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130 Best Country Boy Names For Your Little Sheriff

130 Best Country Boy Names For Your Little Sheriff

The wild west is one of the iconic eras of American history and it’s even popular world wide, so it’s no wonder that country baby names are popular, especially country boy names.

But, what are some of the better ones for your little rascal?

Well, country boy names come a dime a dozen, most of them carrying a note of ruggedness and masculinity.

They’re ideal for a growing boy to be proud of who he is.

Most of them are simple and to the point which makes them perfect nicknames or middle names too.

Although not every name is necessarily super macho, the general idea behind country names is to have names that are derived from nature or that exhibit some form of patriotism.

This is why names like Brook or Dallas are popular even to this day.

At times, they may even serve to honor a famous celebrity that came from the South which makes them super iconic in the first place.

But are they the right choice for your little guy? They just might be.

But, you won’t know unless you read on and check out all the names I have to offer you as well as their meanings.

Nature-Inspired Country Boy Names

boy running in nature

Nature gives us many things: food, water, the air we breathe, and the ground we walk on.

But, it also provides us with a treasure trove of inspiration for different names.

This is something that the people from the South have embraced and utilized to great effect, forming a number of names that better connect man and nature.

The names in question usually come from things in nature that possess masculine traits such as a powerful brook or a hard oak, covering anything from plant names, to names of large canyons and mountains.

Here are some of the best ones in this specific genre:

1. Ardy – A baby boy name of Latin origin that refers to a ‘great woodland’, ideal for boys who are ready to complete the most arduous of tasks with ease.

2. Banks – A name from the English language, one referring to the ‘one who lives on the hillside or a riverbank’.

3. Bayou – A name coming from our Native American friends that translates to a ‘small, slow stream’. It’s quite popular in Louisiana.

4. Benton – Another name drawn from English roots, one that means ‘bent enclosure of grass’.

5. Bradford – A rather popular name of English origin, more commonly known as Brad or Bradley. It refers to a ‘wide river crossing’.

6. Brent – A name originating from the English language, it refers to the ‘one who dwells near the burnt land’.

7. Brooks – Another English name, this one translating to ‘one who is of the brook’.

8. Buck – A popular name in the South, one that refers to a ‘male deer’.

9. Burke – Popular around the mid 1800s this French country boy name refers to someone who is ‘from the fortress’.

10. Calhoun – A name of Irish origin, one that’s more popular as a surname than a first name, that translates to ‘from the narrow woodland’.

11. Carson – Another name that’s more prominent as a last name, but one that’s used regardless. It’s of both Scottish and Irish origin and translates to ‘son of the marsh-dwellers’.

12. Clayton – An older, location-based name from Old English that referred to ‘a settlement near the clay pit’. More often than not, though, you’d find it in the more modern form of ‘Clay’.

13. Clinton – A last name that’s prominent to this day with Bill and Hillary still being active members of American politics, this English baby boy name refers to ‘a settlement by the cliff’. When it comes to first names though, it’s more commonly found as Clint, for example, Clint Eastwoode.

14. Clyde – A name of Gaelic Origin, this one taken from nature and inspired by Scotland’s River Clyde that can be found going straight through Glasgow.

15. Cole – An English name that appeared as a play on words for ‘Charcoal’.

16. Connor – An Irish country boy name, one that’s ideal for dog lovers as this one means ‘one who loves hounds’.

17. Finch – For the nature-loving parents who are into birds, this American name represents one of our most vibrant and colorful ones, the finch.

18. Forest – A simple English name whose meaning is pretty self-explanatory.

19. Flanner – Changing up locales a bit, we have Flanner, a rare boys’ name of English origin that refers to a ‘person from the flatlands’.

20. Keanu – A name carried by one of our most famous actors, Keanu Reeves, this Hawaiian country boy name refers to ‘a cool breeze’.

21. Lee – With roots in the Chinese language, the name Lee actually means ‘plum’.

22. Loudoun – A German name similar to that of Flanner that refers to a person who’s ‘from the low valley’.

23. Oakley – A name of English origin, one that refers to ‘the clearing by the oak trees’ or ‘the land of the oaks’.

24. Wylie – This English name means ‘fields and meadows that are well-watered’ and it’s carried by our favorite cartoon coyote.

