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108 Creative Names That Mean Dream For Boys And Girls

108 Creative Names That Mean Dream For Boys And Girls

If you’ve been looking for cute names that mean dream, then you’ve come to the right place!

There are plenty of wonderful names that mean dream which will add even more charm to your already perfect baby.

Every person in this world has at least one dream, goal, or ambition, and the world would be a dull place without dreams or things to look forward to.

Dreams give us a reason to live and fight. Most great thinkers and achievers have been known as dreamers.

If you are a dreamer or like names that mean dream, I’m sure you’ll also love these beautiful monikers.

Some of these names can also be used as cute nicknames for little boys and girls, or as middle names in case you can’t decide between two.

Feminine Names That Mean Dream

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1. Ahlam

An Arabic name for girls that translates to “a vision of perfection”, “pleasant dreamer”, or “utopia”.

2. Aislin

An Irish name that can be used for a brave visionary who’s not afraid of dreaming of great adventures. Your little girl will surely become a truly courageous woman with this beautiful name.

3. Aisling

This could be considered as an alternative form of the name Aislin.

This moniker comes from Ireland as well, although it wasn’t used as a name until the 20th century.

Before that, Aisling was known as a poetic genre (in the 17th and 18th centuries). This name is usually pronounced as “Ashlinn”, which is why a lot of people shorten it to “Ash”.

4. Aislinn

If you’re not a fan of Aislin and Aisling, or you think they’re too simple for your little one, you may like this name variant that also originates from Ireland.

Aislinn also translates to “vision” or a “dream”.

5. Alora

This name comes from Africa and translates as “my dream”. Some people claim this name is of Hebrew origin and an alternative form of the name Eliora, which means “God is my light”.

6. Alviva

This name translates to “a dreamer”, “elf gift”, or “a friend”. It comes from the English language and is considered as a variant of the name Elgiva.

7. Amabil

The origin of this name is quite unclear, as some people claim it comes from the Italian Amabile, which means “lovable”, while others say it’s an English name that translates to “turning a dream to reality”.

8. Anoushka

Although this name is relatively unknown in the English-speaking world, it’s quite popular in other parts of the world like Russia and India.

Anoushka translates to “grace” in Sanskrit, but it can also mean “dreams” or “aspirations”.

9. Ariadne

This beautiful female name belongs to the ancient Greek goddess of labyrinths and paths who was married to Dionysus, god of wine.

Ariadne is a Greek name that translates to “holy” or “dream”, depending on the context.

10. Avic

This name has Asian and Gaelic origins. In Asian culture, Avic stands for a person who lives life to the fullest; someone who loves adventures and life.

However, it can also be translated as “dreams” or someone who loves to dream.

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11. Azlin

This beautiful five-letter name translates to “a dream” in the French language.

But, Azlin can also be an Arabic name that translates as “sun” or “shine”.

12. Bhranti

Bhranti is a name of Indian or Gaelic origin that translates to “daydream”.

It’s a perfect name for mind-wandering little girls who prefer to daydream instead of being a part of real life.

13. Chimere

Another name with multiple origins: French, Nigerian, and English.

It can be translated to “dream” or “dreamy”. It’s mostly used to describe a person who is as beautiful as a dream.

14. Deisy

Deisy is a French name that translates to “dreams”, although some people claim it’s a variant of the American moniker, Daisy, which stands for a flower.

15. Dream

What kind of a list would this be if there wasn’t the name “Dream”?

The meaning of this English name is rather obvious.

16. Eislyn

A Celtic or Old English moniker that stands for the most beautiful dream, as beautiful as your little girl.

It can also be translated to “pretty rose” with Scottish and Irish roots.

17. Godusa

An Old English name that represents a person who has big dreams and aspirations for life.

Godusa will never quit dreaming and trying to fulfill her goals, no matter how hard it might get.

18. Guaraman

This is a very interesting name of Irish origin that translates to “illusions” or “dreamer”.

These two terms are closely related, especially because most people believe that the dreams we experience while sleeping are nothing but an illusion.

19. Guenhwyvar

This is a unique name for girls and represents a girl who wants to fulfill all of her goals and dreams.

Guenhwyvar is a moniker of Gaelic or British origin.

20. Gwrthefyr

This unusual name originates from Gaelic culture, and translates to “creator of dual nature” or “the one who turns dreams into reality”.

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21. Hayal

Hayal is a moniker of Old English or Arabic origin, which means “dream” in both languages.

22. Hayali

An alternative form of the name Hayal, which shares the same meaning and origin.

