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12 Best Gender Reveal Gifts For Babies And New Parents In 2022

12 Best Gender Reveal Gifts For Babies And New Parents In 2022

We’re all too familiar with the exciting notion of revealing a baby’s gender – it’s become quite the rage with modern moms and dads.

That said, what many of these parents don’t think of when planning their gender reveal party is that they’re leaving the party guests with quite the task to find appropriate gender reveal gifts that are suited to both boys and girls!

So, first off, let’s clear up the question many ask: Am I supposed to bring a gift to a gender reveal party?

While gender reveal party etiquette doesn’t require you to bring along a gift for the new arrival (like it would be for a baby shower,) the gesture sure will be appreciated by new parents. Besides, gift-giving only adds to the celebratory atmosphere!

If you’ve decided to get a gift and don’t even know where to start your Amazon or Etsy search, you’re not alone. I know first-hand how daunting it can be to find a great gift if you’re not sure what the baby’s gender is.

I had this exact “problem” not too long ago when my sister-in-law with her baby bump proudly handed me an invite.

Pregnant woman and friends at baby shower party

Naturally, the whole family had been eagerly awaiting to hear whether the latest addition would be a little fella or fairy!

And I was no exception – I’d been holding my breath for what seemed like forever since her pregnancy announcement! After all, my kids are about to become cousins for the first time!

Needless to say, after hours of scrounging online stores and social media for unique gender reveal gift ideas, and even ringing up family members on the sly to get intel on what my sis-in-law still needed in the line of baby and maternity gear, I found – to my surprise – that unisex gifts are in fact not that uncommon; you just to know what to look out for.

That, and the option is always there to gift the new mom something special instead of only for the baby, which opens up a whole lot more gifting options!

Of course, you could take the safe route and get a storybook, a teether, diapers, or baby clothes – everyone knows you generally can’t go wrong with a couple of cute baby bodysuits.

But since I’ve done all the hard work of narrowing down some of the best and most novel baby gender reveal gift ideas, I’ve decided to save you the hassle and share them with you.

And here they are!

Top 12 Picks For Gender Reveal Gift Ideas

When it comes to safe-bet gender-neutral baby gifts, there are actually heaps to choose from.

Since gender reveal parties are still something that is considered new, there are no hard and fast rules about what type of gifts to get.

As long the baby gift works either way gender-wise, it could be pretty similar to what you’d typically purchase as a baby shower gift.

Here are some of my favorites (my hubby literally had to confiscate my debit card after I bought the first three on this list, otherwise I would have gotten ALL of these!)

1. Savor Baby Keepsake Library – DIY Memory Organizer

One of the first things I was on the lookout for was a unisex baby book to keep all those special memories of baby’s firsts.

When I stumbled upon this keepsake box, however, I quickly changed my mind and decided to go ahead and splurge on it (it’s admittedly a little on the pricier side, but SO worth it!)

My brother and sis-in-law’s first bundle of joy is a big deal, right?!

Let me tell you what impressed me most about this unique baby memory organizer. Savor Baby Keepsake Library is just that – a library! It’s so artfully handcrafted, you can proudly display it in your living area.

What also struck me is its sturdy design, which is probably the most important aspect of memory books and/or boxes. You want it to last – and it does!

Now, my sis-in-law knows just how crazy I am about her, so she won’t mind me saying this, but she’s a little scatterbrained.

Couple that with the ensuing chaos and clutter that will soon become her life once her baby is born (it’s a boy, by the way!)

I can’t think of a more appropriate way to help her keep all the precious keepsakes and mementos in one place.

This box has everything from stopper drawers, vertical files, over 50 illustrated labels, initials (great for separating boxes if there’s more than one child), ribbon-pulls, to mini envelopes (which work great to keep that first lock of baby hair safe and sound, for example).

I got her this special organizer box in the color “slate,” which is ideal for gender reveal gifts as it’s unisex.

The only downside I can find with this gift idea is that I wish this beautiful product had been around with my little ones – I’ve misplaced or tossed so many baby keepsakes that we’ll never get back.

2. Atarah Designer 2-pc Muslin Swaddling Blankets For Baby Boy or Girl

Okay, so I’m a sucker for anything angel-themed! And more so the pure angelic look of a newborn.

