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105 Best Middle Names For Elijah (Including Nicknames)

105 Best Middle Names For Elijah (Including Nicknames)

Looking for the best middle name for your little boy Elijah?

Well, the search is over! I have gathered the best middle names for Elijah you’ll be sure to instantly fall in love with!

There are loads of awesome middle name ideas for this cute biblical name that has stood the test of time to become one of the most popular names in the 2020s.

This name was traditionally a part of Jewish culture, but in the 1990s it became popular and according to the popular name charts, it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon!

If you like the name Elijah, but you’re worried it might be a bit overused, you can simply add a cute and unique name in the middle.

Here are some middle name ideas you might find interesting for the new baby Elijah!

Elijah – Name Meaning And Origin

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The name Elijah is known primarily as a biblical name for boys that dates back to the Old Testament.

Elijah is described as a prophet who always stood on God’s side and performed different miracles in His name.

As with most Biblical names, this male name is of Hebrew origin and translates to: “Yahweh is my God.”

This name has deep roots in Jewish tradition and culture, and it became quite popular in the 1990s.

Elijah rose from the top 50 in 2001 to the top 20 boy name list in 2010.

The name reached its peak with third place in 2020, but it dropped down to number 4 in 2021 on the list of popular names.

Historically, Elijah has been considered a masculine name.

However, there are feminine versions such as Eliyah or Eliana, even though Elijah is sometimes used as a feminine name too.

Best Middle Names For Elijah

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Every parent knows what’s best for their child, and according to parents of little Elijahs these are some of the best middle name ideas for little boys!

The best middle name for a child goes well with both his first and last name and doesn’t cause any uncomfortable situations or words that aren’t pleasant to hear.

Middle names are not very important in everyday life, but they’re crucial for future careers and a strong professional background.

A lot of employers pay attention to the full name of job candidates or future partners and base their first impressions on it.

Therefore, if you’re not sure whether you’ve made a good choice, or you haven’t even made one at all yet, here are some middle name suggestions that will work well with your little one’s name!

1. Elijah Paul

2. Elijah Mason

3. Elijah Zachary

4. Elijah David

5. Elijah Michael

6. Elijah Matthew

7. Elijah Thomas

8. Elijah Reid

9. Elijah Tate

10. Elijah James

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11. Elijah Cole

12. Elijah George

13. Elijah Jack

14. Elijah Samuel

15. Elijah Daniel

16. Elijah Grant

Most Popular Middle Names For Elijah

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Even though there are millions of different name combinations, there are very few unique ones.

There is sure to be at least one person in the world sharing the same name as you or your little one.

However, if you don’t mind this and you choose the name just because it’s your own preference, here is a list of the most popular middle names for Elijah, I’m sure you’ll find at least one you like!

1. Hale

2. Wilson

3. Jeffrey

4. Laurence

5. Nicholas

6. Simon

7. Tristan

8. Burke

9. Harrison

10. Hart

11. Noel

12. Miles

13. Ruggerio

14. Blue

15. Blake

16. Owen

17. Bryce

18. Robert

19. Nelson

20. Drew

cute baby boy lying in bed under the fluffy blanket

21. William

22. Vaughn

23. Cruz

24. Martin

25. Jordan

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26. Felix

27. Maxwell

28. Nathan

29. Benjamin

30. Cullen

31. John

32. Wilde

33. Stuart

34. Chase

35. Curtis

36. Oliver

37. Graham

38. Dominic

39. Joseph

40. Jaden

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41. Gray

42. Ronan

43. Weston

44. Reuben

45. Dean

46. Finley

47. Jude

48. Brock

49. Rowan

50. Aiden

51. Griffin

52. Brennan

53. Ross

54. Timothy

55. Clark

56. Quinn

57. Calvin

58. Jackson

59. Finn

60. Luke

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61. Jacob

62. Edward

63. Henry

64. Theodore

65. Kane

66. Caden

67. Neil

68. Joel

69. Alec

70. Patrick

71. Cian

72. Kai

73. Howard

74. Caleb

Modern Middle Names For Elijah

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Some people like to stick to tradition when it comes to baby names, but there are a lot of others who like to experiment by finding unusual name combinations.

Here are some modern and futuristic middle names for Elijah for all the parents who want to avoid the traditional social norms of giving middle names to children!

1. Cameron

2. Abel

3. Parker

4. Lucas

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5. Anakin

6. Baron

7. River

8. Travis

9. Beckham

10. Wolfe

11. Carter

12. Zane

13. Steele

14. Drake

15. Rumi

Elijah As The Middle Name

cute baby boy with curly hair smiling

This fun three-syllable baby boy name can also be a great middle name!

Some parents change their minds about first names after they hear other suggestions.

This is fine, but it doesn’t have to mean you’ve got to completely get rid of the first idea.

You can just switch the order and use it as a middle name!

Also, the middle name can be a great compromise between parents.

For example, if one of you doesn’t like Elijah as the first name, you can just push it to the second spot and the problem is solved!

