaders, Aries children dislike being told what to do and they tend to be bossy with friends or siblings.

Growing up, they need your affection and attention, but these demanding qualities are offset by their generosity. Your little one will always share their toys and food! Astrologers also note that Aries kids are outgoing and extroverted, making it easy for them to make friends so you won’t have to worry about them being loners.

They thrive in environments where they can compete, and they enjoy playing sports and other games where they can do what they do best – win! Plus, they’ll need lots of physical activity every day to burn off their energy. As a consequence, Aries kids tend to be accident-prone.

An Aries child also enjoys puzzles and other intellectual games, and they’ll love getting into an arts and crafts activity such as flower painting with the rest of their family.

With an Aries baby, you’ll get a glimpse of that fiery temper early on. As they get older, they can get angry quickly if what they’re working on isn’t going according to plan and they will need to learn how to control their emotional outbursts.

What To Expect From Aries Girls And Aries Boys

toddler girl and little baby boy having fun at the pool

Although she’s naturally sociable and extroverted, an Aries girl is still fiercely independent and isn’t likely to fall under the influence of anyone else but herself. Her strong-willed nature can develop into a rebellious streak as she gets older, so brace yourself!

An Aries boy is born to be the leader of the pack and his competitive nature will make it difficult to reach a compromise, whether he’s asking for a later curfew or wants to eat hot dogs for dinner, yet again. He’ll need to be occupied with energy-consuming activities, such as football, so he doesn’t feel the need to get competitive at home.

How To Parent An Aries Child

Happy parents and kids having fun on sofa

Aries children are born in spring, a time when nature is reawakening and we’re finding new energy within ourselves to tackle the challenges ahead. These spring babies are also characterized by energy, so parenting an Aries child can be a challenge to parents who aren’t as on-the-go as much as Rams.

Young Aries don’t like to be contained and if you’re a homebody, you’re going to have to do some adjusting to your child’s need to be active and have fun in the outdoors where they can run wild and free.

Because they are impulsive and reckless from a young age, be prepared for many scraped knees and even a broken bone as your Aries challenges themselves during their adventures. Like a Sagittarius child, Aries love learning new tricks on their bike or daring other kids to a race.

If you are adventurous yourself, you’ll understand that this is who your child is and you’ll give them enough space to learn from their own mistakes. If you’re the kind of parent who tends to hover and worry, it will be harder for you to adjust so try to find a balance between being supportive and giving them enough breathing room.

In situations where your little Aries is stuck while working on an important project, for example, it’s important for you to join in and motivate them to keep going. Young Aries tend to throw in the towel when things don’t go their way and they’ll need a helping hand to learn not to give up.

They’ll need rules and boundaries, especially as they approach their teenage years, but they will still try to challenge you and see if you will bend to their will. Entrusting them with chores will feed into their leadership skills and they’ll be happy to prove to you that they’re independent.

Unlike a Libra child, an Aries isn’t too eager to show their emotions so don’t expect them to tell you that they love you every day. However, remember to let them know from time to time how you feel, especially if they have accomplished something important and congratulations are in order.

Because they’re brutally honest, you’ll need to teach them the value of dressing up the truth from time to time and how it can benefit their relationships. Aries children still have a need to be liked and explaining how brutal honesty can get in the way of that will help them better weigh their words before speaking.

Aries Child And Parent Compatibility

Advice For New Parents 17 Helpful Tips To Keep Your Sanity

Whether your home life with your little Aries is a smooth sailing or topsy turvy ride also depends on your own star sign and how the two interact. Will the two of you get along like a house on fire or is some adjusting in order? Here is how each member of the zodiac gets along with Aries.

Aries parent

The two of you have an unlimited reservoir of excitement and energy, so you go together like peanut butter and jelly and you can be a great role model for your little one.

When you argue, things can get heated, so it’s important to step back and take a breather. Luckily, neither of you can stay mad for very long, and with your quibble out of the way, it’s back to scheduled programming!

Taurus parent

There are important differences to unpack between the two of you. For one, you’re not as prone to excitement and adventure as Aries, and you enjoy taking things at a slower pace. Your child wants to lead and have the final say – and you’re just as headstrong but not as willing to directly air out your grievances.

With a bit of compromise, however, you’ll be able to learn a lot from each other!

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Gemini parent

Just like a Gemini child, you are spontaneous and in touch with the fun side of life. This part of your personality is a good match for Aries’ daredevil spirit and you appreciate rather than have anxieties about their adventurous nature.

You’re not the most practical parent-child combination, though, so don’t forget about the real world while you’re off having fun!

Cancer parent

You have a talent for noticing your child’s emotional needs even when they’re not saying a word, which is a great thing as a parent to an Aries who is hesitant to talk about their feelings openly. Work on being more direct when you’re upset or hurt as this will bring the two of you closer together.

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Leo parent

As a Leo, you’re used to being the leader of the pack. With your little Aries in the picture, your authority is being challenged, and you’ll need some time to adjust to this new dynamic. Prepare for a very honest and blunt child who will tell you exactly what’s on their mind!

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Virgo parent

You and your child are like night and day! While they’re stomping through life like a little daredevil, you factor in the risks before any major decision – a personality trait that is recognizable even in a Virgo child. Raising your child will be an exercise in patience, but you’ll be able to teach them about the importance of taking it easy and being cautious.

Libra parent

When it comes to telling it like it is, you’d rather dress up the truth or avoid the conversation altogether – you’re a Libra, after all! Then, there’s your child who is unafraid of being honest, even when others are disagreeing with them. This is a great opportunity for you to learn how to handle conflict.

It’s also a good thing you are both extroverts – you’ll enjoy attending parties together, and you’ll have understanding for your little Ram’s need for freedom.

Scorpio parent

As a Scorpio, you won’t be taken aback by your child’s tendency to throw a temper tantrum since you’re an expert at intense emotions! But make sure not to fall into the trap of trying to monitor their life too much – Aries don’t respond well to excessive control.

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Sagittarius parent

With your relaxed and fun-loving spirit, you’re a perfect match for your little Aries. You won’t hesitate to spend your weekends outdoors since being lazy isn’t your exact idea of fun, and you won’t hover over your child’s every move, which is just what they need.

Capricorn parent

As a Capricorn, you believe in schedules and structure – you’re very much a hands-on parent which works wonderfully with a Capricorn child, for example. But with an Aries baby, you’ll need to learn to pull back, otherwise, you’ll butt heads constantly. On the other hand, you’re the perfect person to teach them about the importance of simmering down.

Aquarius parent

You can teach your child to be more mild-tempered, which is an important lesson they need to learn as they grow up. Even though your peace will be disturbed by Aries’ energy, you appreciate your child’s lust for life and are happy to nurture their independence.

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Pisces parent

From a young age, a Pisces child is sensitive and empathic, and these traits remain in adulthood, as well. As a parent, you’re there for your Aries emotionally, although you will struggle to keep up with their restless energy from time to time.

Final Thoughts

To a free-spirited and restless parent, raising an Aries child is easy-peasy. But if your idea of fun is having a lazy afternoon at home, then you can expect your little Ram to protest! After all, they need an outlet for their high energy and quietly playing in their room all day simply isn’t going to cut it.

Although their honesty can be interpreted as rudeness, especially by those who don’t know them well, Aries are good and generous friends who aren’t afraid to take the lead.

It’s true that they’re prone to temper tantrums, but after the crying and yelling are over with, you can be certain that there are no hard feelings left!

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Personality Traits And Characteristics Of An Aries Child

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