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33 Pregnancy Riddles To Share Your Big News In A Creative Way

33 Pregnancy Riddles To Share Your Big News In A Creative Way

Have you just found out that you’re pregnant and want to share your big news on social media or with your family in a creative way? Well then, you’ve come to the right place because I have compiled the best pregnancy riddles to make your pregnancy announcement unique.

Your family is getting bigger by one member or maybe even two. Hey, maybe you’re even having a 4th pregnancy announcement! That’s definitely a reason to celebrate and be happy!

A simple “I’m pregnant” or “we’re expecting a baby” just isn’t enough to share this wonderful news with your loved ones. So, why not do it in a way that’ll take your family some time to figure out what you’re talking about?

That way they’ll be even more surprised when they manage to solve your pregnancy riddle.

There are so many creative and clever ways to make it even more exciting. For example, you can organize a fun family game night and let them start with some riddles. When it’s your turn, simply ask them one of the riddles below and wait for the reaction when they finally figure out the answer.

I’ve also included a few fun gender reveal riddles to share your baby’s gender with your family in a fun and creative way like a baby shower cake with a message. You can also write these pregnancy riddles on your baby shower decorations.

List Of The Best Pregnancy Riddles

Below is a list of the most fun, interesting, and creative pregnancy riddles to deliver your big news to others in the perfect way.

1. The cutest pregnancy riddle

I’ll begin with this sweet pregnancy announcement riddle in the form of a poem. It’ll definitely bring tears of joy to your loved ones’ faces once they figure out the answer.

“I can bring a smile to your face,

A tear to your eyes,

Or even a thought to your mind.

But, I can’t be seen just yet.

What am I?”

The cutest pregnancy riddle: "I can bring a smile to your face, A tear to your eyes, Or even a thought to your mind. But, I can’t be seen just yet. What am I?"

2. Sweet pregnancy announcement riddle

You can invite your family to dinner and for dessert, serve them ice cream. When you serve the ice cream, say that you have a good riddle for them, and then ask them the riddle below. It’ll definitely be a fun pregnancy announcement idea.

“What has two feet

And a belly to tickle

And can cause a craving

For ice cream and pickles?”

3.The cutest riddle to announce your twin pregnancy

When you’re pregnant with twins, it means you’ll need double of everything but it also means that you’ll get double the love and double the happiness. Here’s a fun twin pregnancy riddle to deliver your amazing news in the perfect way.

“What has two hearts, 4 eyes, will make you do a double-take, and will be keeping me from getting any good sleep for a while?”

4. Funny pregnancy announcement riddle

This one will make your loved ones laugh for sure!

“We’ve decided that we no longer want to sleep, have time to ourselves, or have a clean house.”

5. Perfect pregnancy announcement for your husband

Of course, the first person who deserves to hear the big news is your husband. Here’s the perfect pregnancy riddle to ask him. I’m sure his reaction will be priceless.

“It’s been you and me

For quite some time.

And a house too big

For two lonely souls,

But that’s going to change,

In a few short months.

For heaven has heard

Our secret desire.

Our family is growing,

By one heart and two feet.”

Perfect pregnancy announcement for your husband

6. Another pregnancy riddle for your husband

This one is a little more difficult than the previous one but the important thing is that it’ll evoke the same response once your husband figures it out.

“If I can’t ride a rollercoaster or jump in a hot tub and you need to go on an ice cream run and scoop the cat litter box, then we must be…. (Pregnant, yay!)”

7. For your baby shower…

This is the cutest pregnancy riddle for your baby shower. You can simply write it on a chalkboard and display it, so it works great for a virtual baby shower too.

“Twinkle, twinkle little star.

How I wonder what you are?

Pink or Blue, who can say?

We will be happy either way.”

8. Fun idea for a baby announcement

Announce the presence of your unborn kiddo in a clever way using this interesting riddle below.

“I’m small but very important and loved already.

I’m free to make but expensive over time.

You’ll see me very soon but you cannot see me yet.

What am I?”

9. The sweetest pregnancy riddle

Even though this one may not be hard to guess, it’s definitely one of the cutest ideas to announce your pregnancy to your loved ones.

“What has ten fingers

And ten little toes,

Two sleepy eyes

And a cute button nose?