So when I saw this set of muslin blankets, complete with its own elegant gift box, I just HAD to get it! I swear, it’s one of the best gender reveal gifts I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Apart from the fact that it’ll make for simply stunning baby photo opportunities, these swaddling cloths are wonderfully functional too.

The light fabric is made up of bamboo (70%) and cotton (30%), guaranteeing a cuddly soft experience for an infant’s sensitive skin.

I like the fact that it’s large (yet surprisingly can be folded really small), allowing you to use it for multiple purposes – be it a receiving blanket for a newborn, a swaddling blanket, a lightweight cover for the stroller or car seat, a burp cloth – even a privacy cover for nursing.

This twin pack includes one white blanket with delicate golden wings and another with the word “Blessed.”

The simple yet sweet color and print make these designer blankets an excellent gender-neutral choice for a baby reveal gift.

3. Baby Crib Mobile for Boys & Girls: Unisex Wool Woodland Birds & Clouds

I couldn’t resist this adorable mobile by Lil Dandelion in neutral colors.

I knew my sister-in-law was on the lookout for a baby mobile to add to her nursery decor, so I ordered this gorgeous bird-and-cloud themed hanging decoration.

Side tip: It pays to get clued up on what the new parents still need in the line of baby gear. That way you’re sure to get something they’ll actually use.

I know from personal experience that there’s way more to infant mobiles than just sweet objects hanging above the crib.

When my two kids were still babies, mobiles worked like a charm to help soothe them to sleep and calm them down if they were particularly cranky (especially when they were overtired!).

Mobile is also a fantastic way to gently stimulate the sensory part of a baby’s brain.

What I really like about this particular mobile is its modern, simplistic 3D design. Its color palette is, again, neutral, providing the right amount of interest yet not overstimulating babies (which can happen so easily, especially in the first months after birth.)

It’s made with eco-conscious material (so no toxins) and is super easy to install. Plus, it’s backed by a 12-month money-back guarantee.

Let’s just say that it was after this gender reveal gift that my hubby cut my splurging, and boy, was I happy this turned out to be my final gift purchase! My brother and sis-in-law went crazy over it!

4. Posh Peanut Signature Maternity Mommy Robe

If you’re planning on attending the baby shower later down the line and therefore aren’t too keen on the idea of getting two baby gifts, how about this round you opt for getting the new mom something special instead?

Which lady doesn’t love to feel pampered – and more so when she’s heavily pregnant and not feeling at her prime!

I fell in love with Posh Peanut’s Mommy gown range for their stylish designs (there are over 50 of them!) then only afterward discovered just how breathable, light, and super soft its bamboo fabric is.

Add sheer comfort to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a stellar gift for a mom-to-be.

I practically lived in my robe during my third trimester and maternity leave – I just didn’t have the energy to dress up each day (and sometimes three times a day from spit-ups and leaks!)

I wish I’d gotten myself a luxurious robe like this one to make me feel like less of a slovenly housewife and more like a woman treating herself to a pampering spa day.

So if you are looking to give your family member or friend a confidence-boosting, leisure-inducing spoil, this Mommy robe is sure to do the trick.

And in the very unlikely event that it doesn’t, it comes with a money-back guarantee should the receiving mama not be totally satisfied.

5. Shark Shirts for Daddy and Mommy – Funny Family Matching T-Shirts

There are plenty of options if you’re looking for cool or witty matching family outfits – T-shirts for the parents and siblings and onesies for the little one. There are even cleverly printed baby bodysuits specifically for twins.

I’ve got to hand to the designers on this one, though. Ask any parent on the face of this planet what their worst earworm is, and it’s got to be Baby Shark (du-du-du-du-du).

Can you hear it?! Have I got it stuck in your head too now? My bad!

This matching parents’ shirt set is sure to get a good chuckle out of everyone at the gender reveal party. Just be sure you find out the right clothing sizes for the expecting parents.

Plus, this is a great way to celebrate the new parents’ motherly and fatherly responsibilities, which includes listening to the same song on repeat for hours!

Here are my top picks:

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6. Mama & Papa Bear Keychain Set For New Parents

If you’re operating on a slightly tighter budget yet still want to get the expecting couple something sweet, this 2-piece stainless steel keychain set is a winner.

