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40 Heartwarming And Creative 4th Baby Announcement Ideas

40 Heartwarming And Creative 4th Baby Announcement Ideas

Pregnancy announcements are one of the most exciting and life-changing moments for parents, family, and friends.

Cute, creative, or funny, the 4th baby announcement will leave everyone surprised and amazed, especially your children!

Many people nowadays decide to have two to three children at most, so it’s a pleasant surprise to hear about large families with four or more children.

Expecting a fourth baby is like taking the same path with different turns.

It’s something you’ve been through several times, but you could still be surprised by what’s around each corner.

However, that road is filled with exciting celebrations and good times with family and friends, including the gender reveal party and baby shower!

If you’re looking for the perfect way to announce your fourth pregnancy, but you’re not sure about the theme, check out these cute, funny, and creative ways to reveal the big news to family and friends!

You could also use some of these for the other celebrations mentioned above!

Cute 4th Baby Announcement Ideas

1. Youngest sibling promoted!

Everyone already knows that two of your children are older siblings, but your family and friends will be confused and surprised to see your youngest one wearing an “older brother” t-shirt!

This pregnancy announcement is cute and subtle – it’ll take some time for people to notice, but when they do, it’ll be an amazing surprise!

2. Mama bear and four cubs

Children are considered to be the greatest blessing in the life of every parent.

If you’re having a fourth, you and your partner probably live according to the “the more, the merrier” motto so having another child will just add more happiness to your hearts and your home!

You truly are a Mama Bear who bears everything for her little ones, and you can use that for your next pregnancy reveal as well!

Gather your kiddos, put on some teddy bear headbands, paint teddy bear ears on your belly to mark the fourth one coming soon, and take a photo – everyone will be thrilled with it!

3. Big brother/sister… Again!

Of course, your little one doesn’t have to be the only one announcing the pregnancy.

If older siblings want to join in, you can get them “the big brother/sister again” t-shirts.

This will definitely make the fourth baby announcement more obvious and even cuter! Don’t forget to take some photos!

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4. Older siblings can’t keep a secret

One of the most adorable ways of announcing a second, third or fourth pregnancy is a sibling announcement.

It’s adorable to see siblings looking forward to the newest addition to the happy family.

They could hold sonograms of their baby brother or baby sister, or chalkboards with messages that reveal the big family secret!

5. Adorable ducklings

“Five Little Ducks” is one of the most popular nursery rhymes for babies and toddlers, and ducklings are usually considered to be the cutest little creatures, so it’s no surprise they’re frequently used as a theme of baby reveals.

You can set up a very simple and effective photoshoot with your little ones dressed in duckling costumes and you holding a rubber ducky in front of your tummy.

It’ll be cute, emotional, and funny for the whole family!

6. Mama, a bump, and a due date!

Sometimes the simplest baby announcements can give the best results!

If you don’t have enough time or energy to arrange some extraordinary baby reveal, you can keep it simple and beautiful!

All it takes is you, your bump, and a due date written on a piece of paper or on a chalkboard.

This will be adorable and everyone will get the point – exactly what you want.

This 4th baby announcement idea is also perfect for first-time mammas!

7. Don’t open until the due date!

This is one of the most popular baby number 4 announcement ideas for social media!

Tie a ribbon around your belly representing a cute package that hides the best gift ever!

You can add a label to the ribbon with a note “Don’t open until the (due date).”

This pregnancy reveal idea is suitable for every pregnancy (first, second, third, etc.).

8. Baby number 4

This can be a great DIY project with your kids! Your little ones can help you make and decorate cardboard or styrofoam numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 (less or more, depending on how many children you have). Alternatively, you can get big balloons.

When you’re all finished, you can find a nice background and take a photo of your children holding their numbers and place a number 4 on the floor, representing the new baby.

You can print out this pregnancy announcement photo, frame it, and place it somewhere in your home to serve as a lovely reminder of this special time.

