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143 Lovely And Unique Middle Names For Luna

143 Lovely And Unique Middle Names For Luna

There are so many beautiful names out there to choose for your little one that it’s simply too hard to settle for just one.

So let’s see if we can find some middle names for Luna.

The name, which represents the light of the moon, is really quite beautiful, so finding middle names for Luna that fit it nicely isn’t going to be too hard.

Not only is it a lovely name, but it also rolls off the tongue quite well and complements so many other names.

While many people probably discovered it thanks to the character Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter book series, it’s a name that’s been around since the times of ancient Rome, one that was associated with the very goddess of the moon.

Because of its mostly feminine nature, I didn’t really manage to find any baby boy name ideas that incorporated Luna into them.

If you manage to, feel free to let me know.

I am aware of one male, but Luna is his last name so I don’t think it counts.

Nevertheless, just because it’s primarily used as a baby girl name doesn’t mean that you can’t use it as a baby name for boys too, especially in this day and age. It pays to be a bit creative and think out of the box, after all.

Read on to discover the best middle names for Luna and find out how to think up a good middle name on your own.

Luna – Name Meaning And Origin

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So you’ve decided on the name Luna?

Well, it’s certainly a beautiful and elegant choice of name for your little girl.

It’s one of the most popular baby names out there, currently at #8 on global charts and #14 on baby name charts in the US.

The reason for this hides in its simplicity, and its ability to work with almost any name combinations that you can think of.

That said, it’s not just its complementary nature, but the very origin of it that so many people love.

The exact origin of the name is somewhat of a hot topic. Some think it might be Greek or Latin, though the current version is considered to be Italian due to the ancient Roman goddess of the Moon, Luna.

Her name translates to ‘The Moon’ and she is the Roman counterpart of the Greek goddess Selene.

In Spanish culture, Luna is a very common family name too – yet another good reason for choosing it as a name for your newest family member.

While remaining largely unnoticed for the longest time, it began gaining popularity in the 60s and has steadily been climbing up the ranks ever since.

There was a large spike when J.K. Rowling published the Harry Potter book series and Luna Lovegood, despite being a minor character, became one of the most beloved characters.

She’s a quirky blonde girl with her own interests, who is incredibly intelligent, and has a brave heart – traits every mom believes their child has.

She’s not perfect, and has her flaws and her shortcomings, but she manages to overcome them through hard work.

This made her a perfect role model for girls everywhere and it’s, arguably, the main reason as to why the name has consistently been in the top 10 names ever since.

In fact, it’s so popular that many celebrities such as John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, as well as Javier Bardem (just to name a few), decided to give the name to their kids.

Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve the title of being a unique name.

Think of it really as part of one long name that you can make unique by attaching a middle name to it. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and research.

Here’s a list of some of the best and most popular middle names for the name Luna.

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Most Popular Middle Names For Luna

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Love it or hate it, these are some of the most popular choices for middle names that go really well with Luna.

Do make sure that they fit with your family name too because there’s always the odd case where it clashes.

1. Luna Rae

2. Luna Marie

3. Luna Lynn

4. Luna Ava

5. Luna Mae

6. Luna Rose

7. Luna Grace

8. Luna Corinne

9. Luna Vivienne

10. Luna Stella

11. Luna Nova

12. Luna Aurora

13. Luna Maeve

14. Luna Eloise

The Best Middle Names For Luna

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Here’s a list of what are deemed to be the best-suited middle names for Luna. You’ll find names like Nicole, Charlotte, and Sky on this list.

Some might sound fantastic while others might feel a bit less so, it’s all a matter of personal preference.

Know that these aren’t put down in any particular order so the first one isn’t necessarily the best one.

Choose one that sounds best to you or try thinking of one that you think sounds better.

I’ll get to that a bit later down the line.

1. Kira

2. Charlotte

3. Wren

4. Sky

5. Cadence

6. Kari

7. Vera

8. Daphne

9. Quinn

10. Lily

11. Margot

12. Lisa

13. Katherine

14. Catherina

15. Lyric

16. Claire

17. Rosa

18. Isadora

19. Raquel

20. Lea

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21. Beatrix

22. Genevieve

23. Faye

24. Meredith

25. Blair

26. Gwen

27. Marion

28. Saskia

29. Danielle

30. Maria

31. Jessamine

32. Gabrielle

33. Serenity

34. Hazel

35. Faith

36. Delilah

37. Penelope

38. Belle

39. Shae

40. Marguerite

cute little girl painting

41. Arabella

42. Mia

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43. Marigold

44. Kayte

45. Isabel

46. Dawn

47. Jane

48. Soleil

49. Katharina

50. Lillian

51. Myra

52. Sylvie

53. Brielle

54. Evelyn

55. Camille

56. Tate

57. Nicole

58. Claire

59. Sue

60. Persephone

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61. Emilia

62. Celine

63. Jade

64. Renee

65. Margaret

66. Amalia

67. Florence

68. Jean

69. Carolyn

70. Michelle

71. Elizabeth

72. Celeste

73. Gail

74. Willow

75. Ann

76. Seren

77. Madeline

78. Elle/Ella

79. Shay

80. Kaylea

81. Josephine

82. Lara

83. Odette

84. Bridget

85. Kate

86. Patricia

87. Verity

Best One-Syllable Middle Names For Luna

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Sometimes you want the middle name to be short to keep it simple.

If that’s the case with you, check out these simple ones that only have one syllable and that go really well with Luna.

