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106 Powerful Baby Names That Mean Storm, Thunder, And Lightning

106 Powerful Baby Names That Mean Storm, Thunder, And Lightning

There are many baby names that have beautiful and deep meanings, especially for parents who love spectacular weather phenomena like thunderstorms.

If your breath is taken away by thunderbolts and lightning, you’ll find these names that mean storm perfect for your newborn!

Storms are one of the most magnificent works of the natural world and show all the beauty and terrifying power mother nature commands.

Some people find sunny weather to be overrated, and instead prefer to enjoy thunder and lightning, which often appear during the summer.

I don’t blame them, because this type of extreme weather is indeed amazing, even though I’m actually a bit scared of thunderstorms!

Rain, thunder, lightning, and wind – they are all captivating and powerful.

It’s interesting how weak and insignificant nature can make us feel, and reminds us of how fragile we actually are.

That’s why I’m sure you’ll love these magnificent names that mean storm!

Baby Boy Names That Mean Storm

Sweet blond boy playing in poppy field before storm

There are lots of short names for boys that mean storm or lightning, and many are becoming popular because of their meaning.

Three and four-letter names are taking over popular name lists all over the world, including names that have long been considered outdated, and especially those that are derived from ancient times.

However, these names might be making a great comeback much sooner than expected, particularly names that refer to extreme weather conditions.

You’ll find some great examples of names like these on the list below.

1. Sturm – A German expression for a storm that is often used as a name for boys.

2. Chaqmoq – This unique name comes from Uzbekistan and translates to “lightning”.

It’s a great name for parents who like unique names for their children.

3. Leigong – In Chinese mythology, this was the name of the god of thunder.

This deity is also known as Lei Shen in Daoist and Chinese folk tradition.

4. Foudre – A very interesting name for lightning from the French language.

This expression can also be translated to “a container for the storage and transport of wine”.

5. Adad – This four-letter name for boys became popular as an Akkadian name for the Assyrian-Babylonian god of thunder and storms.

It’s a short, sweet, and cool name for a baby boy.

6. Hanish – This is an interesting name that translates to “the one who forewarns of the storm” from the Hindu language.

Hanish was also the name of one of the heralds of the Mesopotamian (present-day Iraq) weather god in a folk epic.

7. Barachiel – A male moniker with Hebrew roots that translates to “Lord’s blessings” or “the lightning of the Lord”.

Barachiel is one of the archangels and also the leader of the guardian angels.

8. Aratiri – A Guarani (South American language) name meaning “bolt of lightning”.

9. Tal – A cute three-letter name for baby boys derived from Hebrew. It means “dew” or “rain”.

10. Ramman – An alternative form of the name Adad, the god of thunder.

cute one year old boy on green nature background

11. Raiden – This is a trendy boy’s name that originates from Japanese and translates to “thunder and lightning” or “God spirit”.

Raiden is becoming more popular in the US. It has risen from 944th place in 2007 to 403rd place in 2020, according to the Social Security Administration’s list of popular baby names.

12. Rai – Here’s another short moniker which is cool and trendy. It means “lightning” in Japanese, although it reminds me of Italy, probably because of the Italian television service RAI.

13. Torm – A unique baby name for boys derived from the Estonian language.

This name basically means storm, and is even spelled like storm without the letter ‘s’.

14. Brontes – A well-known name in Greek mythology that translates to “thunder”.

Brontes was one of the Cyclopes, however, this name has also been associated with the Greek female deity of thunder.

15. Styrmir – An Old Norse moniker that describes “the one who causes all storms”, originally spelled as “sturmijaz”.

This is a very powerful name for a young boy destined for great success.

16. Pailan – This name translates to “lightning” in the Armenian language.

Ancient Armenians were generally known as nature lovers, so it’s no surprise they also worshipped a god of thunder named Vahagn.

17. Gale – Don’t let the length fool you – this is one of the strongest expressions for merciless sea storms and strong winds.

The origin of the name is not very clear, as some claim it belongs to Hebrew while others say it has English roots.

18. Asteropaios – An ancient Greek name well known in Greek mythology as Troy’s crucial ally during the Trojan War.

Asteropaios was also the grandson of Axius, the Greek deity of the river. This name translates to “lightning”.

19. Bijuli – This is one of my favorite names because it sounds so exotic and unique!

Bijuli is an Indian moniker that means lightning and electricity.

