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165 Wonderful And Unique Ideas For A Middle Name For Ava

165 Wonderful And Unique Ideas For A Middle Name For Ava

The name Ava is such an elegant and lovely choice for a little girl that it deserves an equally beautiful middle name to go with it.

Choosing the perfect middle name for Ava may not seem easy at first, but after you’ve gone through this amazing list of middle name ideas I’m sure you’ll find one in no time!

This adorable two-syllable name is a great option for all the parents who are looking for a cute girly moniker.

The naming process can be hard, but you’ve already finished the most difficult part because you’ve found an amazing first name for your little girl.

All you need to do now is choose an equally good middle name for her, before finally ordering some adorable personalized onesies with her name from Etsy or Amazon while you’re enjoying your morning coffee.

Read on to discover the most adorable and unique middle names for your baby girl I’m sure you’ll love.

The Meaning And Origin Of The Name Ava

adorable little girl showing double thumbs-up

Ava is one of the most adorable baby girl names, which is proven by the great number of parents who have given this beautiful name to their daughters.

According to the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) list of most common baby names in the US, Ava has been in the top 5 for the last 15 years.

This name stood firmly in 3rd place for five consecutive years, and might easily take over the 1st spot soon.

This three-letter name may seem simple, but it’s far from it according to its origin and meaning.

Ava is thought of as an English form of the German word “Aval”, which means “guarantee”.

Others claim it’s derived from the Latin expression “Avis”, which translates to “bird”, with a possible link to the Hebrew expression “Chava” meaning “life”, which is an alternative form of the name Eva or Eve.

And that’s not all – those who have studied the Persian language say that Ava translates to “sound or voice”.

As you can see, this name has a very interesting history, although it wasn’t very popular in the past, at least not until 2002, when it finally became a beloved choice among new parents.

It’s unclear why this name has become such a big hit over the last 20 years. Some claim it’s because of the legendary actress Ava Gardner, and others say that it’s because of the rising popularity of short names in general.

This makes sense as short names are easy to remember and go well with both longer and shorter family names, plus there’s a certain beauty in simplicity.

Celebrities have also fallen in love with this name, as actresses Reese Witherspoon and Heather Locklear both named their daughters Ava.

While Ava is considered a vintage name for girls, there are also some cute boy names with the same root:

• Averil

• Avery

• Avan

• Avin

• Avalon

• Avram

• Avett

According to astrology, Ava is a lovely name for little girls born in spring.

If your baby girl is due in April, it would be great to gift her with an adorable April name like Ava.

She might be an Aries baby, a great competitor and a natural leader with a huge amount of energy.

Your little one will be a very creative girl who takes on every challenge without fear.

However, your baby girl might be a Taurus kiddo if she’s born after April 20th.

Members of this zodiac sign can be described as passionate individuals with a great talent for music.

A Taurus child is a great friend and a sibling because she’s honest and loyal to the ones she loves.

Popular Middle Names For Ava

cute little girl holding a basket in the garden

This name has gained worldwide popularity over the last 20 years, which is both positive and negative.

Although many parents love to name their children after a famous person or choose a popular name for their babies, there are others who like names that are popular, but don’t want their daughters to simply blend in with the masses.

So the best way to make her name a bit more interesting and unique is to add a slightly unusual name in the middle.

However, if you don’t like to experiment too much and you’d rather “play it safe”, I’m sure you’ll find the best middle name for Ava among these popular options:

1. Ava Louise

2. Ava Rose

3. Ava Beatrice

4. Ava Marie

5. Ava Charlotte

6. Ava Belle

7. Ava Elizabeth

8. Ava Grace

9. Ava Florence

10. Ava Christine

11. Ava Josephine

12. Ava May

13. Ava Paige

14. Ava Sophia

15. Ava Penelope

16. Ava Violet

17. Ava Scarlett

Creative Middle Names For Ava

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While Ava is not an unusual girl name, it has an interesting historical background and experienced a sudden rise in popularity after centuries of neglect.

This two-syllable name only contains three letters, which makes it a great base for beautiful and unique name combinations.

