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45 Best Educational And Fun Toys For 3 Year Olds Of 2022

45 Best Educational And Fun Toys For 3 Year Olds Of 2022

Buying a toy for a 3 year old is definitely much easier than getting one for a 1 year old.

Children at this age are more open and can express their wishes, emotions, and thoughts about various things and situations.

Essentially, the best toys for 3 year old boys and girls are the ones your toddler chooses herself and talks to you about in great detail until you finally buy it for her.

Her interests at this age include musical instruments, bikes, board games, books, and building sets, etc.

However, if you still don’t know which toy your toddler wants, don’t worry!

I have taken the time to present you with the best entertaining and educational toys with this list, so check it out!

Best Toys For 3 Year Old Girls And Boys

For all of you busy moms, here’s a quick list of our top picks!

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1. My ABC Busy Box

Arts and crafts are a very important part of a child’s physical and mental development.

Every kid loves to draw and make new shapes and objects from their imagination.

This creative set is a great gift idea for toddlers who like to make new artwork every day.

It includes:

• Letters

• Finger crayons

• Sticks

• Glue stick

• Flowers

• Googly eyes

• Cupcake wrappers

• Stickers, etc.

This is one of the best educational toys for 3 year olds who may become future artists!

2. Teepee Tent for Kids with Lights

This is one of my all-time favorite tents! It’s very cute, comfortable, and made of 100% cotton!

Tents are an important part of every childhood for imaginative play.

Your little one feels like she is on a different adventure every time she goes into the tent, and she’ll want to stay in there for hours (I couldn’t get mine out of there).

This play tent can be placed both inside and outside.

It comes with two windows, pine poles, a stabilizer device, and adorable fairy lights!

Your kiddo will use this tent for years as it can grow with her until she’s 12!

3. Black + Decker Workshop

If you have a little craftsman at home, he will definitely need these tools for his work! Black + Decker has created a perfect workbench for little artisans ready to fix and make new things!

This large set includes more than 70 tools, including:

• Storage trays

• Vice

• Screwdriver

• Hammer

• Miter saw

• 22 nuts

• 15 screws

• 5 nails

• Flashlight

• Wrench

• Phone drill press

• Toolbox

• Hand saw

• Accessory bin

Your little one will also love the lights and sounds it produces, which improve the development of pretend play and motor skills.

4. Jungle Gym Play Tent

I always recommend these types of tents as toys for 3-5 year olds as there are many parts that can be quite dangerous for toddlers younger than that.

These tents are very fun and exciting for toddlers and preschoolers. They can be used indoors and outdoors and for even more fun at birthday parties!

Even though it’s really big, it can be completely folded into a carry case the size of a tennis rack.

This tent includes a teepee-like tent, two tunnels, a square tent, and a ball pit with a basketball hoop.

Just make sure to get enough balls for the ball pit, which would be somewhere between 400 and 600 balls.

5. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Art Easel

Children’s art easels are always a great gift idea and a good way to prevent new artwork from appearing on your walls!

This art easel comes with:

• Dry-erase board and chalkboard

• Paper holder

• 2 plastic trays

• 4 easy grips

• Child-safe paper cutter

It’s very beneficial for the development of fine motor skills and a correct pencil grip.

It also stimulates creativity and imaginative play, which is very important at this age.

The wooden art easel is very sturdy and completely safe for your artsy little girl or boy.

6. Folkmanis Snowy Owl Hand Puppet

Every child goes through the phase of having an imaginary friend or treating her toys as living beings, which helps her develop creativity and imagination.

This snowy owl will certainly become your kiddo’s favorite toy, as she can use it for story-telling, puppet theater (very popular during this age), role-playing, and lots of other fun activities.

Parents can use it as well, so you can teach your little one in a fun way by using this hand puppet!

7. 1-2-3 Build It! Robot Building Set

This is one of the best toys for a future engineer or a scientist! Your child can improve her fine motor skills with this toy .

Not to mention that her hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and other STEM skills will improve too.

Engineering has never been more fun, and now your three-year-old will be able to build her first-ever robot!

I love that almost all the pieces are interchangeable, so there is no frustration in the building process.

This is one of the best STEM toys for 3 year old problem-solvers!

8. Shape Sorting Cupcakes

These are the cutest non-edible cupcakes I have ever seen, and the perfect way to keep your little munchkin entertained while you cook!

She can make her own delicious treats by matching the frosting shapes with the correct cupcakes, and serve them in the cupcake pan.

This set includes 8 cupcakes and a cupcake tray.

