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What Are Receiving Blankets + 10 Top Picks Of 2022

What Are Receiving Blankets + 10 Top Picks Of 2022

Being a parent means thinking about (and picking from) hundreds of baby products and baby gear like 3 in 1 baby strollers , burp cloths, breastfeeding essentials, onesies, bibs, crib sheets, and the list goes on and on.

Another essential thing, which is often overlooked, is receiving blankets!

I bet you’ve already seen tons of images of a newborn baby wrapped like a burrito in a white blanket with blue and pink stripes. Well, that pattern is the classic design of the popular receiving blanket.

The hospital receiving blanket is the first blanket your little one will be snuggled up in and there are so many reasons why this blanket deserves to be put on the list of essential baby things to buy before birth.

Here is the main reason: It is multi-functional!

It is well known that multi-functional products help save money, time, and nerves. Therefore, these blankets are also one of the best baby shower gifts for every new mom (especially first-time moms) and their newborn baby.

What Are Receiving Blankets?

mother holding her newborn baby on hospital bed

If you’re wondering about the origins of its interesting name, it’s usually the first blanket that newborns are wrapped up in so that their parents can “receive” their gift; their newborn baby. Hence the name hospital receiving blankets.

These blankets are usually made from a soft flannel cotton material and they come in a wide array of patterns and colors that will suit every mom’s style (okay, and dad’s)! The standard size of receiving blankets is 30 by 40 inches.

Chances are that you’ll receive plenty of these blankets at your baby shower, but it’s also wise to stock this multi-functional item at home as well.

Recently, one of my friends couldn’t decide on a baby shower gift for a co-ed baby shower she was going to attend. She really struggled to choose between gifting sleep sacks for toddlers (wearable blankets) which is an excellent idea, a plush blanket, or funny baby clothes.

These are all practical and great ideas for a baby shower gift, but in the end, she decided to go with receiving blankets and it was a hit!

10 Practical Ways To Use Receiving Blankets

1. Car seat baby blanket

newborn baby sleeping covered with blanket

As already stated above, receiving blankets are multi-practical which means they can be turned into just about anything!

One of those things is the car seat baby blanket. When your little one falls asleep during a road trip, just cover him/her with this blanket for quality nap time.

2. Diaper changing mat

mother changing diaper to cute baby girl

Let’s face it. You and your baby won’t be at home 24/7 which means you’ll need a substitute for your changing table. That is where this miraculous blanket comes to the rescue!

You can use it as a diaper changing mat wherever you are (a public restroom, at your friend’s place, etc.). You won’t need to be anxious about potential diaper mess and other similar problems.

3. Changing table cover

mother changing baby clothes on changing table

Here’s another wise way to use these multi-purpose blankets. They can be used as a changing table cover at home (or someplace else).

Given that they come in a variety of interesting patterns, they will make every changing table look unique!

4. Swaddling

adorable baby boy being swaddled

Yes! You can use these blankets to turn your baby into a cute burrito! It is one of the best ways to cuddle with your little one and make him/her warm and comfy!

5. After bath cloth

cute baby covered with pink towel after bath

You can also wrap your baby up into the blanket right after a bath. The soft material will make your baby feel extra snuggly and, most importantly, it will help them maintain body temperature after a bath.

6. Burp cloth

young mother burping her baby

Among other things, being a parent means dealing with lots of burping, spit-ups, spills, you name it. Even if you had ten thousand burp cloths at your disposal, you would still manage to use them all in a week!

Forget about those small burp cloths that are always so messy to use. The dimensions of these blankets are ideal for every messy eater, even those with advanced spit-up skills!

7. Stroller cover

stroller with baby covered with blanket on the road

In case you need an extra layer of protection from the sun or a rain shower, you can use these blankets as a stroller cover. Your baby will feel extra protected as you’ll be turning the stroller into a tent.

8. Breastfeeding cover-up

young mother breastfeeding baby in public

The best thing about these blankets is their compact design suitable for every diaper bag. Whenever you need to nurse on the go, they are your best bet. They are perfect breastfeeding cover-ups that will provide privacy for you and your baby.

9. Play area

cute little baby sitting on playing mat

Yup, these blankets can also be turned into play mats when visiting friends or when spending time at the park. Given that they are compact to carry, you can always have one or two of these blankets with you.

10. Sentimental keepsake

blue and pink baby blankets on the chair

Even when your baby grows up and no longer uses their receiving blanket, they can still be treasured as a sentimental keepsake(s). Trust me, you can never have too many keepsakes for your child. One day your baby will be grateful to you for that.

