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16 Characteristics Of And Facts About August Babies

16 Characteristics Of And Facts About August Babies

Are you having an August baby?

Then you’re in luck!

August babies are known to be cheerful and optimistic kiddos that grow up to become very important people.

Some of them have become famous presidents of the US or Hollywood entertainers.

August is one of the most beautiful months of the year for all summer fans, but some future mammas might slightly disagree with that.

It may be a challenging month for mommies who have a due date, but it has plenty of benefits for the baby.

A baby born in August might become president, but she could also pursue careers in less public jobs that will enable her to become a leader of the team.

If you’re expecting or have an August baby, you’ll certainly love these fun facts about babies born in this magical summer month!

Fascinating Facts About August Babies

1. The richest kid on the block

pink spinel gemstone on the grey carpet

Your August baby is truly special, even when it comes to her birthstones because she can choose between three!

The first one is the spinel which resembles the color and shape of a ruby.

However, spinel is usually colorless as a pure mineral and gets colored by chromophores such as iron, chromium, or cobalt.

Second is the green peridot, a beautiful gemstone that can only be found in green.

This color comes from iron, which is included in the peridot’s composition, along with magnesium.

The third gem from the collection of birthstones is sardonyx, an earth-like stone with brown and white zebra stripes.

These stripes are a mix of onyx and sard.

2. The brightest flowers of the year

pink and yellow gladiolus flower in the garden

August’s birth flowers show the true colors of your baby’s personality and the season she was born in.

August babies are symbolized by two beautiful flowers that capture the smell and essence of the summer days of August.

The first birth flower, gladiolus, looks like a sword filled with beautiful flowers.

The name gladiolus comes from the Latin word “gladius” which translates to “sword”.

This flower symbolizes proud and strong heroes who are born as winners.

The other August baby flower is the cheerful-colored poppy with a completely opposite meaning.

Poppies are a symbol of peace and sleep, even death, because of the opium they contain.

3. A Leo king or a Virgo princess?

leo zodiac sign

According to astrology, your little one might be a Leo or a Virgo kid, depending on the date of birth.

A Leo kid is fearless and very brave, but she may also be quite dominant and stubborn.

A Leo baby may be difficult to work with, but she’s creative and born to be a leader.

Those born between July 23 and August 22 fall under this zodiac sign.

On the other side, Virgo is rather stubborn as well, but she’s also quite practical and materialistic.

Virgo is not interested in being a hero, she’s dedicated to details and methodology.

If your baby was born between August 23 and September 22, you have a little Virgo in your house.

4. Forever young (or old)?

Little girl with green back pack holding stationery in living room

August children might be the youngest or the oldest in class because of the cutoff period.

Both options have pros and cons, just like everything else in life, but these differences might influence your child’s future success.

Being the youngest in class might be an advantage because your child will always be a year ahead of children born in the same period.

She might finish high school and college almost a year earlier than others and brag about it for the rest of her life.

However, she might face many difficulties as the youngest student in the class and may not be ready to start school yet unlike other children born in earlier months.

Therefore, a lot of parents nowadays choose “redshirting”, known as the delay of school or kindergarten for the next year.

This can give your little one just enough time to mature a bit more and be more confident going to school with her schoolmates.

5. Lucky number eight!

Smiling boy swinging on a rope at a playground

It’s not a secret that people born in spring and summer feel happier and more satisfied than those who are born during the autumn and winter months.

Being born during sunny days and being able to spend the first days in warm weather and enjoy the smell of flowers and grass is pure happiness by default.

Number eight is also considered a lucky number in Chinese culture, which might add to the belief that babies born in August are indeed luckier than others.

6. Big from the start

cute baby boy sleeping in bed

According to statistics, August babies have higher birth weights than children born in other months.

If you’re wondering why your little one is more physically advanced than other children, the answer might be hidden in her birth date!

Vitamin D3 from exposure to the sun is crucial for the healthy development of the baby, even before she is born, which might be the reason why August babies are more advanced than their peers born in other months.

7. Born to be a teacher

funny little boy standing against blackboard

A summer baby is surely very cheerful and full of energy, but she’s also ready to rule the world!

Her authoritative personality traits make her great teacher material.

Of course, this is not connected to formal education only.

Kids born in August might become strong-willed adults with excellent leadership skills that might be beneficial for any career.

However, their stubbornness might make them a bit uncooperative for teamwork, especially when it comes to compromising.

8. August kids rule the world!

adorable little girl posing

Some people claim that August-born kids have the best traits of all other birth months.

Your August baby is considered to be a brave person who excels at leadership and knows how to manage every situation she finds herself in.

She’ll become a proud and confident spirit that’s open-minded, but very detailed and systematic at everything.

Summer-born kids might seem breezy, but they have their feet firmly on the ground.

However, they like to receive compliments and be the center of attention which does make them look a bit egotistic from time to time.

Your August baby girl or boy may not seem very emotional at first, but they do hide a full emotional wheel behind that first impression.

9. August kids love sandwiches

little boy eating a sandwich in the kitchen

Every sandwich lover will confirm that their favorite month of the year is August, for sure!

That’s no surprise because August is known as the National Sandwich Month!

