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30 Best Sibling Pregnancy Announcements To Share The Big News

30 Best Sibling Pregnancy Announcements To Share The Big News

Announcing your first pregnancy can be really challenging, but a sibling pregnancy announcement can be even harder!

As stressful as it might be, organizing a sibling pregnancy announcement can also be really enjoyable, and there are plenty of creative ways to organize a memorable one.

With everything from using various quotes to all the different themes you can pick, there are just so many things to choose from.

One of the best options is to find a famous sibling duo from a book or a TV show and build the party theme around them.

The toughest part might be breaking it to the older sibling.

Sometimes they’ll be thrilled to have a new baby sister or brother, but most of the time, at least at the start, they will end up feeling neglected because they’ll have to share your attention with their new sibling.

This is why it’s important to make them understand this before the younger sibling is born, otherwise, you’ll end up with a really uncooperative child who’s used to being the center of attention all the time.

Sure, this won’t be the end of the world, but it’ll make parenting a lot more difficult than it previously might have been, so make sure to nip the issue in the bud before it escalates.

Once your sibling pregnancy announcement is sorted, you can get back to planning the one you’ll hold for your friends and family.

I’ve gone through the trouble of compiling the most popular ones I could find online, and have placed them all here to make it easier for you to pick the one you like the most.

Read on to discover what they are.

30 Top Sibling Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

1. A baby announcement with both siblings in the picture

adorable little boy hugging belly of his pregnant mother

This is a bit more creative than the title might first lead you to believe.

There’s a trend on Instagram and Facebook where moms are taking pictures of their big ol’ pregnancy bump carrying their little one, while the big sister (or big brother) is also present in the picture in some way, either with their hands on the belly or hoisted up above the bump.

It’s usually captioned as the first ‘big family photo’ with the new baby.

2. A balloon gender reveal

A balloon he or she from a gender reveal party with sweet cake and alarm clock

Another really creative pregnancy announcement is using your best friend for gender reveal parties – balloons!

Simply put the older sibling in the frame with a bunch of balloons of the corresponding gender color with an optional caption, and get the photoshoot rolling when you break the big news to them.

You’re likely to get a great reaction pic that you can share with your friends and family on social media.

3. A book sibling pregnancy announcement

cute little girl reading a book in bed

Another terrific way of getting an awesome announcement photo of your second pregnancy (and onwards) is to get the big bro (or big sis) a new baby book and take a photo of them reading it in eager expectation of meeting their new cute sibling.

This is a great spin on all of those photos where parents read “how to take care of a new baby” as a pregnancy reveal.

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4. A welcome smooch for the second baby

little girl kissing her pregnant mother's belly

This is a variation of the earlier suggestion, with the older siblings and the bump in the same picture, which aims to capture the bigger brothers’ (or sisters’) love and appreciation for the new sibling by getting a pic that shows them giving your big belly bump a sweet little smooch!

5. Baby party

surprised little girl holding colorful balloons

Yet another surprising announcement idea is to hold a mini news drop for the older sibling(s) with a small party, complete with confetti, streamers, and decorations.

The news is sure to catch them off guard, and you’ll get to immortalize their reaction in picture form.

You can always include a cute little caption too!

6. Only child expiration date

selected due date in calendar with pink baby shoes

This one might sound a bit mean to the older sibling, but really it’s a very creative and cute way of making your due date announcement.

It involves a very simple photo of your current child with a sign on the side that says something along the lines of “Only child expiring in X days” or “…at XX/XX/XXXX”, you get the idea.

The message becomes even better if your child feels upset and is pouting because there’s something that’s just so adorable about a baby pouting with their arms crossed.

7. A venture into a brand new adventure

pregnant woman and daughter hugging on the beach

If you’d like to combine vacation photos with your pregnancy announcement of a new sibling for your current kiddos, then you might want to consider this one.

It involves going to a new and exotic place and taking a picture with the entire family in it, tummy included.

Alternatively, you can just use the ultrasound image if you’re not so far along to the point where your bump is showing, like early first trimester, for example.

The latter is more advisable because then you’re less likely to get hit with some of the side-effects of a pregnancy, which will make long distance travels a lot easier.

8. “The future is…” announcement

For those of you who like to announce your pregnancies and your babies’ genders with shirts or letterboards, this is a new one for you, especially for those of you who’ve had a streak of kids of the same gender.

Grab a pair of new shirts and print out the gender of your new child which finally broke the status quo on it, e.g. “The future is male” after you’ve had several girls or “The future is female” after having boys.

9. Growing the family pregnancy announcement

Another great announcement idea is to get a shirt (or chalkboard if that’s your thing) that has the status of ‘only child’ crossed out and replaced with the new title (big brother, big sister, older sibling, etc.).

