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35 Quirky Gender Reveal Quotes For Your New Family Member

35 Quirky Gender Reveal Quotes For Your New Family Member

Picture this: you are well into your pregnancy and you’ve just received the results of the ultrasound.

You now know whether your unborn baby is a boy or a girl, but what’s the best way to break the news to the rest of your loved ones?

Why, a gender reveal party of course (I know, the title has given this away a bit already, hahah)!

New mom or not, you have to ride out the pregnancy and make it as fun as possible.

I’m sure your family is really excited for you, especially your parents if this is their first grandchild.

A balloon he or she from a gender reveal party

Trust me, having these parties during my pregnancies was the best way of keeping busy and having fun thinking of creative gender reveal quotes and games to disclose whether my little baby was going to be a baby boy or a baby girl in a fun way. And I got a lot of cute gender reveal gifts too!

The most important thing to remember is that this whole thing is for your sake, not the baby’s.

It’ll make you feel a lot better and a lot more motivated when you begin organizing.

The 35 Best Gender Reveal Quotes

The first and most important part is finding the right quote to deliver the news in an original or creative manner.

Before I found out the gender of my baby, I used to have dreams about giving birth where I’d finally find it out, so you can imagine I was very excited to find out whether I was carrying a boy or a girl. And so are your family and friends!

If you’re already making a party out of it, the keystone of it should be good.

It should be something that sticks in the mind and something that invitees will remember – other than the massive amounts of pink and blue paint.

Here’s a few select examples to help get your gears rolling:

“Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are.”

“Pink or blue, we love you.”

“Team Staches or Team Lashes?

“He or she, what will this pumpkin be?”

“Wheels or heels?”

“Buck or doe, soon we’ll know.”

“Girl or boy? We don’t know.”

“Boots or bows?”

“Hair bow or bow tie?”

“Taco ‘bout a baby.”

“One fish, two fish, pink fish, blue fish.”

“Waddle it be? Is our new duckling a he or a she?”

“He or she? What will the baby be?”

“A bouncing little he or a pretty little she?”

“Nino or Nina?”

“Senor or senorita?”

“Prince or princess?”

“Super She or Super He?”

“Team boy or Team girl?”

“Little man or little lady?”

“Cowboy or cowgirl?”

“Mermaid or fisherman?”

“Tutus or Tuxes?”

“King or Queen?”

“Guess Whooo?”

“Jedi or Princess?”

“Boots or Ballet?”

“Tie or Tutu?”

“Lumber Jack or Jill?”

“Tractors or Tiaras?”

“Colt or Filly?”

“Pixie or Pirate?”

“Lord or Lady?”

“Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Supergirl/Superman!”

“A gentle flower or a tough tree? What will our baby be?”

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Types of Gender Reveal Party Ideas To Make Use Of Said Quotes

Now that we have the different gender reveal quotes down, it’s time to apply them to the pregnancy announcement or maybe an actual party.

There’s no point in having fancy text if you can’t show it off, otherwise you may as well just send a letter to everyone.

1. Incorporating a party with a baby shower

If this is your first baby, you can upgrade it from a gender reveal party to a baby shower. Here are a few game ideas for fun and exciting baby shower:

Your friends can also have fun coming up with a special mom contact name or nickname now that you’re about to become a parent.

Sure it’ll mostly be a women-only type of thing, but so are most gender reveal parties as husbands tend not to enjoy them as much as we do.

Nevertheless, if it’s marked as a baby shower, your fellow moms will literally shower you with gifts to help you with your first foray into motherhood – baby diapers, toys, blankets, you name it, you’ll get it.

You’ll even receive clothes if your friends know the baby’s gender beforehand (but there would be no point to a gender reveal party then, would there?)

pregnant woman is smoothing her tummy and smiling

It’s a great opportunity to gather a lot of useful advice from your local council of moms, as well as a chance to relax and enjoy some themed party games, like guessing your measurements.

Do note that you should get your best friend to organize this as it is the custom – apparently asking for family members to beg for gifts to help a new mom out is not really appropriate.

At least that’s what my own baby shower organizer and my best friend told me, though she might have just wanted to do it herself because she enjoys planning the dang things.

Nevertheless, these fusions are usually a rousing success and can help prepare you for the extra responsibility growing in your tummy, so be sure to ask anything you might be confused about still.

1. DIY project

The most important thing to remember, before you decide what to do, is that anything you think of yourself will add a note of originality to the mix and help you feel more accomplished.

Getting help is never wrong, don’t get me wrong, but suggestions are still only suggestions, nobody can guess what you might end up liking.

Cute DYI Owl cupcakes for baby shower

There really is no wrong answer when it comes to party preparations as long as you and your guests have fun, so get that thinking cap on.