The pendants with inscribed words “Mama Bear / Papa Bear” together with the bear illustration add a personal touch.

They also come in velvety, tailored jewelry pouches so no gift-wrapping is needed!

The range also includes keychains that come with a small heart-shaped photo frame.

7. WavHello BellyBuds – Baby-Bump Headphones, Pregnancy Speaker System

How about a baby tech gift? Here’s a unique gender reveal gift idea that the whole family would appreciate!

WavHello BellyBuds is an awesome gadget that allows you to play your unborn child music, sounds, and voice messages, thereby enabling expecting parents, older siblings, and other loved ones to connect with baby directly in the womb.

At around the 18-week mark, a baby starts to hear his first sounds, and at 25 weeks in the womb, he’ll start responding to sounds and voices. (My boy would jump every time our dog barked! True story!)

Studies show that in the third trimester, a baby is even able to recognize his mom’s voice.

I’m constantly amazed by the technological advances of today. Who’d have thought that you as a family member living miles away could speak, read, or sing to your soon-to-be little niece, nephew, or grandchild?

BellyBuds comes with an iOS and Android-compatible mobile app, which you can use to record, play, and download free content.

The reusable skin adhesives are safe on mom’s belly skin, plus replacement adhesives are also available for purchase separately (Perhaps a good idea to include as part of the gift to make it extra thoughtful?)

There’s also a volume control and audio splitter for when you want to listen along with the baby. WavHello has really thought of everything!

I wish I had something like this when I was pregnant. I used to have dreams about going into labor all the time and I’m sure that listening to music along with my baby would’ve helped my anxiety a lot.

8. Brica Cruisin’ Baby In-Sight Car Mirror

Here’s another cool baby tech gift idea that tickled my fancy when I spotted it in a fellow carpool club mom’s backseat.

Most of us know by now that rear-facing car seats are safer for babies. But often parents and babies can feel a disconnect as a result of not being able to see each other. (Imagine your little one having to constantly stare at the backseat. Poor thing!)

Fortunately, a rear-facing mirror can come to the rescue.

But this one is no ordinary rear-view travel mirror. It’s equipped to entertain too! Cruisin’ Baby In-Sight car mirror is driver-controlled with a handy clip-on remote that you attach to the visor.

At the touch of a button, you can activate dancing lights and (parent-friendly) songs, or if your little one is sleepy, there’s the option of soft fading lights and soothing tunes.

It’s been safety-checked and, unlike many inferior rear-view mirrors on the market, it doesn’t distort the reflective image.

There are also various attachment and adjustment options that make it compatible with virtually any vehicle.

Now that’s a great gift idea if I’ve ever seen one!

Oh, and if you’re looking to throw in an extra gift together with the Brica mirror, then why not stick with the car travel theme and add something hip and practical, like the Brica Out-N-About Collapsible Trunk Organizer and Diaper Changing Station, or perhaps a magnetic universal window sun shade.

Here are my top picks.

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9. Withings Smart Baby Thermometer

Okay, one more techy gift idea then I promise I’ll move on. While there’s no “cute factor” to this gift, the Withings smart baby thermometer is still a very meaningful gesture, as it speaks to your concern for the health and well-being of the baby.

Again, this is no run-of-the-mill thermometer like so many others out there. It’s modern, sleek, and super accurate.

It connects to an app that acts as a health diary – you can input when medication was taken, progress, take photos, etc.

And because it’s contactless, there’s no hassle of having to get a wriggly baby still for long enough to take a reading.

You know what that means, right? No rousing a sleeping baby. No pulling all-nighters, frantically taking your little one’s temperature every 20 minutes.

10. Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron

Okay, so we’ve mentioned a great gift idea for mom-to-be, but let’s not forget that dad-to-be is just as excited to reveal his baby’s gender.

Playing to men’s inner cowardice and aversion to diaper changes – especially of the number 2 variety – here’s a side-splitting gag gift for dads that is sure to get some LOLs at the party!

If you want, you can even throw in a diaper changing flip-coin for added playfulness.
So when “doody” calls, he’ll be armed and ready – face mask, gloves, emergency nipples, distraction toy, and all!

Here are my top picks:

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11. Dr. Seuss’s Beginner Book Collection

Moving away from the comical to something more nostalgic, here’s a book collection that should be a staple in any household with kids (in my opinion, at least.)

