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Personality Traits And Characteristics Of A Capricorn Child

Personality Traits And Characteristics Of A Capricorn Child

As the parent of a Capricorn child, sometimes you must wonder whether your child ever had a phase when they weren’t such an old soul.

Born in December and January, Capricorns are notorious for their seriousness, practicality, and hardworking nature. They love to learn from a young age and find great joy in imitating adults, while being organized to a fault.

Although they tend to be A grade students, Capricorn kids can be quite shy and need a little bit of encouragement to get out into the world and make new friends.

Being a parent to a Capricorn can seem incredibly easy because they have a natural sense of responsibility and independence, but you should also be careful not to expect too much of them. Your little Goat is still just a kid, after all!

Capricorn Horoscope Sign – Key Things To Know

Capricorn Horoscope Sign – Key Things To Know

Born between December 22nd and January 19th, the Capricorn sun sign is ruled by the planet Saturn. As an Earth sign, it’s known for being practical and serious. It is usually represented by the Goat, and it’s no surprise since this sign has a reputation for being very stubborn.

Capricorns’ strong-willed nature is a result of them knowing exactly what they want and why they want it, so it makes no sense to them to consider anything else. They believe that success awaits those that apply themselves and do their best, and are a very hardworking zodiac sign.

When faced with a challenge, Capricorn doesn’t back down or hesitate to tackle it head-on. In their view, challenges are exciting and an excellent way to discover something new. And if there’s one thing Capricorn won’t do is let go of an opportunity to learn!

They can be quite traditional, which is a natural consequence of their love for routine and rules. It’s not that they can’t function when they can do whatever they want, but they certainly do much better in an environment that comes with certain guidelines to follow.

Their organized nature plays well into their need to have order in their life, so there’s very little room to be spontaneous or, God-forbid, messy. At the workplace, Capricorns don’t mind having a strict hierarchy or protocols to follow. In fact, this is their ideal work environment where they can focus on the task at hand and excel at their job.

However, a Capricorn’s need for perfection can cause them lots of stress and lead to feelings of unhappiness. Focusing too much on appearances, instead of what’s hiding behind the facade, draws them away from addressing the root of the problem. To top it off, Capricorns put a lot of stock in how others view them and are hesitant to show any vulnerabilities.

Don’t be taken aback by the high standards they hold themselves to – it’s likely they will expect a lot from you as well. Capricorns benefit from understanding that there is more than one way of getting things done and that not doing things their way isn’t the end of the world.

As a friend, a Capricorn is loyal and trustworthy. It might take a while to get to know them but once you do, you’ll fall in love with their great sense of humor. Plus, they will never forget birthdays or plans, since they have the memory of an elephant. If you mention in passing how you like a particular restaurant, don’t be shocked when they take you there for a special dinner!

An awkward situation will never get the best of a Capricorn and they are experts at diffusing tension and picking the right words to put everyone at ease. On the flip side, they do tend to hold grudges, so they need to learn how to let go of the past.

Unlike a Sagittarius, Capricorns are very careful with their money. They’re not prone to buying something on a whim and will carefully weigh the pros and cons of each purchase. Saving money is easy for them and they’re great at budgeting and investing.

If you’re working on an important project, you’ll definitely want a Capricorn by your side. They are incredibly reliable – when they tell you they’ll get something done, you better believe it! Knowing how to focus is one of their biggest talents and they won’t stop until their work is finished.

In a romantic relationship, Capricorns also tend to have a business-like approach. If your relationship experiences some bumps in the road, your Capricorn partner will know just the steps to take in order to improve it – just make sure never to tease them about anything since they are very sensitive if they feel like they’re being laughed at.

Although they are ambitious, you will never find a Capricorn lost in their daydreams as they are very realistic and practical, and sometimes, you’ll need to drag them away from their work!

Capricorn Child Personality Traits

little baby girl playing with toy

With a Capricorn child, you’ll notice that they appear serious and polished from a young age. While other kids might enjoy big birthday parties and have fun with their friends in class, Capricorn children stand out with their seriousness and lack of desire to engage in behavior they’ll likely describe as silly.