Here are some ideas for Elijah as the middle name:

• Rory

• Everett

• Nolan

• Fletcher

• Anthony

• Heath

• Peyton

• Adam

• Victor

• Evan

• Clayton

• Bennett

• Toby

• Hudson

• Leo

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• Alexander

• Devon

• Andrew

• Charles

Nicknames For The Name Elijah

cute baby with winter hat and a pacifier sleeping in bed with his bunny toy

Nicknames are usually cute or short versions of our first names given by people who are very close to us, like friends or family.

These informal monikers are usually used in everyday life, but not on formal occasions, which was once considered rather inappropriate.

However, there are more and more people who prefer short names to long ones, so they call their coworkers by three or four-letter names.

Even though nicknames were considered almost rude in professional circles before, nowadays it’s becoming almost a trend.

A lot of Michaels have turned to Mikes, Alexanders to Alexes, and even Elijahs to Elis!

Eli is one of the most popular short forms for this name, but it’s certainly not the only one!

Here are some other popular nicknames for this three-syllable name:

• Lija

• Lij

• Ely

• Ele

• Egg

• Elijoe

• Ella

• D-Eli-icous

• Jah

• Lijah

The Name Elijah In Different Languages

funny baby boy wearing baby costume while lying on the belly

This name is popular around the world because of its religious roots.

Numerous names have various versions around the world, changing depending on their culture and language of origin.

Whether spelling or pronunciation, each difference adds a bit of a unique touch to the name, making it even more beautiful and rich!

Elijah has a great number of variations all around the world and I have a few of the most common forms for you right here.

• Élie – French name for boys

• Ilyas – Arabic

• Ilya – Belarusian

• Ilias – Greek

• Iliya – Bulgarian

• Elia – Italian

• Elías – Spanish

• İlyas – Turkish

• Ilija – Croatian and Serbian

• Elis – Old English

Famous People Named Elijah

famous actor posing on the movie premiere

There have been a lot of famous and influential people throughout history who have carried this name with pride!

From saints to scientists and politicians to Hollywood stars, Elijahs have left a great mark in every walk of life.

However, the best is yet to come, I’m sure, as this name is trending now, so we might get a lot of powerful and influential Elijahs in the future too!

Here are some of the most respectable people named Elijah who contributed to society greatly in numerous ways!

• Elijah McCoy – An engineer and inventor born in Canada. He patented more than 55 inventions, most of them being related to the lubrication of engines.

• Elijah Cummings – A well-known US politician and a former member of the US House of Representatives.

• Elijah Wood – Famous Hollywood actor, DJ, and film producer. Wood became famous thanks to his legendary role of Frodo Baggins in the film trilogy Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

• Elijah Muhammad – A religious leader, best known as the mentor of Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali.

• Elijah Kelley – American dancer, singer, and actor who had notable roles in Hairspray, The Butler, and Red Tails.

• Elijah Blue Allman – Also known as P. Exeter Blue – American singer and songwriter famous for his mother, legendary singer Cher.

Sibling Names For Elijah

adorable little brother hugging his sister on the wall outdoor

Finding a name can be a lot of fun, especially if you turn it into a joint activity and make a game out of it, like writing your favorite names and choosing randomly or voting.

However, some parents have a hard time finding a perfect name for their second child.

Most parents can’t think of, or don’t like any of, the suggestions that go well with their first child’s name.

Here are some baby names that sound good with Elijah and which might be perfect for your baby boy or baby girl!

Names for boys

Elijah usually goes together well with other Biblical names, so it’s not a surprise this list contains some classic names from the Old and New Testament.

• Gabriel

• Micah

• Nathaniel

• Ezekiel

• Noah

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• Jared

• Max

• Jude

• Ezra

• Joshua

• Isaac

• Aidan

• Hendrick

Names for girls

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Here are some of the most beautiful baby girl names that go well with this classic boy name!

• Joanna

• Hannah

• Agatha

• Lucy

• Rebecca

• Judah

• Sarah

• Naomi

• Elizabeth

• Maria

• Rosemary

• Lydia

• Clara

Wrapping Up

adorable baby boy lying on the floor with diapers all around

I’m sure you have found at least three or four options that sound great for your little boy! Names like Liam, Noah, and Oliver are always a good choice.

The most important part of finding a great combination for your child is that both you and your partner agree on it.

If the name sounds good to both of you, there’s no need to rethink it.

However, if you’re still not sure about these middle names for Elijah, or you want the middle moniker to be more personal, you could try coming up with your own middle name idea.

For example, instead of choosing a random name, you could add your maiden name or the name of someone you truly appreciate and want to honor in this way.

Whatever you choose, just make sure that the names go well with the family name.

You can write down all the suggestions, read them out loud, or write abbreviations, just to make sure your child won’t experience any unpleasant situations because of his name combination.

When you have chosen the perfect name for your little one, you can get all those cute personalized things for the nursery with your little one’s name on them.

If you don’t feel like going outside, you can just order them on shopping sites like Amazon or Etsy!

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