Toddlers who are 2 years old will enjoy this toy as well, but a 5 year old might not be very interested in it.

9. Boogie Board Writing Tablet

Even though I’m not a big fan of LCD screens, this drawing pad is very practical and greatly benefits both children and parents.

You won’t have to buy tons of markers and crayons as this tablet includes the ColorBurst display, which contains very vivid rainbow colors.

It includes a colorful drawing board that has 18 different templates for letters, games, or sketching.

The doodle board is semi-transparent, durable, and is easily cleaned by the push of a button, which is my favorite part.

10. ​Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar

Fisher-Price has come up with an amazing toy for problem-solving and coding from an early age!

I bought this toy for a friend’s 4 year old daughter, and she’s just obsessed with it!

This Amazon Exclusive toy consists of a motorized head and five non-removable pieces, over a thousand combinations, lights, fun sounds, and volume control.

Your child can twist the dial on each piece to program a path for Code-a-pillar and give your child a great start on her coding journey!

This will be the ultimate Easter basket stuffer for your 3 year old as caterpillars and spring always go together!

11. ​Stoie’s International Wooden Music Set

This is one of the best educational toys for 3 year olds for teaching your kiddo about different cultures, ecology, and geography from a young age!

It’s a great introduction to kids’ musical instruments , as it includes nine different instruments from all around the world, such as:

• Tambourine

• Flute

• Hand drum

• Chime bar with a stick

• Castanet

• Maracas

• Wooden block with a stick

• Handbells

• Wood sounder with a stick

Your little one will become open-minded from an early age and develop critical thinking with this set.

All the instruments are made out of kid-friendly wood and safe materials, including the cotton storage bag for easier storage and transport.

12. ​IQ Builder Toy Set

This 164 piece playset will keep your toddler occupied for hours, but it might also attract the attention of 6 and 7 year olds, and even older kids like 10 year olds!

The playset is easy to clean and completely safe for toddlers as well. It includes three ebook instructions for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels!

This is one of the most entertaining STEM learning toys for 3 year olds and parents (I caught my husband building a helicopter, haha).

13. ​Mudpuppy Puzzle Sticks

Puzzles are always welcome for toddlers, and this puzzle set is perfect for little hands and brains who might become frustrated if something doesn’t go their way.

To keep frustration at bay, this puzzle consists of double-sided flat sticks that need to be arranged in the correct order, instead of a classic jigsaw-style puzzle.

This set includes 24 double-sided sticks that reveal fun images, such as a fire truck, boat, dump truck, and more.

Younger toddlers can also use background colors for easier sorting.

14. ​Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Dollhouse

This dollhouse is one of the best gifts any toddler could wish for.

It’s portable, lightweight, and includes two cute dolls.

The playset includes 11 pieces of furniture, functional doors, and other fun accessories!

It encourages role play during playtime, as well as social skills and imaginative play.

This is a great gift for 3 year old girls and boys and is very durable, so it will stay with them for a long time.

15. ​Fisher-Price Think & Learn Rocktopus​​​

Fisher-Price has been one of the leading toy brands for a long time, and for good reason.

This brand makes high-quality educational toys for all ages.

This learning Rocktopus includes more than a dozen musical instruments, as well as different styles, and various ways to play, including math, games, and music.

Your kiddo can create her own music and control the tempo of the music.

It’s a great learning resource that will keep your little bundle of joy occupied for a long time!

16. ​”Every Little Letter”

This heartwarming story about letters, created by New York Times author Deborah Underwood, will become your toddler’s favorite learning story.

You can get the Kindle version for an iPad or a hardcover, even though I always prefer the latter to encourage more screen-free time.

It has very colorful and adorable illustrations and a powerful message that teaches your little one about open-mindedness, friendship, and tolerance from a young age.

This is a great affordable Christmas present idea for a toddler, as she doesn’t have to leave the house to have fun.

Cozying up under a blanket and reading a story is all we need during the long winter nights.

17. ​Welcome to Jazz

This is an amazing interactive book that includes 12 different sounds, like the rhythm section, the leads, and a singer who improvises sounds with nonsense syllables.

It promotes diversity, jazz music, and musical instruments!

I’d recommend this for children of all ages, especially those who haven’t had the chance to learn about jazz music before.

It is one of the best multicultural books for children about music.

18. ​Colorforms Picture Play Set

Colorforms playsets are great toys for 3 year olds who like arts and crafts.

These playsets come in various themes, but toddlers mostly prefer the Pets Picture Play Set.

This set includes 145 adorable mix and match pieces that can be reused, and 2 backgrounds to stick them on.