23. Imena

An African moniker that translates to “dream”. However, this name can also mean “faith”. Therefore, having an Imena in your home is a true blessing.

24. Isleen

Most names from this list have the same or quite similar translations, although they come from different parts of the world.

The name Isleen belongs to Irish culture and tradition. It stands for a person who has a dream or vision about her future.

25. Joetta

Like the majority of names on this list, Joetta has multiple origins: French and Old English.

Therefore, this name can be translated in two ways, as well: “Jehovah is the Lord” (French) and “a dreamer” (Old English).

26. Josephine

This is a Biblical name for girls of Hebrew origin and translates to “visions” or “The Lord shall increase”.

Josephine is also known as the female variant of Joseph.

27. Joya

This is a beautiful four-letter name for girls that’ll put a smile on your face every time you call for your daughter.

This name has a very positive vibe because it is spelled almost the same as joy (happiness).

However, that’s not the original meaning of Joya, as it translates to “dreams that are fulfilled” in Old English, and “rejoicing” in French.

I have to admit this is one of my favorite baby names that mean dream because it’s short but still unique.

28. Juli

A name originating from the Old English language that translates to “high dreams”.

29. Kalpana

Kalpana is an unusual but pretty name for girls, and it has two origins: Irish and Sanskrit. The Irish translation of this word would be “dreamy” and it translates to “imagination” from Sanskrit.

30. Lourdes

A French moniker that refers to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, which is also a city in France.

Bernadette Soubirous was a young woman (later Saint) who had plenty of visions of the Virgin Mary at this place, which is why a shrine was built.

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31. Marzena

A Polish baby girl name that represents the one you dreamed of (and I’m sure you had a lot of dreams about your baby before she was born).

32. Maya

Maya is a rather common name for girls all over the world.

Maya originates from several languages and cultures, including Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, and Sanskrit.

The name generally translates to “illusion, dream”, but it can also mean “good mother” because of its Greek alternative form, Maia, who was a mother to Hermes, a Greek deity and the son of Zeus.

33. Mimoza

This is a traditional Albanian name for girls that translates to “vision” or “the intelligent one”.

34. Nara

This baby girl name can be translated in multiple ways, as “sun” in Mongolian, “man” in Indian, “happy” in Celtic, “pomegranate tree” in Kurdish, and “dreamland” in French.

35. Narcissa

The Latin translation of this name is “sleep”, but it can also be translated as “daffodil”.

Your little one might dream of daffodils if you give her this name.

36. Niorun

A name from Old Norse mythology that stands for “the goddess of dreams”.

37. Nisa

A cute four-letter moniker that translates to “dreams” or “night” in the Thai language.

38. Penelope

This is one of the most elegant monikers for little girls, and translates to “dream weaving” or simply “weaver”.

39. Roya

A Persian name for girls that translates to “vision from a dream”.

40. Sadira

A beautiful name of French origin that stands for a dreamy person.

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41. Sanja

A Slavic female name that translates to “dream”.

42. Sovanna

This cute Khmer moniker for girls translates to “dream”.

43. Svajone

A Lithuanian feminine name that means “dream”.

44. Swapan

A Baby girl name that means “dream” in Hindu.

45. Swapnali

An Irish expression that describes a “dream girl”.

46. Vienna

Vienna translates to “forest stream” in Latin, but in Austrian it stands for “the city of dreams”.

47. Yume

A Japanese name for girls that translates to “dream” or “a vision”.

48. Zlota

The name of a golden goddess in Polish culture who offered great visions of gold.

Masculine Names That Mean Dream

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1. Alweo

A Latin name for boys that describes a young man who is “a dreamer at heart”.

2. Almos

A Hungarian boy’s name that translates to “dream” or “sleepy”.

3. Arien

This name can be translated as a “dreamy person” but it’s also the name for “Greek musician or poet”.

4. Arman

A beautiful Kazakh five-letter name for boys that translates to “dream vision”.

5. Baduli

An Indian name for boys that describes someone who won’t stop until he makes his dreams come true.

6. Bruadair

An Irish name for boys that translates to “dream”.

7. Bruadar

Bruadar is closely related to Bruadair, but the seven-letter version does have a slightly different meaning: “dream vision”.

8. Ceeven

This name is from Hindu tradition and culture and stands for a man who believes in dreams coming true.

9. Chavez

Chavez is equally popular as both a first and last name in Spain and Portugal and usually means “dream maker” in both languages.