State And Place-inspired Country Boy Names

boy in a sweater in a forest

Aside from nature, there are many southern names for boys and girls inspired by some states or cities that exist down below. Some good examples would be ‘Austin’, ‘Jackson’, or ‘Dallas’.

So, if you have a burning patriotic passion for your country, you may want to give some of these a try for your little country man:

1. Austin – Originating from the Latin language, this name refers to someone or something that’s ‘full of dignity’ or who’s ‘majestic’. It’s also the capital of the state of Texas.

2. Charleston – The capital of West Virginia as well as the old English word for ‘the town of King Charles’.

3. Dallas – A city down in the northeast of Texas that carries the Irish meaning of ‘the valley of water’.

4. Houston – Another name that borrows from a Texan town, and, ironically enough, means ‘town’ in olden English.

5. Jackson – A name that’s from the Hebrew language, referring to the ‘son of Jack’, but also the name of a place in Florida.

6. Memphis – For those who love ‘the king’, this name is the name of a port town in southwest Tennessee, but it’s also tied to Egyptian kings as it’s the name of a city in Egypt too.

7. Raleigh – An Anglo-Saxon name, one that’s nature inspired through the meaning of a ‘field of birds’, but also because it’s the name of a city in North Carolina. It’s also one of the more popular unisex names for those of you who are unsure if you’re having a boy or a girl.

8. Tennessee – The state often used in some cheesy pick-up lines also doubles as a rather beautiful name shared by our south-eastern state whose name originated from the Anglo-Saxon language.

Country Boy Names Shared With Southern Celebrities

brunette boy smiling

Nature and places aren’t the only things ‘country’ is famous for.

There are plenty of musicians and other famous stars that come from the country that people gladly name their kids after. They also make for some excellent role models.

Here are some of the most notable ones:

1. Billy – You may know Miley Cyrus, but do you know her popular country star dad, Billy Ray Cyrus? His name comes from the Old Norman-French culture and means ‘resolute protector’.

2. Cash – A name famous for its connection to the famed country singer, Johnny Cash. It’s actually of Latin origin and depicts ‘wealth’.

3. Jeremiah – A Hebrew name that you’ll find in the Bible. It means ‘one who is Exalted by God’ but nowadays it’s usually abbreviated to Jerry, James, or Jeremy. One such name belongs to Jerry Jeff Walker, the man who made the song ‘Mr. Bojangles’.

4. Presley – The last name of the King of Rock and Country himself, this name is a modern version of the word ‘Prescot’, which, in Olden English, meant ‘priest’.

5. Roy – A French name for boys that refers to someone ‘kingly’ but is also shared by the father of country music, Roy Acuff.

6. Waylon – Inspired by Waylon Jennings, this name means ‘an angel from above’ in the olden English language. For an alternative spelling, you can also use ‘Waylan’.

7. William – A French name that refers to a ‘valiant and strong-willed warrior’. Commonly abbreviated to Willie in modern times which is the name of the popular country singer, Willie Nelson.

Other Commonly-Used Southern Names

boy in a field

Not all country boy names are necessarily tied to celebrities, place names in the US, or nature, but they are still considered to be proper country names.

Here are some good examples:

1. Abbott – A name of Hebrew origin that means ‘father’.

2. Ace – For both a solo act and a team player, this name means ‘unity’ or ‘one’ in the Latin language.

3. Aiden – Coming from Irish culture, this name means ‘fiery one’.

4. Alfred – All wise butlers in movies are named Alfred, and for good reason too; in the English language, it means ‘wise counsel’.

5. Ambrose – Just like the mythical ambrosia, this immortal name of Latin descent describes ‘one who is immortal’.

6. Arlington – A name from the English language that depicts the ‘town of Al Ffrith’.

7. Art – A name often given as a nickname to people who are ‘good at art’, hence its meaning in the American language. You’ll also find a few variations of it like ‘Ardy’, ‘Arty’, or ‘Artie’.

8. Asher – When you know that you’ll do anything in your power to ensure your child will have a happy life, this Hebrew name represents exactly that, being ‘happy’ or ‘blessed’.

9. Atticus – A strong and powerful name from the Latin language that means ‘man of Attica’.

10. Avery – A French fantasy baby boy or baby girl name that means ‘the one who rules with the wisdom of the elves’.

11. Avis – A variant of Avery that carries the same meaning, this one originated as a means to better differentiate between the masculine and feminine versions of the name.

