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120 Most Adorable Baby Shower Cake Messages And Sayings

120 Most Adorable Baby Shower Cake Messages And Sayings

Welcome, third trimester!

Every mom-to-be is more than excited to say this as she knows the baby will soon be in her arms!

This requires a big celebration with lots of presents for the little one and a cake.

There’s no proper celebration without a cake with adorable messages, right?

The baby shower party is the main event before the baby arrives, with lots of people you love and colorful decorations, baby gifts, and cute baby shower cake messages for the little one coming soon!

Most new moms live for this moment when they can finally throw a big themed-party with lots of colorful decorations and a big cake.

Just to be clear, this is not just any old cake.

And I’m not talking about “Happy Birthday” or “Congrats” cake messages either, it’s much more than that.

Like 120 times more than that. Can you even believe there are 120 messages for baby shower cakes?

The list is long, but it’s worth going through.

After you read these sayings, I am sure you will find the perfect baby shower message for that special cake!

The Cutest Baby Shower Cake Messages For Baby Girls

sweet pink cake for baby girls on the pink cloth on the table

1. “(Name)’s coming, she’s almost here! A baby girl that’s oh so dear!” – If the party theme is Woodland, you can switch “dear” with “deer” and it will fit perfectly.

2. “Bling, baby!” – This one is perfect for future little fashionistas.

3. “It’s a Girl!” – In case there was no gender reveal party.

4. “Pretty in Pink” – Because how much more girly can you get?

5. “Sugar, spice, and everything nice!” – This is one of the cutest messages, and it reminds me of Powerpuff Girls (girl power!).

6. “Little Miss Sunshine” – A baby is certainly a ray of sunshine in every home, so this message makes perfect sense. Also, this one goes well with a yellow/orange-themed party.

7. “Cuddly as a cloud, gentle as the night, a baby girl is the sweetest delight!“ – A cake made out of stars and lights for a little baby girl will be perfect with this one.

8. “Princess in Progress” – Every little girl is a princess to her parents.

9. “Hip hip hooray, she’s on her way!” – There’s always a reason for a “Hip hip hooray”!

10. “Baby (surname) is almost due, we all know it’s pink, not blue” – Pink and blue are widely accepted as gendered colors, even though things are slowly changing nowadays.

11. “Soon-to-Be Daddy’s Little Girl” – It’s said that the four most important women in a man’s life are the one who gave him life, the one who stays throughout life, the one he shares his life with, and the one he gave life to.

12. “Baby girls take the cake!” – And I’m sure parents of girls will agree!

13. “Ribbons and pearls, it’s all about girls!” – What a way to show girl power on a baby shower cake!

14. “Dresses, ribbons, and hair to curl. We’re tickled pink, it’s a baby girl!” – It seems that ribbons and curls are a must-have for girls.

15. “Sent from Heaven above, a baby girl for you to love” – This baby shower saying is more on the religious side, but it’s very cute and true.

16. “Give a twirl for our new little girl!” – You can always try to persuade everyone to do a pirouette (although, it’s never worked at the parties I’ve been to).

Best Baby Shower Cake Messages For Boys

sweet blue baby boy shower cake on the table

1. “It’s a Boy!” – Or is it? We don’t know until he’s born. Just kidding, but there have been surprises before.

2. “Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails; that’s what little boys are made of.” – This is similar to the sugar and spice cake message for girls. This just shows how boys are always up to mischief.

3. “Our Little Man” – Even though it’s a quite generic message, it’s timeless – boys are usually bosses of the house.

4. “Showers of joy, it’s a boy!” – There’s a bit of wordplay on “shower”, but it’s also a cute way to let everyone know it’s a baby boy.

5. “King of the Castle” – No room for fear, the king is here.

6. “Celebrate everyone, here comes our son!” – This is one of my favorite sayings, as the use of “son” instead of “boy” makes it more personal.

7. “Oh, happy day, a baby boy is on the way” – World, make room for another great little boy!

8. “A giggle, a toy, a sweet baby boy!” – A rhyme is always welcome on party cakes, especially for such sweet occasions as baby showers or birthday parties.

9. “Love, joy, and wonderful dreams are the sweetest things a baby boy brings!” – This pretty much sums up the emotions a family has for a new baby in the house.

10. “Ahoy, little boy!” – Have you ever thought about baby shower themes? How about some pirate/nautical themes? There are very cute baby shower cake messages related to them!

11. “Ready or not, here he comes!” – This is the truest saying about having a baby boy.

