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81 Powerful Names That Mean Healer For Baby Girls And Baby Boys

81 Powerful Names That Mean Healer For Baby Girls And Baby Boys

Finding a unique and creative name for your little one can be quite challenging nowadays.

Instead of searching through numerous lists of modern names for babies, you could take a trip to ancient times and discover some beautiful names with amazing meanings.

There are many great and creative names that mean healer for boys and girls which are used so rarely that they’ve almost become forgotten.

Some parents prefer to play it safe and choose a common name, while others like to experiment to avoid their child having the same name as several other children.

There’s no better way to name your little one than choosing a name with a strong meaning like ‘healer’ which she’ll be proud of when she becomes an adult.

However, there’s a certain fear that a child with an overly unique name may not be well-accepted by her peers, especially during childhood and the early teenage period, so choose wisely.

Of course, every parent wants only the best for their child and choosing a name that means healer is probably one of the greatest gifts you can give to your baby.

If you’re looking for monikers that mean healer, check out this list of inspiring baby names that will fill your heart with love.

Boy Names That Mean Healer

Happy little boy with blonde curly hair

Most parents are already used to classic names such as William, John, Charles, etc., which are beautiful of course but might be considered a bit overused.

If you’re more of a traditional person, you may opt for a name such as Noah or Rafael.

But, if you prefer more unusual names, you’ll certainly love monikers such as Arpachshad or Giasone.

On this list, you’ll find some of the most unique boy names that mean healer, so let’s get started:

1. Derzelas – This name belongs to the Thracian god of health, prosperity, and vitality from the Hellenistic period.

2. Wong – This four-letter name represents a Chinese god who had healing powers. Wong is considered as a popular given name, but it’s quite common as a last name, as well.

3. Edi – One of the shortest and sweetest baby boy names that translates to the one who aspires to wealth or the one who heals.

Edi is quite an interesting name with an undefined origin. It’s connected to two different languages and cultures, Hindu and German, but has the same meaning in both.

4. Rafael – A classic biblical name from the Hebrew language, known as the name of archangel Rafael, which means “Lord has healed”.

5. Aeson – A Greek name that was used to describe the “father of Jason” and a person with healing powers.

This name is often considered as the forerunner of the more modern name, Jason.

6. Ninazu – The god of the underworld in Sumerian culture and the one who is able to heal.

7. Errapel – A popular Israeli name for boys meaning “divine healer”.

Although it’s very popular in Israel, this Hebrew name never had the same success in the rest of the world.

8. Hale – An Old English moniker that describes a fearless young hero who’s in perfect health.

9. Jaison – An alternative Greek form of the name Jason. This name means “healing” in Greek, or “God is the savior” in Hebrew.

10. Helem – Another name with a biblical meaning that translates as “healing” or “dreaming”.

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11. Salim – An oriental name meaning “peaceful and healthy”.

When it comes to the origin, Salim is a classic Arabic name, but it’s quite common in German culture as well.

12. Apollo – Known as the Greek god of healing and the sun, Apollo was also considered to be the representative of manly beauty and the perfect man.

13. Josias – A Hebrew name for a baby boy meaning “The Lord helps” or “Jehovah heals”.

This name is an ancient variant of the name Josiah and a really beautiful baby name idea.

14. Bhesaj – In Hindu culture, Bhesaj represents the god Vishnu, the one who heals from illness and death.

15. Ase – A Scandinavian name of Hebrew origin that stands for a doctor or the one who heals.

Ase also means “goddess” in Old Norse and it can be used as a unique girl’s name as well.

16. Arpachshad – A unique name for boys derived from the Hebrew word describing the one who heals and helps those who are in need.

17. Melchi-Shua – This Israeli name is definitely one of the rarest monikers on this list.

This noble name describes an extraordinary king of healing and health in general.

18. Iason – The original form of the name Jason that translates to “healing” or “to treat”.

This Greek name will be a perfect choice for parents who are looking for a more unique version of the name Jason.

