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75 Cute Nicknames For Margaret You’ll Instantly Fall In Love With

75 Cute Nicknames For Margaret You’ll Instantly Fall In Love With

Magaret is one of the most beautiful traditional names for little girls who love flowers and pearls.

This name is an excellent base for cute pet names and I’m sure you’ll have trouble sticking to just one or two nicknames for Margaret.

Margaret is an evergreen baby name that’s quite popular among parents even in this modern day and age.

It’s been used for centuries, from royalty to “ordinary” people, including Aunt Margaret, Walt Disney’s aunt who provided him with his first drawing kits as a child.

Who knows, your Margaret may become a celebrity or influence someone’s life greatly, which is why you have to pick the perfect nickname for your little girl.

Here’s the list of the most adorable nicknames for your little princess you’ll surely love!

Margaret – Name Meaning And Origin

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The name Margaret is derived from an Old Persian word “margarita” that translates to “pearl”.

Some claim this name originates from the Latin name “Margarita”, Greek form “Margarites”, or the French version “Marguerite”.

However, all these name variants have origins in the Old Persian language.

It’s one of the most sophisticated English names for girls that was carried by many notable women throughout history, including Margaret Beaufort, the mother of King Henry VII, and Saint Margaret of Scotland, a Scottish queen who married Malcolm III of Scotland.

This name became common in England in the 11th century and remained popular for centuries.

Margaret was the second most popular name in the US in 1903 and it remained on the top 10 popular girl’s name list until 1939, according to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) data.

This classic name for girls may not be as popular as before, but there’s still a chance for it to make a great comeback!

Your little girl might enjoy Halloween decorations and costumes more than others, especially if she’s born in October.

According to astrology, Margaret is a common name for babies born in October who are either Libras or Scorpios.

You may have a little warrior in the house, who is happy and funny, but very stubborn and strong as well.

Popular Nicknames For Margaret

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There are many popular nicknames for Margaret, which is no surprise because this name has three syllables so it can easily be broken down into parts.

However, since it’s a longer name, it’s likely to be replaced by a nickname, so make sure you like all potential nicknames for Margaret before you give your little one this name:

1. Argo

2. Mar

3. Mag

4. Emi (from the initial M)

5. Marg

6. Meta

7. Ara

8. May

9. Mimi

10. Mags

11. Ari

12. Arty

13. Peg

14. Rita

15. Mae

16. Mara

17. Mia

18. Etta

19. Mari

20. Meg

21. Margie

22. Marge

23. Arga

24. Gigi

Adorable Nicknames For Margaret

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Margaret is indeed a very sophisticated name, but that doesn’t mean this moniker doesn’t deserve some cute nicknames.

The world would be a boring place if there weren’t such sweet and funny nicknames for little Margies!

Here are some cute nicknames for Margaret that will surely melt your heart:

1. Magali

2. Pearlie

3. Mila

4. Gitta

5. Minnie

6. Mars

7. Marga

8. Martie

9. Mama

10. Mugs

11. Rhett

12. Gogo

13. Marty

14. Ettie

15. Perla

16. Reta

17. Pearl

18. Marjorie

19. Mamie

20. Mette

21. Minx

22. Gretel

23. Daisy

24. Maggie

Creative Nicknames For Margaret

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There are so many creative nicknames for little boys and girls that it’s hard to choose only one, at least for me.

A nickname is much more than just a short form for a moniker, and these pet names are the best indicators of that.

Here are some of the most creative nicknames for a girl named Margaret that might become her second (or even first) name!

1. Maisie

2. Margarita

3. Margery

4. Madge

5. Iron Lady

6. Garrett

7. Marnie

8. March

9. Margo

10. Maiga

11. Megan

12. Mattie

13. Peggy

14. Margot

15. Meghan

16. Greer

17. Molly

18. Meggy

19. Greta

20. Gary

21. Midge

22. Margaux

23. Magda

24. Meggie

25. Margalo

26. Gretchen

27. Maizie

Middle Names For Margaret

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There are plenty of cute middle names for girls such as Sophia, one of the most popular names of 2020 in the US.

Margaret may not be as popular as Sophia, but it certainly has its own charm that adds elegance to your little one’s name.

If you’ve decided to give your little girl the beautiful name Margaret, it won’t be difficult to find an equally charming middle name.

Some parents decide to stick to tradition and choose a family name or mother’s maiden name as a middle moniker for their child.

However, others prefer to choose a more unique name combination that has no ties to their family or any people close to them.

If you haven’t found the perfect middle name for your daughter, you may opt for some of these suggestions:

• Luna

• Olivia

• Harper

• Willow

• Rose

• Elena

• Elise

• Aurora

• Jane

• Pearl

Sibling Names For Margaret

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I completely understand the struggle of finding the perfect name for your secondborn, because we all tend to search for a name that will match our firstborn’s name.

Although this might seem like a task for Ethan Hunt from “Mission Impossible”, it’s not that difficult.

Essentially, the most important thing is to find a name that both you and your partner like, be it a modern or a traditional moniker.

Matching names are not just monikers that rhyme or have the same first letter – rather, they are name combinations that go together like strawberries and cream!

If you have no idea which moniker would go well with your baby girl’s given name, here are some adorable sibling name ideas:

Girl names

• Isabella

• Elizabeth

• Charlotte

• Amelia

• Evelyn

• Anne

• Sophia

• Sarah

• Gwen

• Renee

Boy names

• William

• Harry

• Michael

• Liam

• Charles

• Marc

• Benjamin

• Alexander

• Noah

• Elijah

Famous People Named Margaret

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You may not recall many famous Margarets at first, but I’m sure you could come up with at least a few famous women if you thought about it for a little while.

From notable political figures to famous singers and actresses, there are many Margarets that have had a great impact on our lives.

Here are some of the most famous Margarets of modern times:

• Margaret Thatcher – Known as the “Iron Lady” and “Baroness Thatcher”, she’s one of the most famous British politicians and was the Prime Minister of the UK for 11 years (1979 – 1990).

• Margaret Lockwood – One of the most famous British actresses of the 1930s and 1940. She starred in more than 20 movies and TV series in the UK and the US.

• Margaret Cho – An American comedian, actress, and author. Cho has starred in several movies and TV series, but she’s mostly known for her stand-up comedy acts.

• Margaret Hamilton – Known as one of the most influential software engineers, Hamilton was the director of a department at MIT that developed software for NASA’s Apollo.

• Margaret Byers – She was an Irish activist, writer, and educator who founded the well-known Victoria College in Belfast.

Wrapping Up

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There are plenty of beautiful nicknames for girls named Margaret, but one of my personal favorites is Mae because it’s short, cute, and timeless.

Nicknames are used as a short form of a baby boy or baby girl name, but it’s also a sign of love and affection towards a special person in our lives.

They can be funny, cute, and creative, but should never be offensive.

Keep in mind that some people don’t have the same sense of humor as you do so they might be offended or embarrassed by a pet name you use.

Therefore, if you have any doubts, it’s better to play it safe and use one of the common nicknames for this name.

I hope you have found at least two or three nickname options for your little girl that she’ll love, too!

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