I suggest finding a gender reveal quote that you like and working around it if you’re strapped for ideas.

2.Themed gender reveals

An odd one on the list, but themed reveals are rather trendy and present the idea of a gender reveal in a fun way.

Bee gender reveals are a fun theme, because they show the queen bee (you) presenting the newest member of her hive (family).

Plus, yellow and black make for amazing decorations, with good contrast that’s pleasing to the eyes.

The bee puns are plentiful, though try not to overdo it.

I know I wouldn’t be able to help myself if I opted for this one with things like “What will it bee?” or “What’s all the buzz about?”.

I know, I’m a bit cheesy, but that’s how I like it, especially because there are so many gender reveal party decoration packages on this theme to buy on short notice, from Etsy to Amazon.

3. A gender reveal pinata

A classic and my personal favorite.

The one time I organized a gender reveal party for my then daughter-to-be, I had a pinata fashioned in pink and blue decor and filled with pink candy to reveal the surprise once the guests cracked it open.

It was a wonderful centerpiece to an otherwise modest party.

While it may seem a bit simple, it’s great fun for the kids of other moms.

Tasty too, and it’s very entertaining to watch them cheer and whack away at the poor, candy-stuffed pinata.

I also added an extra detail by giving everyone a small confetti popper to help add to the celebrations.

4. Gender reveal cupcakes

Pink and blue gender reveal cupcakes

Another great way to do a gender reveal without the added mess or risk of damage that a pinata might cause are gender reveal cupcakes.

Either order ready-made ones from a bakery or make your own, it’s as simple as that.

Then you add a small quote on top if you’ve chosen one.

Don’t forget the filling, either. You can color to reflect the gender that your baby is going to be so the first bite is not just surprising thanks to the delicious flavor.

5. T-shirt prints

Yes, gender reveal shirts.

You can design the whole gender reveal party based around a little competition to see who was correct by printing out “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl” then handing them out at the start of everything.

6. Including your distant relatives

Not everyone can attend your gender reveal party directly so why not make a small addition to a handful of the gender reveal party invitations you’re already making and send them to relatives who live far away so they can get in on the fun.

Cute gender reveal party invitation card

Write something nice – a clue or a question – and add the answer, but hide it behind a form of folded, but removable paper, so they have to guess to see if they were right.

They are sure to enjoy it – I know mine did when I sent one to them.

They were very glad that I remembered them and I’m sure your relatives would appreciate it too.

7. A poem

A bit longer than the usual gender reveal idea, but if you’re the more creative type, you can make the reveal into a journey of discovery, of how much joy you expect your little one to bring to your home.

Perhaps you could reflect on your own experiences from when you wondered whether the baby was a girl or a boy and end it off in a nice way that reveals the gender.

After all, as a mom you already share a bond with your baby that’s simply poetic, so you might as well turn it into a poem!

Cute gender reveal and baby shower party greeting card

It might be something that you read out at the end of the party to cap it off in a wonderful way, something everyone is sure to enjoy.

I’d write an example, but I’m more of a prose person myself, hah!

My one piece of advice is that it’s best to start from the quote and expand around it, the rest will come naturally.

8. Visual presentation

The easiest one to do but also the easiest one to mess up.

The gist of this one is to use simple images to present the gender – you can even use more than one per gender.

A few examples for boys would be: boats, footballs, baseball bats, and mustaches and for girls things like tutus, ponies, mermaids, and tiaras.

The benefit is that you don’t even have to make too much of a fuss about what text you’ll use.

The problem though, is generalizing.

Pink and blue cards to choose boy or girl

While this worked most of the time before, the current century might not be so accepting of many of the stereotypes, since most people believe that anyone can do anything.

This was true before but there’s more of an emphasis on it in modern times.

Make sure the people you’re inviting won’t be upset by the images that you choose, but if you can get past that, you can plaster them everywhere.

9. Mixing it up

balloon with boy or girl

You don’t have to rely on only one of these methods.

The best way to go about it is to mix and match the ones that you like and implement them into your own party preparations.

I promise you won’t regret adding a single one of these, as long as you can manage the prep!

Don’t force people into it

treats served for baby shower party

While you may enjoy this, it doesn’t mean it’s something everyone will enjoy, so don’t force people to participate if they don’t want to.

Treat it as a regular, but themed party. I’m certain you’ll have a massive turnout regardless and people will still like you afterward.


These ideas only scratch the surface of all of the possibilities and are just some of the possible things you can mix in for your baby gender reveal party.

They all work, but the ones you pull from your own imagination and from your heart tend to be the best ones.

Just mix and match and see what works and regardless of whether it’s a little boy or a little girl, I hope your baby turns out healthy.

Hope you have an amazing time, mamas!

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