What has two feet,

And a belly to tickle,

And cause a craving for ice-cream and pickle?

With just one more hint,

We’re sure you’ll see,

The answer to this riddle

Begins with ‘B’.

And it’s coming in —(number) months.”

10. Creative pregnancy announcement riddle

I’m sure you’ll agree that this riddle is a perfect way to announce that your family will soon be growing by one member.

“Pink or Blue

I still don’t know.

You’ll have to wait

Till (the month when your due date is) to see.

What am I?”

"Pink or Blue I still don’t know. You'll have to wait Till (the month when your due date is) to see. What am I?"

11. Cute pregnancy announcement riddle

I think this one won’t be hard to guess but it’s still a very fun and interesting way to announce that a new baby is on the way.

“The baker and I have something in common.

Dare you make a guess?

That’s right, people.

We both are cooking

A bun in our ovens.”

12. Adorable pregnancy riddle

This sweet poetic riddle will bring joy to your loved ones as soon as they figure out what you’re trying to say to them.

“It grows, it grows, and grows

for nine short months

and it brings joy and happiness

to all in the house.

Its cry is the sweetest sound,

its smile the most precious thing,

its cute face makes the heart melt.”

13. A lovely pregnancy riddle

This riddle is pretty obvious but still, it’s a very sweet way to announce your pregnancy to your family and friends.

“I can’t wait till it’s here

It gets a new name

Without it, my life stays the same

It’s sweet, it requires work, but it’s pure joy,

It comes in two kinds, a girl or a boy.”

14. Hard pregnancy riddle

I used this one to announce my pregnancy to my siblings and, of course, to mess with them a bit. This is a perfect math brain teaser for those who are into math or just want to make their loved ones try hard to figure out the answer.

In order to solve this baby announcement riddle, they’ll have to solve the equation and replace the result with an appropriate letter. Once they solve each equation, they’ll have all the results and then they’ll just have to replace them with corresponding letters from the alphabet.

The answer is baby, of course.

3568/1784 =

300 – (974-675) =

The square root of 4 =

(250 x 2)/20=

15. Creative pregnancy announcement

This is another perfect way to share your exciting news on social media.

“We’ve waited a while

To share our lovely news

It looks like we’ll be shopping

For some tiny little shoes!”

Creative pregnancy announcement

16. Fun riddle for the baby shower in the form of a to-do list

This one can also be used as part of your decorations for the baby shower. It’ll definitely make your guests laugh.

“My to-do list for the next six months:

• Buy bigger clothes

• Decorate a room

• Find a crib and toys

• Get rounder

• Get a bigger car

• Brainstorm names”

17. “Who am I” pregnancy riddle

This is also an interesting riddle for your pregnancy reveal. Even though it might not be hard to solve.

“Who am I?

First I enter the world.

Then I steal everybody’s heart.

I cry all the time.

The next step is to learn to crawl.

I’ll also need to learn to walk,

Right after I learn to say ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’

Then comes my favorite part, playing with my big sister/big brother.”

18. Social media pregnancy announcement

If you want to share your big news on social media, here’s a fun riddle you can use – your friends will definitely enjoy it.

“I’m giving up things like lunch meat, caffeine, sushi, and alcohol for 9 months.”

19. Announcing baby shower in a fun way

If you need a riddle for the baby shower invitations, this one is perfect!

“We are happy to announce

There’s going to be

a shower on May 23rd

You don’t need an umbrella

But a pack of diapers is fine.”

20. Arriving soon…

Here’s another fun idea for your social media pregnancy reveal. You can do a photoshoot of your baby bump and use this one as the caption to your photo.

“First comes love

Then comes marriage

Then comes… arriving soon!”

pregnancy announcement: "First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes… arriving soon!"

21. An interesting math riddle for your pregnancy reveal

Here’s an interesting idea for your baby announcement. Just post a photo of you and your husband on your social media and add this caption. Your friends will start congratulating you immediately.


Or if you’re expecting twins, use the following math brain teaser to reveal your pregnancy.


22. Pregnancy announcement that will make others laugh

This one is simply hilarious!

“I’m patiently waiting on the day my back hurts, my feet are swollen, and I walk like a duck.”

