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107 Perfect Middle Names For Leo You’ll Fall In Love With

107 Perfect Middle Names For Leo You’ll Fall In Love With

You’ve just found the perfect baby name in Leo, but you still need a middle name.

If you’ve decided to name your little boy Leo, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as this name describes a young and fearless baby boy ready to take over the world!

However, such a strong and brave name requires an equally gracious middle name!

There are plenty of beautiful middle names for Leo you’ll instantly fall in love with because they go together just like peanut butter and jelly!

Even though this name was popularized by Leo DiCaprio, he definitely wasn’t the first boy to be given this great name.

Leo has been used as a given name since ancient Rome and has been a great baby name inspiration for hundreds of years, even in modern times.

It’s a classic moniker that has stood the test of time and is an evergreen that will never grow old.

Regardless, every name sounds even better with a proper middle name!

If you have no idea which one would best suit your Leo, read this article until the end and discover some names that will knock you off your feet!

Leo – Name Origin And Meaning

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The name Leo has been used for centuries in many cultures and civilizations.

It has been in use since the Roman empire all the way up until the 21st century.

In Latin, this name stands for the king of the jungle and one of the most amazing animals in nature, the lion.

However, the origin of this name actually comes from the Greek word with the same meaning.

It was a common name among many Christian saints and popes.

In fact, there are historically 13 recorded popes who were named Leo.

One of the most famous popes carrying this name was Pope Leo the Great, an early bishop of Rome who was later declared a saint.

However, Leo has not always been used exclusively as a first name.

This name was also used as a nickname for traditional names like Leopold, the gentle-sounding name Leon, and the Italian name Leonardo.

It was a popular baby boy name throughout the 2000s and has remained so according to a list of popular boy names in 2020 where it got to the top 15 (it holds the 14th place).

Astrology lovers and horoscope fans connect this name immediately to the zodiac sign Leo.

There are a lot of people who actually give this name just because of their favorite zodiac sign.

Leo as a girl name

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The name Leo has traditionally been used as a male name for little boys, but there have been some cases of women carrying the same name.

Some baby girl names that are considered to be female versions include:

• Leona

• Leonie

• Leonarda

• Lea

• Leonora

• Eleonora

• Leopoldine

Even though some people still frown upon the thought of using this name for girls, feel free to erase the boundaries between masculine and feminine names and think outside the box!

Most Popular Middle Names For Leo

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This name is one of the three-letter names for boys that has remained widely popular for hundreds of years, just like the name Sebastian.

Moreover, it’s a name that is still at the top of many name lists alongside names like Jordan and Noah.

Even though there have been many important people throughout history who have carried this beautiful name, one of the most influential celebrities in modern times who has popularized it is one of Hollywood’s most handsome men, Leonardo (Leo) DiCaprio.

If you knew this was the perfect name out of all the baby name ideas you came up with during your pregnancy, you’ll surely fall in love with some of the following awesome combinations of the most popular middle names for Leo!

1. Leo Jonathan

2. Leo Sebastian

3. Leo Joshua

4. Leo Harrison

5. Leo Robert

6. Leo Alexander

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7. Leo James

8. Leo Everett

9. Leo Anthony

10. Leo David

11. Leo Dominic

12. Leo William

13. Leo Gabriel

14. Leo Oliver

15. Leo Gregory

16. Leo Samuel

17. Leo Benjamin.

18. Leo Augustus

19. Leo Jacob

20. Leo Zachary

21. Leo Thomas

Best Middle Names For Leo

cute little boy blowing the dandelion in the field

The following suggestions might not be the most popular middle names for Leo, but that doesn’t mean they don’t go well with this name.

Most of these are classic English names which are very common in English-speaking countries, but they’re intertwined with names from other countries and cultures, which once again proves how universal this name is.

With such a strong name meaning, this name deserves only the best!

