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73 Cute And Funny Nicknames For Hannah To Make You Smile

73 Cute And Funny Nicknames For Hannah To Make You Smile

Are you trying to come up with creative nicknames for Hannah but can’t think of any good ones?

I have you covered with a list of more than 70 of the best nicknames for Hannah, ranging from short and funny to creative and goofy.

When I think of this name, I immediately think of Hannah Montana but you can’t blame me, I am a Millennial after all!

Even though this Hebrew name has gained popularity in recent decades, it can be traced back all the way to the Old Testament.

It belonged to the mother of the prophet Samuel and the original version is Channah.

As is the case with many biblical names, you can find different variations of Hannah all over the world.

The differences are small when it comes to spelling but the pronunciation can be different from region to region.

Read on to find out more about this name and to discover the best nicknames for the Hannie in your life!

Hannah – Name Origin And Meaning

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As a biblical name for girls, Hannah is one of the most beloved baby names in the English-speaking world.

Like many other names, it has Hebrew origins.

It can be tied to the Old Testament name Channah (she was the mother of the prophet Samuel) which translates to “grace” and “favor”, so it has a beautiful meaning that will resonate with many new parents.

Popularity-wise, this is definitely one of the more common names in the US. Thanks to the many TV and movie characters named Hannah, it gained popularity over the years, especially thanks to Disney’s Hannah Montana.

This girls’ name was most popular in the second half of the 1990s but today, you can find it towards the bottom of the top 50 name lists.

Unlike the name Jordan, this is not a gender-neutral name.

The masculine version is actually Hanniel, which is not as common as its feminine counterpart.

Despite the dip in popularity, I still think it’s a beautiful choice and not just because it has a lovely meaning.

This name is also common in many countries all over the world so when your little girl decides to travel, people are unlikely to have trouble pronouncing her name.

There are also many creative nicknames for this name, so it covers all the bases!

Short Nicknames For Hannah

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This name is not too long but it has still inspired some pretty amazing feminine nicknames.

Here’s a collection of some of the shortest pet names for you to check out:

1. Ann

2. Lil H

3. Hun

4. Nana

5. Anna

6. Hani

7. Nan

8. Hans

9. Han

10. Annie

11. Hazza

12. Hannie

13. Hanns

14. Hanna

15. Nanny

16. Hammy

17. Harnie

18. Hanno

19. Haha

20. Anne

21. Nini

22. Hattie

Cute And Funny Nicknames For Hannah

beautiful little girl with blond hair and blond eyes looking up

Growing up, many of us had silly nicknames courtesy of our grandparents and other friends and family members.

Then, when we hit our teenage years, we found them to be super embarrassing until adulthood, which is a time when most people look back on their childhood with fond memories.

A funny nickname for your Han-Han can become a lovely memory too.

Here is a list of funny nicknames for Hannah to get you inspired:

1. Hannah Love

2. Hannae

3. Hannahesthesia

4. Hannah Banana

5. Hansbonanas

6. Nanner

7. Hannah Montana

8. Han Han

9. Hannahgail

10. Hanakin

11. Hamster

12. Hanners

13. Hannoy

14. Hannah Lou

15. Miss Montana

16. Hannaconda

17. Hanneza

18. Hansky

cute little girl smelling the roses in the garden

19. Han Solo

20. Nah-Nah

21. Hannalisa

22. Hanny Pants

23. Hanababes

24. Hurricane Hannah

25. Han-a-land

26. Hannie Frannie

27. Hanavarna

28. Hannah Bear

29. Hannah Storm

30. Hanabee

31. Hannable

32. Hannanas

33. Hanny Toodle

34. Hanna Belle

35. Hanita

36. Hanny Nannany

beautiful red haired little girl posing outdoors

37. Hanna Shea

38. Hanalou

39. Hannah Spanner

40. Panda Bear

41. Hannah Hunnie

42. Honey

43. Hannah Bug

44. Hannahbee

45. Hannah Panda

46. Hanny

47. Hanabels

48. Hana May

49. Hanni Bunny

50. Hanani

51. Hanna Munchkin

Middle Names For Hannah

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If you’re expecting a baby girl that you’re naming Hannah, then I’m sure you’re busy thinking up middle names too.

While I encourage you to be creative and think of some out-of-the-box names, do stay away from using Montana as a middle name!

Jokes aside, the name Hannah is pretty versatile.

It’s traditional enough to go with classic middle names like Charlotte but modern enough to go with some unusual feminine names.

You could opt for short, one-syllable names as well as longer ones.