Some of the names below are inspired by ancient times, but together with Ava, they create the most wonderful name combinations.

Any of these beautiful options will be an excellent choice for parents who are willing to experiment and want their child to stand out from the crowd.

Who knows, you may just find the perfect middle name for Ava on this list of creative monikers for your little girl:

1. Adley

2. Nehemiah

3. Alora

4. Ophelia

5. Aria

6. Braelynn

7. Allesandra

8. Calla

9. Cora

10. Elodie

11. Celestine

12. Farah

13. Embry

14. Hartley

15. Valentina

16. Margaret

17. Imogen

18. Patricia

adorable little girl eating vegetables from the plate

19. Kaia

20. Penelope

21. Adrianna

22. Makena

23. Marlowe

24. Harmonie

25. Marisole

26. Tatiana

27. Anita

28. Coralie

29. Cassandra

30. Leona

31. Joslyn

32. Corinna

33. Mireya

34. Pandora

35. Alivia

36. Solenne

37. Talise

Short Middle Names For Ava

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Short names are always cool and trendy and Ava is a great example of this.

This name has become very common over the last two decades, probably because it’s both short and cute.

A three-letter name can go well with all sorts of names, including the shorter and longer ones.

Some of the names from this list might be considered masculine or unisex names, but they suit Ava really well:

1. June

2. Dove

3. Pearl

4. Bryn

5. Elle

6. Gray

7. Fox

8. Nora

9. Sena

10. Lynn

11. Cate

12. Jade

13. Jo

14. North

15. Leaf

16. Fay

17. Rain

18. Faye

19. Elise

20. Lee

cute little girl posing in front of pink background

21. Reese

22. Sue

23. Mae

24. Wyatt

25. Anne

26. Sage

27. Wren

28. Beth

29. Bree

30. Tate

31. Lucy

32. Judy

33. Ruby

34. Terry

35. Naomi

36. Fae

37. Lane

38. Lux

39. Plum

40. Shea

41. Skye

42. Zara

Beautiful Middle Names For Ava

beautiful little girl looking at camera in art school

If you’re looking for truly beautiful names that will go great together with your baby girl’s name, check out these suggestions:

1. Theresa

2. Clara

3. Helen

4. Ariana

5. Emily

6. Stella

7. Ariella

8. Willow

9. Ellen

10. Janet

11. Allison

12. Cindy

13. Elisabeth

14. Jasmine

15. Addison

16. Diana

17. Fiona

adorable smiling little girl standing in the sunflower field and posing

18. Zuriel

19. Margot

20. Catherine

21. Alexis

22. Bridget

23. Faith

24. Abigail

25. Colette

26. Aurelia

27. Hazel

28. Gabrielle

29. Danielle

30. Felicity

31. Emma

32. Marion

33. Gwendolyn

34. Camille

French Middle Names For Baby Ava

beautiful little girl with blond hair and blond eyes looking up

Ava is commonly used in English-speaking countries, but you can also find it in European countries like France, Spain, Denmark, etc.

Although this name has German roots, it’s quite popular as a French name for girls, which is why it sounds so beautiful with other French names such as Maxime.

Here are some of the cutest French names for girls that go perfectly with your little one’s first name:

1. Fleur

2. Juliette

3. Annette

4. Maxime

5. Avril

6. Madelyn

7. Brigitte

8. Celine

9. Chantal

10. Gisele

11. Ember

12. Antoine

13. Simone

14. Sylvie

15. Aline

16. Noelle

17. Elania

cute little girl smelling the roses in the garden

18. Vivienne

19. Arielle

20. Antoinette

21. Corinne

22. Cosette

23. Delphine

24. Dior

25. Edwige

26. Emeline

27. Floriane

28. Dominique

29. Josette

30. Lilou

31. Lisette

32. Jacquelyn

33. Monique

34. Ninette

35. Rochelle

Pet Names For Ava

smiling little girl sitting in a basket with her dog

There are plenty of adorable pet names for Ava that are really fun.

Of course, we get all sorts of nicknames as we’re growing up, from the ones given by our family members to the silly ones created by close friends.

