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48 Unique Baby Names That Mean Wind And Air

48 Unique Baby Names That Mean Wind And Air

A lot of parents invest a great deal of time and effort into coming up with the perfect name for their child. They often take several factors into account, such as the meaning, pronunciation, and cultural relevance.

Names that mean wind or air are particularly special because they show our appreciation for the most powerful force on our planet: Nature.

Stormy skies, hurricanes, and thunderstorms can be downright terrifying, but they’ve also inspired many wonderful names in different languages across the world, including Spanish, Scottish, Gaelic, and even old Norse.

In the past, people worshipped mythical beings who were thought of as gods and goddesses of nature – think Zeus, Thor, Fujin, and Raijin, etc.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying people still worship these deities today, but there are certainly those who have great respect for Mother Nature and all her incredible weather!

Read ahead to discover 48 fantastic names that mean wind and air!

Baby Boy Names That Mean Wind

Cute little boy sitting in the grass outside

1. Aeolus – A Greek name for the male deity of winds. It can be translated into “changeable” or “nimble”.
The original form of this name was Aiolos, who was once the king of Aeolia.

2. Zephyr – This boy’s name is an Ancient Greek classic. The original form of the name, Zephyros, was quite popular in Ancient Greece, as it was the name of the male deity of the west wind.

The name has changed over the years, but the meaning has remained the same. Zephyr and the “west wind” are still interlinked to this day through this tremendous name.

3. Anore – A Greenlandic masculine name meaning “wind”.

The original spelling of this name is “Anori”, which is also used in Japan as a girl name meaning “affection and love”.

4. Bayu – An Indonesian name that refers to the wind and is a very cute moniker for little boys.

5. Arkansas – This is a Native American moniker of French origin.

The word “Arcansas” was used as a French name for “akansa”, the Algonquian expression for Quapaw Indians, which was later transliterated to “Arkansas”. Arkansas is also the name of a state in the U.S.

6. Enlil – Enlil is a two-syllable moniker for boys with Sumerian roots, which translates to “wind”.

This was the name of the Sumerian male deity of wind, who was worshipped by the Sumerians, Babylonians, Akkadians, and other Mesopotamian (present-day Iraq) nations.

7. Erjon – A cute name of Albanian origin that stands for “our wind” or “the wind coming from the Ionian sea”.
The original form of this name is “Erion”.

8. Keanu – This is one of the most popular names on this list because of the well-known actor, Keanu Reeves.
Keanu is a cute name for a little boy that has Hawaiian roots and means “breeze”.

toddler boy smiling

9. Matuu – This masculine name originates from Polynesia, but the exact meaning of the name is actually rather vague.

Matuu was the name of the God of the North Wind in Polynesian tradition, so the meaning could be “north wind”.

10. Naseem – A name with Arabic roots that translates to “breeze”.

This name is also spelled as “Nesim” in the Turkish language.

11. Notus – Known as the Greek deity of the wind, Notus became a common name in Greece and neighboring countries.

It’s quite a rare name in the US, which is perfect for parents who want to avoid common names.

12. Samir – A common male name in the Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, and India.

As an Arabic name, Samir stands for a loyal friend, but can be translated to “a soft breeze” or “gentle wind” as well.

13. Amun – Amun was the Egyptian deity of wind, air, and the sun.

He was considered the creator of all things and one of the most significant gods in Egyptian culture.

14. Guthrie – A boys’ name with Irish roots which translates to “a windy place or spot”.

15. Makani – A Hawaiian name for boys that refers to the wind in all of its power. This name would be perfect for your little champion, who’ll surely grow to become a powerful man!

16. Wyndham – An English name that will probably sound unusual to most Americans. It translates to “windy village”.

It’s a cute name that sounds a bit like the name William, even though they are not connected by any means.

17. Avel – This name is very interesting in terms of its meaning and origin.

Some claim it’s a Breton expression for wind, while others are convinced it is an alternative form of the Hebrew term for “breath”.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Wind

little girl child sitting on skateboard

1. Aella – This is a girl’s name from Ancient Greek culture that hasn’t lost its charm over the centuries.

This five-letter name for girls refers to a whirlwind, which is an accurate representation of what happens to the lives of first-time parents during the first year of their baby’s life!

Aella was also one of the Amazons who fought Heracles, according to Ancient Greek mythology.

2. Aellopus – Another powerful girl name from the period of Ancient Greek civilization, although it’s not as common now as it once was.

This name shares lots of similarities with the name Aella, as it translates to “whirlwind-footed”.

One of the most interesting things about this name is the fact it was the nickname for the goddess of the rainbow, Iris, who was also known as the herald of other Greek gods.

3. Alizee – French is one of the most beautiful languages in the world, and this elegant girl’s name is just more proof in favor of that idea.

As a sophisticated name for girls, Alizee has stood the test of time without completely disappearing, although there has been a sharp decrease since 2001 when the name was at the peak of popularity.

4. Anemone – Yet another name from one of the greatest ancient civilizations of all time, Ancient Greece.

Anemone is a flowery name for girls which will match your little girl’s beauty and help her stand out from the crowd.

This breezy name also refers to the wind.

5. Anila – Anila is a wonderful name for little girls that originates from the Sanskrit expression for wind.

This name is a mixture of the Hindi and Arabic cultures, with a universal meaning in both.

If you notice strong winds on the day you give birth to your baby, you could go with this option, even as a middle name for your baby girl.

6. Aura – One of the most beautiful names in the world, and my personal favorite because of its simplicity and mystic implications.

The majority of people know what an aura is, the energy around each person that can attract, repel, and indicate the current state of their health.

