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10 Best Gender Reveal Game Ideas For A Party To Remember In 2022

10 Best Gender Reveal Game Ideas For A Party To Remember In 2022

Without a doubt, parties that reveal a baby’s gender are not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you do decide to organize one, having a couple of fun gender reveal game ideas will help you create a fun party everyone will remember!

Besides, there’s nothing worse than having to deal with a family and friends event where everyone is silent and looks like they were ready to leave hours ago.

Lucky for you, though, there are numerous tried and tested gender reveal game ideas that will keep your guests happy and entertained – and give them the chance to win lots of cool prizes, too!

I’ll cover both low-key games such as guessing the baby’s name, as well as exciting races that will decide who is the fastest at changing dirty diapers! (Trust me, parents get really competitive over this one…)

No matter which gender reveal game ideas you end up going with, I hope you have a party to remember!

1. The Guessing Game

As the entire point of a gender reveal party is to unveil the baby’s gender, incorporating fun guessing games is a great place to kick off the fun!

There are so many ways for you to let your guests guess what the gender of the baby will be – and it can be as low-key or as extravagant as you would like!

A simple idea is to get two jars, one labeled with boy and one with girl (or you can wrap them with some pink and blue ribbons), where your guests can place a piece of paper with their guess.

Later, you can count and see what the consensus is!

If you’re not too crazy about counting, another cute and simple baby shower game is to place a Staches or Lashes? board with a piece of chalk at the entrance to your gender reveal party.

DIY party ideas boy or girl gender reveal party cute guessing game

Before coming in, everyone will have to write down their name underneath either Staches (meaning boy) or Lashes (meaning girl) so everyone will be able to see just who is on which team.

To take it an extra step further, you can give each guest a pin with Team Boy or Team Girl.

This is especially fun at bigger parties, where not everyone will know each other, so the pin acts as a neat conversation opener.

Since you’re likely going to get disposable cups for the gender reveal party, it’s not a bad idea to get different colored sets – one in pink and one in blue, and the guests can pick which color they will use according to what they think the baby’s gender is.

You can prepare alcohol-free drinks in pink and blue, too!

2. Baby Name Game

At the time of your party, you might or might not already have some name ideas in mind, which is why letting the guests guess (or suggest) the name of the baby is one of the best gender reveal party games!

A way of doing this is to either get a big box or a jar where the party guests will be able to pop their suggestions in – even better if they write two names, one for a boy and one for a girl.

One of my favorite gender reveal game ideas is to turn the baby name game into a full-fledged competition!

Colorful alphabet letters on light pink background

Each guest gets a piece of paper with the letters A-Z. They are supposed to come up with and write down a name for every letter of the alphabet and the first one to do so wins a prize!

The prize doesn’t have to be anything too fancy – it can range from a fun sticker to a set of wine glasses – but will help get your guests into a competitive mood.

Plus, is there anyone out there who hates winning? I don’t think so!

3. Diaper Changing Race

Just how fast can your guests change a diaper – this is the point of this fun gender party game!

To organize it, you will need a doll (or several, depending on how many guests you’re expecting) and some diapers.

You can even include wet wipes if you would really like to make it as realistic as possible!

Then, your guests will have to compete to see who is the fastest at changing a baby’s diaper for a small prize.

While this is a fun game, if you are expecting a lot of parents at your party who are already experienced in this area, it might make it more fun if everyone did this while blindfolded.

You can also add to the game and have a full baby outfit prepared that the guests will need to dress the baby in – with a blindfold on, this is going to get pretty tricky!

Baby doll with pink baby bag and carry bag

Trust me, though, it’s a lot of fun for everyone involved.

Another one of my favorite gender reveal games that might definitely not be everyone’s cup of tea is the candy bar game.

You will need different kinds of chocolate that need to be individually melted and then poured on a diaper.

Every guest gets a piece of paper where they will write down their guesses (e.g. Kit-Kat, Reese’s, Twix) but first, they will have to give each diaper a good sniff, which can be hilarious (or really gross, depending on your personal preferences).

4. How Big Is The Bump?

This is a rather unique gender party game that not every mom-to-be will like or be okay with, but if you don’t mind a large group of people guessing how big your baby bump is, then this can be a very fun game for everyone.

Basically, everyone guesses the circumference of your belly bump, writes their estimate down, and the person who is closest to the actual measurement wins!

Pregnnat woman in white lying and holding her belly

If you don’t feel like measuring yourself, you can turn this into a general game where guests have to estimate what the average size of a baby bump is at 12, 24, and 36 weeks, for example.

5. The ABCs Of Babies

A creative way to have fun and really test your family and friends’ knowledge of all things baby is to have an ABC game.

