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110 Best Soft Boy Names You’ll Fall In Love With In 2022

110 Best Soft Boy Names You’ll Fall In Love With In 2022

Classic and traditional or biblical baby boy names are great and they’ll never go out of style, that’s for sure.

But if you want to choose a more gentle name for your little baby boy, then this collection of soft boy names is exactly what you need.

Picking the right name for your precious little angel is one of the most exciting moments for new parents.

At the same time, it’s also a serious task because it’s how their kids will be identified for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, we’re aware that we live in a world of inequality. That’s one more reason we should think carefully when choosing a name for our children.

I know that traditional baby boy names are great and will always be around, but why not be a little creative and choose a different, unique name for your baby.

This extensive list of soft boy names that are currently charting in popularity will definitely inspire you to give your little boy a special gentle name.

Cute Soft Boy Names

beautiful little boy smiling

Some of these names may be familiar to you, but you’ll also find some you’ve never heard before that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Also, there are some unisex names on our name list, so if you still don’t know your baby’s gender, there are some names that can be used as girl names, too.

1. Aaron

This unique name of Hebrew origin has a very special meaning: “high mountain,” “exalted,” or “bearer of martyrs.”

Also, in the Old Testament, the first priest of ancient Israel and Moses’ older brother was called Aaron.

2. Aayan

Aayan is a variant of the name Ayan. It’s a unisex name of Sanskrit origin, even though some say that’s also an Arabic origin.

Either way, the meaning is the same and it’s beautiful: “gift of God.”

3. Aidan

Aidan is another variant for the name Aiden and it’s of Irish / old Gaelic origin.

While it’s soft on the ear, it has a very strong meaning, “little fire” or “fiery one,” which makes it a great choice for your little boy.

4. Alan

The origin of the name Alan isn’t quite clear but it was first used in Britain, so it’s probably of an English origin.

It is short and sweet, and has multiple powerful meanings: “rock,” “handsome,” “cheerful,” and “noble.”

5. Andrea

Even though it has a very masculine meaning – “manly,” “masculine,” “brave” – this is a very common unisex name worldwide and it’s of Greek origin.

6. Andrew

Andrew is a very sweet name that can be shortened to some even cuter forms such as Andy or Drew.

It’s also of Greek origin and it has the same meaning as the name above, Andrea.

7. Anthony

This name of Latin origin has a very special meaning: “priceless,” “of inestimable worth,” and “priceless one.”

This soft boy name is a perfect choice for you because you definitely can’t put a price tag on the love you feel for your little baby boy.

8. Antonio

The name Antonio is just another variant of the name Anthony above.

9. Ara

Ara is a very popular name of Arabic/Armenian origin.

The interesting fact is that it was used as a girl’s name but later became a very popular unisex name.

It has several very different yet special meanings: “lion,” “king,” “brings rain,” or “the goddess who brings rain,”

10. Arlo

Arlo is a male name of Spanish origin and it’s often mispronounced – the right pronunciation is AR-loh.

It probably derived from the Spanish word for a barberry tree. The meaning of this short, soft boy name is “strong” or “manly.”

11. Arthur

This name of Celtic-Gaelic origin doesn’t have a quite clear meaning.

However, it probably derived from Celtic word artous, meaning “bear,” and Irish word for “stone,” so most sources say its meaning is “strong and brave like a bear.”

You definitely heard of this name before – remember the legendary King Arthur?

12. Arya

Come on, who hasn’t watched Game Of Thrones and the legendary Arya Stark? This name is well known to everyone.

It’s of Persian origin with truly wonderful meanings: “noble,” “friend,” and “faithful.”

13. Asher

In the Old Testament, Asher was the son of Jacob and one of 12 tribes of Israel was named after him, the Tribe Of Asher. The meaning of this Hebrew name is indeed wonderful: “happy” and “blessed.”

Just the right name to make your baby smile every day!

14. Ashley

This is a very popular English name for both baby girls and boys. Its meaning is quite unusual: “ash tree clearing.”

15. Austin

Austin is another very popular English name. Your little prince deserves a name with such a powerful meaning: “great” or “magnificent.”

It matches the female name Amelia well, so keep this in mind in case you have a little girl in the future.

cute baby boy with teddy hat

16. Bram

This is a shortened and softer version of the Hebrew name Abraham.

Another version can also be Abram, but the meaning stays the same: “father of many,” “father of a multitude (of nations).”

17. Callum

This sweet, rare boy name of Scottish origin means “dove.”

18. Cameron

This sweet and soft boy name has originated from the Scottish surname, Cameron. The meaning is quite unusual – “crooked nose” – but still, the name is very popular.

19. Christian

This is the name of a Roman origin and it has the purest meaning ever: “follower of Christ.”

