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22 Best Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family In Person

22 Best Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family In Person

We’ve all been there.

The excitement is setting in because the baby is on the way and you want to announce it to your loved ones.

What we all want to know is: what are the best ways to announce pregnancy to family in person?

While one of the absolute best ways to announce pregnancy to family in person is to simply take a few deep breaths and say it outright, that isn’t exactly one of the most fun ways now, is it?

Some people might settle for a run-of-the-mill announcement, but I’m here today to cater to all you mammas who want to make every important moment in your baby’s life as special as possible.

Something that can remain as a keepsake for you to cherish and show them when they grow up.

Something a bit more personalized for your little one which will present your pregnancy announcement idea in the perfect way.

Finding the most adorable way to do this can sometimes be hard, especially if you’re trying to be completely original, but you can always add your own personal touch to it after you’ve arranged it.

This is what makes for the best and most fun ideas after all.

As well as coming up with a simple and creative pregnancy announcement idea, you should also think about the timing.

In fact, there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration, which is why I’m here to help you figure out all of these potential problems and help you have the best pregnancy reveal you could imagine.

22 Creative Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family In Person

1. Getting a baby onesie

The easiest, but also one of the most “on the nose” ways to announce a pregnancy, is by getting a baby onesie with a cutesy message which delivers the big news in an exciting way.

My personal suggestion would be anything that involves the future grandparents, especially if this is their first grandchild.

You can find plenty of designs like this on Etsy and Amazon, but my personal favorite has to be: “Grandma, you’ve gotta come get me, your daughter is freaking out!”.

I used that one to announce my second pregnancy and it went down so well my mom almost fell over laughing.

It doesn’t just have to be a onesie either, you can use any sort of fun baby outfit to display your message.

2. Getting matching pregnancy announcement shirts

If you want to deliver the news alongside your hubby, then you can get silly shirts like these to help make it a lot easier and more direct.

Not only are they super comfy, but the humor is also on point so everyone’s sure to get a chuckle out of it.

3. Create a personalized guide

pregnant woman in dress writing on paper with sonogram picture on the table

Not all of these ideas are meant to be the height of wit.

Some are just meant to be silly little DIY projects you can do at home!

This idea is one of the cuter ways to announce your pregnancy to family in person, especially your parents.

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It doesn’t take too much effort at all, just a few sentences printed out on colorful pieces of paper will result in a neat little guide that thanks your parents and tells them how to prepare to go from parenthood to grandparenthood.

Silly things like telling them to learn to tell a few more children’s stories, sing a few new songs, and free up their schedule because a baby’s coming on board!

It’ll be a neat little souvenir they’ll be sure to cherish for a long time.

4. Getting your family personalized bottles of wine

I know what you’re thinking, a bottle of wine as a pregnancy announcement idea seems pretty out there, but it’s still quite popular.

Besides, the grandparents-to-be deserve to have a nice glass of wine to celebrate!

The very idea might seem a bit expensive until you realize you’re really just buying the stickers.

You can get the wine on your own and just place them over the existing label.

It’s similar to personalized onesies and bibs, except more adult.

If anything, it can serve as a great decoration for the family dinner you’re planning to make the announcement at.

5. Coffee mug surprise

Another neat way of announcing your pregnancy to your family is by doing it with something as simple as a coffee mug.

The idea is that the announcement will only come into view once your parents finish their drink. It’s so simple, yet so ingenious!

I personally wish I had thought of it before, but I might end up using it if I end up going for baby #3.

6. Dough decoration

Woman kneading dough on the wooden table

This is another DIY pregnancy announcement idea that can be a lot of fun if you like to bake.

Basically, you bake miniature bits of salty dough and place them in a box with the pregnancy announcement quote “We have another bun in the oven” written above when you open the box.

It does require a bit of precision and cooking skill to pull off, but it shouldn’t be too hard if you put your mind to it.

7. A personalized Christmas ornament

If you’ve managed to time your baby so the due date is somewhere around the winter holidays, it would be a great idea to get some of these Christmas ornaments!

You can do the same if you’re planning the pregnancy announcement during Christmas time.

Imagine the look on your family’s face when they take a good look at one of the ornaments hanging from your tree and realize what the message means!

Believe me when I say they’ll be absolutely stunned!

8. Buying a child’s storybook

What better gift can you give to a grandparent than a storybook they can read to their grandkids to bond with them.