I like this set as it doesn’t involve cutting, gluing or any other kind of a mess.

All your child needs to do is peel the sticker from the paper and find the right spot for it.

This set boosts fine motor skill development, imagination, and creativity.

19. ​Kiko+ Kaleidoscope Wooden Camera

Your toddler’s first camera will keep her entertained for hours, and she might even be inspired to pursue a career as a photographer or filmmaker!

You can choose between the yellow and pink detachable lenses to color her world with.

It even has the adorable star button she can push for shooting a photo, making it even more realistic and interesting for your little one.

20. ​Melissa & Doug Block Set

Melissa & Doug is fast becoming one of the most popular toy brands in the US, mainly because parents are buying more educational toys to improve their children’s physical, emotional, and mental development.

Building blocks help with the development of counting and sorting, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and color and shape recognition.

The set consists of 200 blocks in different shapes and sizes, which will keep your child occupied for a long time.

21. ​Play-Doh Kids Play Table

This Play ‘N Store play table is amazing! Most children love playing with playdough, but as we all know, it usually gets everywhere.

However, this play table is awesome as it has a storage place where your child can easily store all the pieces after she’s done playing with it.

It comes with a set of Play-Doh tools and 8 colors for hours of fun!

Play-Doh is one of the best toys for 3 year olds with autism.

Playdough is known as a great tool for various sensory activities important for toddlers and for children with special needs, especially with autism.

Play-Doh is a brand I really trust when it comes to the safety of their products.

22. ​Click N’ Play Keyboard Play Mat

Talk about gigantic! I didn’t check the size when I ordered this keyboard mat, and we had such a laugh when they delivered it, but my kids love it even though they’re technically not toddlers anymore.

The size is 70×29 inches and it has 24 keys made of durable vinyl.

There are four options: play, record, demo, and playback, as well as eight instruments:

• Saxophone

• Guitar

• Piano

• Xylophone

• Violin

• Clarinet

• Banjo

• Trumpet

There are volume control and “power off” buttons as well.

This is a great toy for spacious rooms as the manufacturer doesn’t recommend folding it, as this increases the risk of it breaking, which is a definite con.

23. ​Toymany North American Forest Animals

Toymany has great sets of toys for 3-4 year old explorers and animal lovers.

This North American Forest Animals set is a great way to educate children about the different species that can be found in nature.

This 12pcs set includes:

• Moose

• Reindeer

• Brown Bear

• Pronghorn

• Black Bear

• Squirrel

• Lynx

• Wolf

• Raccoon

• Skunk

• Muskox

• Eagle

Each of the animals is hand-painted and made with delicate details for a more realistic appearance.

They are an excellent choice for creative play and story-telling and can improve the bond between parents and children as the parents can tell stories about each of the animals and their habitats.

24. ​Thomas & Friends Adventure Set

No list of toys for a toddler can be complete without at least one train set.

If you have a Thomas & Friends fan at home, this will be the ultimate gift for her.

There are 7 figures (2 people and 5 animals), a buildable track, plane, nia engine, and several other accessories included in the set.

It’s made out of sustainably sourced wood and is very easy to build, so you don’t have to build it yourself – make it a family activity instead!

25. ​Lego Classic Large Box

Lego is a classic toy for children, teens, parents, and even grandparents (some of them like to play with Lego too!).

They have a large selection of different building sets, including famous cartoons and movies like characters from Disney, Marvel superheroes, DC, Friends, and others.

However, I have chosen this Lego classic big box with lots of bricks and different animals and backgrounds, so your child can create her own figures and make her own unique stories.

If you already own Lego, this set is compatible with it, which is what I love the most about Lego – you just add more bricks to increase the fun!

26. ​VTech Switch & Go Dino

Blister The Velociraptor will probably become the favorite toy of your 3 year old boy, who will be thrilled with this dinosaur that turns into a helicopter.

This Dino includes more than 70 different sounds and expressions that will teach your little one lots of awesome dinosaur facts.

Parents say their 6 year olds also like to play with it and that it’s very durable, so it seems like a very good investment.

27. ​Bundle Placemat + Conversation Cards

Teach your child manners from an early age with this interesting playmat and conversation cards, created by etiquette expert and mom of two, Sunita Padda.

It might seem a bit too serious for toddlers, but it’s actually a great way for 3 year olds to start learning about basic manners (momma learned a thing or two as well!).

The table mat and the TableTALK conversation cards are made of food-grade silicone.

Both are decorated with the branded monsters that help your little one learn etiquette in a fun way!