There are high chances your baby might enjoy a good sandwich almost every day, be it an Italian, Sub, Torpedo, Hoagie, grinder, or whatever you name it.

This actually might be a great idea for birthday parties, you can make some tasty sandwiches as a snack or get some sandwich-shaped sweets.

Actually, you can even make a sandwich-themed birthday party or baby shower if your due date is in August – don’t forget, decorations are a must even for a virtual baby sprinkle!

10. Your baby might become president!

confident little boy posing in the garden with blossom trees

Babies born in August share their birth month and birthdays with a lot of famous and influential people.

Three of the former US presidents were born in August, which is a great honor, but also another confirmation of the strong leadership skills August babies have.

Here is a list of influential people with August birthdays:

1. Lyndon B. Johnson

2. Bill Clinton

3. Barack Obama

4. Louis Armstrong

5. Alfred Hitchcock

6. Mila Kunis

7. Jason Momoa

8. Chris Hemsworth

9. Antonio Banderas

10. Charlize Theron

11. Halle Berry

12. Robert De Niro

13. Madonna

14. Jennifer Lawrence

15. Ben Affleck

These are just a few of the celebrities who have a birthday in August, just like your little one.

According to this list, your princess has a variety of options for a successful career.

Even if she doesn’t become the president of the United States one day, she might be the next A-list actress or singer!

11. The cutest baby names are reserved for August kids!

adorable smiling little girl standing in the sunflower field and posing

Choosing an elegant name for your baby girl or boy is one of the most exciting and most stressful tasks you’ll have to do.

There are so many names and options, but after going through numerous name suggestions, you might feel that nothing seems to fit the vision you had in mind, or you just end up lost in the never-ending lists of names for girls and boys.

Most parents forget to consider their child’s birth month when they search for the best name for their little one.

There are a lot of beautiful names that are connected to August and that will fit your child perfectly!

Here is the list of the cutest names for your August baby:

Baby girl names:

1. Cameron

2. Peridot

3. Augustine

4. Poppy

5. Aria

6. Sienna

7. Gussie

8. Soleil

9. Charlize

10. Leonie

11. Virginia

12. Peach

13. Gladys

14. Olivia

15. Audrey

16. Viola

17. Coco

Baby boy names:

cute baby boy lying in the sheets

1. Barack

2. Augustus

3. August

4. Brett

5. Lionel

6. Aiden

7. Neil

8. Andy

9. David

10. Dayton

11. Austin

12. Leo

13. Leland

12. August-borns are masters of organization

According to astrology, babies born in August have amazing organizational skills.

Your little one might not show any of these skills during her first year of life (because she has no idea what’s going on around her), but you might notice the first signs of leadership and organization during her toddler years.

Leos are strong, very confident, and extremely proud, so they’ll essentially do anything and everything that might get them a compliment or two.

However, if your little one is Virgo, be prepared for a very precise and detail-oriented little girl who probably won’t like the way you stack her toys or the clothes you choose.

13. Reduced risk of specific mental illnesses

little baby boy smiling

According to a study from 2012, summer-born kids are less likely to suffer from mental health problems such as schizophrenia, depression, and even bipolar disorder.

There was no exact conclusion about why this is the case, but some field experts have claimed it might be because of the vitamin D exposure during the summer months, especially August.

Winter babies receive less vitamin D during the gestation period and the first days of life, which might have an impact on their mental health.

14. The greatest gift from Thanksgiving

man with delicious turkey for holiday dinner with beautiful family

Some parents might use an opportunity to say thanks for the greatest gift of all, as some August-borns were conceived on Thanksgiving Day or generally in November.

I would, however, recommend saying thanks in the privacy of your own home, just to avoid any possibly awkward moments in front of the family, ha!

15. August-born kids can be great friends

two adorable little girls hugging outdoor

Even though astrology suggests differently, a lot of Leo and Virgo combinations turn out to be just fine, even more than that.

Leo is very strong and passionate about everything and Virgo is there to enhance communication and take care of details.

These two signs actually create an amazing balance that proves there can be a great friendship/relationship between them.

16. Future president or hairdresser?

Cute little girl cutting hair to herself with scissors

Your August-born might not become the next president of the United States, but she might be one of the greatest hairdressers, at least according to the high number of hairdressers born in August.

In this case, you’d have access to free highlights or haircuts for the rest of your life.

Doesn’t sound bad, right?

Wrapping Up

Some of these facts might be common knowledge to many, but I’m sure there’s at least one fascinating fact about your child you have never heard before.

Having a baby in August is quite a blessing, but a challenge as well.

She might be a very passionate and loving person but may become a real storm if something doesn’t go her way.

August babies are strong-willed and proud, but not the best at teamwork (unless they’re in leading positions).

However, when it comes to family, your little one will do everything to protect you and everyone she loves!

Also, your baby is not the only one to have a summer birthday party!

Actually, she shares her birth month with a lot of famous people, including former presidents of the US.

With good leadership skills and a rich birth month background, your baby girl might become a president one day or a famous and influential person.

A summer baby might not always be easy to deal with, that’s for sure, but she has great potential for the future, so don’t hold her back from achieving her goals!


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