Here’s a list of perfect middle names for Leo that you’ll fall in love with:

1. Xavier

2. Johnathan

3. Rex

4. Jeremiah

5. Flynn

6. Franklin

7. Matthias

8. Donovan

9. Dorian

10. Nickolas

11. Bryce

12. Maximilian

13. Rafferty

14. Isaiah

15. Philip

16. Tait

17. Augustin

18. Constantine

19. Duncan

20. Morgan

confident little boy posing in the garden with blossom trees

21. Steven

22. Alan

23. Malachi

24. Beckett

25. Shaun

26. John

27. Drake

28. Francis

29. Wilson

30. Hugh

31. Reese

32. Adam

33. Giovanni

34. Chase

35. Tobias

36. Theodore

37. Augusten

38. Blake

39. Walter

40. Paul

little adorable baby boy wearing hat sits in a field near haystacks at sunset

41. Derrick

42. Ezekiel

43. Nathaniel

44. Elliott

45. Broderick

46. Julian

47. Moses

48. Mason

49. Heath

50. Sullivan

51. Elijah

52. Jasper

53. Atticus

54. Etienne

55. Gideon

56. Aristotle

57. Christian

58. Thaddeus

59. Jacobi

60. Elias

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61. Roderick

62. Caden

63. Reece

64. Charles

65. Finnegan

66. Trent

67. Santiago

68. Frederick

69. Alistair

70. Elliot

71. Abraham

72. Zane

73. George

74. Patrick

75. Finnian

76. Matthew

77. Arthur

78. Dylan

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79. Trevor

80. Dante

81. Denver

82. Dashiell

83. Joseph

84. Marcus

85. Jason

86. Marcelo

Leo As A Middle Name

Little boy child blowing soap bubbles outdoors in sunny day

Giving your little one the opportunity to choose between two names in the future is one of the best things you as a parent can do.

The middle name is usually underrated but it actually tells a lot about the person.

Many parents choose to give their little one a second name, and they often use the opportunity to go against strict social norms (but I wouldn’t go too crazy, for the sake of my baby).

Your child will surely understand the meaning behind the name Leo which will also help him to grow up as a strong and independent leader.

Knowing that your parents saw you as a great fighter and a born ruler from birth is a great honor and might give your little one a great confidence boost in life.

If you want to place this name in the middle, but aren’t sure which name would sound great before it, check out these cool names I picked out for your little boy!

1. Tobias

2. Marvin

3. Sullivan

4. Dominic

5. Henry

6. Alden

7. Ariel

8. Oscar

9. Dylan

10. Anthony

11. David

12. James

13. Austin

14. Benjamin

15. Soren

16. Grant

17. Theodore

18. Zane

19. William

How To Choose The Best Middle Name?

a newborn baby sleeping inside the white stroller

Choosing a special middle name for your little boy doesn’t have to be stressful, but it might require some compromise.

However, instead of arguing with your partner, you can find a perfect middle name that will mean a lot to both of you.

If you or your partner have a strong bond with your family or want to respect tradition, you may add a family name as your little boy’s middle name!

This is a great choice, especially if your last name is James or another one that sounds like a first name.

It’s a nice way to honor your family or a special person you are close to.

If you are nostalgic and keep everything as memorabilia, you might as well use some significant location for you and your partner as an idea!

It could be the place where you met, had your first kiss, got proposed to, or got married – the choice is all yours!

Remember that compromise?

Well, this is where it kicks in! Instead of arguing about first name choices, how about using your or your partner’s suggestion as a middle name?

Instead of spending that time arguing, you could spend it watching movies or having some more positive conversation.

Wrapping Up

smiling little boy wearing hoodie and standing in front of blue wooden wall

This list could probably go on for days, but these 107 middle names for Leo are more than enough for you to choose from, and I’m sure you already found what you were looking for!

Middle monikers may not be as important in everyday life as the first ones, but they can mark some special moments or people in our lives that we honor by letting their names live through future generations.

Also, there are plenty of cases where people decide to go by their middle moniker instead of their first name because they like it better.

By adding one more name to your little one’s full name, you’re giving him a chance to make his own choice in the future.

However, you don’t need to overthink it, either. Keep it simple or go for a more rare baby boy name – the choice is all up to you!

Just don’t get too stressed about it.

If you’re not a fan of any names on this list, you may as well follow the above-mentioned tips about choosing the perfect name for your little one!

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