9. Matching outfits for the whole family

There’s nothing cuter than seeing a large family in matching outfits, with the same or similar patterns.

You can turn that into a 4th baby announcement idea as well!

Get matching outfits for the whole family and a baby bodysuit that you can hold in front of your tummy for the photoshoot! You can also use your sonogram photo.

You can have another photoshoot once the baby arrives to complete the family picture!

10. Mommy’s x-ray baby reveal

Sometimes, a sonogram just isn’t enough and truth be told, it’s quite difficult to recognize the baby boy or girl because the image in sonograms is often quite blurry and dark, especially during the first trimester.

However, you can make your own photo prop of an X-Ray, including your lungs and the baby waving to everyone.

Hold it in front of your belly and take a fun photo.

This is an adorable and fun way to announce the big news to your loved ones!

11. It’s a plus!

positive pregnancy test with a pink ribbon next to a gift box

A pregnancy test in a gift box is a classic for the first and fourth pregnancy, so you can never go wrong with it!

Wrap it in a cute gift bag or a gift box and watch the surprised faces of your loved ones when they realize you’re pregnant again!

Creative 4th Baby Announcement Ideas

1. “We’re Pregnant” part 4

Movie posters are one of my favorite pregnancy reveal ideas.

They’re very creative and entertaining, but they also remain adorable memorabilia for the whole family.

A scared dad, a hungry mom surrounded by lots of food, and their three kids jumping around will make everyone laugh.

2. Dalton brothers are coming to town!

cute kid dressed like a cowboy standing outdoor

The younger generations might not know who “Lucky Luke” is, but those who are waiting for their fourth baby probably know this cowboy and his battle against the Dalton brothers.

You could dress up your little rascals in Dalton brothers costumes and let each of them hold one part of the fourth member’s uniform, or a sonogram, to make it more obvious.

You or your partner could dress up as Lucky Luke to make it more fun.

3. “Drink For Mommy” wine labels

Fans of wine will be thrilled with a great pregnancy announcement wine bottle that has a custom printable on it!

You can get adorable wine labels on online sites such as Amazon or Etsy, or you can make your own ones at home and personalize them!

Either way, those wine bottles will probably be kept as memorabilia, at least at grandparents’ house!

4. Watch out, construction site!

I love baby announcement photoshoots because there are so many amazing and creative ideas that are easy to pull off!

If the baby’s daddy is a builder or works in the construction field in general, you can announce your baby as “under construction” written on a chalkboard with a due date.

You can also dress your kiddos as little construction workers running around you.

5. “We’re Prego!”

Prego brand pasta sauce on store shelf

This is a great play on words that will confuse your loved ones at first, but you’ll surely all have a good laugh when they finally realize what this jar of Prego sauce actually means!

You can have fun with the jar, then cook some pasta and enjoy a delicious meal with your family, as well!

6. Let’s make sibling cookies!

Children love baking and eating cookies!

Therefore, your little ones won’t mind taking part in this pregnancy announcement!

Prepare the ingredients, gather your munchkins and make cookies!

You can take pictures of them having fun and include a “baby recipe” in front of the photo that contains a sonogram and adorable ingredients such as:

• Sugar

• Spice

• Everything nice

This can be an adorable social media pregnancy reveal but don’t forget to share the news with your family first!

7. A Christmas baby is coming to town!

Announcing the birth of your baby on Christmas?

In that case, the perfect Christmas post on your social media accounts will be a photo of a letter board on a Christmas tree, saying: “One more reason to be merry”, or a similar cute baby announcement line.

You can also add some baby stuff on the side to make it more decorative.

8. “Justice League” is finally completed!

“Justice League” has six superheroes in the team and you’re expecting the sixth member of your family. Coincidence? I think not.

You can buy superhero costumes online and dress up to announce your 4th pregnancy.

Hold the onesie costume of your baby girl/boy in front of your baby bump, or let your youngest one carry it.