This hardcover box set includes five timeless Dr. Seuss beginner books, including my two personal favorites to read to my kids: Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat.

The beauty of these classic stories is that they not only invoke parents’ own childhood memories of storytime and learning to read, but can also pass on the cherished family tradition that is Dr. Seuss for generations to come.

12. “His Needs, Her Needs for Parents: Keeping Romance Alive”

Then last, but by all means not least, here’s another book – this time aimed at the soon-to-be parents.

It’s common knowledge that the romance can fizzle a bit among the late-night feeding sessions, endless diaper changes, little “whirlwinds” turning the home upside down in a matter of seconds – all the time-consuming “joys” of parenting.

My mom gifted this book to me when I had my first, and it’s been our resident go-to on our bookshelf ever since.

It’s just such a great resource to keep the flame going during parenthood, plus author WF Harley, Jr. covers bonus parenting gems such as child-rearing techniques, how to share household duties, and even tips on handling overbearing in-laws.

A bit of caution, though: Although I sure appreciated the gift, I wouldn’t give it unless I’m totally sure the expecting parents won’t take offense to the gesture.

DIY Gender Reveal Gifts

If you’re more of the do-it-yourself kind of person and prefer to put something to together yourself for the sake of personalizing, then you could always go for one of the following:

Gift basket: You can easily and creatively assemble a baby hamper filled with essentials for baby’s bathtime, bedtime, and diaper changes. (One good tip is to go for larger diaper sizes, as most of those gifted at baby showers are typically newborn or size 1).

To break away from the traditional basket look, there are some ingenious presentations you could try out. For example, using a baby blanket instead of gift wrap, or even a baby bathtub filled with goodies and transparent balloons to mimic bubbles. The sky’s the limit here.

baby background with blue basket, plush toy, bootees, pacifier, toiletries and gift box

• Dad-box: Purchase an ordinary toolbox, then fill with all essential baby supplies. You can throw in some comic relief too, such as a face mask for blowouts, disposable bags marked hazardous waste, and tongs to pick up any icky-sticky stuff!

• Hand-knitted or crocheted toys or blankets: Apart from functionality, what a beautiful and tender keepsake a handmade item can be. Need I say more?

• Craving-buster snack pack: Snacks for mom – be it a healthy selection or decadent treats for mamas with that sweet-tooth craving – are always a hit.

Heck, if you know what strange cravings the mom-to-be has been having lately, why not combo those blueberries, peanut butter, and sardines! (And these aren’t even the weirdest cravings I had during pregnancy!)

BONUS: 4 Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

Apart from the classic go-to reveal party ideas, such as cake/cupcake cutting, balloon popping or dropping, confetti launching, or powder bombing, here are some other fun and creative ways to announce your baby’s gender to your loved ones:

• Sports balls for sporty parents, such as a baseball, basketball, or soccer ball.

Here are my top picks:

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

• Egg roulette. Boil a bunch of eggs except for one, then paint half pink and half blue. The one raw egg will be designated blue or pink, depending on the baby’s gender.

The expecting parents then crack the eggs on their heads until the unfortunate one reveals their baby to be a boy or girl!

• A question-mark shaped piñata.

• A homemade volcano eruption made from playdough, water, food coloring, dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar (this is a fun way to involve older siblings, if any.)

Final Thoughts

If all else fails in the gifting department, I’ve got two words for you: gift card.

Whether it be a voucher for a dinner-for-two, newborn photoshoot, baby gym class membership, maternity clothing store, baby store, couple’s massage, or whatever other treat you think the expecting parents will enjoy, you really cannot go wrong with a gift card.

And think out the box – it doesn’t necessarily need to be baby-themed. Perhaps the soon-to-be mom and dad just need a break-away from the craziness that is preparing for a little bundle in the home.

Make sure to get a nice card where you’ll add a handwritten note, quote about a little boy, little girl or quote about the gender reveal celebration and you’re good to go!

Okay, so I’m sure I’ve given you loads of great gift ideas to choose from. All that’s left to say is enjoy the gift that is given (it really is the best, isn’t it?) Oh, and be sure to congratulate the lucky couple for me!

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12 Best Gender Reveal Gifts For Babies And New Parents

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