I think this name is a great option, especially if you already have a little girl named Charlotte.

20. Cole

This cute and short name is of English origin and the meaning is “swarthy,” “coal-black,” “charcoal.” In Greek, its meaning is powerful: “people’s victory.”

21. Dallas

Dallas is a Scottish soft boy name that means “valley house” or “meadow dwelling.”

22. Daniel

This soft boy name of Hebrew origin has a very special meaning for all Christians; “God is my judge.”

According to the Bible, Daniel (also known as Chileab) was the second son of King David.

23. Darcy

This name was derived from a French surname, D’Arcy.

After the Norman Conquest, it became a very popular name in Britain. It also has few meanings in Irish, “dark-haired,” “dark,” “descendant of the dark.”

24. Drew

It’s another version of the name Andrew. A name of Greek origin with a very special meaning for boys: “strong” and “manly.”

25. Dune

In English baby names, this name means “a mountain of sand,” while in Scottish it’s “brown-skinned soldier.”

It probably came from the Gaelic surname Dune and was first found in Angus, an area in northeastern Scotland.

26. Eero

This rather rare name is of Scandinavian/Finnish origin and it has a very powerful meaning: “eternal ruler.”

27. Elliot

Name Elliot is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is “The Lord is my God.

It’s a very popular unisex name and it has many other variations and spellings such as Elyot, Elliota, and Elliotte.

28. Elian

This is a very gentle name for little baby boys. Its origin isn’t quite clear. In Hebrew, its meaning is “my Lord responded” and in Spanish, “light.”

29. Elias

Elias is a very common Spanish/Greek name. It is derived from the Hebrew name Elijah that has biblical roots, meaning “Jehovah is God” or “the strong Lord.”

30. Emery

Emery is a German name that is quite rare in Britain and America even today. But it’s very simple and cute, and its meaning is a powerful one: “brave,” “valiant ruler.”

It definitely deserves to be taken into consideration for your little boy’s name.

little boy looking at distance with his tongue out

31. Emilio

This is an Italian name derived from the Latin name Aemilius. The meaning of this soft-sounding name is quite strange: “industrious” or “rare.”.

32. Emmett

This creative name of Hebrew origin has a very deep meaning: “universal,” “truth,” “all-containing.”

33. Enrique

This popular Spanish name is derived from the German name Heinrich.

This is a great choice for your little boss baby boy because its meaning is “home ruler” or “head of the household.”

34. Ethan

This is a very gentle boy’s name that is really mega-popular worldwide right now. It’s of Hebrew origin and it has strong meaning: “enduring,” “solid,” “firm,” and “long-lived.”

35. Evan

This is a very common Welsh name with a very simple meaning: “young” or “young warrior.”

36. Everly

Even though Everly is mostly given to girls, it’s actually a unique unisex name.

This English name has an unusual meaning: “from the boar/grazing meadow.”

37. Ezra

Ezra is a name of Hebrew origin and it has biblical roots. Ezra was a prophet who wrote the Book of Ezra. Its meaning is “help” or “helper.”

38. Finley

This soft boy name is of Gaelic origin. It means “white warrior” or “fair hero.”

39. Finn

This is a very soft, one syllable name for a boy. It is of Irish origin and means “white” or “fair.”

40. Gabriel

The Hebrew name Gabriel means “God is my strong man” or “God is my strength.”

It has its roots in the Bible – Gabriel is the archangel who delivered the message to Mary that she’ll bear the son of God.

41. Giovanni

This is a very famous Italian name. Its meaning is “God is gracious.” Remember one of the most famous Italian writers, Giovanni Boccaccio?

42. Hayes

This English name has quite a strange meaning: “from the hedged land.” You have to admit that it’s still a very cute name for a boy.

43. Ian

Ian is a popular Scottish name derived from the Hebrew name Yochanan. Its meaning is a religious one: “God is gracious.”

44. Ira

This name of Hebrew origin has two meanings: “watchful” in Hebrew and “peace” in Russian.

45. Jace

This is a very common American name that is probably derived from the Greek name Jason.

It has several very special meanings: “to heal,” “moon,” and “the Lord is salvation.”

little baby boy smiling

46. Jason

This Greek name is very similar to the previous name, Jace. It means “healer,” “to cure,” or “to heal.”

47. Jeremiah

This name has its roots in the Hebrew Bible. One of the major prophets was called Jeremiah.

It has several similar meanings: “may Jehovah exalt,” “exalted of the Lord,” or “appointed by God.”

48. Joel

This is a name of Hebrew origin. Joel was the name of the second minor prophet in the Bible. The meaning is “Jehovah is God.”