1. Jai

2. Noor

3. Wyn

4. Fern

5. Lane

6. Ruth

7. Kay

8. Viv

9. Bea

10. Tess

11. Bekke

12. Blake

13. June

14. Neve

15. Rain

16. Rose

17. Anne

18. Bree

19. Blue

20. Liv

surprised little girl holding colorful balloons

21. Eve

22. Brooke

23. Rue

24. Kai

25. Love

26. Blaire

27. Sage

28. Starr

29. True

30. Greer

31. May

32. Vale

33. Sloane

34. Snow

35. Joy

36. Lark

37. Bryne

38. Reese

39. Paige

40. Hope

41. Skye

42. Pearl

How To Come Up With Your Own Middle Names For Luna

Newborn baby girl posing in tutu skirt and flower head band

Many people like being creative!

You might not want to use one of the names on this list but rather use it as inspiration to create your own middle name.

Some of these simply might not suit your personal tastes and, frankly, I can understand that.

Not everyone likes what’s presented to them all the time and that’s completely fine.

However, you’re still very likely stuck on a good middle name that’s on the tip of your tongue that, for the life of you, you just can’t figure out!

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered as there are a few things to take into consideration when coming up with the ideal one.

1. Family names are the best go-to

Whenever you’re in doubt about what could be a solid second name, turning to the family tree seems to be the option everyone goes to first.

Using the names of well-respected family members is always a wonderful idea!

Not only will you have a great name to go with Luna, but you’ll also be honoring the values that your family holds dear.

On top of that, you’ll have a name with an actual meaning behind it and be honoring the memory of an ancestor.

Then, once your kiddo grows older, you can tell her all about the person she got the name from and she’ll most likely be delighted to hear all about it.

If said person is still around and they realize that you gave them such an honor, they’re sure to be thrilled with the idea and will be glad you thought of them.

Do be sure to make them know beforehand though as it might turn into a bit of an awkward situation otherwise.

2. Use more than one name

adorable baby girl wearing a blue headband and lying on the belly

In Spanish and Portuguese culture, it’s a common tradition to have more than one middle name taken from family names.

Seeing as the name Luna has a bit of Spanish in it, giving your little one more than one middle name wouldn’t be the worst idea.

It might turn out to be a mouthful, but people will learn in time.

Besides, the only time you’ll use the full name is probably when she’s in trouble.

What better way to give a nod to the Spanish origins of the name than by adding an extra middle name or two?

Using the names of family members will be the easiest way to choose and will continue the tradition.

Don’t go overboard though, someone’s still got to remember all of them!

3. Make use of your second choice

If you were caught between two names for your baby girl and Luna won, you can still use the second option as the middle one.

Lots of people do this and nobody’s going to think less of you for using both of your top picks.

Besides, both of them were good enough for your daughter after all otherwise you wouldn’t have even thought of them.

As with all other names though, make sure it’s not something your child might end up being ashamed of, or else the name in the middle will be forgotten and unused.

4. Memorable locations

Last, but not least, using the name of a location you might have visited with your significant other could be a great choice for your little Luna’s middle name.

Whether it’s the place you met or where you decided to get married, it’ll be an ideal way of symbolizing that moment by giving it to your labor of love, your little daughter to wear proudly her entire life.

The Importance Of Middle Names

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Although middle names often hold little relevance in day-to-day life, they can still be really important on a family level.

They’re usually great for people who enjoy the idea of following tradition and as a way of honoring those who came before you.

Here are some of the main reasons why the second name is important.

1. Helping keep family values and tradition

The primary reason why a middle name is given in the first place is to help preserve the memory of a deceased or still living, but dear family member, one who’s been a great influence in shaping the family or who has helped you out in becoming who you are today.

It’s often given to children as a sign of utmost respect and in the hopes that some of those good qualities will rub off on the offspring in the future, to shape them into the great people that their ancestors were before.

It’s also how some great name combinations end up coming to life, like Luna Stella.

2. Middle names as a nickname or an alternate first name

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Let’s face it, bullying is still rampant in schools and everywhere else.

The middle name is often the target which can make it a nightmare for your child if it is really unusual.

While it’s rare to get physically bullied over a name, the mental abuse can be much worse and can have long-lasting effects on a child’s mental health. This often leads to awful problems like depression.

That’s why it’s important not to make the name sound too awkward, but rather something that can serve as an alternate first name.

Don’t allow it to be some setup for a joke or something thrown together randomly that’s too embarrassing to share with the class.

That’s why popular names exist. Sure, unique ones might be neat, but if they’re too ‘unique’ they might end up being unique for a different, more negative reason.

It’s best to stick to short names for the middle slot that are easy to say and hard to make fun of, like Emily for instance.

3. Using the full name makes a parent sound more stern

Kids get into all sorts of trouble. And there’s nothing quite like hearing your mom or dad yell out your full name to make you stop in your tracks.

This way, your kid will know that whatever it was that she has done was definitely not okay and will think twice before doing it again.

Just try not to use it too much as it might lose that power.

In Conclusion

blond little girl with pacifier lying in bed with toy covered with blanket

As you can see, there are a great many options for middle names for Luna.

​While most of them are feminine in nature, some are unisex enough that you can use them for a baby boy if you so wish.

The names I’ve listed are only a few of the many that exist out there, but they’re some of the best and most popular ones.

If you don’t find any of them to be to your liking, maybe the tips listed earlier will help you come up with one on your own that’ll suit your little one perfectly.

Just try keeping it simple and memorable.

I’m sure you’ll be able to pick the perfect one, mamma.

Until next time.

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