20. Zryan – A rather uncommon name of Arabic roots which translates to “storm”.

Zryan is also a Kurdish word for a strong storm.

Little blond boy holding plush sheep in the park

21. Moe – A short, rustic name for boys that was popular in the US at the beginning of the 20th century, but had a sharp drop after 1916.

However, this name became a well-known nickname for monikers such as Maurice or Morris.

This name has roots in the Burmese language and translates to “sky” and “rain”, which could both easily turn into a powerful storm.

22. Taranis – A great name for parents who love the name Thor, but don’t like the fact it has become so popular over the last decade.

Taranis is the Celtic equivalent of Thor, the Norse deity of thunder. According to myths, Taranis was the deity of thunder and lightning.

23. Barak – A biblical name for boys of Hebrew origin, which translates to “lightning”.

According to the Bible, Barak was in charge of Ancient Israel’s army.

24. Hadad – This name has two origins: Arabic and Hebrew. The latter, Hadad, translates to “thunder” and stands for the Akkadian deity of rain and storm in Arabic.

It definitely sounds fierce and brave, and I’m sure your little one will be just the same!

25. Zeus – The meaning of this popular mythological name may not be directly connected to storms, thunder, or lightning, but I thought it deserved a place on this list because of his weapon.

Zeus fought with a thunderbolt which became his main source of power. He was the god of all gods and the ruler of Olympus, which is why this name is usually translated as “sky father” or “living”.

26. Yashin – An Uzbeki name that also translates to “lightning”.
It’s quite common as a last name in Russia.

27. Typhoon – If you want to give your child a name associated with storms, this would probably be one of the most obvious choices.

Derived from Chinese, ”Typhoon” stands for a very strong wind that is usually accompanied by a thunderstorm.

28. Stormur – This is an Icelandic word for storm which could be a very interesting choice for a baby.

If you want a moniker that contains “storm” but isn’t too common, this name is perfect for you.

29. Petir – Although it does sound similar to Peter, these two names aren’t connected.

Petir is an Indonesian name that translates to “thunder and lightning”.

30. Neil – This is an English name with Gaelic roots. Some claim it stands for a stormy cloud, while others are convinced it’s a name for a champion.

little boy outdoors holding umbrella

I love both meanings, to be honest, and I don’t think you can go too far wrong by giving this name to your little one.

Neil is also one of the most common names on this list, being among the 1000 most popular names since the beginning of the 20th century up to now, according to the SSA.

31. Corentin – A moniker of Breton origin that translates to “hurricane” or “tempest”.

This name may not be very popular in the US, but it’s well known in France and other European countries. Therefore, if you’re looking for a rare name that’s associated with storms, Corentin would be a perfect choice.

32. Phirun – This is a name you can’t forget once you hear it!

This moniker has Khmer roots and stands for a god of rain in several myths.

33. Thor – One of the most powerful names in Old Norse mythology. He is the god of thunder, storms, and war.

Thor is a popular Scandinavian name, but it has had a recent rise in popularity in the US after the release of the Marvel movies, which portray Thor as a superhero.

34. Mellan – This name does sound gentle, but don’t let that fool you. It’s an Irish Gaelic name that describes a small flash of lightning.

35. Baran – A boy’s name with Kurdish and Turkish roots, which translates to “a strong storm with thunder”.

However, in Persian tradition this name was given to girls, so it can be considered a unisex name.

36. Zephyr – A Greek name that stands for a “west wind” which brings storms with it. This is why it might be a great choice for parents who like names that mean thunderstorm or wind.

You might also consider the name Zeferino, a Portuguese variation of Zephyr which has the exact same meaning.

37. Anil – This name has Indian roots and translates to “wind”. It’s one of the most beautiful names for boys out there.

38. Mahpiya – A Native American name that refers to a cloudy sky, which often leads to a storm.

39. Ramiel – This name has the same meaning in both Christianity and Islam, “Lord’s thunder”.

40 . Shango – This name has African roots and belongs to Yoruba mythology as the male deity of thunder.

thoughtful baby boy sitting on the beach

It’s a very interesting name for a baby boy and a great choice for parents who are searching for a name with a strong meaning.

41. Notus – A Greek name with Latin roots that translates to “the wind blowing from the south”.

A southerly wind usually brings storms at the end of summer or early winter.