23. Twin pregnancy announcement riddle in a cryptic message

This one may seem like a hard pregnancy riddle but I’m sure your loved ones will figure it out right away.

“OV (bun) EN”

If you’re expecting twins, the riddle should go like this:

“OV (2 buns) EN”

24. Interesting brain teaser for the baby announcement

This one might seem hard to guess, but I’m sure the ‘nine months’ part will help your loved ones figure out the answer.

“I’m as big as a lentil at 6 weeks grown, in nine months my presence will be made known. What am I?”

25. Fun gender reveal riddle for expecting a baby boy

Here’s an interesting riddle for your gender reveal party. If it’s a boy, you can ask your loved ones this riddle in the form of an acrostic. The answer lies in the first letter of each verse.

In the belly, I do grow

Tiny hands and tiny toes

Secret will my gender be

Although you might already see

Between the lines, the truth does lay

On the surface confused you’ll stay

You might be happy either way!”

Fun gender reveal riddle for expecting a baby boy

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26. Gender reveal riddle for a baby girl

Here’s an interesting gender reveal game idea. Ask them to solve this riddle in the form of an acrostic to find out the gender of your baby.

In mommy’s belly, I will grow.

Tiny fingers and tiny toes.

Some don’t know what my gender will be.

Although you might already see.

Guess if I’m a girl or boy.

I’m sure either way, you’ll jump for joy.

Read this poem with great care.

Look really close, but please don’t share!!”

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27. Promotion of the older sibling riddle

This is a perfect way to include your other kids in your baby announcement riddle.

“We are pleased to announce that due to hard work and a good attitude we will be promoting our youngest son to big brother.”

28. Fun pregnancy reveal riddle

This is a very fun way to announce to your loved ones that you’re pregnant.

“What rhymes with Maybe,

And starts with a ‘B’,

And will be there in nine short months?”

29. Amusing pregnancy announcement riddle

A fun and interesting way to announce that your family is getting bigger. And, of course, rest as much as you can because you’ll definitely need all the energy once your baby is born.

“We’re resting up while we can. We’ll be missing a lot of sleep starting in (due date month).”

30. Humorous pregnancy riddle

I think we all know that we get a tax break when we have a new baby. This riddle is pretty obvious but it’s still very funny.

“Looking forward to a new tax deduction in (year)!”

Humorous pregnancy riddle: "Looking forward to a new tax deduction in (year)!"

31. Fun riddle for a baby announcement

If you want to reveal through an email or text message that you’re expecting a baby, here’s a good riddle to do it in a more creative way.

“Cost of camera……$200

Cost of e-mail (or a text)……free

Getting our child to smile for a family picture….impossible

Counting how many people are actually in this picture…priceless.”

32. The cutest pregnancy announcement for the grandparents

The first people who need to find out about your pregnancy should be your parents. Here’s a fun way to deliver the good news to them.

“It’s time to start making preparations, you two. You’re going to get new names very soon. I’m pretty sure we will all start calling you ‘grandma’ and ‘grandpa’.”

You can make it even more fun and give them an idea to have a grandchild announcement of their own!

33. Deliver the big news in a funny but sweet way

Deliver the big news to your friends through this funny pregnancy riddle.

“You can stop buying us wine, perfumes, and similar presents. From now on, we’ll only need things like baby onesies, bibs, bottles, and pillows for breastfeeding. Yay, a new baby is on the way.”

pregnancy riddle

Final Words

I know that we’re probably all sick of the same boring, classic baby showers and baby announcements. It’s time to do it a little bit differently in a way that showcases your motherly connection to your baby.

You can be creative and do some arts and crafts that will make your pregnancy announcement unique and different, and show the kind of mom you’re going to be.

Of course, make sure you announce your pregnancy before your baby bump starts showing. That means you should do it in the first trimester, which is probably the most exhausting one for all pregnant women.

I know how exhausting and tiring those first three months can be which is why I shared these fun and interesting pregnancy riddles with you to announce your pregnancy.

You can still be creative and make some decorations or for example, write the riddle on a chalkboard or get it printed on your T-shirts.

Sharing this big news with your family members and the people you love is exciting because they’ll be as happy as you are. Use one of these pregnancy riddles to surprise them big time.

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