Every guest will get a piece of paper with the letters A-Z. For every letter of the alphabet, they need to write one baby item that starts with that letter.

Kids toys train, ABC letters, bear, car and pyramid on toy wooden railway on blue background

Since there are always crafty party goers who try to get a little help from their phone, make sure to tell everyone to put away their smart devices during the game or they will get disqualified!

6. Words Of Wisdom

For new parents, the impending arrival of a baby can be nerve-wracking as well as exciting.

And while you might be putting on a brave face in front of everyone, it’s perfectly normal to have some lingering fears of what parenthood could bring.

pregnant woman and her friend are talking and smiling while celebrating baby shower at home

A creative gender reveal idea is to ask each guest to write down their advice or words of support to the expectant parents that you and your husband can later read and feel inspired and encouraged by.

While this isn’t necessarily a game, it will give your guests the opportunity to share some priceless advice with you and maybe even some funny jokes!

Plus, it’s a wonderful keepsake to have as your little one grows up.

7. Old Wives’ Tales

One of my favorite gender reveal game ideas is to test everyone’s knowledge of old wives’ tales!

For example, flawless skin is a sign that you’re having a boy while craving sugar means you’re having a girl. Or is it the other way around?

For this game, you will need to compile a dozen or more old wives’ tales and ask your guests to guess whether the tale in question means a baby boy or baby girl.

Laughing pregnant woman sitting with friends touching her tummy at gender reveal games party

Plus, this is a really fun way of getting the conversation going so you can be sure there will be no uncomfortable silence at your party!

You can also share which symptoms you’ve been having and see whether they indicate a boy or a girl. Who knows, maybe the old wives’ tales will turn out to be right!

8. Diaper Raffle

After receiving their gender reveal party invitation, most people start wondering whether they’re expected to bring a gift.

While gifts are a must at a baby shower, they’re not required at a gender reveal party.

Still, some guests might express a desire to show their thanks with a gender reveal gift, so a diaper raffle is a great way to allow the partygoers to bring a little something while not breaking the bank.

Keep in mind that you can also ask for wet wipes, baby bibs, or other small, inexpensive items that will entice your guests to enter the raffle.

diapers, wet wipes, soap, baby powder, cream, tither, cotton buds, spoons, soother and duckling on dark brown wooden background

Towards the end of the party, you can announce the winner and give him or her their prize. If you’re out of ideas for what to give to the lucky winner, here are a couple of suggestions:

  • an Amazon gift card
  • a gift basket with useful kitchen utensils or a nice bottle of wine
  • a coupon for a nice dinner and movie for two people

If you’re having trouble deciding, just ask yourself what would you like to win at a diaper raffle – that should give you the answer in no time!

9. Guess The Number

This is a game that’s frequently played at baby showers but it still makes for a fun gender reveal party idea and it involves the guests guessing how many pieces of candy, for example, are in a jar.

Colorful candies in jars on table on blue background

The one that’s closest to the actual number, gets a prize!

A fun gender reveal twist on this game is to get a baby bottle or two, fill it with M&Ms, and then have the partygoers make their guess.

10. The Big Reveal

But all games aside, the number 1 reason why people come to a gender reveal in the first place is to finally find out the gender of the baby, which is why the big reveal should be given extra planning and preparation!

A gender reveal piñata is a favorite of many parents-to-be, and let’s be real, is there anyone who doesn’t love hitting a piñata?

You can buy one online or make a DIY piñata at home, and fill it with pink or blue confetti – or better yet, candy!

Since no party is complete without a cake, you can also incorporate it into your gender reveal!

Some parents opt for a cake that comes with a secret compartment on the inside that’s stuffed with pink or blue-colored sweets.

When the first slice is cut, the candy spills out and reveals the baby’s gender.

Tasty treats served for baby gender reveal party on table

A box filled with either blue or pink balloons is also a lovely way to announce the gender of your baby to the world.

You can also get your family and friends involved in the big reveal by purchasing cans of silly string that’s pink or blue and let them spray you to find out the gender.

But if you really want to go above and beyond and create a show that your loved ones will never forget, you can use small cannons that release pink or blue smoke in the air, revealing the gender of the baby!

Is smoke not your thing? Then you can opt for cannons that release confetti, instead.

Either way, it will look amazing on camera and you’ll have a lot of fun showing the pictures to your little one when he or she is all grown up.

To Wrap Up

As your due date draws near, staying connected to your friends and family is so important, as it will help you feel supported during this exciting time.

Plus, they will follow your precious bundle of joy as he or she grows up, so getting them involved in all the celebrations shouldn’t be underestimated.

With fun gender reveal game ideas, you will be able to get some quality time with the people you love before your baby arrives and your life gets turned upside down!

And they will make for some wonderful memories to look back on in years to come!

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