49. Jonah

Again, this name was made famous by one of the Hebrew prophets. It has a very sweet meaning: “dove” or “pigeon.”

50. Jonas

The name Jonas has the same roots as the name Jonah – it’s also of Hebrew origin and the meaning is the same: “dove.”

51. Jonathan

This is a classic Hebrew name and it has its roots in the Bible. One of King Saul’s sons was Jonathan and he was also a good friend to David.

All children are precious gifts of God and that’s why the meaning of this name is beautiful: “gift of God” or “God has given.”

52. Joshua

I think this name is familiar to all of us by the famous singer, Josh Groban.

Although most go by this diminutive form, Joshua is also a very popular boy’s name. It’s of Hebrew origin and the meaning is “God is salvation.”

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53. Joss

In English, Joss means “the merry one,” but some consider this name derived from an Old German name Josse, which means “champion.”

Whichever the case, both meanings are super sweet and soft boy names.

54. Jude

It probably derived from the Hebrew name Judas, which means “praise.”

55. Julian

This Latin name is very common in Europe and has two meanings: “youthful” or “Jove’s child.”

56. Koa

This is a super sweet name of Hawaiian origin. The meaning is very strong: “brave one” or “warrior.”

57. Lawson

This common English name is derived from an English surname. The meaning is “son of Lawrence.”

58. Lee

Lee is a very modern, one-syllable name, even though it’s mostly used as a middle name or as part of a double-barrel.

Its meaning is “clearing” or “meadow” and it’s derived from the very common English surname Lee.

59. Leif

Here is another name of Scandinavian origin. It has a very special meaning: “heir.”

60. Leon

This is a very strong male name but at the same time, it’s super cute. The name Leon stems from the Greek word leōn, meaning “lion.”

baby boy lying on his tummy

61. Lewis

Lewis is a name of German origin, meaning “famous/renowned warrior.” However, it’s mostly familiar to us by the famous fashion clothing brand of the same name.

62. Liam

This Irish name was derived from the German name William and its meaning is “unwavering protector.”

63. Louis

The name Louis is of German/French origin and also has a strong meaning: “renowned warrior.”

64. Lucas

This Greek name was probably derived from the Latin name Lucanus, which means “light.” A shortened version, and probably a more popular one, is Luke.

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65. Luciano

This Italian name has the same meaning as the previous name, Lucas, meaning “light” or “illumination.”

66. Marlo

This has become a very popular unisex name. It is of English origin and probably means “descendent of Mary” or “child of Mary.”

67. Martin

This Latin name has a very powerful meaning: “servant of Mars” or “God of war.”

68. Mason

The name Mason came from an English surname that probably has origins in French or German. The meaning is “stoneworker.”

69. Matthew

Matthew is a very traditional masculine name. This biblical name has a wonderful meaning: “gift of the Lord” or “gift of God.”

70. Miles

Miles is a Roman name with a beautiful meaning: “soldier” or “merciful.”

71. Milo

Milo is a name of English origin but it was probably derived from the abovementioned Roman name Miles and it shares the same meaning: “gracious” or “soldier.”

72. Misha

Misha is mostly used as a middle name or nickname, but you have to admit that it sounds very sweet.

It’s a Russian name with the meaning “who is like God” or “gift of God.”

73. Mitchell

The name Mitchell is of American origin and some say that it means “close to God” while others claim that its meaning is “who is like God.”

74. Nathan

This name of Hebrew origin means “He gave.” It’s classic yet still very popular and won’t probably ever go out of style.

75. Nico

If you ever watched an Italian movie, you’ve probably heard of this name.

As you can assume, Nico is an Italian name, but it probably derived from the Greek name Nicodemus. Its meaning is “people of victory.”

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76. Noah

This name is of Hebrew origin from a biblical obedient servant of God, Noah. it means “rest” or “peace.”

77. Noel

Noel is a beautiful yet rare boy’s name. It’s of Latin origin but probably derived from the French name Noël meaning “Christmas.”

78. Ollie

Now here’s a unique, two syllable name for your little boy. This English name has a very unusual meaning: “elf army” or “elf warrior.”

It could also be a diminutive form of Oliver, which could stem from the Latin name Olive (meaning “olive tree”), or of the English origin (meaning “ancestor’s descendant.”)

79. Ori

This is a super cute Hebrew name with an adorable meaning: “my light.”

80. Oscar

Oscar is an English name of Irish origin and it means “deer friend,” “deer lover,” “friend of deer,” or “spear of God.”

81. Owen

This name of Irish origin has several meanings: “youth,” “well-born,” or “young warrior.”

82. Pascal

This French boy name means “born on Passover” in Hebrew and “relating to Easter” in Latin.

83. Paulo

Paulo is a Spanish/Portuguese name meaning “place of rest.”