10. Cimon

If you’ve been looking for a great name for a sleepyhead, look no more! This Latin moniker translates to “sleepy”.

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11. Dilshad

A baby boy moniker from the Persian language. It stands for a person with dreamy eyes and unreal beauty.

12. Eidniuet

A beautiful Old Welsh name for a “daydreamer”.

13. Endri

An Albanian expression for the term “dreamer”.

14. Gabriel

This is a popular Biblical name for boys that translates to “Lord is my oath”.

Gabriel was the angel who came to Mary in her dreams and told her about giving birth to Jesus.

15. Gramercy

A French name for boys that translates to “dream”.

16. Grantley

An English name for boys who prefer to live in a dream world.

17. Greshawn

An Old English moniker that describes an ambitious person who wants to achieve all of his dreams.

18. Helem

A name of Hebrew origin that translates to “dreaming”.

19. Hulum

An Arabic name for boys that translates to “dream”.

20. Lalu

A four-letter name for boys that has multiple origins and meanings, from Hindi’s “beloved, loved, lovely” to Egyptian’s “field of dreams”.

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21. Ikelos

The Greek deity of nightmares and the son of Nyx, the deity of night.

22. Israel

A Jewish moniker for boys with deep roots in the Bible. It stands for “dreams” as well.

23. Jacob

A Hebrew name that generally means “supplanter”, but is deeply connected to Biblical origins as a “dream”.

24. Joldewin

This is truly a unique name, I have to admit. It comes from Old English and stands for an adventurous dreamer who’s able to sleep and think of a new adventure at the same time.

25. Jones

The one who has already fulfilled his dreams, at least according to the name’s translation from Old English.

26. John

Everyone can agree that this name is one of the most common on this list.

John can be translated in many ways depending on the language and context. If you translate it from Old English, it means “dream big”.

27. Joseph

Another Biblical name for baby boys that translates to “he will add”. Joseph was the interpreter of dreams, according to the Bible.

28. Khamari

This name is quite unusual, but it has a beautiful meaning. Khamari is an African name that translates to “prince of the Moonlight” or “a dreamer”.

29. Kimon

Whether in Greek or Latin, this name has the same meaning: “sleepy”.

30. Lorien

A moniker with Tolkien origins, which translates to “the god of dreams”.

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31. Morpheus

Morpheus is a well-known name of Greek mythology that translates to “god of dreams and sleep”.

32. Narciso

The male counterpart of the name Narcissa. It means “sleep” in Spanish and Portuguese.

33. Narcissus

A Latin name for “numbness”.

34. Narkissos

A Greek male moniker that translates to “sleep”.

35. Narcyz

A Polish variant of the name Narciso with the same meaning: “sleep”.

36. Nehkaam

A Sikh moniker that describes the one who gives up all his dreams and wishes for other people.

37. Ramiel

A wonderful Hebrew moniker that can be translated in two ways, depending on the context. It can be “vision” or “the thunder of the Lord”.

38. Rasul

A five-letter name for boys that means “messenger” in Arabic and “dream” in Egyptian.

39. Remiel

Remiel was at the mercy of the Lord, at least according to the translation from Hebrew.

In the Book of Enoch, Remiel was the name of a person who gave people divine visions.

40. Reve

A French masculine moniker that translates to “dream”.

41. Sanal

A name from a Mongol poem that translates to “a memorable dream”.

42. Saiful Azman

An Urdu name that stands for “sword of the dream”.

43. Somnus

A name from Roman mythology which represents the male deity of sleep. He was the Roman version of Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep.

44. Swapnili

A Hindu moniker that translates to “dreamlike”.

Unisex Names That Mean Dream

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There’s something special about gender-neutral names. Here’s a short list of my favorite names meaning dream that can work for both boys and girls:

1. Alyan

2. Amani

3. Amets

4. Ametes

5. Ash

6. Ayumu

7. Guifi

8. Guifil

9. Jonn

10. Joydev

11. Joydever

12. Menaali

13. Reverie

14. Roya

15. Ruyaa

16. Kanasu

Wrapping Up

I’m sure you have found at least two or three names meaning dream for your little one on this wonderful list of names that mean dream.

Finding the perfect name for your child can be quite challenging, but if you go in a certain direction and stick to it, you won’t have much trouble deciding on a moniker.

If you’re still not sure which name would best fit your little one, you can ask for help from your partner and other family members.

Show them this list of names so they can help you decide on the best name for your little boy or girl.

I believe you’ll make the right decision, just follow your heart and you’ll know which name is perfect for your little bundle of joy!

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