However, Aura as a name belongs to the Latin language and stands for a soft wind or gentle breeze. Girls are delicate and powerful simultaneously, just like this name, which is why it would be a great fit for your daughter.

7. Auretta – The Italian version of the name Aura with the same meaning. The stem “Aur” is associated with gold, which is why both these names are perfect for autumn babies.

8. Zephyrine – Another Greek expression for wind which is used as a given name. This time, Zephyrine stands for a westerly wind. The Portuguese name variant would be “Zeferina”.

Beautiful girl at the park looking very happy

9. Bonaria – This is an Italian name of Sardinian origin that refers to a “good wind”.

This name was also used to refer to Virgin Mary in Italian as “Nostra Signora di Bonaria” (Lady of the Good Wind) or “the one who protects sailors”.

10. Era – A beautiful three-letter name for girls with Albanian roots. It refers to the wind. The Hebrew translation for this name would be “guardian” or “the one who is awake”.

11. Haizea – This Basque name is almost unknown outside of Spain, which makes it a perfect choice for all the parents looking for a rare name for their daughters. It means “wind”.

12. Ninil – A girl’s name of Sumerian origin which translates to “the lady of the breeze or wind”. It’s a cute name for little girls who may seem fragile, but have amazing inner strength.

13. Samira – This name is both an Arabic moniker that means “evening conversationalist”, and an Indian name that translates to “breeze or a wind”.

14. Tuulikki – One of the most unique names on this list. It is from the Finnish language and translates to “little wind”.

15. Esen – Esen is of both Lithuanian and Turkish origin, and refers to the wind or cool weather.
Esen is a really nice name for baby girls, so rare and sweet!

16. Awen – Here’s a name you don’t hear very often. Awen is of Welsh origin and refers to poetic inspiration.

However, the original form of the name “Awel” translates to “wind or breeze”.

I’m certain your little girl is your greatest inspiration in life, which is why this name might be perfect for her!

17. Alizeh – The Persian variant of the name Alizee. These two names are very similar, but there are a few differences with spelling and translation.

Alizeh translates to “trade wind” instead of wind in general, and also ends with an “H”.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Air

little child lying on a children's rug

1. Abel – This is a Biblical name with Hebrew roots that translates to “vapor” or “breath”.

The first Abel was the son of Adam and Eve, who was killed by his older brother, Cain.

This name is quite popular in the US and has been in the top 200 of popular baby names lists for the last nine years.

2. Anil – A breezy name for boys with Sanskrit roots that translates to “air” or “wind”.

3. Shu – A name of Egyptian origin with two meanings: “the one who rises up” and “warm and dry air”. Shu is also the name of the Egyptian deity of the wind and the air.

4. Aither – One of the first Greek deities associated with air. The meaning of this name is “spirit of the air”. Some claim this ancient Greek god’s name is the original form of the word “ether”.

5. Pran – You may not have heard this name before, but I’m sure it will be stuck in your head now that you have! Pran is a classic Thai name for boys of Sanskrit origin, which translates to “breath of air”.

6. Ettan – Another beautiful five-letter name for boys that I’m sure will find a spot on your baby name list.

This name is very popular in Hindu culture, and translates to “breath of air”.

This name reminds me of Japanese language and culture, although it doesn’t have any direct connection to it. It’s probably because of the popular Japanese expression “etto”, which means “I think…”.

7. Nevish – A classic Hebrew name. It translates to “Lord’s breath”.

Nevish has traditionally been considered as a name for boys, but there are plenty of girls with this name as well, especially over the last few decades.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Air

little baby girl with white clothes

1. Sunny – I’m sure this name made you smile, just like your baby girl will every time you look at her!

Sunny is essentially an English pet name that has seen use as a given name for the past decade. Although the meaning of this name is quite obvious, it actually doesn’t refer only to sunny weather, but also to hot air during the summer.

2. Wendy – The most common meaning of this name would be “friend” or “acquaintance” in English.

However, this adorable name can also refer to the cool air and gentle wind which usually blows the fall leaves in September and October.

3. Sunshine – Grandma and grandpa will probably reminisce over the good old days when they hear this little girl’s name, as “Sunshine” was all the rage at the time.

It’s had a drop in popularity since then, which makes it a perfect choice for parents who prefer more unique names.

If you love warm air and the feeling of sand under your feet, you’ll love this name too!

4. Aaliyah – This name is an alternative form of the Arabic and Hebrew name Alya. The name meaning of this beautiful moniker for girls is “up in the air”, “exalted”, or “heavens”.

It became quite popular in the US after the famous singer Aaliyah Haughton, who tragically lost her life at the age of 22 in a plane crash.

5. Fei – Fei is a girl’s name that translates to “dancing in the air”. It hails from China, so it’s a great choice for families with Chinese roots.

6. Spirit – Although this name usually stands for mystical energy, it can also refer to the fresh air or a gentle breeze.

This name may not be a common pick, but it’s certainly a bold and beautiful choice for a girl.

7. Avha – A beautiful four-letter name for girls with Hindi roots that refers to “oxygen” or “the breath of life”.

This name is relatively unknown outside of India, which adds to its uniqueness.

Final Thoughts

Adorable baby boy in white sunny bedroom

There are plenty of beautiful names that mean wind and air.

It’s really difficult to choose from all of these wonderful names, but if I had to, I’d say my personal favorite is Aura. The name itself has a kind of powerful energy, even though it also sounds simple and cute.

If you’re having a tough time choosing the perfect name for your little one, make sure to share these names which mean wind with your partner to try and find the best option that suits you both.

These names that mean wind or air have been divided into traditional groups of boy and girl names, but some of them can also be considered unisex names as well.

So if you like a name, go for it without hesitating.

Good luck, mama!

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