12. “Thank Heaven for little boys” – Or mom and dad. Just kidding, this is a lovely one for more religious families.

13. “Little Prince” – This is a great baby shower cake message for all mommies who loved the book.

Best Gender Neutral Baby Shower Cake Messages

Yellow baby shower cake with elephant decoration

1. “50% Mom, 50% Dad, 100% Perfect!” – Although I haven’t measured, I’d say my boy is around 80% me, while my daughter is 99% her father.

2. “Bowties or bows? Nobody knows!” – Another fun and short gender-neutral saying.

3. “Next stop: Parenthood!” – This is the last warning before the baby comes. It’s a nice way to remind everyone that this is a big step for future parents.

4. Baby powder, cream, and oil, soon we’ll have someone to spoil!” – The first part is a nice way of avoiding the reality of dirty diapers. I have to admit though, it’s hard not to spoil those cute little beings.

5. “A boy or a girl? We just can’t say. Let’s shower the parents before the delivery day!” – Those who don’t want to know their baby’s gender are certainly very calm and patient people.

6. “(#) days and counting!” – Simple, yet effective, especially for those who have a scheduled c-section, as they already know the exact delivery day.

7. “The wait is almost over!” – Or is it? A lot of women give birth three to seven days after the due date, but new mammas can hope it’ll be over soon.

8. “Blue or pink – what do you think?” If you haven’t revealed the gender of your baby yet, this is a great baby shower game idea, where people have to guess if it’s a boy or a girl.

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9. “Welcome, little one!” – If this was the Finish Lines game, the answer would be: Welcome little one, goodbye sleep!

10. “Someone special, someone dear, someone NEW is almost here!” – This reminds me of the wedding version “Something borrowed, something blue”. Either way, it’s a very cute rhyme.

11. “And baby makes 3” – A simple and lovely baby shower cake message for future only-child parents.

12. “Little love, oh so sweet, we are all excited to meet!” – That’s true, one of the most exciting things is meeting the newest addition to the family.

13. “Peek-a-boo! We can’t wait to meet you!” – I guess peek-a-boo is here just for the rhyme, and that no one thinks they should play peek-a-boo with the future mom at the baby shower party.

14. “The big day is drawing near. Baby (last name) is almost here!” – This personalized saying is perfect for parents who don’t want to reveal their baby’s gender before birth.

15. “Little hands, little feet, baby (last name) will be so sweet!” – Everything about babies is little and sweet, I agree with that!

16. “A baby’s smile makes each day worthwhile” – There’s nothing sweeter than a smiling baby.

17. “Baby Love” – Two words that contain a ton of strong emotions!

18. “Bun in the Oven” – Even though this one is usually used as a riddle for pregnancy announcements, it can be used as a gender-neutral baby shower cake saying.

19. “Ten little fingers and ten little toes on a bundle of joy that grows and grows!” – This is one of the things boys and girls have in common and a great way of avoiding a gender reveal.

20. “Little Baby, Big Love” – And it just grows and grows as our children get older.

sweet cake for baby shower with other sweeties on the table

21. “Up, up, and away! A little one is on the way!” – Hip hip hooray, up and away, it’s all cute but the same. You can use these messages for room decorations as well, like letters on the wall.

22. “Let the adventure begin” – Exactly, with the birth of a child starts the greatest adventure of your life.

23. “Our love for you is growing stronger. Baby, we can’t wait much longer!” – Most parents are excited to meet their baby.

24. “Itty bitty fingers, teeny weeny toes, tiny little tummy, baby button nose!” – I’m sure you used a squeaky voice while reading it like you’re talking to a baby.

25. “First, we had each other, and now we’ll have everything” – This is a very special message for parents who couldn’t have a child for a long time.

26. “Will it be a Cupcake or a Stud Muffin?” This is a great idea for a big cake with cupcake and muffin decorations, and this message written on the side of the cake.

27. “Showering Love on Baby (last name)” – It’s a baby shower, isn’t it?

28. “Our family is growing by two little feet!” – And other parts of the body, too, of course!

29. “Oh, baby!” – If a Justin Bieber fan is having a baby, you can always use this as a shower cake message. Just don’t put his picture on the cake.

30. “All of God’s grace in one tiny face!” -This is a very beautiful saying for religious parents.

31. “(mother’s name)’s expecting a little bundle of joy” – Some would argue a lot of these sayings exclude the father, but baby showers are usually a mom-thing, right?

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32. “The first step a baby takes is to your heart” – And your sanity when they’re teenagers – but we love them anyway!

33. “New kid on the block” – I just had to.