42. Perun – Perun was the Slavic mythological deity of thunder and lightning, but that wasn’t his only role.

He was also known as the god of rain, war, and the sky.

43. Ra’d – An Islamic name that means “thunder”.

44. Vidyut – A Hindu name that is quite common in India. It translates to “lightning”.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Storm

Sad child girl looking out the window

Truth be told, I had no clue there were so many beautiful girl names that mean storm and lightning before I began my research.

Striking and fierce goddesses rumble through this list just, like thunder during a storm.

Here are some of the most captivating feminine names that refer to storms, thunder, and lightning:

1. Vetra – A girl’s name which translates to “the one who blows the wind” or “the tempest”. It’s a name of Latvian origin for girls who are very energetic and strong.

2. Adhira – A Sanskrit name for fierce girls, and one which carries one of the most beautiful meanings so far, as it translates to “divine lightning”.

This moniker describes the beautiful white lightning in the sky that makes storms so magnificent.

3. Brekhna – A rather unique name that belongs to the Pashto (Eastern Iranian) language. This name means “strong lightning in the sky”.

4. Ekaitza – A moniker with Basque roots associated with storms.

This name has a male counterpart, Ekaitz, which is rarely used nowadays.

5. Bronte – This adorable Greek name was used to describe “the sound of the thunder”.

It’s also known as a last name, most famously the Bronte family, which included Charlotte, who wrote the classic tale “Jane Eyre”.

6. Nephele – A Greek moniker that translates to “cloudy weather”.

It’s a very interesting choice for a little girl and one of my personal favorites from this list – a beautiful name with a strong meaning.

7. Sea’iqa – An exotic name with Arabic roots for baby girls, which translates to “a bolt of thunder”.

8. Elektra – A list of names meaning storm, thunder, and lightning wouldn’t be complete without this name on it.

Elektra is strongly connected to storms and lightning, and I must admit, it sounds simply magnificent.
It’s a Greek name that can also be translated to “shining”.

9. Sorine – A Danish name with Latin roots that stands for a thunder deity. Some people claim this name is a feminine version of the male name Sorin, also known as Thor.

10. Aellopus – This Greek name is deeply connected to thunderstorms, although it translates to “whirlwind footed”.

However, this isn’t the only meaning associated with it. It’s believed that Aellopus was a nickname of Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow who was also known as a messenger of the gods.

Smiling cute little girl outdoors

11. Lyn – Short and sweet, Lyn is a great name for modern girls who are as bold as lightning.

It has Norwegian roots but is becoming quite popular in the US as well.

12. Nariko – A classic Japanese name for girls that translates to “thunder”.

13. Damini – A Hindi expression for lightning that is used as a name for brave little girls.

It’s a beautiful moniker for fearless baby girls who have a bright future.

14. Dima – An Arabic name for “downpour” which is a usual occurrence during storms.

Although this is a typical girl’s name, you may find some boys carrying it as well, but mostly as a short form of Demetrius, Dimitri, and other similar monikers.

15. Rain – A classic weather name for girls with English roots which doesn’t require much explanation.

Rain is a common occurrence during storms, which is why this name is a logical choice for parents who like names connected to the weather.

16. Thora – The female form of the name Thor. It has the same origin and meaning.

17. Amihan – A very charming and sophisticated name for girls of Tagalog origin, which translates to “a wind from the north” or “winter storm”.

18. Indra – As the god of rain and thunder, Indra was an important part of Hindu mythology.

19. Zilan – An unusual name for girls with Kurdish roots which has two meanings, “storm” or “wind”. It’s a cute girl’s name that could be used to describe the rebirth of someone or something.

20. Astrape – Known as the goddess of lightning, Astrape was a part of Greek mythology and Bronte’s sister.

smiling little girl with beautiful floral dress

21. Aashni – Aashni is an unusual and beautiful name from the Hindi language and culture. It stands for “lightning”.

22. Tama – This four-letter name has a complex origin. It’s known as a Native American expression for thunderbolt, but it can also be translated as “ball” or “globe” in Hebrew and Japanese.

Whichever meaning and origin you choose, this name will still sound equally wonderful and sure to be a great choice for your daughter.