Receiving Blankets Can Also Be Used For The Following:

blue and pink receiving blankets on bed

• Room decor

If you’re a creative person by nature, I’m sure you’ll find a hundred and one ways to use receiving blankets as room decor. If you’re not, here is one idea to start with. You can cut it into different shapes and strips that you can use for tying bows and such.

• Cleaning rags

No matter how many cleaning rags you have, you probably already know that you can never have too many! You can use these blankets as cleaning rags all around the house (and not just for your little one’s spit-ups and messes). Talk about multi-practicality!

• Aprons for messy art projects

Yup – art projects can be really messy even for adults, let alone little children. If you don’t protect their clothes, they will have more paint and other sticky material on them than on paper.

I’m afraid to even think about what would happen if glitter got all over the place. Well, if you don’t use this blanket as an apron for messy art projects, you can still use it as a cleaning rag after the project. Sounds perfect, right?

• Donation

Alternatively, you can donate these blankets to animal shelters for example. This will help animals feel cozy and warm. Also, it will help with the cleaning of the shelter’s cages.

• Furniture covers

Use these blankets as furniture covers and you’ll save lots of time and energy during your cleaning sessions. They will protect your furniture and make the maintenance a little easier. (Especially if your child has an upset stomach or something similar).

• Emergency cloth for cars

Every parent knows that having children in a car means lots of mess and some more mess. Perhaps they will eat in a car, sleep in a car (and drool), maybe do some art projects, and the list goes on and on.

There are so many activities a child can do in a car and that is one of the reasons why emergency cloths for cars (this blanket) are a must-have.

How To Use Receiving Blankets Safely

sweet baby wrapped in the soft blanket

I know, you (as many other parents do) probably think that you don’t need any instructions on how to use this blanket because its usage is pretty much self-explanatory. Still, it’s always best to be on the safe side.

There are some things you need to pay attention to so that you avoid any potential harm or danger:

• Never leave these blankets loose in your baby’s crib

• Never wrap them around your baby’s neck or head

• Don’t cover your little one with a blanket in the 1st year of life

• Stop swaddling when the baby starts fidgeting

Also, make sure these blankets are lightweight and made from cotton material because thick blankets may cause overheating. When looking for the right receiving blanket for your baby, always pay attention to material, size, and texture.

What Is The Difference Between Baby Receiving Blankets And Swaddle Blankets?

cute newborn baby wrapped into colorful blanket

Many make the mistake of thinking that receiving blankets are the same thing as swaddling blankets. They may look the same, but they actually aren’t.

The biggest difference is that swaddle blankets are usually made of muslin and are larger in size. As the name implies, swaddle blankets are specifically designed for that purpose – swaddling, whereas receiving blankets are more versatile.

So, I suggest choosing the blanket depending on your main purpose. If you need something primarily for swaddling, then a swaddle blanket is probably more convenient. Since you can never have too many blankets for your baby, I think the best bet is to have both at your disposal.

If you need help with finding the right swaddle blanket, I suggest these 100% cotton muslin blankets for boys & girls made by Aden + Anais.

10 Best Baby Receiving Blankets For Your Little One

1. Cotton Flannel Receiving Blankets by Luvable Friends, Set Of 7 (For Boys And Girls)

I’m so glad that I stumbled upon these super soft flannel blankets. They are made of 100% cotton and they are 100% stylish. I’ve seen multiple patterns so far and these ones are truly breathtaking.

Finding high quality receiving blankets in a set of 7 at this price is truly a dream come true! A while back, I gifted these receiving blankets in an elephant design to one of my best friends at her baby shower and she is still using them!

Some of the patterns are unisex (for example the fox) and others are specifically made for boys or girls. I have to say that they have one of the cutest receiving blankets for a baby girl.

One thing is for sure: Once you dive into the sea of these beautiful blankets, you’ll realize that you want them all!

2. Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby 7-Pack 100% Cotton Receiving Blankets (Unisex)

Made of 100% cotton, these soft and breathable blankets are one of the best receiving blankets for a baby boy or baby girl. They are perfectly comfy and stylish. Also, they are perfect for burping, cuddling, and lots of swaddling! And, on top of all that, you get 7 of them!

3. Burt’s Bees Baby 100% Organic Cotton Receiving Blankets, Gift Set Of 2 (Unisex)

When it comes to baby gear (and basically everything else), I’ve learned the hard way that products made of organic material are ALWAYS the best bet. This is especially true for a baby’s sensitive skin.