19. Ashwinkumar – This is a powerful name, indeed! This traditional Hindu name means the one who heals gods.

This name is quite popular in India but has remained uncommon in the rest of the world.

20. Valentino – Most people associate this name with love because of Valentine’s Day.

However, it actually stands for a strong and healthy person in Italian or Spanish.

smiling boy running on the grass

21. Bliant – An interesting name that originates from Arthurian mythology which translates to “healer”.

The original spelling of Bliant is “Blyant”.

According to the story, Bliant was the brother of Sir Selivant. He was defeated by Sir Lancelot after they had a fight.

22. Rafal – An Israeli name of Hebrew origin that translates as “the Healer of the Lord”.

It’s an alternative form of the name Rafael.

23. Galen – A boy’s name that comes from Greece, the land of great history and mythological deities.

This moniker translates to “healer” or “the one that heals others”.

24. Ninurta – A Mesopotamian (present-day Iraq) deity of healing, law, war, and hunting.

This god is also known as Ningirsu in Sumerian tradition.

25. Chiron – This was the name of the centaur who possessed immense knowledge and could heal everyone.

As you may suppose already, Chiron comes from Greek mythology.

26. Walentyn – A variation of the name Valentino that has the same meaning.

27. Grannus – Known as the Gaulish god famous for the healing spring in Granum, the ancient city. This name also translates to “brilliance”.

28. Jayr – A Greek name that became popular in America after the arrival of the Puritans, but has been replaced by the shorter version of the name, Jay.

It translates to “the one who heals”.

29. Maximon – It was a popular name among Mayans which stands for the saint also known as the San Simon.

This saint has never been approved by the Roman Catholic Church, but has remained an important part of the Mayan history and tradition.

30. Daktari – In Swahili, Daktari means “doctor” and “the healer” (they even sound similar).

An interesting fact is that there was a TV show for children named “Daktari” on CBS from 1966 to 1969.

happy little boy laying on the grass in the park

31. Giasone – An Italian male name with Greek roots that translates to “the cure” or “healer”.

This name might become quite popular in the US in a few years, as there are more and more parents who are giving their children this name.

32. Val – It’s considered to be a boy nickname for Valentino, but its translation from Latin is “worth of” or “valuable”.

Val can be used as a female nickname as well, as it commonly stands for Valerie.

33. Riki – A two-syllable name for boys that means “strong and healthy ruler” in German.

Riki is not an unknown name in the US, but it’s more commonly spelled as Ricky.

34. Rafe – A short form of the name Rafael, which means “the Jehovah has healed”.

35. Lee – This name originates from the Old English expression “leah” which translates to “clearing”.

But it’s also known as an Irish name of Celtic origin which describes a person who has the ability to heal others.

36. Maponus – A Gaulish deity that shares a similar meaning to “Grannus” by representing healing water from the spring.

37. Heka – An ancient god in Egypt who was associated with magic and medicine, the one who could heal people.

38. Ken – It can be described as a Japanese name that stands for a “healthy man” or a Scottish expression for “a handsome boy”.

39. Alaunus – A Celtic name for the god of sun, which connects to the Greek deity, Apollo.

This moniker can also be translated to “light” or “brightness”.

40. Lenus – A Celtic deity of healing and medicine.

 little boy lying in green grass on spring

41. Arphaxad – This is a modern form of the name Arpachshad, meaning “the one who heals”.

42. Eshmun – This is a name of Canaanite origin that was carried by the god of healing.

It’s quite similar to the name Simon, but there’s no evidence that Simon actually derived from Eshmun.

43. Asa – This unisex name is perfect for all future medical experts who’ll be able to heal others without any trouble. You may translate it as the one who can heal others or a doctor who treats various patients.

44. Josiah – Although it’s considered to be an archaic moniker, Josiah is still used as a given name, usually within religious families.

45. Hickey – This name may be considered to be an Irish last name or an Israeli first name – but the meaning stays the same in both cases: “the healer”.

Girl Names That Mean Healer

 happy little girl sitting on a grass in a park

Girl names are mostly associated with feminine symbols like flowers.