9. Youngest child no more!

It’s said that the youngest children usually have the most privileges in the house. Unfortunately, your little boy or girl won’t be so little anymore when the baby arrives.

Let him or her have one more privilege, to announce the arrival of their sibling with a funny letterboard message or a T-shirt! I’m sure they’ll do a great job and look adorable doing so!

10. A 4th of July baby!

July pregnancy announcements are usually 4th of July-themed, adding one more reason for celebration!

You can keep it simple with a letterboard saying “Our little firecracker is due (date)” or go big with tons of 4th of July decorations.

Use them as props for a fun picture with your partner and kids.

It’ll melt everyone’s hearts when they realize there will be another addition to your family.

This is also a nice way to make this day even more special by announcing the big news to your parents who will certainly appreciate you telling them first.

11. May the 4th be with you

If you found out in March that you’re expecting, it would be a shame not to wait until May 4 to announce the big news, especially if you or your partner love the Star Wars franchise!

A cute onesie with the popular line “May the 4th be with you” is everything you’ll need to make an awesome baby announcement!

Funny 4th Baby Announcement Ideas

1. Fishing or hunting?

Chalkboards and cute captions are a classic that never gets old.

Showing a photo of your children standing next to a sign saying “Fishing for a sister, hunting for a brother” will make everyone go “awww” and laugh at the same time!

2. Eating for two, drinking for four!

One of the oldest beliefs about pregnancy is that pregnant women should eat for two.

Your mother or grandma probably mentioned that during each pregnancy.

However, after having three kids, I’m sure you have realized that eating for two doesn’t have any special benefit for your unborn baby.

But, it’s cute to use that statement as a pregnancy announcement.

You can also include your partner drinking four glasses of beer for an extra chuckle.

3. We’re so EGGCITED!

Growing up in big families has numerous benefits for children, even though it can be quite challenging for parents.

However, everyone will be excited to hear the news about the new baby, be it the first or the fourth one!

Announcing the eggciting news is appropriate for Easter baby reveals, but it can be used generally too because eggs are a symbol of new life.

4. Daddy announcing “We’re pregnant!”

Pregnancy is equally exciting for both parents, but let’s be honest, it’s a bit unfair to say “we’re pregnant” when mommy’s the one carrying the child for nine months.

However, some dads have a good laugh about this by wearing maternity clothes and a fake pregnancy belly to announce the new baby in the family.

If your family has a good sense of humor, they’ll surely love this!

You can use this funny pregnancy announcement idea for the first or second pregnancy, as well!

5. “Another ONE!”

As DJ Khaled would say, there’s “another one” coming in big style as the fourth kiddo in the house!

You can have a photoshoot with your family while you or your partner hold a positive pregnancy test in shock.

When your family sees the pregnancy announcement photo, they’ll be thrilled but they won’t stop laughing either!

6. Funny matching sibling T-shirts

Personalized T-shirts are never outdated, especially for baby announcements.

You can get a set for all your little ones, even the unborn one!

You can arrange a photoshoot or let them wear their shirts to the next family gathering.

If they don’t get the picture from your kids’ t-shirts, you can show them the onesie for the baby!

7. A family of six!

Announcing another member of the family can be done in so many fun and creative ways, but my favorite reveals are those that confuse everyone at first!

That look on their faces when they realize what’s going on is priceless!

Here’s another fun idea for a baby announcement – get personalized T-shirts with “A family of six” printed on them and wear them to the next family dinner or gathering.

Or, each member of your family can wear a T-shirt with the number 6 on it which will have everyone wondering what it could mean.

8. “This is the last one, SERIOUSLY”

I’d say this is my personal favorite, even though it’s difficult to choose from all these adorable baby reveal ideas!

However, this one is hilarious – a mama announcing it’s her last pregnancy on a T-shirt.

Who knows, you might get the 5th baby sooner than you think!