You can do the same thing by crossing out the ‘youngest’ and replacing it with ‘middle’.

10. The outfit lineup announcement

cute little girl holding a sign for pregnancy announcement

A true classic in the pregnancy announcement world is to line your kids up somewhere, usually against a wall or a bed, in matching outfits which each say ‘big brother’ or ‘big sister’ with the last set of clothes being empty and saying ‘brother/sister to be’.

It might be a common way of announcing your pregnancy, but it’s popular for a reason.

No point in ignoring the classics just because they’re often used, right?

11. The superhero and the sidekick

Little child dressed up as a superhero with yellow cloak and star

This is a really creative way to announce a sibling pregnancy, especially for you comic book lovers out there.

Your first child felt like a hero to you, who swooped down into your life and made it all better, but this time it’s his sidekick that arrives on the scene.

You can make this even more thematic by dressing the older sibling in a superhero costume and getting a matching baby onesie.

12. A new best friend

A slightly more heartwarming variant of the expiration date idea is going for the “I’m getting a new best friend on X date” written on a letterboard.

This one is for those kiddos who can’t wait to become the big sibling, see baby number two become their little sibling, and help you take care of them in any way they can.

13. Ordering the kids

For all you mammas with big families, this one is sure to be a smash hit.

One thing that bigger families like to do for announcing a new pregnancy is getting outfits with numbers that correspond to the order in which the kids were born.

Then, the kids pose with a onesie for the new baby.

It’s the perfect way to show who the older siblings are, and a really cute method of getting your first new family photo captured and framed.

Plus, it’s guaranteed to be considered witty on social media if you’re big on sharing the news as quickly as you can.

Alternatively, you can write the numbers on the kids’ bellies like the mama above did – don’t forget to write a number on your belly too!

14. The tie breaker

A really fun way of announcing a sibling pregnancy if you already have a girl and a boy, is to get a pregnancy announcement shirt or letterboard with the caption “The tie breaker” on it.

Put it on or hold it and sit yourself in the middle with your kiddos on each side. You can have them tugging at your arms as if they’re fighting for which gender the new baby’s going to be so their side could ‘win’.

You can even make a whole photoshoot out of it and a proper gender reveal party by showing which side managed to tug you over in the end!

15. The veteran announcement

Another idea for moms who already have more than two kids, is to take their oldest child and put them in a shirt or a onesie with a print saying “big brother/sister for the Xth time”, or “big brother again”, and capturing their reaction.

It’s great if they’re happy about it, but it can be just as funny if they seem upset about it too.

It shows their experience in this whole big sibling business, but be careful, they might start asking for a promotion.

I do hope you have their raise handy!

16. Investigation time

pregnancy announcement letterboard on the wooden table

A really cool way of doing a sibling pregnancy announcement is to get a bigger version of the ultrasound image and place it on a board.

The older sibling can stand on the side with a pair of (fake) glasses, staring intently as they try to figure out if it’s a boy or a girl.

If you want to go a step further, you can even get them a little scientist outfit complete with a bow tie and maybe even a lab coat to boot!

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17. The police lineup

This is for all you mammas who have raised little troublemakers and have that rebellious gene in the family.

It’s a really creative way of announcing the new baby.

Put on some black and white outfits, use small chalkboards to make creative signs (like Troublemaker #1 for the older kiddo and Troublemaker #2 on the way for the baby), and take fun photos.

18. Season’s greetings

Baby announcement sign on a rustic white table with baby items

If you’re expecting your due date to hit on or near a major holiday, you might want to make a more themed announcement focusing on that specific holiday.

A good example for Halloween, for instance, is to paint a nice pumpkin on your bump or get a shirt with a pumpkin print and a caption like “We were expecting a trick, but got a nice treat instead!”

For Easter, you can make it into a simple announcement like “We can’t wait to see what the Easter bunny will bring us” or for Christmas “Santa is getting us an extra special gift for being so nice!”

Feel free to be as corny and cheesy as you want, there are barely any limits when it comes to pregnancy announcement lines.

You can even include the older kid here too by dressing them up thematically, which should never be too hard given the holidays.

19. The rainbow baby announcement

This might be a slightly somber way of announcing a sibling pregnancy, but at least it’s one that has a happy ending.

It works similarly to the sibling lineup like before, except this time you put your siblings in order of birth, but you also make sure that the spot of the angel baby is represented too.

You can have a platform for each sibling with the corresponding balloon number on each one representing their order.

The older siblings and the angel baby all have the same color, while the last child has a rainbow of differently colored balloons.

This is done to properly symbolize your new addition’s significance as a rainbow baby and to honor the memory of the sibling that was taken too soon.

It’s a way to show that they’re still very much loved and considered a part of the family.