23. Varsha – An Indian name of Sanskrit origin that translates to “the rainy season”.

24. Tornado – This expression probably doesn’t require much explanation, except for the fact it’s a Spanish name which represents a type of thunderstorm. It’s also an interesting name choice for a baby girl.

25. Tempest – An old English name that instantly reminds me of the Shakespeare play which carries the same name.
Tempest is often translated to “a turbulent period” or “stormy weather”.

26. Kapheira – Another name from Greek mythology, this time one which belonged to the daughter of the Titan of the sea, Oceanus.

The name was originally spelled “Capheira” and translated to “stormy breath”.

27. Tormenta – A very powerful name for young girls with Spanish roots. It sounds very fierce and dangerous, so I wouldn’t mess with a girl carrying this name!

It stands for a strong thunderstorm.

28. Aella – An elegant name for girls from Ancient Greece. It stands for a stormy wind or a whirlwind. Aella was also an Amazon warrior who bravely fought against Hercules.

29. Rhiainfelt – An interesting name choice for parents who like storms and rainy weather. This Welsh name translates to “the maiden of lightning”.

30. Audra – A Lithuanian name that stands for a storm, but may be translated as “noble strength” as well, making Audra even more beautiful for your little girl.

little girl playing with yellow rubber ducks

31. Reva – A unique and exotic Hindi name that sounds modern and chic, making it a perfect name for your stormy little girl.

Reva is also known as the second name of Narmada, one of the sacred Indian rivers.

32. Amaya – This is a sweet and delicate name for girls who are fearless, but also calm in nature. The name comes from two different languages, Spanish and Japanese.

In Spanish, Amaya translates to “mother city”, while in Japanese this name represents a captivating night rain with dancing lightning in the sky.

33. Arashi – A cute Japanese name for a girl that is as magnificent as a storm. It’s an uncommon name outside Japan, which makes it perfect for any parents looking for more unique names.

34. Levina – A sophisticated and graceful Latin name with a very strong meaning, “a lightning thunderbolt”.

35. Tufani – Some say it’s Swahili, others claim it’s Bengali – either way, it’s a cool expression for a storm and a great name for your little one.

36. Lumi – A female name with Finnish roots that translates to “snow” or a “snowstorm”.

37. Pele – A Hawaiian name for girls that refers to the mythological deity of lightning, dance, and volcanoes.
Pele stands for “lava” and has been a part of old folk tales for centuries.

38. Alizeh – A Persian name for girls that describes trade winds. These winds may cause sea storms.

39. Stormy – One of the most obvious choices, but that also makes it one of the most powerful names that mean storm you can choose for your little girl.

Stormy is a name most commonly found in the US. It became very popular after Kylie Jenner, a famous reality TV star, gave it to her daughter. However, she used a slightly different spelling and ended the name with an “i” instead of “y”.

40. Fulgora – The name of a Roman female deity associated with lightning.

This name is reserved for bold little girls that will one day rule the world!

41. Saudamini – A Hindi name for girls that is quite common in India, but hasn’t been very popular in the rest of the world.

This name translates to “thunder and lightning” and is a great choice for brave little girls.

42. Kohara – This name is a part of Maori mythology, in which it describes “a crash of lightning”. Kohara has Polynesian roots.

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean Storm

Sweet toddler blond child

While the majority of names are divided into two groups – masculine and feminine – we mustn’t forget about all the wonderful gender-neutral names.

Depending on the culture and tradition of each country, unisex names can vary. In addition, certain names that used to be reserved for only one gender have become acceptable for both boys and girls.

These unisex names referring to storms are a perfect choice for your little one, whether they’re a girl or a boy!

1. Scirocco – An Italian name of Arabic origin that describes a wind blowing from the west. It’s an interesting gender-neutral name that will definitely help your little one stand out from the crowd.

2. Capala – There are plenty of Hindu expressions related to storms, including Capala, a name that translates to “lightning”.

3. Dorrin – An adorable Irish name that represents a “tempest” or “sullen (weather)”. This name may be used for both boys and girls, although it’s more commonly given to boys.

4. Asterope – One of the most beautiful nymphs in Greek mythology. Asterope is one of the seven Pleiades and a maiden of captivating beauty.

If you like ancient mythology and storms, this stormy name will be a great choice for your little girl or a boy.