The cards are divided into seven different categories:

• Self

• Philanthropy

• School

• Community

• Friendship

• Family

• World

This is a great stocking stuffer as well, which will teach your child proper manners in time for Christmas lunch!

28. ​Green Toys Ferry Boat & Car Carrier

This is one of my favorite toy brands that makes great eco-friendly toys for children. All of their toys are produced from 100% recycled plastic and are completely safe for children.

This ferry boat and car carrier truck will be the best toys for 3 year old vehicle lovers.

You can use the ferry boat as a completely safe bath toy that doesn’t leech any toxic chemicals into the water.

The set also includes five mini-cars, two for the ferry boat and three for the truck.

29. ​Osmo Little Genius Starter Kit

Again, I am really not a fan of any screens or devices for children, but I must admit there are some gadgets that are quite useful.

This Osmo starter kit is one of them for sure! It seems like a simple toy, but it helps any little toddlers who still don’t know how to hold a pencil express themselves and learn letters!

There are four different types of learning through play, including:

• Learning letters

• Improving problem-solving skills with “Stories”

• Experimenting with clothes during dress-up games

• Developing pre-drawing skills with “Squiggle Magic”

You put the iPad in the base, add the reflector over the camera so your child can follow directions from the tablet, and watch her results on the screen!

It’s a really cool toy, and very educational for children as young as 3.

I wouldn’t recommend it for younger ages though, mainly because of the choking hazard.

30. ​Hape Workbench

This is the simpler, and more sustainable, version of the workbench we discussed earlier, but it also has fewer pieces.

This Hape workshop is very cute, colorful, and bright, and it also includes lots of tools, with 35 pieces in total.

It is made from kid-friendly wood, which I always prefer over plastic, even if it’s BPA-free.

I would definitely recommend this workbench for younger toddlers as it’s not as overwhelming as the previous one.

31. ​Little Tikes Spray and Rescue Fire Truck

There is something with children and fire trucks, a kind of special connection I don’t quite understand, but I assume stems from the bright red color and the siren.

This fire truck will take your child on new, and totally safe, adventures. It’s made with durable and eco-friendly plastic.

This toy is also a great way to teach your child to be responsible by using the water tank and the hose for watering flowers or a garden.

Your child will enjoy the firefighter pretend play by driving her truck on new missions!

32. ​Sarah’s Silks Play Scarves

These silk scarves are the softest things you’ve ever touched!

Even though a silk scarf might seem like an unusual choice of “toy” it is actually a great source of fun and will benefit your little girl greatly.

She can use it during pretend play as a cape, water, fire, a scarf, a decorative background, curtain, a tent fabric, or whatever else comes to her clever little mind.

The 100% silk is hand-dyed in vivid colors representing:

• “Starry Night”

• “Rainbow”

• “Blossom”

• “Sea”

• “Fire”

This play silk set is inspired by Montessori toys for 3 year olds.

It also has great benefits for children with special needs as it provides them with movement-oriented and sensory play.

33. ​Slumberkins Slumber Sloth Snuggler & Book

Even though most of us consider kids in this age group to be big toddlers, your kiddo is still a little one who needs cuddles.

The Slumber Sloth can be a great replacement if you are not around.

It’s also a great alternative to a pacifier for younger children.

The toy comes together with a story for bedtime or naptime, and it relaxes your child’s muscles after a long day.

The soft sloth helps your munchkin improve her emotional and social skills as well.

34. ​Magna-Tiles Clear Colors Set

This is not your regular building blocks set, that’s for sure!

These translucent tiles come in various shapes and sizes and will definitely make your child super excited!

Each tile connects with a magnet, which makes it easier to build whatever comes to your kiddo’s mind!

This colorful set provides great fun, but it’s also educational and beneficial for the development of various skills, such as: learning patterns, color recognition, social skills like teamwork, spatial awareness, and other important factors for healthy development.

35. ​Strider Balance Bike

I would always recommend a balance bike over a scooter, tricycle, or even a skateboard for toddlers.

Even though children have to learn how to balance on scooters as well as bicycles, it seems to me there is not enough activity and movement for little ones.

Balance bikes are quite stable and can go well on uneven surfaces as well because your kiddo already has her feet on the ground.

Also, the transition from a balance bike to the real thing is much easier than with a tricycle, as children rely on additional training wheels on the side.

The Strider bike is very comfortable and durable, which means your little rider won’t outgrow it in a short period of time.

36. ​VTech Write and Learn Tablet

Nowadays, everything is about technology and screens, so toy brands such as VTech are following the trends and creating new toys for toddlers and preschoolers!