34. “Soon our little pumpkin will be our baby munchkin” – If the shower party occurs around Halloween, you can use this as a shower theme, as well!

35. “We’re over the moon to meet you soon” – This is good inspiration for a Twinkle twinkle little star kind of shower.

36. “A Star Is Born” – And it’s not Lady Gaga or Bradley Cooper.

37. “Here’s to speedy delivery!” – Honestly, the best toast I’ve heard.

38. “Hoot hoot! Here comes something cute!” – This saying and a little owl on the side would make a perfect shower cake.

39. “Welcome to the circus, little peanut” – This one is so relevant currently with more virtual showers taking place instead of the real thing.

40. “Player 3… Loading” – Perfect for gamers who are about to become parents.

41. “Little All-Star” – All sports dads will love this one.

Baby Shower Cake Messages For Twins

 beautiful shower cake for twins with baloons

1. “Twice the blessings, twice the fun. Two little miracles instead of one!” – Oh, it’s fun, for sure!

2. “Double the joy, it’s a girl AND a boy!” – If you’re sure about the gender of both babies, this would be perfect for twins. Did you know boy-girl twins are the most common pairs? Girl-girl twins are second and boy-boy twins are the rarest pair.

3. “Due with Two” – Here’s a short saying for if you don’t have enough room on the cake.

4. “Let the twins bake, just cut the cake!” – Let’s just hope the twins bake until mamma tries the cake.

5. “Double the diapers, double the grins, double the feedings, she’s having twins!” – There are a lot of doubles in this message, but it’s about twins, isn’t it?

6. “Two are coming from above… All the more for us to love!” – Another very spiritual message for religious parents-to-be.

7. “Two Peas in a Pod” – The biggest truth in a funny saying.

8. “Everything double – here comes trouble!” – The cutest trouble, I’d say!

9. “Double the Babies, Double the Love” – These sayings kind of make me want to have twins.

10. “A gift from above, two babies to love” – Beautiful cake wording for a religious mother-to-be.

11. “One, two, buckle your shoe! Twins are coming, so much to do!” – Why not pick a nursery rhyme as a baby shower party cake message? Also, it’s true, there’s a lot to do. (Good one, right?)

12. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” – This is a good idea for a baby shower theme party! You can make DIY party invitations with adorable stars and messages!

Funny Baby Shower Cake Wording

cake and different treats for baby shower party on table

1. “To sleepless nights and dirty diapers!” – Doesn’t sound very promising, I must admit. But, welcome to the world of parenting!

2. “Little hands. Little feet. Hello baby! Goodbye sleep.” – There’s an “aww” moment in the beginning that turns into an “oh, no” at the end.

3. “Ready or not, here I come!” – Well, I hope they’re already prepared at this stage.

4. “A lot of changes are coming your way!” – This is great inspiration for a funny cake idea! Can you imagine baby diapers made out of fondant and some chocolate poop all over the cake? I surely can!

5. “Congratulations on your new alarm clock!” – You’ll probably be sleepwalking pretty soon!

6. “Somebody get a mop, mother-to-be is ready to pop!” – I hope it doesn’t turn into reality, let the mamma enjoy one more party before popping!

7. “Baby (last name) is so sweet. Mommy (name) can’t see her feet!” – Oh, I still remember how I put my socks on during this period. Hilarious!

8. “The bottom is up, the head is down. That’s what happens when you fool around!”– This one is really funny. And true.

9. “Good luck. You’ll need it!” – This sounds quite terrifying, doesn’t it? This funny message is a bit of a reality check as well.

10. “Mom and Dad monkeyed around!” – There’s no need for an explanation here…

Themed Shower Cake Messages

Bee theme

bee themed shower party for baby with big cake

1. “What will it bee?” – Great for gender reveals, as well!

2. “Mommy to Bee” – An adorable wordplay!

3. “Welcome, little bug, with a kiss and a hug!” – Oh little bug, everyone will want to kiss and hug you, that’s for sure.

4. “A baby is blooming!” – This is a good idea for flower-themed showers, as well.

5. “Sweeter than Honey” – Babies are sweeter than anything and so soft and cuddly… I’m starting to think more and more about having another one!

6. “We can’t wait to see what kind of person you’ll bee!” – This is something every parent thinks about.

Winnie the Pooh

1. “We made a wish and you came true” – This is one of the most beautiful shower messages.

2. “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart” – And your heart will grow until the last beat.

3. “I wonder what’s going to happen?” – Well, Winnie’s answer was “It’s the same thing”, but for a mom-to-be, it certainly isn’t.

