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70 Adorable Nicknames For Scarlett That You Will Love

70 Adorable Nicknames For Scarlett That You Will Love

Looking for a cute nickname for a special Scarlett in your life? You’re in the right place!

I have prepared 70 creative and unique nicknames for Scarlett that will emphasize the beauty of this adorable name.

The name is quite popular in the US even though it originates from the French language.

However, there aren’t many Hollywood stars with this name, which is probably why it’s not as popular as the names Emma or Charlotte.

Although this has typically been considered to be a girl’s name in the past without a masculine counterpart, there are a certain number of parents who use it as a baby boy name, as well.

Therefore, each nickname from the list may be considered unisex.

Without further ado, here are all the details about this cute name, including the origin, meaning, and nicknames for Scarlett.

Scarlett – Name Meaning And Origin

Cute little girl in a park

This two-syllable name is an alternate form of the French word “scarlet” that originally derives from the expression “escarlate”.

This term stands for high-quality material, but it can also be translated as “rich cloth” from the Latin language.

Some people believe that the original meaning of the name derives from the Arabic word “siqillat” which translates to “fine or rich cloth”.

Until the 14th century, Scarlett appeared more frequently as a last name and it was used as an occupation name for a person who sold fine materials.

After that, this term became known as an expression for a deep red color.

As a first name, it became famous thanks to the iconic novel “Gone With The Wind” by Margaret Mitchell.

The main character of the novel is Katie Scarlett O’Hara, a protagonist who stood as the symbol for the Old and New South during the American Civil War.

The novel was later adapted into a film with Vivian Leigh, a British actress, as the main star.

Although this baby girl name became quite common after the film was released, it didn’t score high on the popular name lists.

At least not until 2011, when it finally reached the top 100 girl names in the US, according to the Social Security Administration data.

This beautiful name was one of the 20 most popular names in the period from 2016 to 2018. After that, it dropped slightly to 21st place in 2019 and has remained in the same position ever since.

When it comes to Zodiac signs, Scarlett is considered a perfect name for Scorpio kids.

This name symbolizes fall and its deep and bright red colors, but it also stands for someone who is very intense, passionate, strong-willed, and possibly even manipulative.

However, that doesn’t mean your little one will be manipulative towards everyone, she might just find your soft spot for cuddling or her favorite sweets.

In addition, your little girl might be a very emotional and affectionate person who will have strength for all the challenges ahead of her.

Best nicknames for Scarlett

cute smiling little girl lying on green grass

This is one of the most sophisticated names for girls and one of my personal favorites.

It will add even more charm to your little girl, which is why she deserves only the best pet names to go with it.

This two-syllable girl’s name offers a variety of nickname possibilities, from sweet to unusual, depending on your preference.

Your kiddo with such a cute name deserves only the best, so here are the most popular and coolest nickname ideas for boys and girls:

1. Scar – This is a very common nickname for Scarlett that might sound a bit unusual to some. Of course, I hope your little one won’t have any scars.

2. Lottie – This can be a cute nickname for Charlotte, too!

3. Ska – A pet name for a lively little girl.

4. Cara – This is a popular four-letter feminine name as well as a nickname for Scarlett. It translates to “darling” in Italian and “friend” in Irish.

5. Carla – Common feminine moniker and an elegant pet name.

6. Red – Literal translation of the name Scarlett.

7. Lettie – A very popular nickname for this name.

8. Carly – Another popular name that can be used as a nickname, as well.

9. Scarly – Cute and timeless, just like this sophisticated girl’s name.

10. Sky – This nickname will go perfectly with your little girl, especially if she has blue eyes.

11. Starlett – She is destined to become a big star!

12. Essie – A feminine moniker and a pet name that translates to “star” from Old French or Persian.

13. Scar Scar – A cute wordplay on the first four letters of the name.

14. Ettie – This sweet nickname can be used for Scarlett or Etta.

15. Sharlee – Even though the name Charles (Charlie) and Scarlett are not closely related by meaning or origin, they do share a fair amount of nicknames, just like this one.

16. Carli – A different way to spell Carly.

17. Arla – A nickname for brave little girls.

18. Letti – Adorable wordplay on the last four letters of the name.

Adorable nicknames for Scarlett

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Scarlett may not be a unique name like Luna, but it’s certainly not outdated, either.

This name has proudly stood the test of time and has remained one of the most sophisticated feminine names.

However, that doesn’t mean Scarlies can’t have sweet and silly girl nicknames as well, especially at a young age.

Most of us probably had such pet names courtesy of our relatives or close friends.

But, as we grow up, many find such pet names embarrassing, especially during teenage years.

Therefore, I’d recommend you choose a sweet nickname for Scarlett now and enjoy your time until she grows up!

Here are some of the most adorable pet names I could find:

1. Chocolate – Your little girl is probably as sweet as chocolate, so why not call her that?

2. Carley – Sweet-sounding nickname for a sweet girl.

3. Scuzy – This nickname is perfect for high-spirited and cheerful girls.

4. Scarlove – Your little girl is surely your greatest love, making this a perfect nickname.

5. Scaramel Cookie – This delicious nickname was specially baked for your little one.

6. Scouffle – This pet name is perfect for a baby girl as delicate as this dessert.

7. Scarlicious – A pet name for the sweetest munchkin.

8. Sweets – For little girls with a sweet tooth.

9. Sissy – A cute nickname that’s tailor-made for all Scarletts who have siblings.

10. Lovett – A cute pet name for a fiery little girl.

11. Swiss Roll – All I can say is: Yummy!

12. Etty – Catchy pet name that will be well-accepted by everyone.

Other Scarlett Nicknames To Consider

Funny nicknames for Scarlett

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These nicknames are perfect for all Carlies who have a great sense of humor.