It’s a great way of bridging the gap between generations and helping your newest arrival easily acclimatize to people other than his parents.

9. A fresh batch of cupcakes

delicious cupcakes for baby boy and a girl

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – and this rings true for both men and women!

The same rule applies when it comes to the more creative ways to announce pregnancy to family in person.

This process will, once again, require some cooking know-how, but as long as you can follow a recipe you’ll be good to go.

Simply find a recipe for some basic cupcakes and decorate them with a personalized message at the end to help announce your pregnancy.

You can do the same with an entire cake too, but I personally believe cupcakes are the cuter option.

10. A personalized necklace

Another great, and more permanent, way to announce pregnancy to family in person is to get your parents a personalized necklace with their names and the name of your future baby on it.

You could even opt for this elegant necklace, which represents three generations!

While this might be one of the pricier options on this list, I think it’s worth every penny!

The necklace is thoughtfully designed and makes for a present your parents will forever cherish.

11. Pregnancy announcement scratch-off cards

Another cool little gimmick are these fake lottery scratchers you can easily find on Amazon.

You can offer them to your parents and surprise them with the happy news!

Normally gambling isn’t something I’d encourage, but in this case, everyone’s a winner, guaranteed!

12. A framed photo of your sonogram

Arguably one of the best ways to announce pregnancy to family in person is through the use of a sonogram.

I recommend having it scanned and reduced in size before being framed and put on display.

There are a variety of different options to choose from too!

Some allow multiple sonograms to be placed in them so you can see the progress of your child, while others come with personalized text. There are also frames where you can put the baby’s hospital ID bracelet in to serve as a memento.

13. A dog bandanna

If you already have a fur baby, this could be a unique surprise for anyone you’ve invited to your home to share the big news with!

They’ll be so excited to see your pet come in wearing a scarf saying a baby’s on the way.

It’s guaranteed to turn a few heads.

14. A tablespoon

Your eyes aren’t fooling you, you can even use a tablespoon to announce you’re pregnant, at least to your hubby in this case.

Imagine his surprise when he sees the engraving “you’re going to be a daddy”!

A word of advice – make sure to cover yourself with a napkin, as that spoon is sure to fall out of his hands and make a big splat in whatever food he’s eating.

15. Pregnancy milestone cards

This is a great way to announce your pregnancy to your family regardless of what week you’re in!

These pregnancy milestone cards help you keep track of your child’s size, and this information can be shared with your loved ones.

They might be a bit cheesy, but we all need a little bit of cheesy nonsense in our life from time to time!

16. A felt letter board

A simple, but very big and obvious, item you can use to announce your pregnancy is a felt letter board.

Compose your message on this large canvas and let anyone who comes into your house know you’re expecting a new family member!

You can also share a picture of this pregnancy announcement on social media.

17. A keychain set

Here we have a really nifty, matching set of keychains for your parents!

This is a neat little gift to surprise them with that they can carry wherever they go.

Although these are a small and inexpensive item, a little thought goes a long way!

And your parents will love knowing you put the time and effort into finding them a special gift just for them.

18. A puzzle

One of the more creative ways to announce pregnancy to family in person is by bringing this little thing to family game night!

Once the puzzle is completed, everyone will discover the big news!

It might take them a little while to get the riddle, but once they do the joy on their faces will be priceless.

19. A cake topper

As I mentioned during the cupcake method, you can also use a cake to announce your pregnancy, however, I suggest using a cake topper instead of writing the words out yourself if you’re not too confident in your confectionery penmanship.

It’s not expensive to get, and it’s sure to catch everyone’s attention without being over the top.

20. Baby socks

Another good piece of baby gear to announce the big news on is a pair of baby socks.

It’s not difficult to simply display them somewhere and say you’re expecting, but the best way would be to use them around the winter holidays when you can put them next to everyone else’s Christmas stockings.

21. A wine glass

Much like the personalized wine bottle, you can also get themed wine glasses to help secretly announce your pregnancy to your family.

Watch them drink the wine you served, only for the message to be revealed once they pay a bit more attention to what’s engraved on the glass.

22. A personalized bracelet

Last, but not least, is a personalized bracelet for your siblings.

You wouldn’t want to leave them out, would you?

It seems like a random gift out of the blue until they read the engraving and realize the big news.

I can guarantee you they’ll never take the darn thing off.