84. Peniel

Peniel is a wonderful unisex name. It is of Hebrew origin and means “the face of God.”

85. Percy

Percy is a French name that was probably derived from Norman town Perci. The meaning is quite unusual: “one who pierces the valley.”

86. Pete

A name of English origin, a variant of Peter, that has a strong meaning: “rock.”

87. Peyton

Peyton is a very sensitive, soft unisex name. It’s of English origin, but it probably derived from the Latin name Patrick.

There are several possible meanings of this name. Some sources say it’s “Patrician” or “noble,” while others say its meaning is “fighting man’s estate” or “peacock town.”

88. Pierre

Pierre is the French form of the Greek name Peter (Petros). The meaning of this name is “rock” or “stone.” It’s still a very popular name in France.

89. Raphael

Raphael was and still is a very popular name in Hebrew tradition because one of the archangels is Raphael. The meaning behind this name is “God has healed.”

90. Reece

Reece is a very gentle, masculine name that’s still very popular worldwide. It’s of Welsh origin with a very passionate meaning: “passion” or “enthusiasm.”

smiling baby boy sleeping with teddy bear

91. Riley

The origin of the name Riley isn’t quite clear. Either it’s derived from the Irish surname Reilly or English surname Riley.

There are also three possible meanings of this name, all of which very strong and powerful: “valiant,” “rye clearing” or “courageous.”

92. Rhys

Rhys is another variant of the Welsh name Reece. Its meaning is “passion” or “enthusiasm.”

93. Robin

We’ve all heard of the legendary hero, Robin Hood. This is definitely one of the most popular unisex names in the world. It’s of English origin, meaning “fame,” “bright,” or “shining.”

94. Rowan

This soft male name is of Irish/Scottish origin and derives from the Rowan tree. Its meaning is “little red-haired.”

95. Salem

The name Salem is of Hebrew origin and it was another word for Jerusalem, meaning “peace.”

96. Samuel

Samuel is a name of Hebrew origin and its meaning is “name of God” or “God has heard.” It was also mentioned in the Bible – one of the prophets was Samuel.

A nickname for Samuel is Sam.

97. Sasha

This sounding name is of Ukrainian/Russian origin. It’s a 5-letter name for girls and boys and it’s considered to be a diminutive of the female name Alexandra and male name Alexander.

Its meaning is “defending men” or “defender of mankind.”

98. Saul

The name Saul is of Hebrew origin and derives from the name Sha’ul, meaning “asked for” or “prayed for.”

99. Sebastian

This sweet boy’s name is likely derived from the Latin name Sebastianus or Greek Sebastianos. Its meaning is “venerable.”

100. Seth

Seth is a very common biblical name of Hebrew origin, meaning “placed” or “appointed.” Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve.

101. Shawn

Shawn is a very popular and common American boy name with 5 letters, meaning “God is gracious.”

102. Simon

Simon is a name of Greek/Hebrew origin that was mentioned in the Bible. It has two different meanings, “he has heard” and a bit of a stranger one, “flat-nosed.”

103. Sonny

Sonny is a common American masculine name with a very simple meaning; “son.” It’s also a very popular nickname for young boys.

104. Stanley

This name of English origin is really gentle and soft. It has several very similar meanings: “near the stony clearing,” “stony field,” “lives by the stony grove.”

105. Stefan

Stefan is a common English boy’s name. It’s of German/Slavic origin, meaning “crown” or “wreath.”

cute little boy eating a watermelon

106. Theodore

I think this is a familiar one to everyone. It’s of Greek origin and the meaning is adorable: “gift of God.”

107. Timothy

The name Timothy is of Greek origin and it has a beautiful meaning: “one who honors God.”

108. Val

This is a popular English unisex name that is probably derived from the Latin name Valentinus or Valerius. It has several meanings: “strong,” “healthy,” “from the valley” and “valiant.”

It’s a common girls’ nickname as well.

109. Wesley

The name Wesley is a boy name of Old English origin. The meaning is “western meadow” and it’s a very popular boy’s name worldwide.

110. Wren

Even though Wren was commonly used as a girl’s name, it has become a very popular unisex name, too.

It’s of Old English origin and the meaning is sweet: “small, migratory songbird.”


I trust your search is over because there are many great choices in this collection of soft boy names.

As I’ve already said, there are many unisex names that you can use if you plan on keeping your baby’s gender a surprise for yourself until birth.

There are also some great ideas for your baby’s middle name.

Don’t forget, naming your child is the first of many responsibilities of parenthood you’ll have to deal with, so please, choose wisely and on time.

One minute you’ll be dreaming about giving birth and finally carrying your baby in your arms while the next minute your dream will become a reality, so be prepared!

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