Harry Potter

big book shape baby shower cake harry potter themed

1. “After All This Time” – Perfect saying for Harry Potter fans who couldn’t conceive for a long time.

2. “A magical bundle is on its way.” – It sure is!

3. “Expecting Patronum!” – I just love this one and I’m sure J.K. Rowling didn’t have the faintest idea it could be used for baby showers!

4. “This baby is a Keeper” – I sure hope so!

5. “Ready to snuggle the new muggle!” – This can be put on a cake, but it’s also a great idea for a onesie that’ll make a hilarious baby outfit.

Duck Theme

1. “Waddle it be?” – A great idea for a pregnancy announcement, as well!

2. “Lucky Ducky” – Well, lucky ducky, lucky parents!

3. “Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Baby to Love!” – Did you sing the first part? I sure did.

Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmare before chsitmas cake on the baby shower table

1. “What’s this? What’s this?” – Well, it’s a baby, but the gender seems to remain unknown.

2. “Simply Meant to Be” – For a cute little (or big) family.

3. “Expecting a Little Nightmare” – This is both the most adorable and creepiest way of describing a new baby.

Star Wars/Baby Yoda

1. “(Baby’s name), (dad’s name) is your father!” – It just had to be included in this list!

2. “Such a large bounty for such a small package” – Disney is not just about princesses.

The Cat in the Hat Theme

1. “Dear little Who, how we’ve waited for you!” – Another cute message for those who couldn’t get pregnant for a long time

2. “It’s true, it’s true! A baby is due. Will it be pink or will it be blue?” – Another borrowed wording from gender reveal parties.

3. “One fish, two fish, red fish, NEW fish!” – Babies are very often described as little animals.

4. “Kid, you’ll move mountains!” – I am sure he will!

5. “Oh, the places you’ll go!” – Don’t scare the mamma before she even gives birth.

6. “Thing 1 + Thing 2 (for twins)” – If you put this on the cake, then you have to buy those red onesies, as well!

Who Should Prepare The Baby Shower Party?

Group of women at a baby shower enjoying food and drink

Baby shower messages on cake aside, let’s talk about the party itself for a moment.

A baby shower party is usually organized by a close relative or a friend of mamma.

It can be a sister, mother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, or a close cousin, anyone who knows her very well.

Generally, the mom-to-be is a guest of honor at the shower party, not the organizer, even though there are moms who like to have control over everything, including the shower party.

If that’s the case, I strongly recommend you consult with her about every detail of the party, or else you will feel the power of an angry pregnant lady.

There are a lot of things to prepare for the party and if you’re not sure where to start, there are a lot of very useful baby shower ideas and tutorials on the Internet.

You can go anywhere from Pinterest to YouTube, there are hundreds of amazing ideas for a perfect baby shower party!

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However, don’t forget about the most important part of the party – the cake. It was traditionally made by the one who organized the shower, but it’s not necessarily a rule.

If you’re not very good at making cakes, it would be better to hire a professional, or someone from the family who is an expert on baking cakes.

Baby Shower Favors – Yes Or No?

Pregnant woman celebrating baby shower with female friends at home

Baby shower favors have become a thing in the last few years, as the shower parties became larger and more lavish.

These are not obligatory, but it’s a nice way of thanking guests for coming and for the gifts they prepared.

It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just a small trinket of gratitude.

It could be anything from scented candles, flower bags, sugar body scrubs, mini baby rattles, to cute baby bookmarks.

It’s not about the price, it’s about the value.

To Wrap Up

There’s a saying by Julia Child which perfectly describes the importance of having a cake at a party, “A party without the cake is just a meeting”.

A baby shower without the cake wouldn’t be nearly as fun and to some people, the cake is one of the reasons to RSVP (I hope it’s not their only reason though).

This treat deserves the most beautiful and colorful decorations which have to be done very precisely.

Writing the wording is where most people make mistakes, so if you’re not confident enough to do it, ask someone to help you or make a printable design.

Be careful about small details which can make a big difference. Something might seem easy to do now, but it can be easily forgotten.

Don’t forget to send invitations! If you’re the party organizer, make sure to prepare invitations that are related to the theme of the party (if it’s a theme-specific shower).

There’s always room for some games, so you can include some fun baby shower games!

If you don’t have any ideas, you can always make the baby shower version of Jeopardy.

The most important thing is to have fun!

Enjoy the party with the mom-to-be, celebrate the new life with the circle of people you love, and support the new mamma at the beginning of a new phase in her life.

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