20. A four panel secret

Something that’s common, and that your loved ones will consider to be especially cute, is to get the older sibling to reveal the information all on their own.

The idea is to make it like a slideshow or a comic book, with the first panel announcing that they have big news, the second showing some obscure proof like them finding a pacifier, a baby bottle, or the ultrasound image itself, and their sudden realization.

The next slide then announces their conclusion of “I’m getting a baby brother/sister!”, with the final slide announcing the official due date.

21. Santa’s wish list

This is a sibling idea that can be used during the holidays.

You place your child’s Christmas wish list on a letter board or blackboard, where one of the wishes is a baby sister/brother and the precise date they’d like it to be delivered on.

It’s simple, effective, and utterly adorable, plus it’s perfect for social media posts too.

22. Too young to understand

If the gap between your oldest and your newest kids isn’t too big, you can even sneak in a little joke at the oldest one’s expense.

This is one of my favorite announcements to do on social media.

In this case, the older child is so young that they don’t understand what’s written on the pregnancy announcement banner that you’ve made.

They might be happy, but they won’t understand quite why until their younger sibling comes a knockin’.

23. The eviction notice

beautiful pregnant woman posing with baby crib in bedroom

Another really funny one is making a little skit where you place an eviction notice on the crib, which says the exact date your older child will need to “vacate” the premises for the new tenant to move in.

It’s bound to spark a few chuckles in your circle of family and friends.

24. A party of…

Another really innovative method of announcing a sibling pregnancy is to dress up your family for a fancy dinner party with a letter board that says “party of X”, where the number includes your upcoming addition.

The reservation date should be there too, or rather the due date for your newest family member.

25. Pets are siblings too

a dog wearing a board with sign of pregnancy announcement

If you’re having your very first baby they won’t have any older siblings of their own, so you can always use pets as part of the announcement.

While not siblings by blood, I can guarantee you they’ll care for them just as much!

Most pets love to play with children and protect them, especially dogs.

You can take a picture of your dog or cat posing next to a sign that says “Mom and dad are getting me a human!” or “I’m going to be a big brother/sister” and share it on social media. Everyone is going to love it, I promise!

26. The baby recipe

smiling little girl dressed up as a chef preparing a food

If you want to get the older child involved through a little bit of fun, you can dress them up as a little chef holding an open cookbook stuck on the page “1 younger sibling” with the recipe ingredients listed out.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to explain where babies come from just yet, just use the old Powerpuff Girls staple of “sugar, spice, and everything nice”.

The picture you’ll get from this one will be utterly adorable, especially if your child is playing with a few eggs or some flour to make the announcement photo extra fun.

27. Player 2

smiling little boy playing video games at home

For a more playful approach, you can use a co-operative video game as a great backdrop for your pregnancy announcement.

Have your older child sitting in front of a TV or console with the spare joystick next to them with a sign saying “Waiting for player 2 to arrive on X date.”

It’ll certainly produce a heartwarming little feeling as many sibling photos always do, even if the younger one isn’t quite present yet.

28. Big sibling 101

Being the older sibling is a big responsibility, but does yours have the right qualifications?

Make sure to teach them all they need to know with a big sibling 101 courses, where you act as the teacher with your little one sitting in his booster seat and paying close attention to the roles of the big sibling, which are written on a board as you go through them.

Not only is it a witty little idea, but it’s also guaranteed to be universally liked by anyone who sees it.

29. “For sale”

Has your hubby already had his midlife crisis and got a two-seater car?

Well, it’s going to be time to upgrade to a four-seater or a minivan in order to seat this many kids in one car.

Sadly, this means selling the old car and getting a new one that has more room for your newest addition!

It might be tragic for him, but at least it’ll make for a great photo opportunity and a fantastic pregnancy announcement idea.

You can take a photo of your partner and your older child holding a “For sale sign” and an ultrasound photo.

30. Riding partners

cute little boy playing on a seesaw at the playground

Speaking of rides, this final pregnancy announcement idea is really adorable.

Take any item intended for two, like a two-seater bicycle or even a playground seesaw, sit one in front, and have the back one empty with a note saying “reserved for my little bro/sis until X date”.

It’s simple, effective, and makes for a really thoughtful photo that everyone will look at fondly in the future.

In Conclusion

Sibling pregnancy announcement ideas are plentiful, with many being slight twists on a few existing formulas, allowing plenty of room for creativity.

The sky’s the limit and it’s really easy to do a great one yourself.

There’s no need to go out and buy anything extravagant off Amazon or Etsy when you can just stick with some low-budget shirts, or even make your own printable props and decorations for the announcement.

I’m sure you’ll find the right way to do it for yourself, mamma.

Until next time.

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