This learning tablet will keep your child entertained and help her learn how to write, draw, and build her vocabulary.

It also promotes proper pencil grip and is a great alternative to real screens.

If you’re looking for a simple and fun gadget for your toddler, this one will be perfect!

37. ​VTech Deluxe Activity Desk Expansion Pack​​​

If you own the VTech Touch And Learn Deluxe, you don’t have to put it away if your kiddo is not interested in playing with it anymore.

What you can do instead, is get this expansion pack with eight different interactive pages recommended for kids the age of 3 to 5!

Your child can now learn even more about occupations, culture, geography, responsibilities, community, and acquire more vocabulary in general.

However, this expansion pack only works with the Deluxe version, not the original Touch and Learn Desk, so be sure to keep that in mind.

38. ​My First Game: Bears in Pairs

This is a very cute game with adorable figures your little toddler will be sure to love! It doesn’t require any reading and still teaches your child valuable lessons.

This memory and match game will improve your child’s focus and concentration on tasks with three different ways to play (it comes with a parent guide).

The main point is to hide one of the animal pairs in different compartments and the first one who finds a match wins.

This game is suitable for two players and teaches your little one how to be competitive in a fair-play game.

39. ​Hasbro Hi Ho! Cherry-O

Hasbro has decided to take parents back to their childhoods! This classic board game is an excellent choice for new generations that are learning how to count.

The spinner tells the number of cherries your child can take and put into a bucket or return, depending on the move.

Children love to pick fruit from trees, which is why this game became so popular in the first place.

This family-friendly game can be played by up to four people, which provides even more fun and better improvement of social skills.

40. ​Kid O A to Z Magnatab

This Magnatab is very simple, educational, and important for the development of different skills and knowledge.

It consists of a bead table and a stylus that attracts beaded parts. Clean up is quick and simple, you only need to run your finger over it!

It’s a great way to learn upper and lower-case letters!

41. ​Musicube Kids Accordion

If you’re prepared to listen to the accordion for at least a few hours every day, then there is no reason to delay buying this musical instrument for your little one!

The accordion improves motor skill development, hand-eye coordination, and increases her love for music!

Each piece of the accordion is produced carefully and is completely non-toxic and safe for your little bundle of joy.

42. ​Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards

This brand brings us another modern spin of a classic toy for toddlers and preschoolers which greatly improves spatial awareness, logical thinking, color recognition, and problem-solving skills.

This classic toy set has over 100 wooden blocks of different shapes and colors that can be put together in countless ways.

There is a cute puzzle that introduces letters to toddlers as well!

This ABC game is a great way to teach your little one letters in a fun way.

The point of the puzzle is to match the first letter with the labeled image on the other side.

This set will be a great addition to your little one’s collection of entertaining and educational toys.

43. ​Glowing Animals Bathtub Toys

A glowing mermaid and 11 animals are all your toddler needs for the best bath time ever!

Each of them lights up when they go into the water, but they can work outside as well.

These toys really help a lot with children who aren’t fans of taking baths!

All the animals and the mermaid are completely sealed so there is no fear of mold or mildew.

The only thing I’m not a fan of is that the batteries can’t be replaced, and the battery life is only around 3 months.

44. ​Toniebox Pink Starter Set

Toniebox has come up with a great audio player for music and storytelling, which reminds me of the 2000’s so much that I can’t help but love it!

Basically, all you need to do is put each Disney character on the top and it will play songs and tell stories!

You can adjust the volume by pressing the ears (this part is quite funny, actually).

You can include personalized stories, audiobooks, songs, or whatever else comes to your mind!

This is a great gadget for parents too, as it doesn’t involve any screens.

45. ​Fat Brain Toys Squigz Starter Set

Last, but not least, suction cups are always a hit with toddlers.

Even though suction cups can be a bit overwhelming for parents, as they always end up everywhere.

Suction cups can even be used in the water, which makes them perfect bait for kids to enter the bathtub (I’ve had to do this several times)!
This starter set includes 24 pieces, but if you want more you can get the Deluxe pack as well!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, buying a toy for a toddler is not a simple process, and it requires more than simply going to Walmart and picking out some random plaything.

At this age, your child is already able to develop her own opinion and express her wishes.

Therefore, you should listen to your kiddo to find out about her interests, and use that as a gift guide for finding the best toy for her.

I always prefer educational toys, and try to fit my children’s wishes with my requirements.

This list of toys is a perfect guide for everyone who wants to provide their child with playthings that will keep her entertained and well-educated at the same time!

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