5. Jupiter – It doesn’t refer to the planet this time, but instead to the Roman god of weather, sky, and lightning.

Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of Zeus from Greek mythology. This Latin name is usually given to boys, but there are quite a few girls who carry this beautiful name.

6. Taima – One of the most beloved Native American names. It means “a crash of thunder”. This name can also be used to describe people who were born during a storm.

7. Wintry – Another Native American moniker, this time describing a winter storm. Wintry is an excellent choice for all storm lovers.

8. Freyr – A five-letter moniker of Old Norse origin that refers to the male deity of weather. This unique name is a great choice for both boys and girls.

9. Vajra – A Hindu name associated with Indra, the thunder god. It’s said that Indra fought all his enemies with Vajra, the Hindi word for “thunderbolts”.

10. Raamiah – A Biblical moniker that represents a male thunder deity and the exiled prince. Another translation of this name is “Lord’s thunder”.

sad little girl in yellow rainboots with umbrella

11. Munja – An unusual name of Croatian origin that translates to “lightning bolt”.

It’s an interesting name with even more interesting pronunciation. Although it’s spelled “Munja”, it’s actually pronounced “Munya”.

12. Saar – A Hebrew name for a storm, traditionally considered as a male name, but which has been used as a gender-neutral moniker in recent years.

13. Kutsa – An Indian name associated with storms and lightning, which is a perfect moniker for your little bolt of lightning, whether they’re a boy or a girl!

14. Raijin – A traditional Japanese name and an important part of their mythology. It’s believed that Raijin was the male deity of thunder.

15. Esen – A Turkish name that translates to “wind”, which usually brings a thunderstorm.

16. Ermir – A sweet name for boys and girls with Albanian roots that translates to “wind”, which causes storms.

17. Kallik – This is an Inuit name that might sound familiar to you if you read the “Seekers” novels. The meaning of this name is very bright and powerful, as it stands for “lightning”.

18. Maloney – An ancient Roman name that translates to “lightning”. It was a popular moniker among the Nomads. This name is quite a common last name in the US today.

19. Llipya – One of the most interesting unisex names. It belongs to the Quechua language and describes a “bolt of lightning in the sky”.

20. Simsek – A very common name in Turkey that means “a flash of light” or “a flash of lightning”.

How To Choose The Right Name

Happy little girl playing in sunny park

There are so many beautiful names for baby girls and boys, but of course, we can’t use all of them.

Naming your kid is a great responsibility and it’s completely understandable if you have doubts about the perfect name for your little one.

Before you name your little bundle of joy, there are a few things you should keep in mind so you don’t end up regretting your decision.

First and foremost, don’t try to please anyone but yourself and your partner.

Don’t choose a name just because someone told you your option isn’t good enough, or that they prefer their own. We’re all different and we all have different tastes.

If you find a unique name that sounds perfect to you, I’m sure your partner will love it as well, and everyone else can just get used to it.

Also, I’d strongly recommend you check the meaning of any potential names for your baby.

You might like a name because of the way it sounds, only to end up disappointed when you discover that the meaning doesn’t quite fit your beliefs or personality.

Also, check all the possible nicknames for any names you might like.

It’s quite common that parents love their child’s name, but can’t stand the usual nicknames that come with it. People will probably call your kiddo by these nicknames, so you might want to reconsider your choice.

Finally, while these names that mean thunderstorm are really beautiful and special, they still might end up being an unfortunate choice if they don’t fit well with your last name.

To avoid any embarrassing situations, write the full name on a piece of paper and say it out loud, then repeat the same action for every name option until you find the best one for you, your partner, and your baby.

Keep your mind open to finding the best name for your little one in unexpected places as well. Maybe you’ll hear a name on the street and discover that it’s just right for you!

Wrapping Up

cute little boy sitting near the window at the day time

I hope you have found at least a few options you like among these beautiful names that mean storm!

There are plenty of unique and unusual monikers related to weather, but if I had to choose, I’d always go with names that refer to storms or lightning.

Although every weather occurrence has its own charm, thunderstorms are the most magnificent; so powerful, strikingly beautiful, and scary all at the same time.

Nature shows all of its power during storms and reclaims the position of ruler of our planet, the one that cannot be stopped or prevented.

Storms are unpredictable – we expect them during every season but can’t know for sure where or when they’ll strike.

If you admire this captivating weather phenomenon, I’m sure your little one will as well!

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