But as you’ll see from this list, there are various mythological female deities that have proven that women are much more than that.

From Greek to Celtic goddesses, these names will perfectly fit every brave little girl who is more than ready for every challenge.

Here are some of the best names for little girls that translate to healer:

1. Rafaela – One of the most beautiful names for girls that means “the Lord has healed”.

It originates from Spain, but it’s quite common in Hispanic countries all over the world.

2. Galenia – A Spanish name that describes a small and intelligent person who has the ability to heal others.

3. Eirny – As you might have guessed, this girl’s name means healer and it comes from the Scandinavian tradition. It’s a more common name in Scandinavia than in any other part of the world.

4. Reselda – A classic Latin name for a baby girl which translates to “healer” or “the one with healing powers”.

5. Ianuaria – Known as the Celtic Goddess of healing, Ianuaria is derived from the name of the Roman deity Janus.

Both of these names are forerunners for January, the name of the first month of the year.

6. Brighid – An Irish name and the original form of the name Bridget.

This moniker translates to “strong, healthy, and powerful”.

7. Sekhmet – Translating to “the woman of power”, Sekhmet represents an Egyptian deity of chaos, sun, plague, and healing.

She was typically portrayed as a lioness, which makes this name even more powerful.

8. Elethea – This name means “healer” based on its English and Australian origins. However, when translated from Greek, it means “verity”.

9. Amethyst – This word describes one of the world’s most beautiful gems. What’s more, this gemstone was used throughout history for its healing properties as people believed it could prevent intoxication.

10. Febris – The name of a Roman goddess who was known as the one who protected people from malaria and fever. Febris is also often used as a medical term for fever.

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11. Shaffia – An Arabic name that translates to “pure healer, full of mercy”.

12. Gro – An Old Norse name that translates to “growing and healing”, but it may also mean “gardener” or “the one who likes gardens”.

13. Emma – Even though this cute feminine name translates to “universal”, it’s a lesser-known fact that in Teutonic this moniker translates to “the healer of the universe”.

Today, Emma is a common name all over the world, although people usually consider it to be a classic English name.

14. Isis – An ancient Egyptian female deity that’s associated with healing and fertility. This name also translates to “the woman of the throne”, describing a powerful and brave woman.

15. Altha – Here’s a Latin word for “healer” that has a translation in Greek, as well. It stands for a healing herb or a person who is elevated.

16. Eir – This three-letter name may sound quite simple, but it has a very important meaning – it stands for a Norse female deity of medicine and healing.

17. Meditrina – This name probably speaks for itself because, at least to me, it sounds a lot like the word “medicine”.

Either way, this name is from Latin and it belongs to the mythical goddess of healing.

18. Aceso – An interesting name with an even more interesting background. According to Greek mythology, this name is based on a goddess who cured diseases and healed wounds.

Her sister Panacea was also a healer, but Aceso saw the process of curing as more important than the cure itself.

19. Galena – This is the female counterpart of the name Galen. It translates to a “person who is very calm” and has “the ability to heal others”.

20. Iaso – A name that’s perfect for a little girl who’ll be your main remedy against anything bad that happens to you.
This baby name has Greek roots and means “a remedy”.

blonde caucasian child girl in light blue dress

21. Artemis – This name has strong roots in Greek mythology, so I’m sure you can already guess who Artemis was.
Yes, she was the goddess of hunting with some serious healing powers.

22. Airmed – Just to clear things up, this name doesn’t stand for any additional service by Airbnb and it’s not a new brand by Nike.

This is the old Celtic name for a goddess who made remedies for wounded soldiers out of herbs and her tears, which had special healing powers.

23. Bona – If it’s not a Greek one, it must be a Roman goddess instead. This name stands for a female deity who was known as a healer and a pure soul.

24. Sirona – A Celtic name that’s deeply connected to healing waters and springs.

25. Althea – This is the original version of the name Altha that has a slightly different spelling and exactly the same meaning.