Many parents prefer shorter names in the middle since they make the full name sound more rhythmic but the final choice is up to you.

And if you can’t settle on just one middle name, you can always go the royalty route and pick 2 or even 3 names.

Here are some of my favorite middle names for Hannah:

• Blythe

• Caitlyn/Kaitlyn

• Camille

• Caroline

• Celeste

• Charlotte

• Claire

• Danielle

• Delphine

• Elise

• Elizabeth

• Elysia

• Emmeline

• Estelle

• Eve

• Faith

• Felicity

• Frances

• Genevieve

• Gillian

sweet little girl wearing a crown and a princess dress and smiling

• Greer

• Gwendolen

• Ivy

• Jade

• Jillian

• Josephine

• Juliet

• June

• Kay

• Lark

• Lauren

• Lee/Leigh

• Lucia

• Lynn

• Maeve

• Marceline


• Melody

• Olivia

• Paige

• Primrose

• Quinn

• Rachel

• Rosabel

• Rosalie

• Seraphine

• Sophia

• Sue

• Violet

Sibling Name Suggestions For Hannah

Funny lovely sisters are having fun in kids room

It’s not just middle names that should match – the same amount of consideration should be given to sibling names as well.

If Hannah is getting a little brother or sister, then the baby’s name should complement it.

Since this is a rather conventional name, I recommend following a similar route for the sibling.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean you have to pick a name that sounds boring to you but you might want to check out some lovely vintage names that won’t stick out like a sore thumb next to Hannah.

Length-wise, feel free to consider both short and long names.

Here are some of my recommendations, divided into feminine and masculine groups!

For girls:

• Abby

• Abigail

• Amy

• Ashley

• Bethany

• Charlotte

• Chloe

• Elizabeth

• Emily

• Emma

• Grace

• Hailey

• Haley

• Jessica

• Katie

• Laura

• Lauren

• Leah

• Lucy

• Lydia

• Mary

• Megan

• Naomi

• Olivia

• Rachel

• Rebecca

• Rebekah

• Samantha

• Sarah

• Sophie

For boys:

beautiful little boy smiling

• Brian

• Cameron

• Charlie

• Christopher

• Connor

• Daniel

• Dylan

• Ethan

• Jack

• Jamie

• John

• Jordan

• Kevin

• Kyle

• Liam

• Logan

• Luke

• Matthew

• Michael

• Patrick

• Ryan

• Sean

• Tyler

The Name Hannah In Other Languages

cute little girl wearing a crown

The name Hannah does have its variations in other languages but the biggest differences are in the pronunciation and not in the spelling.

In German, for example, the name is pronounced like Ha-na (with emphasis on the first syllable).

In Dutch, it’s pronounced like Hah-na, with the emphasis being on the first syllable again.

Spelling variations include Hanna, Hana, and Hanne.

Famous People Named Hannah

famous female singer performing on the stage

When I had my kids, the first thing I did when I picked out their names was to look them up online.

I wanted to see if there were any notable (but also infamous) people out there my kids would be sharing their name with, especially if the first and middle name combo was the same.

Yes, I’m that parent.

Here are some of the most famous people and characters named Hannah:

• Hannah Montana – The name of a character and Disney Channel TV show that defined an entire generation of kids.

The character’s real name is actually Miley Stewart and she was portrayed by Miley Cyrus.

The show went on for 4 seasons and was adapted into a movie as well.

• Hannah Abbott – A minor character from the Harry Potter books, she was a Hufflepuff and Harry’s friend.

• Hannah Baker – The main character of Netflix’s hit show, 13 Reasons Why. Here’s a fun fact: the show was actually adapted from a book of the same name written by Jay Asher.

• Hannah Teter – She’s an American snowboarder.

• Hannah Murray – A British actress you might remember from TV shows like Skins and Game of Thrones.

• Hannah Hart – An American YouTuber and comedian.

• Hannah Dakota Fanning – Dakota Fanning is an American actress and an excellent example of someone who ditched their first name in favor of the middle name.

Final Thoughts

Whether Hannah is your niece, daughter, or best friend, I hope you were able to find some amazing nicknames for her today.

What I love about this name is that it exists in many countries across the world which is a big plus when you’re traveling or moving for work.

Regardless of how international a name is, nicknames are a great way to show love, affection, and friendships.

Many people even go by their nicknames because they don’t like their first name but don’t want to go through the hassle of changing it.

Here’s a final tip – play around with the middle name and the initials as well, as these combinations can yield some pretty cool nicknames!

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