These organic cotton blankets are perfect for boys or girls. They are so soft and breathable that you will wish they existed in the adult dimension as well. (Honestly, one day, I hope they will.)

4. Tadpoles Organics Set of 3 Flannel Receiving Blankets (Unisex)

These extra soft blankets come in a set of 3 and are available in two colors (white and chocolate). Actually, the colors make them look so tasty that I could eat these blankets. These are perfect for moms who are fans of organic materials and plain/basic patterns.

5. Carter’s 4-Pack Flannel Cotton Receiving Blankets (For Boys And Girls)

Made of 100% cotton, these multi-colored blankets look truly refreshing and comfy. The moment I saw them, I instantly fell in love with all these creative patterns (blue whale, fox, froggies, ladybug, sports elements, white sheep, and many others).

These cute little animals will look amazing as home decor or a changing table cover. If you don’t believe me, I dare you to look for yourself!

I almost forgot that apart from the design, what I love most about these blankets is their finished edges. Properly finished edges improve the durability of the blanket and prevent fraying.

Of course, every mom wants to know that she will be using that blanket for some time (and not only a few times), am I right?

6. QTECLOR Newborn Receiving Blanket Headband Set (Unisex)

If you’re looking for the most adorable receiving blanket headband set in the world, you’ve found it! The colorfulness of these blankets is so refreshing. But, best of all, they are made of milk silk fabric. Such material is perfect for a baby’s delicate skin.

Just imagine how beautiful your baby will look in pictures with that cute headband. I personally can’t help but instantly melt every time I see a baby with a headband!

From flowers, to elephants, to feathers, there are so many unique patterns to choose from. The bottom line is, these blankets are not only made of divine material, but they are also divinely patterned.

This is a combination no human being can resist! (Maybe I overexaggerated a little, but you catch my drift – I’m a fan!)

7. Spasilk Unisex Baby 4 Pack 100% Cotton Flannel Receiving Blanket (For Boys And Girls)

If you’re more into subtle patterns, you’ll totally LOVE these blankets! Actually, you’ll love them either way. Made of 100% cotton, these super-soft blankets are perfect for toddlers.

They come in multiple patterns from stripes, dots, to little elephants and giraffes. This is one of the most beautiful baby shower gifts for sure! If you’re not sure of someone’s style, you cannot go wrong with these blankets because they are perfectly cute and suitable for just about anyone.

8. MTJJ Unisex Plush Receiving Blankets (Unisex)

For those parents who are looking for premium comfort, these blankets are an excellent choice! Made of 100% premium plush polyester fabric, they are extra comfy as well as lightweight. They will keep a child warm all the time, but will not cause overheating.

Because of that, these blankets are perfect as a changing table cover or an after bath cloth. Also, they are an amazing baby shower gift. And, yes, they are easy to clean and maintain, so, no worries, mamas!

9. TILLYOU Premium Cotton Knit Baby Receiving Blanket (For Boys And Girls)

These blankets are made of premium, 100% Egyptian cotton. They provide silky touch comfort to the little ones and they come in three interesting patterns: grey star, jungle animals, and pink elephants.

Grey star and jungle animals are unisex patterns, whereas pink elephants are typically more suitable for girls. It’s really amazing how these blankets look both elegant and cute at the same time. These versatile blankets can be a stylish addition to any baby room!

10. Touched by Nature Baby Organic Cotton Receiving Blanket (Unisex)

As the name of the store implies, these blankets truly are touched by nature and animals. There are prints of elephants, flowers, forests, foxes, etc.

Also, there are some plain patterns in a soothing lavender color, as well as grey, pink, white, celery, and blue.

These blankets made of 100% organic cotton are suitable for any parent. Regardless of whether you’re looking for colorful patterns or plain ones, you’ll find it all here!

These quality blankets will offer royal comfort and the magic feeling of softness to every child.

Closing Thoughts

Receiving blankets are one of the most multi-functional baby products. From using them as a diaper changing mat to swaddling, there are so many practical ways to use these versatile and soft blankets.

Its multi-practicality and stylish nature also make it one of the best baby shower gifts for new moms.

Here’s one extra idea: If you’re a fan of personalized items, try finding a store where they offer personalized baby girl or baby boy receiving blankets.

These blankets will not only make parenting a little easier but will become one of the most heartwarming keepsakes for every baby boy or girl!

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