26. Zywie – This name is beautiful when you finally learn how to pronounce it correctly (it took me some time, I admit).
This Slavic name belonged to the goddess of healing and overall health.

27. Reseda – A flowery name for a sweet little girl that’ll stand out from the crowd with her Latin moniker that translates to a “mignonette flower” or a person with healing abilities.

28. Shaushka – The Hittite and Hurrian goddess of healing and fertility.

29. Aala – The origin of this name is quite unclear with several possibilities including Urdu, Arabic, and American roots.
However, the meaning is quite clear as this name stands for a person who hunts and is able to heal other people.

30. Carmentis – Another Latin expression that means “the one who heals”.
The name is derived from another Latin moniker, “Carmen”, which stands for a song or a poem.

Cute little girl sitting at ocean beach

31. Beiwe – This name has several forms, such as:

• Beaivi

• Beiwe

• Bievve

• Biejje

Beiwe represents the Sami goddess of the Sun who was celebrated during summer for providing light and healing people after winter.

32. Leigh – This name may sound more common than other monikers from the list, but that doesn’t make it any less special.
Leigh has roots in English, Celtic, and Hebrew describing the one who has the ability to heal.

33. Aegle – Described as the glorious one, this Greek name also stands for good health.

34. Tabeeba – A name with Arabic roots that translates to “doctor”.
However, it does have an additional origin in the Latin language meaning “healer”.

35. Cannenta – A Latin name that describes the person who has the ability to treat others and heal their wounds.

36. Panacea – Last, but not least, this Greek girl’s name was carried by a goddess of healing who was also Aceso’s sister that I mentioned earlier.

How To Choose The Right Name?

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Naming your child is a great responsibility, much greater than what we imagine it to be before we actually have kids.

Different people have different tastes, so it’s more than fine to give your little one the name that you and your partner like, rather than the one that everyone else likes.

But, instead of regretting the name you gave to your child in a few months or years, you may want to think about which things you want to avoid first.

One of the most important things you have to avoid is pleasing others with your name choice.

You’ll never make everyone happy, especially not by pushing your own happiness aside.

I also strongly recommend checking the meaning of the name before you give it to your baby, because you may not like what you hear at all.

Another thing that most people forget is to think of or find all possible nicknames for girls and boys for the name you selected.

These names that mean healer are already quite special and unique, but they might become a bit too much with all the nicknames.

However, if you don’t mind any of the pet names and you still want to give your baby one of these unique monikers, feel free to use any name you like.

One more thing to check before reaching the final decision is checking the full name combination, including the middle name.

Say it out loud a few times, write it down, check the initials, just to make sure you’re completely satisfied and love every detail of your child’s future name.

Healer names are unique by nature, mostly because they are rare and are connected to ancient times.

They might sound unusual at first, but it won’t take long for you to fall in love with them.

If none of these suggestions seem good enough, never fear as there are some good chances you’ll find the perfect name for your little boy or girl in unexpected places.

Think along the lines of family gatherings (old family trees can be a fruitful source of beautiful names) or simply when you’re out and about.

You might randomly hear a cool name on the street and you’ll just know that it’s the right name for your baby!

Final Thoughts

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These names that mean healer are indeed very special and, truth be told, this was the first time I heard about some of them and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Each of these names carries a powerful meaning your little one will surely appreciate when she becomes old enough to understand the story behind her name.

Most of the names on the list were given to ancient kings, queens, and other nobility who were worshippers of ancient gods and goddesses from various mythologies, including Roman, Greek, Celtic, etc.

As you can see, besides having beautiful meanings, these names that mean healer also have a rich history.

If you’re not sure which name would be best for your bundle of joy, you can share this list with your partner, so you can decide together.

If you’re still in a dilemma after the consultation, you can turn this process into a fun activity for the whole family.

All you need to do is list all the names you and your partner like and let everyone vote.

However, if you like the meaning of the name, but you’re not so sure about giving such a unique name to your baby, you can go for a more common first name and choose one of the healer names as a middle one.

Good luck and most importantly, have fun!

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