I know my brother still hasn’t stopped wearing the one I gave him for my daughter’s birth!

Things You Need To Consider Before A Baby Announcement

As fun as it might be to share the pregnancy news the moment you see a positive pregnancy test, there are certain things you need to keep in mind when it comes to that:

1. Make sure to share the big news with your partner first

couple in love sitting on the couch and smiling

No matter how close you might be with your family, the arrival of a new baby should always be shared with your partner first.

After that, you can let the rest of your family know the moment you’re ready.

2. Wait until the end of your first trimester to share the big news with anyone else

pregnant woman shaping heart with hands on the belly

Sadly, miscarriages are a very real possibility up until the first trimester concludes.

This is why couples usually wait before they start planning any baby showers or rushing onto social media to share the exciting news.

Also, if you’re willing to wait, knowing whether your child is a boy or a girl will add a bit of extra surprise to your loved ones’ faces when you tell them you’re expecting.

This is especially true for your own mom and dad if it’s your first time having a baby, and they find out they are finally becoming grandparents.

They’re likely to make some jokes about feeling old, so be prepared for this.

If this is your second pregnancy, I’m sure your older child will also be over the moon that they get to be the big brother or big sister now!

3. Prioritize family members when announcing your pregnancy

young woman hugging her smiling mother on the couch

After you tell your partner you’re pregnant, it’s time to let your other family members know.

Your parents, in-laws, and siblings are likely to give you the most positive reception to a pregnancy announcement!

You’ll want all those positive vibes rubbing off on you to help guide you through the upcoming period.

I’d also say including your best friend in this circle is a must, but that’s up to you to decide.

Once your family knows, feel free to announce the pregnancy to anyone else close to you.

4. Curate your ideas to specific groups of people

happy pregnant woman sitting on sofa and looking at mobile phone

While all these ways to announce a pregnancy in person might be great for your close family and friends, they might not be as ideal for your wider circle of friends and acquaintances.

Anything is guaranteed to work for your family, no matter how silly or outrageous it may be!

However, what works for your family might not fly with a larger group of people, which is why I suggest keeping the social media announcements tame.

5. Don’t let your loved ones find out online before they hear it from you

pregnant woman standing in the kitchen with parents and her husband

Sharing your pregnancy is meant to feel special, something you’d do at a family dinner or another special occasion.

Your family shouldn’t find out by going on Facebook or Twitter and seeing your status update.

They might feel less loved in that case, which I’m sure is not something you want to do.

6. Announcing your pregnancy is completely optional

pregnant woman holding pink baby shoes

Many people love sharing their joy with all of their friends and family, myself included, but some people might just feel awkward about it.

If you’re one of those people, don’t fret.

Announcing your pregnancy isn’t a must, even to your family.

You might just want to enjoy the realization with your partner alone because you don’t like the attention, and that’s fine.

Not everyone likes the spotlight being on them, and you might just want some time to yourself to prepare for the due date.

What’s more, not everyone is lucky enough to have a supportive family, so focus on what feels right for you!

In Conclusion

pregnant woman with husband holding hands on belly in heart shape

There are so many fun ways to announce pregnancy to family in person.

Some are simple to do, some less so.

They each differ in price and complexity as well, though don’t let that discourage you from announcing the pregnancy to your loved ones in a cute way.

The cutest and most fun pregnancy announcements are the ones we DIY!

After all, it’s not about the price tag attached to the idea, but the thought that counts when sharing the baby news.

It doesn’t have to be something original either, so don’t rack your brains over it too hard.

It can be as fun as a pregnancy announcement card that acts as a lotto scratcher, but it can also be a simple pregnancy announcement photo you show your loved ones from a pregnancy photoshoot.

The tummy will be a dead giveaway!

Plus, if you’re not feeling like this is your thing, that’s okay too.

Not everyone enjoys being the center of attention, nor does every new mom like coming up with witty and funny pregnancy announcement ideas.

Some moms would rather just fully focus on the pregnancy, which is more than fine too but do try to find other ways to enjoy yourself in the meantime.

While these rituals might seem silly to an outsider, they’re really there to relieve the stress and make you feel part of a supportive community.

Knowing that your friends and family support you throughout this new chapter is reassuring, and proof you’ve made the right decision.

Regardless of what you choose, I hope you’ve found a fun way to announce the big news to your closest family and friends!
Until next time, mammas.

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