Funny pet names are a great way to make people smile, but there needs to be a clear distinction between a silly nickname and a possibly offensive term.

Not all people have the same sense of humor and this should always be respected.

If you notice that a certain nickname is crossing the line, it would be better not to use it, rather than causing an uncomfortable situation.

Here are some of the funniest nicknames for the name Scarlett:

1. Screepy

2. Spalett

3. Scarlux

4. Scaley

5. Scar-jet

6. Scorelett

7. Showerlett

8. Purr-lett

9. Sclowny

10. Scarffy

11. Scar-frett

12. Scar-debt

13. Squats

14. Scarpet

15. Sour Belt

16. Scarly Barley

17. Scarecrow

18. Scavenger

Unusual nicknames for Scarlett

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This two-syllable moniker is undoubtedly a beautiful name for girls and has some lovely nicknames as well.

But some parents are not fans of common nicknames, so they go the extra mile to find a more unique nickname for their little girls.

​However, some nicknames might be considered too unique and cause a lot of embarrassment and teasing.

Unique pet names are great, but I’d say most of them are more welcome during adulthood, rather than childhood and teenage years.

Of course, that’s not the case with all unique pet names. There are some cute and unique nicknames that are well-accepted in society, such as:

1. Scarl

2. Scarsy

3. Scout

4. Scarlit

5. Scarah

6. Scaryl

7. Scarose

8. Darlett

9. Scara

Creative nicknames for Scarlett

little girl wearing yellow dress outside

Do you like to be original, especially when it comes to names?

Then I’m sure you enjoy coming up with some out-of-the-box nicknames to avoid using the most common ones.

It’s not difficult to be creative with nicknames, especially for names that can be broken down into three or more parts.

However, if you want to be more creative, but don’t have any nickname ideas, here are some ideas you might like:

1. Scarwoman

2. Scar Jar

3. Black Widow

4. Sour-lett

5. Scorpion

6. Pearlett

7. Scaurora

8. Sunshine

9. Lette Long-Legs

10. Scarlett White

11. Starlight

12. Lettice

13. Agent Scarlett

Middle Names For Scarlett

little girl with dandelions

There are plenty of beautiful middle names for this elegant girl’s name.

If I had to choose one, I’d go with Rose, but I have to admit each name combination sounds equally adorable.

You can go for either a traditional or a modern name, the choice is all yours – I’m sure it will sound beautiful.

Of course, these are not the only good middle name ideas for your little girl, they’re just my personal favorites but you’re free to think of some on your own.

The best middle name for your little one is always the one you and your partner both like, whether or not it’s on any kind of a list.

• Brielle

• Sophia

• Amelia

• Claire

• Felicity

• Eleanor

• Isla

• Rose

• Mae

• June

• Magnolia

• Mila

• Opal

• Pearl

Famous People Named Scarlett

little girl smiling and watching out the window

Even though the name Scarlett is very popular in the US, there aren’t many American actresses or entertainers with this name.

Despite the lack of celebrities named Scarlett, one of them has become a hugely popular actress thanks to her role in the Marvel Universe.

She’s definitely one of the reasons why this name is becoming popular again and it’ll be no surprise if it climbs up to the top 10 of the popular baby names list in the next few years.

• Scarlett Johansson – She’s one of the Hollywood A-listers who has starred in a great number of successful movies during her career.

Johansson has also become synonymous with the Marvel superhero, Black Widow, whose character she has played on several occasions.

• Scarlett Pomers – You might remember this American actress from “Star Trek: Voyager”. She’s also popular as a singer and a songwriter.

• Scarlett Werner – A retired German tennis player.

Sibling Names For Scarlett

Cute little girl on the meadow in spring day

Finding a name for a sibling is not easy, especially if you had trouble picking a name for your firstborn.

However, it’s not an impossible mission either – all you need is patience and a good source (like myself!).

If you still don’t know which name sounds good when combined with Scarlett, there’s no need to worry – here are some of the cutest names for her siblings:

Girl names

• Stella

• Willow



• Hazel

• Penelope

• Ruby

• Lucy

• Natasha

• Delilah

Boy names

• Ethan



• Crimson

• Avery

• Harper


• Mason

• Logan

• Sawyer

Alternative Forms Of The Name Scarlett

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Can you believe this name can be spelled in at least six different ways?

Some of these alternate forms were the result of wrong spelling, but have been used so much that they became legit.

However, Scarlet is the original spelling that has been used throughout history and it stood for the color red.

Here are some of the most common name variations:

• Scarlet

• Skarlet

• Scarlette

• Skarlett

• Scarletta

Wrapping Up

 beautiful little girl in a field

Have you found the perfect pet name for your little princess?

There’s a great variety of nicknames for this name which might be a problem for indecisive people like me, but I’m sure you’ve already found what you were looking for.

Adding a nickname to your little girl’s moniker is an act of affection and love. However, this pet name might become a part of her identity, too.

If she continues using this nickname throughout life, people will start to recognize her by her pet name.

There could be lots of Scarletts around, but only she will be known by her nickname.

If you’re still not sure which nickname would be best for your little one, you might show this article to your partner or your friends, so you can decide together.

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