These traits give Capricorn kids the title of old souls – they always appear older and more mature than they are and don’t enjoy spending time in crowds. It’s completely expected, then, that they’re less likely to be social butterflies and need a little time to make new friends.

Once your little Capricorn does make friends, however, you can expect them to have the same group of friends for years as they are very loyal and willing to put in the effort to nurture their relationships even in childhood.

Although they might be a bit of a loner in bigger groups, your little Goat will show off their hilarious sense of humor in the company of people they trust and everyone will notice their absence.

Your Capricorn baby will love to be occupied with different games and tasks from an early age, especially those where they get to pretend like they’re grown-ups. This is a consequence of their practical and realistic side, and it’s best to avoid competitive games because little Capricorns don’t take losing very well.

They think of chores as playtime, so don’t hesitate to give them something useful to do around the house that’s also age-appropriate – sweeping the floor, taking out the trash, helping load the dishwasher are all chores your child will gladly do.

Since they are decisive, you can expect your little one to be stubborn. Remember, Capricorns think they know best, and getting them to change their mind about something can quickly turn into a power struggle.

Even though they are not the most affectionate zodiac sign, they’ll remember to show you they love you in different ways, such as with a cute drawing or a handmade card you can put on the fridge. But they’re not impulsive or reckless, making them a little easier to parent than some of the other zodiac signs.

Little goats are quite independent and will quickly learn how to do things on their own. While some kids need a million reminders to pick up their toys and clean their room, you’ll find that your child will do these things of their own accord – after all, they like their surroundings to be neat and tidy.

Just like a Capricorn adult, a Capricorn child loves routine and having a schedule. They tend to be little perfectionists and need praise for a job well done. However, when they find themselves struggling with a particular task, they tend to beat themselves up over it and make a mountain out of a molehill.

What To Expect From Capricorn Girls And Capricorn Boys

kids playing with toys

Capricorn girls and boys are born with wisdom that surpasses their age. A Capricorn girl is particularly intelligent, appreciate routine, and not overly demanding. At playtime, she prefers practical activities and although she’s not the most outgoing type, she is loyal in her friendships. She appreciates politeness and is generally in high spirits, making her a joy to be around.

A Capricorn boy is very determined and sets high expectations for himself. Should someone make fun of him, he’ll be deeply insulted and upset. A Capricorn boy also loves to keep his living environment clean, and won’t need constant reminders to tidy his room or do his laundry.

How To Parent A Capricorn Child

mother scolds her child in their home

​Due to their maturity, Capricorn kids aren’t very prone to temper tantrums, so you can thank your lucky stars! The flip side of the coin is that you need to encourage them to be kids and not be so hard on themselves all the time.

For example, just because they didn’t get started on their homework right after they got home from school doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, and you should provide them with reassurance when things don’t go according to plan, whether it’s an unsuccessful science experiment or a group project gone wrong.

In some families, it’s common to tease each other and it’s considered harmless fun – but with a Capricorn child in the picture, good-natured teasing can turn sour very quickly, especially if the topic is something very near and dear to their heart. Remember not to go overboard so as not to affect their self-esteem.

When they become passionate about a particular activity or develop a hobby, encourage them to explore it more and show that you’re interested in it – your little Goat will appreciate it!

Like I mentioned above, Capricorn children have a strong sense of responsibility that you can nurture from an early age and they’ll be happy to help around the house. However, be careful not to expect too much of them and place even bigger demands on their little shoulders!

Even though they love routine and structure, you’ll find that it’s not difficult for your little Capricorn to adjust to new environments and changes. Remember, Capricorns love learning new things, so milestones such as potty training won’t be difficult to reach.

All in all, home life with a Capricorn isn’t challenging, but you should keep an eye out for their tendency to fall back and watch everyone else have fun from the sidelines. Joining group activities can be difficult for young Caps, making it important for parents to encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone and build their self-confidence.

Unlike a Sagittarius child, young Capricorns are great at managing their finances. Make sure to give your child an appropriate amount of pocket money to give them an opportunity to practice their skills. They might start saving it right away!