12. Axel – A name of Scandinavian origin that means ‘father of peace’.

13. Baylor – Tied to a vocation, this English name refers to a ‘deliverer of goods’.

14. Beau – A rugged, yet oddly unisex name from the French language, especially considering the translation which refers to a ‘handsome’ or ‘manly man’.

15. Blaine – Coming from Gaelic, Blaine means ‘yellow’.

16. Bonny – Latin for ‘good’, this soft boy name also has modern variations of either Bonne, Bona, or Bonnie.

17. Boone – A French name for someone ‘special’ or ‘good’ that also appears as Boon.

18. Buddy – Commonly seen as Bud, the name Buddy means ‘friend’ in English.

19. Callie – A unisex name from the Greek language that refers to someone of ‘great beauty’.

20. Carter – A name given to a ‘transporter of goods with a cart’ originating from England, Scotland, and Ireland.

boy wearing a raincoat

21. Carver – A name birthed from a vocation in olden English that refers to someone ‘who carves wood’.

22. Casey – A Gaelic name that translates to ‘the brave one’.

23. Cassidy – An Irish name that describes a ‘curly-haired’ or ‘clever’ individual.

24. Charles – A name of German origin that was given to a ‘strong man’.

25. Cletus – A popular country name for boys coming from Greece that means ‘glory’.

26. Colin – A name originating from the British isles that refers to a ‘young creature’.

27. Colton – More popular as the shorter version, ‘Colt’, this English name describes someone who’s ‘from the coal town’.

28. Davis – A Scottish name that refers to ‘the son of David’. Alternatively, you may find Davidson more appealing.

29. Duke – A name birthed from a title, one that means ‘ruler of men’.

30. Deacon – A religious name, one that originated in Greece as it means ‘a messenger’ or ‘servant of God’. The name is also shared with a position in a church.

31. Earle – Another English name shared with a title, this time it’s ‘Earl’ which refers to a ‘brave warrior’.

32. Ellis – A more religious country name that means ‘my God is Jehovah’.

33. George – A name originally from Greece that translates to ‘a tiller of the lands’ or someone ‘gorgeous’.

34. Grady – Originally Gaelic, Grady refers to a ‘noble’ or ‘illustrious’ person.

35. Greer – A Latin name that means ‘guardian angel’ or ‘watchful one’.

36. Greyson – Also known as Grayson, this English name means ‘son of the steward’.

37. Hank – A rather popular name in modern times which means ‘the Lord’s beloved’ in Hebrew.

38. Harper – Another vocation-based name, one that’s used by both boys and girls, that means ‘one who plays the harp’. It is of American origin.

39. Hollis – A heroic name, one that, in Anglo-Saxon, describes a ‘hero’ or someone ‘handsome’, ‘rugged’, or of ‘manly characteristics’ in general.

40. Hunter – A popular name that doubled as a vocation, hence the meaning ‘the one who hunts’.

mother carries her son

41. Jed – Another religious country name of Hebrew origin, translating to ‘the beloved of God’. It’s a modern variant of the name Jediah.

42. Jude – A religious name that translates to ‘beloved by God’, similar to Jed, though this one is the modern version of Judah.

43. Jefferson – A name that gained more popularity as a last name that, in the Anglo-Saxon language, translates to ‘son of Jeffrey’.

44. Jesse – A name of Hebrew origins that means ‘a gift from God’.

45. Kit – Originally from Greek culture, Kit means ‘carrier of Christ’, though some may confuse it for a nickname for ‘kitten’ if used as a nickname for a baby girl.

46. Mason – A dual origin name coming from both German and French that describes a ‘good artisan’.

47. Montgomery – A name of Nordic descent that describes ‘manly and powerful power’.

48. Noah – A Latin name that refers to an ‘inspirational ruler’.

49. Orson – A Latin name depicting budding strength through its meaning of ‘iconic bear cub’.

50. Parker – Originating from the English language, Parker means ‘gamekeeper’.

51. Prescot – While modern versions that are used for last names add an extra ‘t’ at the end, this Hebrew name translates to ‘cottage of the priest’.

