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50 Amazing Nicknames For Ava You’ll Fall In Love With

50 Amazing Nicknames For Ava You’ll Fall In Love With

Ava is a classic girl name that’s interesting in many ways, and one of the most surprising facts about it is that even though Ava is in 3rd place on the popular names list, there are only a few famous people who also carry it.

Finding a good nickname for a short name like Ava can be a difficult job, but you’ll find there are plenty of lovely nicknames for Ava that will definitely win you over, just like your little girl did!

This elegant three-letter name is an excellent option for all the parents who prefer short and girly names.

Now that you have made the perfect choice for your little girl’s moniker, it’s time to find an equally perfect pet name for your princess.

Read on to discover the sweetest nicknames for Ava I’m sure you will love.

Ava – Name Meaning And Origin

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This two-syllable name is considered as an alternate form of the name Eve (Chava in Hebrew), which means “to give life”.

However, this name could also belong to the German language as it resembles the word “aval”, which translates to “power”.

On the other hand, it could also come from the Latin “avis” which stands for “birdlike, bird”.

This name was never as popular in the past as it is nowadays.

It had a small jump in popularity during the 1950s, which is probably because of Ava Gardner who was very famous at that time.

However, after the Hollywood stars Reese Witherspoon and Heather Locklear named their daughters Ava, there has been a surprising change on the name charts.

This name rose from 350th place in 1997, all the way up to 9th in 2005 and has remained in the top 10 popular baby names ever since.

Although the name Ava is a classic name for girls, there are still some unisex or boy names with the same root, such as:

• Avery

• Avalon

• Avan

• Avett

• Averil

• Avram

• Avin

Of course, if you like this name for your baby boy, then go for it!

When it comes to birth months and Zodiac signs, Ava is usually associated with the month of April.

Therefore you might have a little Aries kiddo, a fearless and creative little girl with a huge amount of energy.

On the other hand, your little one might show some traits of a Taurus child, especially if she loves to cuddle, laugh, and play through the whole day.

Best Nicknames For Ava

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I’m sure we can all agree that the best nickname ideas for girls and boys are the shorter ones because they’re both practical and gender-neutral.

In the past, nicknames were only used as a short form of the given name in intimate settings, but now lots of people use them in the workplace as well.

The best thing about nicknames for Ava is that they can also be used as pet names for boys if you know someone named Avery or Avin.

So without further ado, check out these cool nickname ideas:

1. Avsy

2. Avy

3. Avah

4. Aves

5. Aveline

6. Va

7. Avs

8. Av

9. Vi

10. Aevey

11. Avia

12. Avi

13. Avice

14. Avlyn

15. Avary

16. Avies

17. Avie

18. Aviva

19. Vivi

Funny Nicknames For Ava

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This baby girl name is adorable, but who says it can’t be funny as well?

There are so many cute nicknames for girls named Ava, which is actually quite a surprise considering the name only consists of three letters.

Nicknames are a sign of love and affection given by a close relative or a friend. They can represent a very special bond between two people, even if they’re funny.

However, make sure to only use a funny pet name that won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

If you’re not sure whether the person will like the nickname, you can just play it safe and choose a popular nickname without any hidden meanings.

Here are some good nicknames for people who have a great sense of humor:

1. Ava Flava

2. Avacado

3. AV – Love

4. AvaCorn

5. Avster

6. Avy Wavy

7. Agava

8. Avalanche

9. Ava-Bean

10. Avy-Boo

11. Avory Tower

12. Van

Creative Nicknames For Ava

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Really, every nickname is a creative one because someone had to have a little bit of imagination to come up with it.

I must admit, it’s not always easy to find nicknames for monikers that are already so short, so you have to be extra-creative.

However, pet names don’t have to be closely connected to the name.

Nicknames can become a part of a person’s identity and describe their personality in a single word.

If you’re looking for a pet name that might describe your little one the best, check out these cute and creative nicknames for Ava:

1. Avis

2. Avelina

3. Ace

4. A-Baby

5. Avalon

6. Ava Lava

7. Avalyn

8. Avatar

9. Via

10. Avaleigh

11. Vava

12. Ava Quaver

13. Ava Wava

14. Birdy

15. Aviline

16. Avalee

17. Bava

18. Vai

19. Awe

Middle Names For Ava

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There are numerous beautiful middle name ideas for the name Ava. This name is already short, so you can go with either a shorter or longer name for the second spot.

If I had to choose I’d say my number one middle name is Luna, but you can pick something even longer like Elizabeth.

You can’t go wrong with any other options from this middle name list either:

• Frances

• Jade

• Christine

• Beverly

• Luna

• Elizabeth

• Joline

• Mallory

• Nicole

• Rose

• Whitney

• Maria

However, if you don’t think any of these names suit your child, you may as well get creative and think of your own ideas.

For example, you might take your or your mom’s maiden name and continue that tradition, or you can choose the name of someone you’re close to or admire in the family.

A middle name can be a great way to honor a person who’s very close to you, be it a family member or a friend, just make sure you ask for their permission first.

Famous People Named Ava

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The most surprising fact about this name is that even though it’s in the top 3 of the most popular names there are only a few celebrities named Ava.

However, many parents obviously don’t see this as a problem as they’re still giving their daughters this beautiful name.

Here are the two most famous Avas in the entertainment industry:

• Ava Gardner – A famous American actress and the wife of legendary American singer, Frank Sinatra.

Gardner was one of the first actresses to sign for the American media company MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer). She appeared in numerous movies, including “Pandora and the Flying Dutchman”, “Seven Days in May”, and “Tam-Lin”.

She was posthumously named as one of the greatest female screen legends of American cinema.

• Ava Michelle Cota – Known to most people as a member of the show “Dance Moms”, Cota has become a very popular dancer who made an appearance in the film “Tall Girl” after the show.

Sibling Names For Ava

Adorable little girl sits on hay by the farm

Sibling names don’t have to rhyme or start with the same letter to be perfect for your kids.

The most important part of picking out the perfect name for your second, or any subsequent baby, is to find a name that sounds good to both you and your partner.

Yes, there are certain name combinations that sound better than others, but I’d say it’s more of an individual matter.

If you and your partner like it, go for it! However, if you have no idea which name to give to the new baby, here are some cute suggestions:

Girl names

• Charlotte

• Grace

• Jane

• Brooke

• Jean

• Marie

• Eva

• Evelyn


• Zoe

Boy names

• Aiden

• Jacob

• Ethan

• Aaron

• Ian

• Tyler

• Andrew

• Ashton

• Vaugh


Wrapping Up

beautiful red-haired little girl smiling happily

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found a sweet nickname for your little one.

If I had to choose a single nickname as my favorite, I’d go with Avacado. It’s just so fun!

Of course, this one isn’t appropriate for a formal occasion or business environment, but it’s definitely one of the cutest everyday nicknames for Ava.

However, make sure not to use nicknames like this with someone you’re not close to, because they may not like such cute and humorous pet names.

On the other hand, if you’re expecting a new baby you may want to check all the nicknames for a specific name just to make sure you’re okay with most of them.

If you dislike most of the common nicknames related to the name you chose, you might end up changing your mind and choosing another name.

All in all, I’m sure you have found at least a few nickname options that seem perfect for your little one.

If you’re still not sure which pet name is the best, you can share this list with your partner and find the perfect solution together!

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Amazing Nicknames For Ava You’ll Fall In Love With Pinterest

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