Once a Capricorn reaches their teenage years, they’ll keep their ambition and hardworking ethic, but they can also become emotionally closed off from their parents. Don’t be surprised if your Cappie teen ends up joining the debate club, because they love engaging in interesting arguments about world affairs and political questions.

With a Capricorn kid in the house, don’t forget to create meaningful family traditions, such as getting matching Halloween costumes, or having a family portrait done every year. Set rules and boundaries, even when you feel like your overly-serious child doesn’t need them, as they will help them feel more secure.

Capricorn Child And Parent Compatibility

child holding a sippy cup

When it comes to parent-child zodiac compatibility, practical Capricorn gets along with some signs better than others –  take a look at what the stars say.

Aries parent

Although you share some similarities, your child isn’t as adventure-seeking as you are and likes to plan ahead – they can appear even more mature than you are. The key is to find a balance between introducing your little Capricorn to flexibility while understanding that you can also learn a thing or two about being organized.

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Taurus parent

As a Taurus might be taken aback by your child’s hard-working character and ambition as you prefer to have fun first and get to work later. Thankfully, you’re just the right person to teach your child to let loose and relax from time to time!

Gemini parent

In this scenario, you and your child are very much opposites. You are relaxed and flexible, while your child needs rules and structure to feel secure. Make sure you don’t switch your roles and that your little Capricorn doesn’t assume the role of the parent! Plus, you’ll benefit from having a schedule in your life, too.

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Cancer parent

Cancers understand Capricorns’ need for stability, so you and your child complement each other well. You’re able to support them emotionally when they’re feeling down and remind them of the importance of family during difficult times, while providing them with the security they need.

Leo parent

Your spontaneity and flexible personality as a Leo might irritate your child from time to time, as they prefer a schedule to impromptu camping trips. However, your relationship is filled with care and trust, and that’s something a Capricorn knows how to appreciate.

Virgo parent

Both of you have a strong perfectionist streak, so in this sense, you will get along very well. Pay attention to loosening up from time to time – having fun just for the sake of it is just as important as working towards your goals – and protect your child from falling into the trap of becoming too serious.

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Libra parent

A Libra parent might find their child’s need for structure a bit difficult to understand – you’re more flexible and relaxed, and don’t mind going with the flow. But if there’s anything a Libra kid knows how to do, it’s to make other people happy, so you won’t find it tough to make things work at home.

Scorpio parent

Capricorns aren’t as concerned with the internal workings of their mind as much as you are as a Scorpio and their emotions are nowhere near as intense as yours. Take this as an opportunity to teach your little Goat to display their emotions more while building a stable home life where they will thrive.

Sagittarius parent

As a Sagittarius, you are the perfect parent to teach little Capricorn about the joys of being fun-loving and carefree! But also try to understand their need to work towards their goals and excel at whatever they’re interested in; otherwise, you might get into arguments.

Capricorn parent

While other star signs might be taken aback by a young Capricorn’s maturity, you find it perfectly normal as you were the same as a child. Be careful to not fall into the trap of “all work, no play” and make some time in your schedule to catch a movie, for example. Also, don’t dump too many responsibilities on your young Cap’s little shoulders!

Aquarius parent

Your child has a tendency to follow tradition and previously established paths, while you like to do things your own way and value uniqueness. However, this can be a great influence on reputation-conscious Capricorn, who would benefit from accepting that how other people perceive them is not the be-all, end-all.

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Pisces parent

As a Pisces, you tend to drift off into dreamland, but your child is standing firmly with both feet on the ground, with their love of schedules and a firm grip on the real world. You’re not likely to clash much, though, because you’ll be happy to provide them with what they need!

Final Thoughts

As an old soul, a Capricorn child can seem wise beyond their years. While talking to them, sometimes you feel like you’re talking to an adult trapped in a child’s body. However, even though your kid has a tendency to be serious, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t encourage them to go out into the world and play just for the sake of playing.

This is also important for their social skills – Cappies are great friends and hilarious to boot, but they need some time to come out of their shell, and they’ll rely on you to help them do so. They’ll be plenty of time for them to chase their career goals and climb the corporate ladder – for now, let them be kids!

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Personality Traits And Characteristics Of A Capricorn Child

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