9. A lesson in being a big bro/sis!

Small boy with serious face standing behind dark wooden table

Baby pregnancy announcements can be fun for everyone, especially kids who enjoy being creative and participating in such events.

If you’re looking for a more unique sibling pregnancy announcement idea, this is all you need!

Make an improvised classroom with a chair for the youngest kiddo and a chalkboard for the older kids, who will be his teachers.

Let them teach their youngest sibling about big brother/sister responsibilities and get it on camera!

Ps. If older siblings can’t write yet, you can write “duties and responsibilities of an older brother/sister” on the board.

10. Sorry, dad…

But no sports cars for the next 15 years, at least!

The more children you have, the less space there is in the car. It looks like it’s time to say goodbye to the old one and get a 7-seater!

You can take a picture of your husband standing next to your car with the “for sale” sign and four car seats next to him to make the message clear.

The news will surely brighten up everyone’s day, but this photo will put smiles on their faces as well!

11. Photo collage

Sibling announcements can be hilarious, just like this one!

Take a picture of each of your children holding their heads and add a fourth picture of a positive test or sonogram photo.

Then, use a photo editing app to make a collage and share it with your friends and family.

It’ll be a lot of fun for you and your kids!

12. Mom and dad didn’t practice social distancing!

The world is going through a whole lot at the moment, unfortunately, so why not use your positive news to bring smiles to your family’s faces?

There’s no better reason to smile than a new baby!

Write a joke about social distancing on a letter board, add this cute onesie or a sonogram, and a Corona beer (or four since this is your 4th baby).

13. They did not stay six feet apart!

“They did not stay six feet apart” is one of the best baby reveal quotes I’ve heard lately and this onesie will make everyone laugh at the family gathering!

Everyone will appreciate the joke and be on cloud nine for you, especially the grandparents, who will be just as excited as if it was their first grandbaby!

Cute Ways To Announce 4th Baby To Children

1. Adorable gift set for amazing siblings

Announcing the next pregnancy to your kids is not as easy as it seems, because it will bring great change to their lives as well.

Therefore, it needs to be as positive as it can be, and there’s nothing better than getting gifts for big brothers or big sisters!

Your little ones can also wear the costumes to the family dinner to announce your pregnancy in the sweetest way (it’ll also mean a lot to your munchkins that they were involved).

2. Boot camp for siblings

Something I have noticed is that every child likes to have a little bit of authority over younger ones.

This can actually be a great advantage for you when you announce your pregnancy to your children, as the youngest one will have someone smaller to protect and teach.

You can set up an improvised camp with a tent and decorations for them (don’t forget the boot camp sign).

Fill it with toys and fun books about becoming a sibling again, and spend some time playing and talking about the new baby.

This can be a very pleasant surprise for them, so it’ll be easier to share the news.

3. “The Super, Incredible Big Brother”

There are so many amazing books for siblings that will help you announce the new pregnancy to your children.

Your youngest might be most surprised by the news, so you can get him a cute children’s book that will help him understand what it means to be a big brother!

4. Make a toy story!

Use your kids’ favorite toys to announce the big news to them.

They’re more likely to have a positive reaction if you tell them about the new baby in a fun way, especially if it’s with their favorite toy.

5. Party time!

Everyone loves parties, especially kids, so why wouldn’t you throw a party for your little ones to announce the arrival of their new brother or sister?

Get baby decorations, balloons, a few pizzas, their favorite cookies, drinks, and your kiddos will love it!

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on your new baby!

Now is the time to share your happiness with the people you love and I’m sure you found at least one great way to announce the news.

You can also use more than one way to announce the pregnancy to your family and friends, and on social media – you can never celebrate such news too much!

The 4th baby announcement will probably be a big surprise for everyone, but it’s certainly one of the happiest occasions and reasons to celebrate during these unpredictable times.

Share the arrival of your little girl/boy with the people you love and cherish every moment you have together!

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