Nicknames are typically not taken very seriously.

It’s not easy to find good nicknames for names that are already so short, like Ava, which is why you have to be extra creative.

If you’re searching for cute nicknames for your little girl, check out these adorable pet name ideas:

1. Avs

2. Avy

3. Aevey

4. Avi

5. Aves

6. Aveline

7. Avice

8. Aviva

9. Vivi

10. Agava

11. Avy Wavy

12. Van

13. Via

14. Vava

15. Birdy (Latin meaning of the name Ava)

16. Awe

Famous People Named Ava

famous filmmaker posing on the premiere

This name is not only a good choice because of its historical background or its meaning – there are also only a few famous women with it, making it a great choice for parents who want their daughter to be unique.

It seems that Heather Locklear and Reese Witherspoon popularized this name, as it became famous just a few years after they had their daughters.

Of course, Ava Gardner’s influence is just as significant, although she was more popular during the ’60s and ’70s.

• Ava Michelle Cota – One of the most popular members of the show “Dance Moms”, which landed her a role in the movie “Tall Girl”.

Cota has become a famous dancer since the show ended.

• Ava Gardner – A Hollywood icon, legendary American actress, and the wife of one of the most famous American singers of all time, Frank Sinatra.

Gardner was one of the first Hollywood stars who signed for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and appeared in a great number of their movies.

• Ava DuVernay – A filmmaker from the US, DuVernay directed numerous critically acclaimed movies, including “Selma”, which was nominated in the prestigious Best Picture category at the Academy Award.

Sibling Names For Ava

Funny lovely sisters are having fun in kids room

There are a lot of beautiful names that go well with Ava which can serve as names for her future siblings.

If you’re planning on having another baby, you can check out the names from the list below.

Of course, these suggestions are not the only names you can use – if you’re having another daughter you can choose any of your favorite middle name ideas that you haven’t used as a middle name for Ava.

Here are some of the best sibling names for boys and girls:

Girl names

• Jane

• Zoe

• Evelyn

• Mia

• Brooke

• Maria

• Alma

Boy names

• Aaron

• Ethan


• Aiden

• Ryan

• Vaughn

• James

How To Choose The Perfect Middle Name For Ava

beautiful red haired little girl posing outdoors

Choosing a middle name might not seem easy at first, which is why you should consider as many options as possible for your baby girl.

However, if you’re not a fan of the names from the list above, or you want to personalize it, here are a few ideas that might help you think of a name that has a special meaning to you.

The first thing you can do is add the name of a family member you love and appreciate.

You can use your grandpa or grandma’s name or choose any relative that you had a great bond with.

Adding your maiden name is also a nice way to pay homage to your heritage and your origins, especially if there are no boys in the family who can carry on your family name.

Essentially, any name that relates to yours or your partner’s family may be a good middle name for Ava.

If you’re not so close to your family, or you simply don’t want to pick just one person and make someone else angry (believe me, that happens too), you can just choose something else that has a special meaning to you.

It could be the place where you first met your partner or where you went on your honeymoon, any place that reminds you of good times.

Middle names can also be inspired by your family’s culture or language.

Fictional character names are becoming quite popular as middle names for kids too, so you can consider the name of your favorite book, TV, or film character as an option.

However, the most important thing to consider is the compatibility of the middle name with the first and family name.

Sometimes, initials can be a source of inappropriate nicknames, which might be the cause of unpleasant situations in the future.

Therefore, before you choose the final name combination for your little one, make sure to check how it all sounds together, so as to avoid any unwanted nicknames.

Wrapping Up

sweet little girl sitting on the bed and hugging a teddy bear

I hope you have found the perfect middle name for Ava, or at least a few options that sound good enough to be considered.

If you’re not sure which one would fit your baby the best, you can share this list with your partner or your family to check if they share the same opinion as you.

Just remember, the most important thing about choosing a name for your baby is that you and your partner both like it.

If you don’t like a certain nickname related to the middle name you already chose, you might want to change it as you can’t exactly control what others will call your child.

All in all, I’m sure you’ll make the perfect choice!

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