52. Quinn – A name given to wise people in Gaelic and Irish culture, Quinn translates to ‘counsel’.

53. Rhett – The English variant of ‘Quinn’ as it refers to the ‘one who advises’.

54. Ray – A name of English origin that depicts a ‘beam of light’. The more feminine variant is ‘Rae’.

55. Red – An English name derived from the color ‘red’.

56. Rufus – A beautiful Latin name for all the ‘redheads’ out there.

57. Shelby – An old English name that describes someone who is ‘from the estate’ or ‘from the village’.

58. Skylar – Popular back in the late 2000s thanks to the show ‘Heroes’, this Dutch name refers to a ‘scholar’.

59. Sterling – A cute, but manly name from the English language that means ‘little star’ or ‘silver’.

60. Taylor – A unisex name found on many baby name lists that means ‘tailor’.

boy in snow

61. Travis – A popular southern name of English origin with the meaning of ‘at a crossroads’ or ‘…a crossing’.

62. Tyrell – A French name that translates to ‘to pull’.

63. Ura – A name of Native American origin that refers to ‘the heart’ and is often seen as a name for both girls and boys alike.

64. Vernon – Popularized by uncle Vernon from Harry Potter, this Latin name means ‘to be eternally youthful’.

65. Walker – A legendary name thanks to the famous Walker, Texas Ranger, this name depicts ‘a traveler’.

66. Watson – A name of Germanic descent, one that means ‘army ruler’ or ‘son of Walter’.

67. Wayne – A vocation name from the English language that means ‘cabin or wagon driver’.

68. Willow – An English name that refers to ‘freedom’, one that shows proper patriotism. Alternatively, it’s a great nature-inspired name too given its relation to the willow tree.

69. Wren – Coming from old English, this name translates to a ‘small brown songbird’.

70. Wyatt – A name often given to great warriors as it means to be ‘brave in war’.

71. Xavier – A name originating from 3 cultures, Spanish, Arabic, and Basque. It depicts a ‘warm and gorgeous new home’.

72. Yates – Popular among butlers back in the day, this English name refers to a ‘gatekeeper’.

73. Zeke – A biblical name of Hebrew origin, popular among religious folk, especially the Amish, that means ‘God strengthens’.

Which Country Boy Names Are Most Popular?

boy picking flowers in a field

While the above names have their fair share of popularity, there are a handful of others that have stood the test of time and are some of the most common first or last names that you can find in the south of the US.

Here are a select few to give you some ideas if you’re looking for super popular names:

1. Beckett – A unisex English name meaning ‘dweller by the brook’.

2. Blake – Another gender-neutral English name referring to a ‘dark’ or ‘pale blond one’.

3. Bobby – Short for Robert, this nickname has become a name of its own thanks to its popularity.

4. Brantley – Translating to ‘field’ or ‘fire brand’, this English name was often given to children of farm workers.

5. Brock – Another English name, this time referring to a ‘badger’.

6. Dane – A Nordic name that doubles as a religious one meaning either ‘God is my judge’ or referring to someone who is ‘from Denmark’.

7. Easton – A common olden English name that means ‘from the East town’.

8. Ford – Another nature-inspired English name that translates to ‘river crossing’.

9. Gage – A vocation name derived from ‘gauge’ that means ‘measurer’ in the English language.

10. Garth – A name often given to ‘garden keepers’ back in old England.

11. Hayes – A unisex name of English origin that describes someone who lives ‘by the forest’ or ‘brush’.

12. Huckleberry (Huck) – A true American name famous due to Huckleberry Finn, this name means ‘sweet berry’.

13. Levi – A beautiful Hebrew name that translates to ‘joined in harmony’.

14. Sawyer – A vocation name of American origin famous for Tom Sawyer, meaning ‘woodcutter’.

15. Shelton – English in origin, Shelton means ‘from the ledge enclosure’.

16. Tucker – A name that’s more common as a surname, Tucker refers to a ‘softener of cloth’.

17. Wade – A popular male name from the English language that means ‘traveler by the ford or river’.

18. Weston – The opposite of Easton, Weston is another old English name that translates to ‘from the West town’.

In Conclusion

Country boy names don’t have to originate from the south of the US to be authentic ones.

Due to globalisation and the mixing of cultures, you’re likely to find a good number of different names that stem from something like Latin or French, to more complex ones coming from Celtic or Welsh culture.

Regardless, they’re all just as great as the names you may have seen in old Western movies and they’ll do your little cowboy just fine.

It’s all about rustlin’ up the right one, mamma. Until next time!

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